War Thunder – Fail Montage #54

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

to all who took the time to submit replays!

Music: – S Strong & Boogie Belgique / The Rover – S Strong

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  1. Sadly I lost quite a few user fails with the recent War Thunder patch
    corrupting all previous ones. If you don’t see your clip, that may have
    been where it ended up. I didn’t want to hold this video back any longer,
    so thank you to all who took the time to e-mail and contribute to keeping
    the series going.

  2. hey bo I love the vids man keep it up

  3. Haha all good Bo any video you put out is a good video :)

  4. We be jamming in the stream mang

  5. Awesome!

  6. That moment when you get gaijined -_-

  7. aww. that firebrand game was not included in the end

  8. XD Po-2 best plane

  9. Great vid as always Bo

  10. How do you get all the angles? That was hilarious, one of your funniest

  11. the song name please

  12. by the way bo best youtuber ever!! you always make me laugh!!!

  13. that Po-2 was hilarious

  14. there tanks in every FAIL


  16. These are why I live, Bo. Keep up the great work!

  17. If there were less fails send in, that means there are less people playing
    War Thunder…
    A player conspiracy? :O
    Who knows…

  18. how can you save a replay to your PC so it is not lost when the game

  19. tank mosh pit! that’s my fetish :D

  20. this was funny

  21. War Thunder itself is huge fail

  22. You missed the biggest War Thunder Fail 🙁 the “patch” itself….Gave us a
    fancy new interface but bugged out all RB Planes, broke BR and increased
    lag and rubberbanding all for a cluttered new interface

  23. Liked the music more than anything

  24. Valentine’s day is coming. There’s so much love in the air.

  25. Tank orgy?

  26. Bo, could one-shog-turret fly off-ammo explosion kills be in this? I make
    some nice explosions

  27. 6:43 You forgot to put a heart around the 109 and the family of squirrels.

  28. Nice and funny Video :D

  29. +Bo Time Gaming what do you think of makeing Fail Montage including clips
    of all games that you play? I think there would be quite much of funny/fail
    moments in Rainbow six siege or The Division. Did you think about it?

  30. Yes more stupidity

  31. i will send some win and epic kill vids is this OK too ^^

  32. Ah, the desert map bridge… died to that one in my Churchill yesterday ^^

  33. 5:26 When u fail to wt

  34. WoT and WoWS devs dislike video

  35. Nice work Bo and I see you were able to fill in the gaps.

  36. Oh god I lost it at the landshark clip :’D
    And hearts around the colliding planes? How about a Kissing Screen? I mean
    like in the stadiums in the US (never saw something like that in Europe)

  37. yet another great vid! 🙂 keep it up ;)

  38. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    3:50 is part of the bugged hurricane’s runway behaviour during take-offs
    and landings. Just FYI.

    Anyway, nice compilation.

  39. Had an idea for a Valentine’s day video you could do , all the clips that
    planes fly into each other with you putting a heart around them would be so

  40. go go WT player’s send him more fails xD, i love this series=)

  41. I’m diggin’ the bouncy tunes!

  42. Does anyone know if you can save replays ingame on PS4? not share button.

  43. There sure was a lot of love in the air.

  44. The Wellington’s blockbuster bomb. So satisfying.

  45. I’ll be rooting for the next one! maybe even have some new fails to submit.

  46. Not sure if the joke was made yet nut 6:40 mine mine mine mine mine

  47. Sometimes I wish i recorded War Thunder. I’d have a list of SB clips to

  48. love is in the air

  49. Is it just me or is the audio way off from the video?

  50. po 2 greater than f84

  51. 0:00 TANK SEX!

  52. Hi, have nothing to say. just wanted to say hi to my favorite channel

  53. Do you even physics bro?

  54. Love is in the ai…

  55. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    vega needs better net.

  56. 2:01 Are we not gonna talk about the fact that his name is
    “CrestToothpaste”? XD

  57. This is not at all like the old fail videos. Better with Bo and his
    friends, rather than random fails.

  58. are you serious. wait, so how did the files i sent get corrupted?

  59. 5:27 Fuck the laws of physics!

  60. I have seen all your war thunder videos
    This channel is one of the best channels I have seen

  61. 4:36 probably the first time that I saw someone use the tow cable
    effectively (at least in my experience)

  62. nerf the fucking Po-2!!

  63. Awesome as always :)

  64. very good music and very very good fails

  65. I dont know if it works the same in war thunder as it did in Birds of
    steel, but if your a float plane and you land over where a ship had sunk,
    you get sucked in

  66. What a terrible game engine…

  67. Bo, what are your thoughts of the DO-335 coming to War Thunder?

  68. Also, *WHY* is there a Corsair flying against a MiG-15 and La-15?

  69. so, tanks steel jump like air baloons… :D

  70. aye i thought mine wouldn’t go through cuz of the patches but it did it
    feels so awesome.

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