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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder free to play experience with the new account.

Today I'll be using my other account that doesn't have premium, or anything unlocked(almost). We'll try to some of that free to play player experience with tier 1 tanks.


Intro: Breaktime – Future Joust

Background: Two Sides – Martin Klem
Car Park – Martin Klem
The of Thieves – Christoffer Ditlevsen
Stealing Mushrooms – The Fly Guy Five
Careful What You Wish For – Martin Klem
Casino Funk – Arc De Soleil

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#dollarplays #WarThunder #tanks

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  1. Finally, a new video 😅
    I hope you guys are having a nice weekend 💪🏻

    What first thing should I play from the next update? (I feel like it should go live next week)

  2. Only dollarplays can make a tutorial enjoyable


  4. hieu phong nguyen

    That is my play style, I do not have money for the golden eagle

  5. Хрен тебе

    I regularly play at a low tier.

    With my T-35

  6. Hey dollar, will there be any new QnA video?

  7. michael espinoza

    Dolla Thank You for all your amazing videos dude! Can I ask would ever consider doing a video with the Doom Turtle? I know you’ve done it before but I wonder how you manage with such fast bois on the field now. I main the Doom Turtle and just wonder if you have any tips! Thank You again Dolla for all your hard work, time and dedication to all of the videos and content you make. 😀

  8. You should do this as a series 🙂

  9. As a f2p player I can say it took me 700 of hours to get to the 6th rank

  10. Dick Ballington

    Did they put the economy back to the way it was yet?

  11. I can now confirm that my issue in lower tiers is skill issue

  12. YourAverageIdiot

    I’m a new player when compared to most players. I have been playing for about 31 hours and have only been able to get one tier 2 tank on germany and I’m currently grinding the italian air tree. This game is hell to grind in ground forces. I wish it would be a little easier to grind ground tree. To put i. some context this was before the economy reforms. Just shows how much has changed. I’m a very happy man.

  13. Awesome video ! We need more video with this ftp account ! it could be awesome to do a serie of this ! 👍😄😄

  14. Abdullah Al_Dahry

    https://youtu.be/3ARQuaSje_M why bother using APS system when you have a brrrrrt gun

  15. Mr.betty the sturmtiger got moved down in br to 5.7, will you play it again?

  16. I love those new concept,amazing video as always.👍

  17. Илья Фин

    That voice…

  18. ❤❤❤

  19. oooh🤣 New challenge’s
    Show me proof free too play this game😆😅

  20. Ive never seen Dollar so happy before 😂

  21. I started with Japan and this video is making me realize just how terrible at this game I am

  22. Totally European

    Man you need to make a seiries out of this

  23. hey dollar if that is free to play acc how did you get the decal did you angle today?

  24. I’m an average f2p player and I have millions of SL. Just gotta use your head a bit.

  25. plz do m46 “tiger”

  26. hey dollar, will you ever play with the Type 60 ATM as sort of a challenge? it’s possibly one of the most hated tank in WT for many reason. not to mention its expensive repair cost for something that can barely function

  27. I’ve played a ton of free to play games and honestly WT deserves the title: Game of the year – robbing players

  28. It’s the most hard and painfull way to live… completely frustrating life. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

  29. was gonna give this game a try but with what has been going on lately i don’t think it’s worth the time but i do like the look of the tank gameplay.

  30. So the noose of the fat tank must point at target?

  31. Since you are doing a new account… do the t-26-b at stock — it only has shrapnel shell

  32. Zeak The Tiny Soviet

    Me: Dollar, how many pop culture references do you put in your videos?

    Dollar: Y E S

  33. Melancholy and Death

    Descent from heaven to earth

  34. I’ve always laughed to the name of that japanese SPG, Ho-Ro.

    It is slang word in our language, meaning: ”A female from the kennel”, ”Lady of the night” or more familiary: A h0oker lol

  35. why does dollars never play aircrafts

  36. Adrian Stachowski

    All good until tier 3/4. Then the pain begins. Negative sl income and little to none rp income without premium. Let’s see if they can fix that after last backlash

  37. What are those rewards on tutorial💀💀💀

  38. Benito_Swagolini

    Welcome to my life ( I have money just none for the snail )

  39. wait till you get to BR 6.3
    this is where i quit as i would only lose SL, win some but mostly lose it

  40. Chad_Thundernuts

    Ahhh, this takes me back to my first days of playing WT and starting out as a Japanese main. Good times 🥲

  41. You should make a video where your only using reserve tanks and what ever tank you get killed by you have to go to that country and use there reserve tank. Or something like that

  42. Since new account. Maybe grab some planes too?

  43. Marathon for new player without premium, No Angle Needed just Firing Skill.

  44. Dollarplays how come you can do it so well that you can give so many kills at high BR.

  45. Dollar bro i hope you still remember me cuz i remember the good old days with the like 70k subs dollar

  46. Be nice if they made it so tier one is 4 hours tier 2 is 8 hours of grind and so on that be a lot better then we have now and if you pay for premium account it cuts it in half but gaijin never do anythink to fix the grind they think take 10 years to grind out a tank just the tank not air aswell if they keep this up there be no new player join the game after rank 4 they hit the grind wall and just leave

  47. I’ve just had a crazy match, where i achieved a 9 kill strike with one tank and also had 2 additional assists. The fact it was a BT-7 says all about how much I got after winning the match.
    12,5k silver and about 1,5k RP. LOL.¨

  48. i’m enjoying ur content dollar – as WoT player I respect your skills

  49. waht editing porgam do you use and where do you download the memes? And very funn video

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