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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder free to play experience part 4.

Today I’ll be using the other account that doesn’t have premium, or anything unlocked(almost). We’re starting with France today. The second worst starting nation in War Thunder


Intro: Call Waiting – Future Joust

Background: T. Bless & the Professionals – Freerolling
Wear a Hat – Alexandra Woodward
Bargain Basement – Martin Klem
Heureka – Lupus Nocte (slow, 80% of speed)

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#tanks #WarThunder #worldoftanks

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  1. Hello everybody. Sorry for the late video. I’m currently away from BETTY’s HQ (I’m visiting my family), but I still work on the videos, just very slowly.
    There should be part 2 sometime later this week.

    I’ll get back this weekend, so next week we’ll be back to normal upload schedule 😉💪

  2. So basically, it took a good player 2 and a half hours just to finish 1.3. That’s what’s wrong with WarThunder 💀

  3. @john-lukepikard9511

    I am not a hardcore WT player, a tourist really. Anyway, your content kills me man, awesome work. Thanks.

  4. New object when?

  5. As a professional low tier player. France is the worst. They are the only country I spent gold on to upgrade.

  6. I like your syntwhave intro

  7. @Fiberglass_Insulation

    So… My War Thunder life?

  8. And to top it off……Japan lololololol.

  9. France…..actually used to be worse at tier 1 then it is now….I think ive repressed those memories to save the rest of my psyche.

  10. Looks like low tier is much harder and you cant just 1 shot everything use thermal and all kinds of easy stuff.

  11. 6:15 I thought he said something not so friendly here 💀

  12. God, your editing is so good. I just found your channel and I am already sad I will eventually run out of content to watch

  13. In my french main opinion, ending the video on Lorraine unlock is purely criminal

  14. you sound like your from finland not lithuania

  15. @addisonherbert6686

    French low tier was incredibly fun. I enjoyed every second of my grind in France

  16. Hmm it would seem that they released a f2p game that you can’t actually play f2p of you want to progress. Seems like a scam

  17. How much time would a f2p player need to reach the leclerc?

  18. @jennifervicknair3031

    Watching this guy makes me realise how bad I am at war thunder💀💀💀

  19. can you get the decal on xbox?

  20. It’s always an ASMR experience watching your vids DOLLAR! Then when I go to play it’s never so relaxing hahaha

  21. Bro this is crazy just the sound of ricochets gives me chills and anxiety.

  22. The day im buy Vidar the best day if i ever seen❤

  23. Sveikas neseniai sužinojau kad tu lietuvis gal gali man padėti dasikelt iki 12.0 br nes ir tau contento bus jeigu ką moku angliškai kalbėt taii😅

  24. Bro, can you tell me what kind of video card?

  25. We all know that gaijin love France

  26. @leonmarcusfernandes3591

    Jogar com a França no começo é horrivel, com exceção de 1 tanque, so tem tanques ou sem blindagem ou sem penetraçao ou os 2 juntos. Mas se voce insistir, ter garra e se dedicar, ao chegar nos tiers mais altos voce vai sentir que esta no começo


  28. hey DOLLARplays there is a vote to add Latin American nations, it would be cool if you made a short video talking about the vote

  29. yea it’s me

  30. Take a video about this , The world is now ruled by one community of people, the world Satanic elite, you can also call them the committee to meet the Antichrist and prevent the 2nd coming of Jesus, Trump called them the deep state, at the moment it consists of about 10,000 people, the main ones there are Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Windsors, Baruchs, they, their ancestors, descendants and other people who enter there have the mark of Lucifer, which, if they bring the antichrist and do not allow the 2nd coming, they will receive eternal life after the x hour, and the rest of humanity, for all the time that they have lived, they won’t get anything, so all people should know about the existence of a world government (Jesus who was a The Prophet of God, not God.God will send Jesus as a reward to humanity, if humanity deserves it, for this it is necessary to fight Lucifer and his elite)

  31. Actually, H39, B1 bis, AMC 35, d2, and Somua did not make my experience so bad with low tier.

  32. @TeutonicKnight44406

    Question: I’ve been trying to find Dollars decal, but I am struggling to find it. Do you have to purchase something first and than it will be gifted to you?

  33. Thanks for the video. You can see very quickly that the game won’t be fun.

  34. this game is lost…

  35. I’m telling you ! He has spent egals to boot research speed ay no way he has not !

  36. helloooo, do u think israel is a good nation?? love ur videos btw

  37. You got my respect sir, while everyone show their wins, you are actually touching a topic very important in a f2p game while entertaining us.

  38. @springtrapaftonfamily355

    You can do kv 1 zis 5 600 times send

  39. Play some pizza tank pls

  40. I love low BR French tanks

  41. Another great video keep up the good work

  42. @agustinbinelli790

    literalmente nunca mas voy a volver a tocar este juego, acabo de jugar una partida en la que saque una nuclear (primera vez), y vienen un tipo y me mata. es un asco la comunidad de este juego. el usuario del tipo es Thesideshot64

  43. @guilhermeschardong6578

    @DOLLARplays What is your opinion on a techtree of South American vehicles in war thunder ???? For me, as a Brazilian, I think it’s incredible that Brazilian vehicles are added to the game


  45. Don’t know why people complain, I mean nobody bothered buying stuff then War Thunder would be shut down 😂

  46. “What a man should do for experience” hmmmmmmm hmmmmmm hyyyyymmmmm

  47. Dude the paid actors in the AMD 35 game. Holy cow.

  48. Oh no ! Someone is doing good with french tech tree ! Ivan, nerf it again !

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