War Thunder // “Flailing in the direction of”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

I think the title says all that’s needed to be said, really…


War Thunder is a free to play, online air & combat game you can try it out for yourself at: http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=userinvite_2900230


  1. Joshua Brown (Mustang132)

    No one is arguing the fact that your a scrub,

  2. Fun and entertainment is way overrated imo >_> Is why I come to this
    channel… all srs bizness and stuff :P

  3. Arcade scrub 😉 SB is where its at!!Nothing better than shooting down an
    IL-2 in your JU-87 *insert troll face here*

  4. fyi jedi, the hs129 that shot you down has at least two 20mm cannons, with
    an option to mount two 30mm guns ;)

  5. Jedi, TAB still works, but you can “edit” your controls…there are 4 or 5
    types of control settings to use by default, I think you will find the one
    you like there :)

  6. What outrage is this?? Don’t you know that you are supposed to accuse the
    other player of stealing your kill when you so much as ding the enemy
    aircraft first?

  7. Oh Jedi, stop being stubborn and play some Soviet planes. You will never
    know true WT joy until you fly around in a YAK-1 and kill 4-5 planes in one
    streak with your uber Stalin-cannons. :D

  8. New Gaijin title is Crossout. Mad Max meets Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts.
    Looks promising.

  9. +PointyHairedJedi
    If you want I could fly with you? ^^

  10. Maus is buffed in 9.10 :D

  11. Yeah that totally sucks, when they hit ‘the thing’ there.

  12. Thats so cute.

  13. @PointyHairedJedi, I suggest using the IAS instead of SPD for the aerial
    velocity of the plane :).

  14. I was expecting more dislikes, for your channel primarily being a World of
    Tanks one.

  15. Phj are you colour-blind? If not why the blue and orange?

  16. Could you please do a review on the vk 30.02d on world of tanks plz

  17. Jedi, there are no allies in these type of games. Just people you aren’t
    supposed to shoot.

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