War Thunder Epic/Funny Moments #4

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Source: Daniel Rusev

The best War Thunder Epic/Funny moments compilation I have made to this point !!!


  1. 5:32 – you really should turn off grass in Bincos / Gunner View (i dont like ULQ and playing on max, except grass in gunnerview + particle low). 6:38 – do u use “historical gunner view” – i would turn that off too (for SIM its turned on anyway – but for Arcade and RB its a lot more convenient turned off)

  2. Ah yes, another man of culture who watched “Love, Death & Robots”.
    “Secret War” and “Beyond the Aquila Rift” are the episodes which you have taken the music from 😀
    (I hope I’m not wrong)

  3. 14:19 This is Star Wars?!

  4. I remember the time where i used the starting patrolboat you get first I wrecked havoc on the enemy in my 1st match because i played WoW

  5. U know what u have to try? Get a destroyer into boat territory! Manny kills and torpedobeats!

  6. Wenceslao García Chando

    In my opinion this is the worse video montage of war thunder i have seen in my life

  7. Никита Беликов

    Есть ли тут русские? Я конечно же понимаю, что аркада для хуесосов с крестиком, но может он попробует поиграть в РБ, или он рачок)0)0)

    • Пётр Волыхин

      есть один ньанс ! на катерах рб и аб почти не отличается (и упреждение есть в обоих режимах)

  8. How dare you play ****** Battles?! That shit’s reserved for WoT!

  9. How can you play at 20 fps lmao

  10. I can’t even play war thunder anymore. It’s not even a matter of that I suck at the game. It’s the instant death that absolutely TRIGGERS me every time… I can’t overcome it. Even when I had a game on GF that has had 8+ kills, if I die to a one-shot I lose my shit.


  12. I am the Tank that destory anime

    In my mind: Fly low
    Me: *Totally fly low like 10 alt for 50 secs*

  13. Endmysuffering 0w0

    First time finding your channel. Really good content!. Only problem is you cut out the best part of AlieZ in your opening 🙁
    Still gonna sub anyway

  14. Hunter RedFlame

    I’ll say this much for sure, unless you’re on my side I never want to be anywhere near you in the air.

    • Hahahaha you are not the first one saying that XD

    • Hunter RedFlame

      +Daniel Rusev Well, you’re one hell of a pilot. ‘Nuf said.

    • +Hunter RedFlame Thanks man and that’s the only thing where I am decent in that game XD

    • Clankplusm Gaming

      Not to be contrarian or anything, but this isn’t quite the greatest, most of it is just gunpod arcade headons, though with his one GFRB clip I saw, he did do a proper bnz with an American plane, something fucking nobody understands is what you do. However he then tracks a flaming target instead of checking the AO, which got him killed. Granted. Everyone does this one often.
      I’d say 7/10 needs a bit of practice (2/10 is the average for an American GFRB pilot so it’s still great) also props for using proper sights in ground too, rare to see anyone taking the hindrance for the realism (I’m not one to talk, I use aim-downs because top tier is cancer enough already)

  15. Chaplain Kazimir

    “A few moments later”
    *literally the same moment*

  16. SurvivalMasterMABJ Gaming

    What’s that music that you used on the first clip sounds awesome, btw awesome video ?

    • Thanks fam. The music is the soundtrack from the last episode(18) of the new Netflix series Love Death Robots it was called the secret war XD

  17. Неплохо неплохо.

  18. 10:00 Music?

  19. 1:00 what video is that from

  20. I guess you can even consider the occasional teamkilling as one of the random funny moments of WT

  21. Song at 4:57 to 5:20

  22. Whats the name of the intro song?

  23. Видео попало ко мне в рекомендованные. Я думал тут что-то интересное. Обычные фраги с музыкой, я так каждый день делаю.

  24. Thank god you play war thunder as well

  25. In that one clip you’re like Poe dameron flying around killing enemy fighters back to back to back lol

  26. I feel war thunder is a good game, although not so friendly to PVE players…

  27. Fuck you gay ass anime bs

  28. Елисей Махнев

    Omg 21 fps, not cool shit

  29. What’s the song at 7:16 ? Please

  30. Anime sux

  31. I see you are man of culture as well

  32. anime noob

  33. EagleSquadron Gaming

    What’s the song at the 2:00 mark

  34. Your content is Not bad but arcade is for nooooooooobs

  35. #10:00 name please song

  36. What’s with the music and where is it from?

  37. Sullivan Bogardus

    Mate, the music choice is spot on.

  38. Downinthehole Black

    Wtf aldnoah zero song??

  39. 12:58 ia the music in the background is that the rising of the shield hero

  40. Only gun pods and mostly arcade gameplay, gtfoh.

  41. Song at 8:03 ? Pls

  42. Song at beginning of video? Help please???

  43. 0:01 But i LOVE the P400 🙁

  44. Look that fps man

  45. Music from secret war

  46. What is the name of song at 2:04 ?

  47. Can someone tell how to make your barrel visible in the snipermode?

  48. Likes War Games And Likes Anime*
    Subscribe To This Channel Because I Like The Content
    Make More Gameplay Meme Please. UmU

  49. Vcs gringos não sabem fazer um vídeo engraçado

  50. magnetish to games

    Dont edit every kill you make

    • I don’t edit everything as you saw…Especially in air battles…Plus these are the funniest ones only

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