War Thunder: Explosive Reactive Armor and Composite Armor

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

We are pleased to introduce some new features from the next major update 1.71 “New E.R.A” – composite and explosive reactive ground vehicles.


  1. Kudos Gaijin. Kudos


  3. Israeli tech tree is now possible

  4. War tunder All German tanks Nerf but why to all Rusha Tanks Buff whyyyy ??????

  5. 3:34 You want to model all these nuances in the game, but why don’t you take into account that most Russian tanks had rivets, unlike the Germans?

  6. * Watches video *
    * Starts searching for videos about reactive armor *

  7. Finally, the HEATFS meta of the higher rank will be removed

  8. gaijin, you know what comes next:

    It’s Merkava time.

    don’t fight it,. just let it happen.

    Make the middle east great again.


  9. Admiral.Chihaya _Gunzou

    E.R.A not useless until high caliber MG like M2 hit them but it still save you from the first shot if warthunder are making process on new era modern tank I hope it will add new type of vechiles and new maps for modern warfare to ^o^

  10. יונתן גורקין

    Add israeli tank line. I WANT MY MERKAVA!

  11. I love this style of video

  12. KV-2 deafeats all

  13. Would be nice if they added an extra ERA placement as part of the modification research.

  14. will the t95 get its composite armor

  15. Thomas the Dank Engine

    This sounds like the M60A1 RISE will basically be curb stomped by the T-64 because over time the tank will eventually turn into just a normal M60A1 while the T-64 will keep it’s composite integrity.

    But considering the MBT70 it’s kind of going the pokemon route. You pick russians, you get HEAT resistance, you pick Germans or Americans you get APDS resistance. So it’s kinda cool when you think about ut.

    Also, is Gaijin now gonna give that composite armor to the T95E1 now?

  16. thicc armor

  17. Dear Gaijin, After trying out the aircraft of all nations I still find It very difficult to do well in American planes. Could you consider buffing them as they hard to win with if you are not a bnz master.

  18. we need m1a2!!!! and t 14!!!

  19. do russian armor uses stalinium?

  20. ITS Mitchell / Clash of clans/ clash royale

    Good tanks

  21. Abrams confirmed ooof

  22. just put arty barrage and those ERAs will gone in no time

  23. They really need to reduce the Grind to get that far up.

    Since the trees keep going.
    And unless you can spend 6-10 hours a day grinding or are willing to spend Realy money it grind can take FOREVER… especially if you want to get to highest tier for multiple nations.

  24. Gayjin: Alright we made a ww2 game with huge balance issues what should we do? Do I hear “add soviet era and modern era armour and rounds and tanks”?

    This is why I am leaving war thunder…

  25. Meanwhile Japan, AN ISLAND country has ZERO amphibious tanks.
    Russia has two!

  26. Meanwhile Japan has an incomplete lineup!

  27. Meanwhile Italian tanks have not yet been implemented….

  28. M1a2 and chally 2 when?

  29. ”we play to model all these nuances into our game as well”…

    so i’m gonna have to grind the same tank 5 times? T-54, I’m looking at you…

  30. Y not both?

  31. TheAlmightyHiearchNEMO

    The guy sounds like the narrator in Little Big Planet

  32. yay the grind!

  33. Fix the grind first please. I’m all for having a slow progression, but games take ages to find at high tiers and in the middle tiers you can be fighting vehicles 2 battle ratings higher. What we need is “better” game modes. Vehicles like attackers are almost useless in Warthunder because they have to fly into a maelstrom of fighters. no bueno. light tanks are useless because AA vehicles are just as fast and have more powerful guns. No bueno. bombers like the Lancaster are useless because they’re high altitude night bombers, no game mode appeals to this. no bueno. focus on creating more accurate mission scenarios please. pleease

  34. Would you fix tank battles economy for fucksake so it’s reasonable to actually get high tier vehicles for adding any more in?

  35. Time to talisman my leopard…

  36. RussianOPmlgWALRUS-YOLO


  37. ?he said he or she any she playing war thunder

  38. Level up with Doruta DIY

    Fix tank grinding first, and then add such tanks…

  39. how convenient that russian high tier tanks all have high caliber machine guns……

  40. *Meanwhile in War Thunder HQ.*

    boss: guys, we need ideas for the next update, anyone?

    some russian dude: why don’t we buff the russian BIAS again for the 500 time?

    boss: hmmm, good idea, you got a promotion!

    him: YAYYYYYY :DD

  41. Hail Great Soviet Union

  42. Shout out to Ply Daily for predicting this 🙂

  43. the T-64 tank is after the T-10M or after the T-55A ?

  44. bah, Armored Warfare is better

  45. “he or she” *triggered*

  46. “Reactive Armor and Composite Armor” bullshit. Russian infantry was the best armor.

  47. Do you mean “spaced armor” ?

  48. Where is update 1.70? Regia Aeronautica was 1.69, this is 1.71 do where is 1.70?

  49. They both seem pretty good,

    Until you learn that explosive reactive can be “blown off” by machine guns

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