War Thunder – Fail Montage #66

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Source: Bo Time

The 66th edition of the Thunder Fail Montages. Thank you to all of those who sent in replays.
Music: Bayou of Mind – Jingle Punks / Hungry For Disaster – Silent Partner


  1. Dark Prelate Mohandar

    Darn I submitted a clip of me shooting down a Beaufort in a 75mm M3

  2. I hate being afraid of rocks, that just sit there so…. Creepy like

  3. Mom I’m famous I killed a FAMOUSE YouTuber

  4. Bo and Lolli, best responses.

  5. Alfredo Potato Gaming

    When war thunder has an advert making fun of rng in other tank games

  6. Great u can upload again

  7. Bo, why did you go to battle on the Australian servers, your eyes aren’t ready for that.

  8. LsIsthebestonEarth

    Hells yeah!!!

  9. 6:07 Welcome to War Thunder

  10. X.D.B Xros/Cross Double Blade

    What video is the 2nd clip

  11. Bo Time Gaming… execute order 66…

  12. Hey Bo, I would like to help provide content for this series, but I have 2 questions. I mostly fly air AB (85% of the time), and was wondering if you accepted footage from that. Also, how exactly would I send you a replay?

  13. There is video evdience of cobey having that issue of pressing the wrong button in the past and flipping his aircraft on landing and takeoff

  14. 6:00
    *Today in Animal Planet*
    We can see that a Maus has adopted a litter of Locusts
    The young Locusts are playing with their new mother

  15. I forget when the last one of this series was… I’m glad it’s back, though.

  16. wow thought this was dead

  17. Best thing to wake up to is this video 😀

  18. The two M-22’S against the Tiger, that’s just bullying the Tiger

  19. My stuart has better penetration than that locust xD lelelell

  20. 6:07 wow I didn’t know they added an australian map

  21. Does lolidragon=Kanna?

  22. Keep up the good work, Bo. Your videos always make me laugh. Thank you Bo!

  23. Bo was you drunk?lol and get well soon.p.s the floor always wins.

  24. These videos are hilarious I started watching the other day from episode 1 onwards, Great Job ??

  25. I think Loli needs pamphlets after that experience

  26. Well here is a bit of embarrassing self injuring humor to help lighten your day! We lived above a small hardware store that my dad owned. I was late for school, ran downstairs, grabbed the heavy front door and proceeded to swing it violently open into my forehead, giving myself a concussion! Yep not one of my best days for sure 🙂 Heal up quickly and please make up a real good story for the guys at work, like how you stopped a bank robbery or WW3 or something! 🙂

  27. Hope you better soon Bo and 3:00 to 4:00 is a fine example for using your height to your advantage like side scrapping the tiger as a locus too many do that to me in world of tanks and I get fires broken parts and possible ammo explosions to happen to me in game.

  28. Bo ! Please do some video combo of Me262 A1/U4 and Leopard

  29. 4:43 is loli actually gonna do that? Wait 2 seconds. Ok not good sever damage done now we got two tanks both heavily damage and how are we supposed to move a T29 with that angle great another day of work is never done at least I’m getting paid to do this especially with loli doing this frequently

  30. tiger being ganked by locusts is priceless

  31. I have a video on my youtube channel, don’t know if I have still the replay file, tho…

  32. The squirrels sabotaged your camera! PS I do hope you recover fast Bo! Please get well soon my friend!

  33. 1.50 Bombs always flip me, when i play. Sometimes i survive and lie on my turret, like a turtle. -_-

  34. I was watching on my phone and thought that the inverted camera had something to do with my phone

  35. is that a maus in the dist clip? if so you could say he was a maus in a maus trap

  36. He was in the Australiastan in the last part

  37. and how is the floor doing?

  38. Keep doing fail montages, we all love these. (And I’m sure everyone here has some nice fails to send)


  40. Been waiting for this for a while! ;)))

  41. Bo Time is the best times to watch Bo time.

  42. Динэр Велиоров

    о май гаш

  43. Dylan Grizzly Fischer

    Where has Cobey been? Haven’t heard from him in a while

  44. Bo. the time has come. execute order 66

  45. 3:50 Oh hi there 76er, nice of you to join us XD

  46. 5:25 War Thunder physics in a nutshell

  47. [IGC] Captain Haddock

    What tank were you driving in the video that starts at 4:40? I’ve never seen it before.

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