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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder free to play experience with the new account part 2.

Today I'm back playing on the fresh WT account that doesn't have premium, or anything unlocked(almost). We're continuing with Japanese tanks. We'll try to see how much I can unlock of rank 2 in 5 hours.


Intro: Mi Dispiace – Trabant 33
Dance In France 7 – Bjorn Skogsberg

Background: Gaining Season – Lupus Nocte
Car Park – Martin Klem
Show Me The Funk – Jon Presstone
Sneaky Breezy – Martin Landstrom
Destination – Oleksii Abramovych
Francesco DAndrea – I Am Not Your Doll

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#dollarplays #WarThunder #tanks

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  1. I hope you guys enjoyed it. There was a lot of cuts in this one😅 I was trying to show as many battles as possible.

    Also mid editing I realised ” why did I put the timer on the right side where’s the kill cam…” next time I’ll move ot to the left😂

    What should I do next?

    And don’t forget to angle 🤟💪

  2. How can I get your sticker?

  3. I am over here impressed you can see shit lol newb eyes still cant see half the shit your doing haha

  4. Maybe the dark side isn’t that strong after all….

  5. Skeevy The Wizzard

    Don`t go naval, please, it`s not only boring to play, but also boring to watch.

  6. I love 2.3 japan tbh, the Chi-Ha Kai is an absolute champ

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  9. welcome to my life

  10. Watching dollar having fun at lowtier is the perfect way to kick of an afternoon.

  11. I really wish they’d go back to the cannon sounds all being unique. It is very weird when a Sherman sounds just like a panther etc.

  12. I remember the good old days when you could play one match… do well and fully upgrade a tier 1 vehicle … now….. paint dries faster…. and damn the lack of rewards/sl at brs 6/7/8… barely covers repair costs.

  13. Very good video – i lough a lot )

  14. Really rad love seeing someone good at the game start form zero.

  15. I just started a few weeks ago and it takes quite some time, i got massive money problems and your videos are telling me that its going to get worse as a Free to play player😭

  16. Benito_Swagolini

    Welcome to my life

  17. Sturer Emil (Jagdtiger without armor), play it pls

  18. Do Naval since its the most boring game mode 😎😎😎

  19. Σωτήρης Περβανάς

    Finally. after 8 years wasted playing war thunder i found the courage to delete both my accounts. finally free.

  20. How do i get the decal?

  21. maybe compare that with new account but with active premium?

  22. Tier 4 —> 50 hours to unlock 1 vehicule without premiun

  23. great example how f t his game lately is and how snail bois keep f it up even more with those economy fixes etc… they literally dong give an f about players that do not want to pay some cash, sad af, glad after 5k hours i left this bs for DCS 🙂

  24. ele vai apssar um ano jogando pra desbloquear o ultimo tier kk

  25. Kepincut_ GeminkGG

    Bro i just played war thunder Yesterday

  26. I need some decent team m8s, that’s my only issue, my English pals don’t play anymore due to the constant uptiering and pay to win shyte

  27. Bro you definitely need to do 7 more episodes to complete the whole tech tree 😂

  28. Deep Brain Stimulation

    Hey Dollar i used your discount code and wear your decal with pride the tank i got was the [Turms T.72] any chance of you doing a video on that as i cant seem to find one on your channel let me know much love 🙂

  29. 08:49 4.5k xp and 18k lions (premium) after a realistic battle with 7 kills still feels super cheap after the economy update…

  30. I wish I got matches like that like ever…if I see someone 3 KM away from me for nanosecond im already being shoot at with perfect aim….but he can change his settings and reverse and nobody notices him in plain sight 😀

  31. HEY DOLLAR, go on to your main account and make a save file for your controls. Then go to your F2P account and paste them there, EZ PZ

  32. 13:43 bro allmost lost his spawn protaction

  33. Santiago Agustin Chiavellini

    Bro playin in Latin America mode. It’s actually fun that you find strange playing like this, I bought 1 pack for 90 days Premium in the last 4 years.

  34. Waiting part 3

  35. u prolly wont see this but the free repair is only when something is broken(black) then just works barly

  36. I never spend money on a war thunder

  37. WTF, free fire extinguisher ? WoW

  38. I got a question. I keep getting one shot by the same tank and I hit the same weak spots and it just hits without killing them. What can I do to improve bc at the point I’m laughing to keep from crying

  39. Lets go for air vehicles!

  40. Miguel Rodriguez

    game is great free! but for you young folks that don’t work and have money to pay for any thing i see where you will have a hard time with this Free to play game i recommend getting a Job then you no longer will care about BR! good luck young ones

  41. wheres the sequence where you go 10 games in a row and only die with no kills

  42. Vincenzomusotto

    Aviation next time

  43. 19:57 this game still suck with overpressure, splash damage – it sometimes work, sometimes not. But still, you always have to pay for repairs. As for SL and RP above 5.7 it still goes unnaturally slow to progress. I tried – i tried after this update give this game some chance, but uninstalled it again. I destroyed day to one Tiger 1 H player shooting its barrel twice – thats what servers seen, but from my perspective i should miss the gun barrel and hit turret cheeks. That missshots was one of main reasons why i leaved the game. Also misspens (where you shoot flat side armor with gun that should have 0% chances of non pen – and you dont pen armor – For example shooting to Sherman side armor with 500M distance from Panther A (not hitting any roller wheels or track, fenders, just side hull armor). OFC sherman player react, and short 75mm oneshot me through front (trapshot under gun mantlet). Another thing is matchmaking which is hard to explain, but if you 7th or 8th time loose battle but yet with 2-4 frags you best player you realize matchmaking is putting you in some ratard teams. Sometimes this last whole day. Shooting ammo rack? Forget about it, no explosion. 4 seconds after you get ammo racked with small german squeze boy that even did not pen your armor.

  44. The constant uptiers paired with not being able to repair your tank much whilst it taking like over a hour or two for low tier tanks makes this game so inaccessible to new players

  45. Love the intro Darth.

  46. TonyMontana1210

    is that betsy or how it called account got banned?

  47. HobbolinGobbolin

    Can’t wait to see this in the 5.0 area as f2p, 5 hours and half a tank maybe haha great stuff

  48. Im shocked at how many kills or shots you take I can’t see, like 2/3rds at least, guess i should really upgrade my pc an screen before i get back into this

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