War Thunder – Fail Montage #55

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

If you have a fail you would like to see considered for #56.
Music: Return of the Mambo – S Strong / Hot Mustard – S Strong / Hall of the Mountain King – Kevin MacLeod


  1. christhenerd 12399

    always funny !

  2. Love ya Bo!

  3. This Saturday 3/12/16 from 2PM EST to Midnightish we will be holding War
    Thunder Custom Battles in celebration of being partnered on twitch.tv. Drop
    by and join us @ http://www.twitch.tv/bohicaice

  4. Yay I’ve been waiting patiently for this one :D

  5. Oh my lord yes finally 😀 Love these

  6. holy fck, I’m earkly. also, Bo, what do you have with aircraft carriers? I
    never crashed on em while taking off!

  7. YES EP 55! :D

  8. Thank the Lord Almighty, I needed my bo fix.

  9. Richard Falletta

    I also sent one in on landing/crashing on a landing craft, but I have to
    say, the B-25 one was better. :-D

  10. M22 Locust OP shiet!!????

  11. That shit with the komet has caused about 10 of my 100 deaths in the Horten

  12. This is pure gold to watch, best serie i have ever watched❤️

  13. 2:20 That sherman was like “Can’t touch this! Na na na na, na na, na na,
    Can’t touch this!”

  14. I’ll try and find a clip to send after 1.57. I had one but didn’t send it

  15. the little tank terror lives I tell you it lives with vengeance

  16. 4:05 That my friend’s is because of Lag, I’m familiar with it having shitty
    Australian Internet. :(

  17. Mads Fogh-Ravenberg

    +Bo Time Gaming can you play with the IS-3 XD

  18. daaamn optical illuyshin back at it again with custom battles

  19. Packet loss is clearly overpowerd

  20. These series is one little reason to keep living in this world. :)

  21. The Cookie Diary

    Rescue boat 1 inbound I repeat rescue boat 1 inbound

  22. Man, Optical Iluyushin’s name gets me every time he’s one of these videos.
    It’s genius

  23. T BurrWolf (BurrWolf)

    Amber Alert on a B-25! Last seen being taken by Higgins LC!

  24. Elizabeth Sjenert

    The boat was clearly abducting the poor plane.


  25. Jayden Holzhauser

    That T-34 at 4:00 “Oh yeah I can jump that, hold my Vodka”. Either that or
    he thought it would be like that invisible bridge from indiana jones and
    the holy grail

  26. the last one. so thats why its called landingcraft

  27. Ethan “Thecrazygamer” Presley

    Bo whats your outro

  28. 5:09 looks like the Japanese have a couple of new P.O.W’S lol!

  29. @4:00 that’s me in my 6.0 when a maus or T10 is on the enemy team XD

  30. 4:04 These thinks hapens a lot of time when i play spitfire.War thunder
    needs to fix it

    Rip my english is bad

  31. wtf m22 locust dafuq

  32. Dear God! That cartwheel and recover by the Japanese aircraft was amazing!
    And the Locust! That was awesome!

  33. PoisoningShadow671

    Lel, that Landing craft was the real MVP, carrying a B-25 across the water.
    Until it died ;.;

  34. Was that the A7M?
    It looks HUGE on the flight deck!

  35. Yes another fail

  36. “AnimeIsTrash” Best, most accurate IGN ever.

  37. This series is such a great stress reliever. Almost fear the day that
    gaijin fixes their shit and there are no more fucked up physics displays.

  38. Oh Panther tree, oh Panther tree, what does your barrel see~

    Collisions in War Thunder is either horrible or hilarious.

  39. That last clip, Was that how the gun boat idea was invented?

  40. The reason Bo still fails at this game is because he doesn’t lift his cap
    from over his eyes.

  41. This was amazing Bo. There are some really nice bizarre clips in this like
    the B-25 with it’s boat ride and that was a very nice shot at 0.5 of a mile

  42. CanadianNorthman

    russian gravity vortex technology is coming along nicely i see

  43. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)


  44. I think physics went on vacation for the majority of these clips and
    perhaps all of 1.55!

  45. 4:07 story of my life

  46. 5:14 Look, just cause it’s called a landing craft does NOT mean you land on

  47. How does one penetrate a freakin Jagdtiger with such a tiny tank

  48. nebtastic_ gaming

    Can I play with u bo

  49. B-29FlyingFortress

    Do we need need a program to record the replay? Because when i click the
    replay i can’t see it in my computer.

  50. My birthday and Bo uploads a Fail Montage. I feel lucky today :D

  51. McBaconKing Bacon

    Do more of them

  52. Drake Tamer (EnderDragon24)

    I got a nice duck fail for you when I get a chance to send it to you^^
    Unbeatable ducks FTW!

  53. Nordfront Supporter

    I recently started playing war thunder. My first match ever went very well.
    I got 5 kills


  55. The little locust that could

  56. how did those two collide into each other so low to the ground in the
    beginning? shouldnt the whole fly right through the other guy thing happen?
    isnt that why they have implemented that mechanic? im confuzzled

  57. they don’t call them landing crafts for nothing

  58. The thing that happened with the P-39 (63?), thats a normal day for me on

  59. Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh

    “We lost contact with Cobey” It’s around that moment that I started
    laughing uncontrollably

  60. Why don’t you do these videos more often bo?

  61. still cant believe that one hit ripped the wing of my p47m off but was
    funny to find out i ended up on a youtube video

  62. you haven’t seen 4 American jet pilots crash on takeoff at once… lets
    just say we won the match (Britain)

  63. The 37mm M74B1 shot was a max pen of 90 mm. Nice to troll with.

  64. and here we see the male Sherman trying to impress the female T-34

  65. The B25 on the landing craft is one of the funniest things I have ever seen
    in WT.

  66. Jonathan Burgess

    This has to be the best fail montage you’ve done yet Bo… Hat’s off to all
    the people who sent in the videos too!
    That end clip with the “In the halls of the mountain king” music left me
    with a gaping mouth the whole time it was playing! xD

  67. 1:56 “SCAR! NO!”

  68. Bo I’m so glad you saved that clip of the T90 jumping for his life. Great
    moment on the stream

  69. More montages please!!!

  70. Average Asian (Mr. Sushi)

    2:24 T-34 Stronk ! Gravity and Orbit of Radiation of Stalinium !

  71. You guys are actually hilarious, Definitely subscribing. Almost makes me
    want to try flying realistic.

  72. Love the fail montages.

  73. Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne)

    XD that last one is gold!

  74. Roan… flaps are important. I believe they modeled them for a reason.

  75. +1:16… my people need me

  76. The last one really got me. XD

  77. Some ideas for the side chat podcast:
    – Gun sounds (and projectile visuals etc.) in War Thunder
    – Aerial gunnery (aiming in general, deflection shooting, vertical
    targeting, convergence, dispersion etc.)
    Sorry if you’ve covered these, just putting them out there. Keep up the
    good work Bo and TBLF crew!

  78. Samuli Vainionpaa

    So locust can take down jagdtiger but not kv1.. Seems gaijin.. oh i mean

  79. Wait, where is my replay where i am tk by a teammate with arty while flying
    a huricane ???

  80. just sendt my clip for #56 hope you get it

  81. Hey Bo could you play with Baron sometime. Especially with update 15.7.

  82. 2:20 “cant touch this!”

  83. does Cobey have a channel?

  84. 4:12 Optical Illyushin got Gaijined

  85. Bo play rainbow six with smoke

  86. Bo play rainbow six with smoke

  87. FirstMetalHamster

    Flying around with her landing gear all exposed… slut.

  88. i gest love this fail montage and all ur vids cuz wel ur a good player u
    give us good gameplay u have alot of fun wen play that makes us enjoi ur
    vids. gg and dont stop.sry for my RIP ENG

  89. Have an updoot, Doot doot! Updoot!

  90. “I caught one!” – Boat driver

  91. 4:00
    “Wait, this isn’t a PT-76!”

  92. I claimed this american plane in the name of the Emperor.

  93. 4:00 *insert Dukes of Hazard music and horn*

  94. so how many times has search and rescue been sent to retrieve Coby lol

  95. Hows that 999+ ping workin 4 yah?

  96. I havent seen anything funny in my gameplays,but a lot strange things like
    …me, driving my Kv2 , and penetrates with the 135 mm penetration AP the
    200mm frontal armor from the Tiger1 (P) from maybe 300 Meters away,Dont
    know if that would be funny or something, i can only say
    KV-2 Stonk Tenk, able to kill tiger p from the front. :D

  97. 4:06 What happens when somebody decides to: A) Turn on Netflix B) Turn on
    the Microwave.

  98. Is it just me or do most of the fails in warthunder air battles happen on
    the runway?

  99. how to send my fail to you?

  100. Much Memes Such Doge

    2:18 Use the force Dimitri!

  101. the little tug boat

  102. most of them are Packet Loss problem!

  103. DT Jr (Sagetower)

    At 4:08 – That happened to me in a P-39 a long time ago… So infuriating,
    especially since I was 3km off the deck and I just teleported into the

  104. sergio daniel ramirez de la rosa

    critical hit: barely makes it alive to airfield
    “that was close”
    *plane is too critical to be repaired*

  105. the Ping and pl lag when it gets bad when playing tanks are so funny but
    not nice to play with.

  106. hey bo you want a clip of me drifting in by b 25 and while i shoot down a
    pe 8?

  107. fatmanbellyflopsyou

    is that f82 clip a win or a fail I might be the f82


  109. funny vid guys?

  110. “Animeistrash” I approve of this name,God bless you sir!

  111. How do you get the slow mo camera

  112. Just a piece of soap

    37MM gun destroys a Jagdtiger? no way

  113. Some day I think I will see me in a video like this, I often fail do so
    many stupid things when playing, like never learn where you can drive down
    a hill, and I often do base jumping with my light fast tanks :-)

  114. Why is there no footage of the M3 Lee hitting a small stone wall and
    immediately flipping over?

  115. Some solid laughs! Thanks :p

  116. 2:55 needs Deal with it glasses

  117. 2:45 what happent !!!! XD

  118. 1: who let polturgheist near the tanks again
    2: the planes randomly bugfucking is my wifi on a daily bases
    3: the jadgtiger at 4:20 doesnt give a fuck
    4: this was just halarious

  119. Can we sent video files too? Do you prefer AVI or MP4?

  120. Dat pub carambar, im not going further…

  121. Most of them are lag problems

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