War Thunder – Fail Montage #50

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Source: Bo Gaming

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  1. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    “I know these IL-2’s were built in a hurry…”

    Lost it right there

  2. The amazing stealth technology was indeed pioneered by the soviets!

  3. The Kermit Killer Hobson

    under 301 club finally :D

  4. ohhh i lost the race to the patreons :(

  5. After Long time

  6. 1:45 Ok.

    Everything is working as intended.

  7. br changes clearly top fail :(

  8. D: my bit!

  9. 2:00 War Thunder Naval Forces confirmed. Brace yourselves, ’tis gonna be

    Btw, a worthy 50th video of this series :)

  10. These videos are the best

  11. 0:34 Just one bomb… just one bomb… just one bomb… just one bomb…


  13. 0:20 Clever pun. Also, wth is with that mosh pit?

  14. what a special video

  15. 2:50 Stay on target….stay on target!
    3:16 IT’S AWAY!!!

  16. Looks like my Hurricane Mk.IV was not seaworthy after all…

  17. Top Sekrit Document comrade! Is of great success! The problem is of being
    queue times not of being balance! TBLF shareholder meeeting confirms! Say
    otherwise and to gulag with you!

  18. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)


    New B-25 model meant for supermanuverability

  19. Yay I love this as much as all our videos

  20. plz make more faill montage’s

  21. Fail Thunder

  22. Yep 2:31 is definatelly the biggest fail ever.

  23. aww bo, you didnt put in the p 80 (i think) clip where you hit that hill
    and just flipped

  24. 2:02 It’s a tiger shark 😀 … had to do it…

  25. lol Bo Im like 90% sure Im the G-2 that rammed that B-25 XD

  26. Moe just shaking that salt everywhere

  27. That moment when someone is stupid enough to go head on with a Do 217

  28. Wow…says 25 views

  29. The video somehow has 29 views but 395 likes. GG Youtube…

  30. Your IL-2 is better than a mangled blob. I wish they would fix that bug.
    The blob plane bug will be 2 years old next month.

  31. 2:05 It’s the Jesus tank!

  32. The 59 views club, Oooh hell yeah!

  33. Whenever I see a flight model pull some nonsense like thst b-25 I just
    imagine a Russian saying comradeee ))). Nice montage bo!

  34. 3:39
    Vlad: Goddamit Ivan, I told you to stop drinking before you fly
    Ivan: Ok, I fly with you then
    Vlad: Next time you drink before flying I am sending you to Gulag

  35. When did they implement flight assist off into War Thunder?

  36. One of the best fail comps in a while! :D

  37. At 1:36 is how i imagine every american team :P

  38. moe should of fed his spitfire red bull to give it wings


  40. yes. top fail 201x is new mm. agree. like this series.

  41. Next shareholder’s meeting, everyone should bring arty.

  42. 5:24 Pot, Kettle. Kettle, Pot.

  43. CasualLegendaryGamer

    anyone else feel like moe sounds like Guude?

  44. Hitz “KristophShmit” Funck

    Best fail montage I’ve seen in awhile. Keep up the good flying Moe!

  45. Moevile taking the snap roll too seriously 8)

  46. Epic Moe-rant… Not as good as Cobey-rage but still entertaining as all
    hell …
    and the Weee!!!! sounds Cobey were just awesome… adding salt to Moe’s

  47. what car can go up the road at the end NONE OF THEM is the answer

  48. 1:40 st patricks day

  49. every time too short XD
    love it

  50. 0:01-0:26 they ran out of Stalinium halfway through the making of that
    IL-2, they had to settle for puny capitalist metals

  51. I should have submitted my failed takeoff on hokkaido in a b25 then failed
    carrier landing

  52. Most of these seemed to be fails on Gaijin’s part rather than the players
    sending in the replays this time (glitchy textures, lag-induced weirdness,
    bugged carrier landings etc.)

  53. Salty Salty Salty… 😉
    Moe was saltier than the Dead Sea. XD

  54. “Physics”

    Insert history guy here

  55. Arendellian Foot Gaurds

    that Tank orgy…

  56. Arendellian Foot Gaurds

    that Tank orgy…

  57. I’m with Moe, I hate spitfires, either they are op (AB) or flimsy paper
    planes (RB). Still laughed my ass of though :/

  58. much of this fails is not connection

  59. Aw, booo – My clip didnt get in :P

  60. 2:01 So referenced from Shin-Combat Choro-Q/Seek and Destroy. xDDDDDDD

  61. and if you look to the left ladies and gentleman 0:56 you can see a big
    tank orgy pile, with every explosion begins a new cumming

  62. 1:34 MURICA

  63. Takeo The Dence Mofo


  64. I was wondering when you’d just start adding patch notes to the fail

  65. new invisible technology :)

  66. 5:12 I know your pain Moe. Half the time I take out a spitfire that happens
    to me. I guess I’m just too used to American planes where the wings aren’t
    attached with spit and prayer.

  67. I’ve spent the past 2 hours trying to remember this song and it’s driving
    me ducking nuts halp me with the song name
    (its the music playing at the start of 3:27)

  68. 2:00 oh it´s one of the rare Untersee-Pz.IV (U_Pz.IV), legend said they
    could fire torpedoes trew their main gun and could dive 1000 km without the
    need to surface.

    And the KV2 is not bound by physics anyway.

  69. 1:58 best ping ever

  70. Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne)

    1:34 to 1:59, i laughed way too much for this

  71. i’ve stopped playing WT. decent game, but man…they need to really step
    their game up both literally and figuratively.

    Armored warfare is gonna be fun!

  72. I started cheering at 4:45 when he overtiered Skyraider got a kill!

  73. I still don’t know what i hit

  74. Aaaare yes, the good old British wing snap…… its like a snake shedding
    its skin accept it doesn’t grow back… I fucking hate that I love the


    The same thing happened to me as in that FW190. I was on Sicily and a guy
    blew my wings and tail off. I didn’t save a replay but I got to the enemy
    airfield and a bomber was there. It was just chillin’ there.

  76. Adam Chotlewski (Qiuzushi)

    1:40 sometimes in russian

  77. Ey bo wheres the part when you blame cobey? xD

  78. god damn devil cut your fucking nails

  79. Szymon Arciemowicz


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