War Thunder – For Queen and Country

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The “Closed Beta Test” for British tanks in Thunder is officially over, so I decided have a look at one Englands’ finest. And then after getting derped right through the gun mantlet in the Centurion I had a go in the Matilda and Churchill Gun Carrier instead.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Early club :))))

  2. Early club

  3. Im Kind of in the early klubb

  4. War Thunder? Jingles, is everything ok? XD

  5. Rumpel_stiltskin123

    I have never been this early…

  6. Early yesssss

  7. 3 min up, 300 views

  8. RamJamFurburger? Is that your new in-game name?

  9. Exploding Baconeer

    Oi laddy, gr8 video, want sum tee?

  10. that other, other tank game?

  11. Ritsu_Tainaka_Is_ A_Goddess

    Working as intended, tovarisch)))

  12. Jingles would you like it if people reenacted it for you

  13. watching this in your free periods is great fun especially when a new video
    comes out 5 minutes ago

  14. I did a few epic matches just like you jingles only one was in the KV zis
    5, wasted tenks after tenks, ended up with 12 kills, the other was in the t
    34 57 where i pretty much won the game single handed, while the “team” waas
    sniping over 1km away at the silouetes of enemy tenks.I wanted to upload
    those replays, however the new patch that was launched the next day told me
    to go screw myself.

  15. yay war thunder

  16. Love how War Thunder Nerfed birts tanks…. oh wait no i dont…

  17. 462 club ty for my video master jingles i will work hard in the salt mines

  18. Hey Jingles, about the random stuff you see in WoT: have you noticed the M7
    Medium’s tracks are facing the wrong way on the HD Model? The rubber
    chevrons are opposite of what they are in real life. I’ve posted about it
    on the forum but no response. It’s an error no one notices until you show
    them. I can’t spread the word but maybe you can, because the upcoming T40
    GMC HD Model also has this error.

  19. i dont believe you jingles ..

  20. Continue the good work Jingles. I run out of Internet watching your videos,
    but it’s totally worth it!

  21. 1000th view, and jingles we all have games like that where we do massive
    amounts of damage then something happens, for example, I had a game in
    which I shot down 45 aircraft in warthunder, past 5 minutes, the power went

  22. I love this tank. Absolutely fantastic in every way. Quite excellent
    British engineering, I say!

  23. The British and French had assumed that WW 2 would play out like WW 1.
    Their tanks were pure Infantry support to assault bunkers and breach
    trenches. The heavy armor was designed to keep the crew alive long enough
    to get their big guns into the fight. Speed and Mobility were not a
    concern. I truly hate fighting against British DERP tanks. Only chance is
    to circle around and shoot it in the azz. The whole time praying a red T34
    is not nearby.

  24. Armor: Useless unless it’s Stalinium.

  25. Definitely another go home WarThunder you’re drunk

  26. Jingles will be awarded the kolobanov ‘ s medal

  27. The Matilda’s aren’t that hard to destroy. There is a little weak spot on
    the front and that allowed me to take one out in a T-80 with non-APCR ammo.

  28. never ever underestimate the complete stupidity of British staff officers

  29. Hey Jingles what’s your opinion of the battle rating compression complaints
    in War Thunder?

  30. Time to chance de War Thunder Intro lol

  31. God…That bit towards the end complaining about the score of the guy
    getting first is probably the most british thing I’ve heard all week!

  32. how to make matilda go faster: Dangle some tea and scones in front of it

  33. LastOrderProductions

    jingles how can you play warthunder atm when the game is almost unplayable,
    listen to magztv podcast and phlydailys rant video .

  34. Jingles I didn’t know you were going to upload a joke today

  35. That Swordfish? It was tank realistic battle, Jingles, just that the Navy
    had to jump in and save the Army, as usual :)

  36. Jingles, how long has it been since you’ve played WT ground forces?
    Realistic tanks have been combined arms for OVER A YEAR!

  37. well i killed a matilda with the panzer 3 m with 1 shot from the front with

  38. Double A Batteries

    Good video Jingles, will you do a video on the Australian AC IV Thunderbolt
    when it’s reintroduced?

  39. Whats annoying is even if you have amazing games in WT, if you dont have
    premium progression takes absolutely forevr, even at lower tiers..

  40. Martin Stensvehagen

    Shut up jingles.. realistic never was historical battles (sim is)

  41. that last game, salty jingles best jingles

  42. One suggestion…. dump ShadowPlay and use ur Bandicam software!!!

    You had recommended it to your community a while back and I’ve been using
    it flawlessly since!!!!

  43. Holy Shit that Matilda cant hit for shit.

  44. Psst, Jingles, your Matilda replay shows the name of the second account
    Gaijin gave you… Jingles?

  45. At tier 1 those T17s are far from crappy. They’re evil!

  46. Matilda commander be like: “Drive me closer ! I want to hit them with my
    sword !”

  47. Sorry Jingles but I found this War Thunder Video boring but it is not You
    because You did Your best. It is the game.

  48. Did you hear that Paraguay is reactivating their M3 Stuart’s to help out
    their, and I struggle to say this, M4 Sherman….. main battle tanks…

  49. Thanks for getting me too like the soviet national anthem jingles

  50. Sad that APDS rounds got nerfed. British tanks not worth the grind now.

  51. It’s that bloody tank/plane game again.

  52. Getting killed by bombs is the reason I stop playing War Thunder

  53. Rule britania

  54. Hey Jingles will you ever visit forums.spacebattles.com?

  55. the Mobile WoT game, if you ever got into a game with a Matilda and it was
    top tier, you were pretty much invulnerable.

  56. Reason why I don’t play WT ground forces is their wonky BR system,No sims
    battles, they screwed me over in my quest to get the Lancaster, No night

  57. Yes Jingles, there has been aircraft and also AAA in WT realistic for quite
    some time. Next time, have some fun and put a AAA and a light bomber or
    attacker in your line up and have some extra fun !!!

  58. Well I just watched the first replay twice because of that fucking YouTube
    bug where it skips back and I had no idea

  59. From what I heard isn’t FRAPS more reliable than shadowplay? That’s the
    nvdia free video capture right? Granted fraps saves uncompressed and may
    mess up the framerate….

  60. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAPTfPuaZr0

    Jingles, did you see PhlyDaily’s rant on the BR?

  61. Is the 3 inch gun carrier literally just the hull of a mark 7 Churchill
    with an armored box strapped to the top?

  62. Pilz-E the Squirrel

    I’m so glad they put the Churchill GC into War Thunder. That was the
    vehicle that first introduced me to World of Tanks years ago. I was
    searching Google images for pictures of the CGC when I saw some screenshots
    from a game I had never seen before. I thought to myself, “wait a minute!
    There is a game where I can play the CGC! SERIOUSLY!!” and so immediatly
    went and downloaded WoT. Even today (and I know I am alone in this opinion)
    the CGC is one of my most played and loved tanks in WoT and now I am able
    to play it in WT’s lovely looking graphics (pretty much the only thing good
    about the game!). Luckily I had just enough RP to get to the CGC without
    grinding any of the preceeding tanks, although I am playing with those
    anyway. Now I just need to get around to playing WT more. ;)

  63. Jingles plays this game so much he doesn’t even know that tank RB has
    planes now, and has for a long time…

  64. Heeeyyy Matilda bp in wot isn’t that bad


  66. closest I had ever been, one hours after upload. Yeeeeeeyy

  67. Jingles! Put some planes in your lineup you nub!
    also, he probably bounced more shots than you to get first, the numbers
    don’t say it all.
    P.S Have you seen the new Decorations Mechanic? Despite being used in
    Thunder League first it looks like it has potential. (Basically 3D Decals)

  68. Nice video. The Matilda Mk.II seems like a nice tank, but very slow, not
    TOG II slow, but still slow. I have the prem version in WoT, and I hate the
    slow speed, but everything else is pretty good.

  69. hello the mighty jingles i love your content. I would just like to say
    thank you for being a person i never get sick of listening to. You are the
    one who sparked my interest in the USSR national anthem then it went to
    katyusha and so on and so on. I now love old soviet music from the sacred
    war to katyusha. Then when i watched an episode with panzerlied in it that
    sparked my interest in old ww2 german music now i listen to erika, waffen
    ss hell march, and so much more!! I would just like to say thank you so
    much because music means alot to me and i love it . instead of listening to
    my generations music i sing panzerlied while walking to class. i have to go
    now because my third period teacher is telling my group its our turn to
    present to the class we are talking about great stalin and i will do him
    justice will send anyone to the saltmines and gulag if they disagree. it
    would make my day if you could respond to this comment. thank you again – A

  70. So Jingles u forgot to hide ur new shiny WT name….. cant say i didn’t
    expect that

  71. what is with the first replay that guy cant hit the broad side if a barn

  72. proof that Russian tanks arnt op. their ammo is :/

  73. Jingles, tell Gaijin that unless the TOG II is added, they’ll be spending
    eternity in the saltmines.

  74. y no centurion?

  75. Valentine vid please Jingles?

  76. You know because reasons ~ Jangles 2016

  77. Realistic tank battles have always includes planes

  78. Jingles…what are ya on about….aircraft have ALWAYS been avaliable in
    sim and relaistic tank battles…….since the CBT actualy…..

  79. Weren’t you supposed to censor your wt name?

  80. +The Mighty Jingles Have you seen the save replay button in the post battle
    stats? Might be of use to you if ShadowPlay is derpy :)

  81. Guy in the first replay must be a stormtrooper.

  82. forcing yourself to play war thunder again eh jingles?

  83. Jingles, so will you now also be unlocking the Churchill GC in WoT? 32pdr
    at TierVI, it’s almost as much fun as TOG.

  84. “This is right up there with the Moon landing (USA), the Kennedy
    assassination (USA), and Woodstock (USA)” I was like…. I know all these,
    gj Jingles for making that clear…. but aren’t you British? 😛

    Give me something epic that has happened to the UK….. …….. ………
    Well they got bombed often and heavily in WWII. They sold their engine
    designs to all their enemies. The hold a mean Comic-con

    Okay, nvm, I understand why you meantioned the US :D

  85. war thunder is going down the toilet

  86. I got 9 kills with my IS-2 1944 in RB 7.7 mm. Should i send it?

  87. Hope to see you play ore warthunder

  88. bring out the gimp!


  90. Damnit I could have sent in my replays for this! Got 8 kills in one life
    with a cruiser mk 3

  91. the HUD, pls. -_-

  92. Someone pointed that war has begun in 1936…ok. But actions taken by
    allies in ’39 on western front didn’t involved ground forces…sadly.
    Keitel and Jodl admitted that over 100 allies divisions could chane this
    war a little bitt. So Jingles, I am asking because you have great knowlage
    about tanks – 1940 is actualy year of ground forces large scale operations
    (which involved Matilda)?

  93. jingles planes have been in regular tank RB since at least 2014

  94. DOG shave the queen!
    Dat Bich doe.

  95. Jingles Britisch tanks are not realy that much inspired by WW2 mistakes (
    of course a bit) but most of it was stolen from the german tank designs

  96. Gotta love the random War Thunder crashes!

  97. I’m surprised those bombs hit considering what they’ve done to their
    accuracy, seriously, try testing any bomber flying 1000ft+, aim at a target
    with the bomb sight view and drop when the cross is over the target. A few
    patches back your bombs would be dead on target, but now they completely
    If anyone hits please tell me how (barrel bombs don’t count :-D)

  98. Dear Jingles. I belive the the “Hedgehog” anti-submarine weapon, firen from
    the bow and not the stern. The whole point of the weapon was its ability to
    fire while retaining sonar contact with the target… Correct me if Im

  99. no spoilers

  100. Jingels prepare to put on your sad face. Than maximize your sad face times

  101. Jingles didn’t the British use the Matildas to deliver SPAM to the starving
    Russians in Stalingrad? 😀 :)

  102. Jingles, does shadowplay have a fix function? If not, will the bandicam one
    suffice? The BDfix.exe in the bandicam root folder can fix ANY corrupted
    .avi file. So if Shadowplay records into .avi, the bdfix should be able to
    fix that Matilda game you had. It just might take a while to do, if the
    video is several gigabytes in size.

  103. I had the exact same match yesterday! Except I was in the 3 inch Gun
    Carrier which usually sucks… But it was SO GOOD ^_^
    I feel so happy for you that you were able to also have this awesome
    experience in War Thunder!!

  104. 47mm ? What ?
    Also why playing the worst game mode ? Arcade is baby’s first military

  105. Kennedy assassination, woodstock concert and the moon landings… Does
    anyone else find it peculiar, that all of these comparisons of great events
    took place during the 60’s? Like nothing important happened in any other

  106. to be honest i think tanks in AB,RB,SB tank battles in just stupid it is
    quite annoying when you driving around in something as slow as the matilda
    and then you bombed by 4 flyboy spamming wellingtons or any tank for that
    matter the combined arms idea is cool and unique but it should only only be
    unique in the events NOT in the day to day game this game mechanic just
    degrades the game and makes it frustrating to play maybe its me ive just
    been having the shittest games imaginable gland to see sombodys having fun
    play WT but im not

  107. I think when they were employed in Australian service, they were fitted
    with a 3-inch Howitzer in place of the 2-pdr.

  108. I stopped playing WT because of the unlock system. Do I really have to
    unlock idk 5 t1 tanks to get the only t2 tank i want to play?

  109. ฟังไม่ออกมีซับไทยไหมครับ แต่ชอบมากเอาไปเล่นเกมเรียนรู้ขึ้นเยอะ

  110. craftfaster2 and CookieCracker

    jingles please reply to this

    that guy in the first replay…was he using a controller? his aim
    movment…was very weird…

  111. Funny enough, i’ve never ever seen ShadowPlay ever work, even with it
    enabled on compatible games

  112. So you get that shadowplay crash to Jingles !
    Think it is Shadowplay rather than WT as i get it with WoW about 3 time a
    day :-/

  113. You didn’t hide you username Jingles.

  114. Well jingled it is marked in my calender :)

  115. Russia wasn’t in the war until 1941 either just saying, but to be fair they
    were too busy playing with japan, getting beat up by finland and bullying
    eastern poland to really put much attention to Germany

  116. KLOTILDA!!

  117. I haven’t watched the whole video but what I heard now is that, you think
    playing an OP tank in arcade is epic? That’s like shooting kids with a
    machine gun.

  118. Churchill GC? Good? Wow.

  119. Jingles, what do you think about War Thunder ? Expecially in comparison to
    WoT ? What do youmprefer ? Where do you see strengths and weaknesses of
    both games ? What would you like to see in both games ?

  120. I believe Jingles forgot to mention Australia’s finest Matilda variant…

    Waltzing Matilda.

  121. Yeaaah jingles in a war thunder tank battle !!!!

  122. “… ‘Wuaaa~ everybody-look-at-me’ machines” 30:53
    Thank you so much, i needed this laugh! :-D

  123. Jingles are you new here? Pics or it didn’t happen my friend.

  124. The War Thunder replays are……annoying.

  125. Am I the only one who had to look up the woodstock concert?

  126. What is this madness?!

  127. make super heavy armor tank that should help inf but never fire he round go
    home brit your drunk.

  128. The Matty commanded respect in WW2OL. Until the late tier, she could prove
    difficult to kill. That speed though.
    23:54 Why i stopped playing WT. Fuck them. Sim tank battles was all I had
    left holding me to that game. Then they obliterated it.

  129. Leave it to Jingles to Enjoy playing the 3in churchill GC xD oh well,
    hopefully this starts him on war thunder again!

  130. Lol Jingles Ground forces is not realistic at all in any aspect these days
    iom afraid…

  131. L.O.L.

  132. Actually Jingles, :p Tiger crews developed a way of firing on the move,
    they would fire above, below and straight at the tank.

  133. Looks to me like the first 8 minutes and not a single hit. The “green”
    cross hairs is when your supposed to fire right?

  134. +The Mighty Jingles Well the Brits are allways the bad guys as at should

  135. i donno……….. the aim indicator is so scrubby i cant enjoy AB replays.
    i get it i get it, its a lot more casual and a great way to take a break
    from RB, but i feel like thats all it should be, what you do when your not
    playing RB like you should be………….. im torn about AB i guess both
    air and tank, yay or nay?

  136. B-29FlyingFortress

    Jingles, could you give your opinion on War Thunder and Gaijin as PhylDaily
    and MagzTv did please?
    As a little player I am (lvl 22) and Im sure all the players in general
    will agree, we are tired of this unbalanced and all the Tiers (1 to 5)
    being compressed. War Thunder needs a big change, and only big youtubers as
    you can help the community to change the game.
    Sorry for my bad english. With love, one of the hundreds of people who used
    to watch your fantastic War Thunder videos

  137. jingles, think you can touch on the issue(s) that magztv and phlydaily have
    brought up their most recent videos? perhaps to bring it to more people’s

  138. i remember back in closed beta while we played with the angry joe show
    groups livestream. I asked you a question about the british tanks and how
    you though it would be playing them in war thunder. Your answer was, they
    will be crap. The british only made crap tanks and the only tanks they ever
    made where Cruiser tanks that where crap. You did not look forward to
    playing them at all and would probably skip them all togeather…… And
    yet here you are. I dont trust you jingles, i am keeping my eyes on you!

  139. +The Mighty Jingles Matildas came in two varieties, Anti-Tank and Close
    Support. The CS had a 76mm Howitzer for HE and Smoke but never gets
    mentioned much.

  140. RamJamFurburguer is your new WT name jingles?

  141. lol been under a rock for too long gingles? realistic battles has been both
    air and ground forces since well pretty much the beginning

  142. WT GF…. drifting heavy tanks… unrealistic armor…. a nice game

  143. +The Mighty Jingles…Scoring in WT is buggering my mind too, having more
    kills,more zone capped,more medals,less deaths,even your”platoon m8″ has a
    good score too,but somehow we don’t get best squad award and we end up in
    mid section of a list…and “Best Squad”award goes to platoon with lower
    score than two of us(one of them has 3 deaths,0 kills and two digits

  144. I think jingles should try some user made missions in war thunder

  145. Victor Gigante (Vicroc4)

    That clip of the Centurion shows my main problem with War Thunder Ground
    Forces – the armor starts out as “nonexistent” and only considers upgrading
    to “paper” when you get significantly higher on the tech tree. I realize
    that it’s much more realistic than being able to take repeated hits by huge
    guns, but come on Gaijin. These are tanks, for chrissake! Let us bounce a
    shot or two here and there.

  146. Jingles are you going to do a T-90 review?

  147. Weren’t you going to try to hide your name from now on or something..

  148. “…poncing around the sky in his ‘ooh everybody look at me’ machine…”

  149. Pitty most of it was from Arcade Battles, spoiled the fun for me.

  150. Matilda IV, my most played tank in WoT, 950 matches played. I just loved it
    in the beginning of my tanking career but now since power creep has
    destroyed it, I no longer can play it very well. Which is a shame, since I
    still love it. Jingles, I need you to play it so you can whine about it to
    Wg and get it to its former glory.

  151. damn jingles was salty at the end of the video towards aircraft

  152. 28:02 Postal 2 reference spotted. Man, that was one funky game.

  153. The guy in first place probably took more damage before being killed.
    Combined arms in realistic tank battles is just 1 of a long list of shit
    Guijin has done to screw up this game. Love the game, but their heavy
    handed ammo nerfs to everyone but the Russians is a real hard pill to

  154. Jingles do I hear a slight disapproval of air forces?

  155. roland moellenberndt

    jingles you should play the tortoise in arcade. that thing bounces
    everything lol

  156. British tanks did invade Stalingrad… Granted it was during the Russian
    civil war, so Rhomboids. But it did happen. So its not quite that

  157. Who can forget the brutal winter of 1943, when brother fought against
    brother in the ruins of Stalingrad.
    No one came out of the British Civil War unscathed.

  158. jingles, what happened to that older naval combat game you played? naval
    action i think it was called? did it die or maybe it wasnt interesting

  159. Does jingles read the comments for his vids?? I may be kinda late but I
    hope he does… If he does, this is too you jingles! Play world of tanks
    blitz, and show us your first time playing it! I really, like really want
    too know your thoughts on it! Please, please please!

  160. I’m curious about how bad War Thunder is doing now… And why…

  161. bart van herrewegen

    Is it me or is anybody els wondering why you didn’t sensor out your
    nickname? or did i miss an update on that subject somewhere

  162. If you don’t play much war thunder how did you get a centurion cause you
    said that you would not play it till they fix the graphic setting glitch

  163. How come you load so much ammo?

  164. Hey Jingles I live In Australia!

  165. I never bothered finishing the beta test . The T17 was so OP it was stupid
    and the rest of the low tier tanks are garbage. Judging from the ground
    forces games I’ve played for challenges the Brits got matchmaking and armor
    games were just fucked up at 4.7 facing Black Princes on the regular. Oh
    well at least playing planes all the time I finally unlocked me a couple

  166. wow, Jingles doesnt know WT RB is combined arms..? has he not done WT
    content in SO LONG?

  167. Demon Lord Of the Round Table

    Jingles, WWII began before 1939. Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1938, and Japan
    was at war with China before that, invading Manchuria and fighting Chinese
    and Russian forces

  168. like this vid for more war thunder

  169. Arcade, realistic and Simulator all share the same DMGmodel only the tanks
    in Arcade get an engineboost just like the planes in Arcade.

  170. Gaijin have killed their game by further fucking up the BR system. MagzTV
    and Phly explain it really well.

  171. Jingles !!!!:

    I Sneaked out of the Salt Mines to ask and recommend few things.

    Can we go back to the old good days of “the Mighty Jingles”, where you did
    “the good, the bad and the ugly tank” videos on REGULAR bases, to those
    days when you talked about salt mines, to those days when Gnome-The Mighty
    Jingles made appearance.

    I wanted to ask have you ever been to Latvia, I was born in Riga, and now I
    live in U.S.A, and I am a 2nd LT in the U.S. Army.

    I enjoy you videos and I look for them every day, I hope we can go those
    good old days where the Evil Gnome Jingles would try to dominate the world
    and send people to the salt mines :)

  172. 1:40 “Shadowplay crashed”
    nVidia, the way it’s meant to be not played/saved.

    Jingles, my friend, FRAPS, OBS… there are tons of alternate programs that
    can handle game crashes and do fine saving till the crash.

  173. now we need a tog 2 :P

  174. Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong….

  175. Better then a documentary 10/10 would learn again.

  176. hi jingles which one is the best out of all tanks game?
    1)world of tanks
    2)armour welfare
    3)war thunder.

  177. noah “latex gryphon” N

    Yay you getting back into WT :D

  178. really jingles out of every name you could think of ramjam furburger was
    the best one you could come up with you really are a 12 year old trapped in
    a 40 year olds body arn’t you

  179. 23:06 , Stronk map physics :)

  180. “Some flyboy poncing around in his ‘Ooo, everybody look at me’ machine”..
    Best line in the video!

  181. some fly boy prancing around the sky in his ooh look at me machine

  182. hey jingles i went to a engineers house one day and he has 2 working
    centurion tanks that we got to drive in, one with a turret and one without
    that was used for training, the only surviving one in Australia

  183. get ready to be colonized

  184. 2 War Thunder videos in one century? WHAT???

  185. That Matilda replay was an arcade battle not realistic

  186. Shooting down a plane is pretty hard in a ground unit and he also probably
    sustained more hits than you, which gives you points as well. I had a match
    today where I basically didn’t get any good hits the whole match but got
    top of the team because I got hit dozens and dozens of times

  187. War Thunder could be so great, if it wouldn’t suck so much.

  188. hey can you do a video on John Monash? or something from the australian
    army from ww2?

  189. Gaijin dosent know what armor is when 50cal aa trucks pen the front of your
    Matilda and you get shrekt

  190. Technically, the Matilda was not a medium or a heavy tank. It was an
    infantry tank. Most people classify it as a heavy tank due to the armor,
    and speed.

  191. Taking/bouncing hits and putting more hits on targets will also contribute
    to your WT battle score.

  192. LOVE the 3″ gun churchill

  193. there have been aircraft in RB for a very long time.

  194. Honestly i just had a rather heated rage this afternoon over the whole
    combined arms thing. I was in my pz38 hetzer, hulled down about to give a
    churchill a what for when a typhoon came down with his 500ib bombs to spoil
    my party. Its amazing they employ machines that outclass tanks in a tank
    battle xD. reminds me of world of warships where they have carriors, the
    ships that helped put battleships out of comission. i know its for fun but
    cmon, some of us would like to not die all the time please xD

  195. Epic game by jingles?… Show!!!… Blue balled again…

  196. 9:55 Glorious Australian Matilda Hedgehog joins HMAS Tog II in the Royal
    Fleet. Germans and Japs surrender instantly

  197. “Shooting down some flyboy poncing around in the sky in is ooh everybody
    look at me machine.” rofl Jingles your Britsh is showing.

  198. The new British Tanks are heavy hitters, played them in Tier 1 and I kept
    having the same problem with over-penetration, which isn’t surprising I
    guess. but I respect these tanks.

  199. sekrit dokumints)))

  200. I like it how Jingles said 1939 and said NOT 1941 america because we let
    everyone fight while we chilled out with isolationism

  201. mighty jingles: and kills the other stug from the front…while taking a
    75mm anti-tank shell. because…reasons. haha lol jingles keep it up you
    make me laugh.

  202. Jingles – When you were talking about the Pacific Campaign, were you
    referring to the island hopping or the battles in the far East (Burma)
    where the Matilda’s slow speed didn’t matter so much and the Japanese tanks
    were almost powerless to hurt it. The British also used the Grant there as

  203. DAMN I just sent him a british ground forces replay a week ago! I got so
    excited to see this video thinking it was mine.

  204. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Them be some tall tales here from Jingles today.

  205. GC is a baby tog.

  206. Jingles , big thank you for the little history lesson on the matilda and
    the old girls variants , im sure the old diggers over here would raise a
    glass to her honour. keep up the good work.

  207. PoisoningShadow671

    Realistic Battles, lel, atleast the name is more relevant then its previous
    name, which was Historical Battles. :D

  208. About time. More of this and less of the other bollocks please.

  209. Korpen - Tank & Strategy Games

    I seriously doubt anyone in here will try to defend WT:s way of handling
    the RB and SB modes in ground forces. UK vs UK tanks matches (that’s fun
    without enemy markers btw), mixed teams, serious BR issues, RB and SB using
    AB maps, damage models all fucked up which turns tanks into bullets
    sponges, etc, etc. It’s FUBAR…

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