War Thunder – Flakpanzer COELIAN Vs BOMBERS (War Thunder Tank RB Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

War Thunder – Flakpanzer COELIAN Vs BOMBERS (War Thunder Tank RB Gameplay)


  1. What combo should I take out next?!

  2. f*ck yeh phly! u da beast!

  3. I love your vids keep up the good work

  4. next combo play the T-34-85 and the Yak 9 T for dirty staff :)

  5. Great vid phly

  6. do the ussr combo t44 and yak9t

  7. Hour of victory combo!
    IS2 mod 44 with il10

  8. Next up the modern german forces

    The leopard 2a6
    The eurofighter

  9. Oh, that AA is powerful!!

  10. uploaded 4 minutes ago??? thats a new record…damn

  11. plz play the kv 1 Zis 5 and the il 2 37!!

  12. Penis. This is all.

  13. seems like everyone is in a Russian tanks and planes mood according to the

  14. love your vids more than actually playing loll

  15. +phly daily can you say my name in a video pls

  16. How do I get to that game mode?

  17. drive the Deez and fly the Nuts…

  18. hey i am a new sub just minutes ago

  19. I love when there is a plane and 4 AAA… MINE MINE MINE MINE

  20. 8:50, replace “fuck you” with “allah akbar” plz XD

  21. Kugelblitz <- the u is pronounced like the u in super

  22. phly u need to go into a random custom battle to have some fun

  23. *THOSE 37mm*

  24. i rly think kugel is better than this coel………

  25. 8 min holy **t

  26. I mean s**t

  27. Lol

  28. M46 and F7F
    Korean combo

  29. Killing the IS-3 was the best

  30. Looks like a CV 90 with two Gun barrels

  31. B17 and tiger

  32. Ok Phly Stalins had enough:
    KV-2 and IL-2-37 Russian Big Gun/Derp Combo!!!
    (Thank you so much for 197 likes last video this time we can do it!)

  33. Someone can give me title of intro song?

  34. what if the ww2 ended in 1949
    t32 heavy tank and the p47

  35. phly you should stream 69 hours a day 420 hours a week :)

  36. Tiger H1 and Fw-190F8 with bombs

  37. Glad to see the old intros back 😀 they always make me happy when I hear

  38. MURICA FUCK YEA! *Gets shot down by German AAA, Music comes to a complete
    stop instantly*

  39. Southpark accent

  40. phly the f4u-1c

  41. (when british come out) any tier 4 tank , mosquito (20mm) and tempest or

  42. Senpai…notice me…

  43. pz.II H german premium with the 50mm cannon
    Ju 88 A-4

  44. thank you phly since you take time to make video for us

  45. t26 and tb3 plz

  46. Lol you should do the leopard aa tank

  47. Best vids ever

  48. I can smell the saltness in the video :P

  49. Phly acts like a dog, “OOHH!! PLANE!! PLANE! PLANE !!” And he chases it
    with his mouse :p

  50. Just throwing this out there… have you ever thought about playing this
    game called call to arms or men of war assault squad 2

  51. At 6:40 im crying man that was so funny… Fahk Coelian take Kugelblitz and
    Fuckwulf A-8

  52. keep calm and listen to

  53. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    “we only have a hundred something rounds left” so sir, 14/94 means you have
    14 rounds in your two current belts and 94 full belts of 8 rounds each, two
    of which are used each reload, so you had 752 + 14 rounds of anti air HE

  54. Does anybody know how to rase your seat in sim battles it would be very

  55. Hey Phly. I playerd Enduring confrontation mode lately and some people are
    mad about camping the airfield by enemies. Do you think that leting people
    to spawn in their AAA vehicles on friendly airfield would be a good idea?
    AAA players would have planes to shoot at and pilots would be happy too.

  56. Bt-7 and po-2

  57. sherman m4a2!

  58. gepard vs swordfish!!!

  59. Do the “I am nit fucking go in the gulag” combo.
    IL28 + T10m

  60. Hold the rhine at all costs Tiget2H and ju87g2

  61. t-34 76 and il-2


  63. Ya i would have said fuck that lol AA is so boring? maybe take the second
    highest next time we wont mind

  64. SU 122-54 and IL28

  65. Just got into this game and DAMN is it fun. Also thanks for providing
    quality videos I have learned alot

  66. HAHAHA dat IS3 part, so fucking funny ^^ anyway nice vid phly as always!
    hope ur having a great day !

  67. do a custom flak vs flak

  68. Well, I got killed 1 time in my T-10M by a Kugelblitz. And the funny thing
    is he shot me from the front and killed all of my crews.~~

  69. Thanks for the video phly had an an awesome time watching you!!

  70. M3 grant with P40

  71. Bf 109 k and Tiger II Der Wehrmacht Combo

  72. Best episode ever!!

  73. Like the work you put in for us phly ???

  74. MLG IS-3 spottet

  75. my name is not Max Ström

    Sherman 76 and b24???

  76. If this is how Phly reacts when he sees planes… I want AA game play ALL

  77. Kagelblitz? its pronounced Kougelblitz

  78. M4a3 and the TBF-1c Avenger (some low tier fun stuff)

  79. Phly sure loves the Coelian lol

  80. XD first time in the history of mankind that a kugelblitz screwed up an Is3
    😀 laughed so hard :D

  81. lol plane plane plane!!!

  82. Your intro is so cheering :D

  83. Lol phly loves the coelian so much that he forgot to use the me 262

  84. B 57 a or b

  85. At BR 5.0 America fucking sucks and always lose..

  86. love the new intro ! with that little tank :D

  87. I honestly appreciate the effort you put into your content. Love you; Phly!
    What about the ME410 B6/R3 and the Jagpanzer IV/70 in RB!

  88. What you did to that IS3…i call that justice! :P

  89. Jadgpanther and bf 109 F-4 with double cannons

  90. t54 1947 and il 28

  91. LowSettingsGamer -cro_gamer

    Best video by far for me hahahahaahah :D….laughed so hard hahaahahahaha

  92. Why did he put a on a song about the black pleag?

  93. The ‘Muricans are coming!!!!
    M103 and B57… Lets see those tax payer dollars at work

  94. The M2a2 and P26 with heat-sealing missiles and the GBU-31

  95. So glorious! Make ze shots ja!

  96. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I came here for a game mode
    And so did you

  97. Fly really went off the deep end in this video lol


  99. 14:49 Best

  100. Lol plhy ur drunk? xP

  101. M4a3 (76) “fury” and the B

  102. why does it always look like im watching on 480p when im watching on
    720p… Change your software or if youre using .mp4, change it….

  103. That ring around the rosy moment was the best thing ever! xD

  104. When you killed that is3 that was awesom! And funy

  105. phly do another aa battle this time with the M42 duster

  106. no 262 :(((

  107. Plz do the t-80 flank and spank

  108. Phlystevedaily 🙂 Nice video you are funny. No one can say you don’t get
    into your game play. awesome!!!

  109. su122-54 and the mig15notbiz

  110. Derpy videos like this are the best lol

  111. Maus and CL13

  112. horinet 229 with the tiger tank

  113. IS3 and TB-3 the Russian threes!!!

  114. B57 and m103

  115. spaa HYPE :D

  116. M4 105 and A20!! For my birthday tomorrow Phly! Cheers!

  117. niggers

  118. KV2

  119. i really want this but the Werbel is such a pain in the ass to grind. dont
    know why people like it. the quad 20’s are under powered. now the 37 flack
    truck is amazing. 3.0 BR and has a gun that kills every enemy it faces. the
    Werbel should switch spots with that thing.

  120. plz phly never stop using your old intros. it reminds me how happy im
    watching you

  121. Larry Ilyushin (LarryIlyushinTV)

    You want the D?! Panther D and Ju-87D-5
    [ATTEMPT 7]

  122. Phly, you forgot to play the me 262 but anyway great video!!

  123. go play tier 1 AB anti air! the Gepard!

  124. your sound explane that you are so happy
    xD i like all your videos steve but i wounder if you may make BlackWake
    so much fun

  125. Pffff… KV-2 best AA ever.

  126. hey phly… easy 8/ fury

  127. never ask phly to play an AAA again, he ended up crazy

  128. Kv1-Kv2 gogo

  129. T44 and Yak 3p

  130. T32 and F-84 With rockets :-)

  131. PHLY!! Do smallest plane (He 162) vs biggest plane (G5N1)

  132. That voice you were doing and questioned what it was? I think you were
    going for a Vincent Price voice, and its actually your best accent/voice in
    your repertoire.

  133. TiberiousThe Labrador

    i think that that is3 clip is a nice little FUCK YOU RUSSIA from the good
    players in war thunder

  134. play the flakpanzer 1 and the do17

  135. Is-4m and IL-28- do it for stalin

  136. Blitzkrieg! JU-87 B-2 and PZ IV! play Sabaton’s ghost division for extra

  137. Big Guns Combo:

  138. ya ahhh

  139. Wut arrr da wimmins, da wimmins are wut we see at da pubs. When we hit da
    port. – Phly 2015.

  140. That determination (y)

  141. Phly could you use flak in a video like a review-ish video where you dont
    overreact like the ZSU video. The reason im asking you is because when ever
    I search up a video I just want some good gameplay and I refuse to watch
    eNtak because I dont really like his content.

  142. Phly could you use flak in a video like a review-ish video where you dont
    overreact like the ZSU video. The reason im asking you is because when ever
    I search up a video I just want some good gameplay and I refuse to watch
    eNtak because I dont really like his content.

  143. Maus and arado!

  144. Tb-3 and kv 2#phlyisawsome (:

  145. JU87 and Panther G combo please

  146. Leopard and me 163!!!!

  147. hehe love the accents. keep up the crazyness plz sir

  148. Fly the first P51 with air targets!

  149. how about a low teir game. the M4 and the f2a3 buffalo

  150. More blackwake pirates

  151. stud muffin <3

  152. GET TO THE CHOPPAH! YAARG! O wait, it’s been shot down..

  153. 12:12
    Only a couple hundred rounds left? 14×94? 1,316 Rounds… and you still
    have the other ammo load too…

    Just saying…

  154. wooooooo AA my grandma was an AA gunner in england during the war….. she
    was such a good shot they flew her and her crew over to france after D-day
    to shoot down the V-2’s before they got close to england

  155. ahahhaha nice kill on that IS3.

  156. That kill was hilarious!

  157. NoIdeasForAnOriginalName

    kugelbitz op gayjin pls nerf

  158. This games become a joke get used to it

  159. Kv-2 and il2 37mm cos durp

  160. Atreyu Smith (Helter Skelter Games)

    Spanish Civil War combo
    Pz 2 C/F
    Do-17 E-1

  161. I’m actually high enough to watch this

  162. P47 and the Sherman that has the 105mm cannon

  163. Why are you screaming Steve? because it was fun -PhlyDaily 2015

  164. wow that fucking is3

  165. Phly is so damn hilarious!!!

  166. Sabre and the M103

  167. Please do the first p51

    With air targets 😀 and get the red tails skin

  168. I love your excitement when you see a plane

  169. Kv 85 And yak 9k For Stalin glorious mustache

  170. B-17 and M4 because why not

  171. Phly why do you still have a MySpace? XD

  172. IS-3 Weakness: Ring around the rosie

    Haha! Love ya Phly :p

  174. GrayDog ofDarkRumors

    I wanna see Phly completely rant with rage on Russian tanks/planes in this

    I wonder how much of a flame war I’ll start in the replies..

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  176. IS 3 and IL 28 heavy Russian steel

  177. IS 3 and IL 28 heavy Russian steel

  178. abraham gonzalez duran

    take out the tiger 2 h and ho 229, the get reked combo

  179. M-18 and P-51-D5?

  180. crazy commando kiwi

    IS-3 cos stalin
    IL-28 cos op

  181. Tell me if I’m wrong but does that tank have a panther chaffy

  182. “Bobby you tha devil” that was great xP

  183. Bf 109 e3
    Tier 2 AA truck

  184. spitfire Mk Vc :D

  185. David “madindie” Dew


  186. you sounded bored to the point of delirium lol

  187. The OP combo :

    T-34-100 and Il-10

    Stalin is not happy !

  188. Phly around the rosies XD

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