War Thunder – Fail Montage #60

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Source: Bo Time

Batty McFadden – Slower by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (httpscreativecommons.orglicensesby4.0)
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Bo Time!



  2. lost it at 1:15 XD

  3. Best Fail montage ever!! 🙂 Your editing skills are improving, sir.

  4. I have thought this many times, and I am going to say it here and now:
    “Optical Ilyushin” is the damn best user name I have seen in WT up to now.

  5. Love the channel and always look forward to the fail montages. But graphic
    glitch fails just don’t hold the same entertainment value as user screw-ups
    and shenanigans for me. Maybe I’m the only one…

  6. I had a battle where my last team mate was in a H8K and sniped an enemy 2k
    away with gunners…I just forgot to save the replay XD

  7. 3:25 my carrier landings

  8. No has curated a new land battleship for the Russians the asu57-34 ?

  9. I know it’s hard work, but: MORE

  10. yay your back xd :D

  11. benis

  12. pls more

  13. Cobey with Help was too funny too me…

  14. i dont play War Thunder but i love this series <3 :P

  15. 1:02 “Get in my belly” xD

  16. love you bo <3

  17. Look Busy :D

  18. They need to add actual soldiers and…. pilots and officers…. MILITARY
    PERSONAL!!!! so you can come pick each other up when you crash :D

  19. RandomSpaceManInSpace


  20. The Fat Bastard joke fucking broke me XD Thanks Bo!

  21. How you make to have 3 smokes?

  22. fail kamikaze

  23. The Cobey!!!

  24. Love the fat bastard part xD

  25. the fat bastard one IS sooo funny! I showed my old man and he was dying

  26. Bo this has been the best fail montage so far! Loving the edits and add in
    sounds! Keep it up man!!

  27. i send you vidéos with fail and you never take them

  28. i send you vidéos with fail and you never take them

  29. Great Video! Keep up the GREAT Work!!!

  30. For some reason, YouTube made me unsub from you.

  31. I have a fail that is probably good just don’t know how to send it to you

  32. Hahahahahaha the Scottish guy

  33. Oh my gosh Bo that into was amazingly funny

  34. I just wanna say that I lost my shit at the ASU-57 part.

  35. battlefieldwaffles

    What was that Russian plane at the start of the video? I can’t seem to find
    it anywhere online, and I don’t have access to my computer right now. Any

  36. BlackVonGamer 慈悲

    ahahah Ur awesome thanks u <3

  37. half of the time when a plane is sent in random directions is because of
    bad internet connection

  38. Richard MapleRidge

    Optical ilyssions clip is good prop placing in a nutshell

  39. Plane at 0:00?

  40. bloody send in more vids

  41. What’s that Soviet floatplane?

  42. I gotta ask why does your plane spaz out in wt when you have bad connection

  43. War thunder will forever be in open beta

  44. The Whovian Minecrafter

    What’s the email address for clip submissions?

  45. Congrats bo for 60 eps I have been a fan since the first episode

  46. Last weekend i broke my littlefinger-mid-hand-bone(or what ever it is
    called) on my right hand. But i made myself a VoiceAttack profile for WT,
    so i can at least play tanks. Maybe i make a vid out of it.

  47. was sovietwomble in this vid?

  48. Liam the dark angel.

    plane at the beginning looks like porco rosso’s plane…

  49. Голос противный но лайк поставлю, всё равно ухожу

  50. you could use twitch highlights they are aplenty like the time on an event
    stream a bit ago I was in a jumbo and you and moe stuck like 20 shits back
    my name was (AussieAce40264)

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