War Thunder FRENCH CHAR B1 Tank GAMEPLAY (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. The hell? Two views?

  2. Oh, I was so early, I came.

  3. that tank looks cool somehow

  4. Is it faster in reverse by any chance?

  5. Hehehe… Char B1

  6. Best tank in 1940

  7. I can’t make it to one of the Top 5 Videos, my Laptop are broke

  8. kiss from France baron

  9. What’s with the 105 in the Hull?

  10. Привет 😉
    Думаешь я про тебя забыл?

  11. Ayeeee Baron, it’s my b-day can I get you to comment?

  12. make a SOMUA

  13. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  14. Noob question that I was unable to find on Google because I’m retarded, but
    what’s better, British heavy or medium tanks?

  15. VIVE LA CHAR B1 ???

  16. is that I’m the only french viewer ? Baron knows you the caliber of the gun
    B1 bis

  17. 5 of the tanks you’ve killed disliked the video…

  18. Holy mother of click bait. I was really excited for a second but I quickly
    realized the truth.

    *cries in french*

  19. Putain ça fait plaisir je sens que tout les FR vont kiffer, on va pouvoir
    déboiter tout le monde avec nos chars !

  20. its way to shiny you should get a masterball

  21. 19th one ohh baby a triple

  22. “vive la France” can’t say the same about the convoy

  23. My R9 390X has 8GB, not the 3.5GB of The GTX 970 ?

  24. Panzer Grenadier

    cool les char français ………but i prefer the panzer so…

  25. 1:33 for those who don’t care about the Top 5

    Also, I thought this meant Gaijin had added the B1, little disappointed but
    kudos for working on an iconic French tank!

  26. stridsvagn 103 S made in 1958 a swedish tank

  27. Androlito Games

    Sick build man

  28. Baron! Could you try modding in the Pyro/Black Pyro into WT? It’s from the
    game Descent, btw.

  29. Androlito Games

    Also i would love if they added french tanks but my favourite one is the
    either the bat-chattiliion. Or AMX 13-90

  30. As a joke someone should make the jigsaw tank from the hunted tank it’s a
    T-34-85 hull and engine and the hull machine gun is a 50 cal and the turret
    is a M41

  31. I love your french accent ^^ I’m french and I look foward they put french
    tanks in the game !:)

  32. The N0o_b game r :3

    I think instead of having there own nation they should be in a minor
    nation….. nation where you have instead of light tank trees and heavy its
    all of the minor nations tank like the b 1 and some Chinese and Italian

  33. Renault FT AC please!

  34. When it said french in the title and war thunders i was like OH UPDATE you
    lied ;;:(((

  35. Shahin Poursharif

    Hola is Spanish baron XD

  36. Je suis un abonné 1

    Bonjour à tous, je ne fais pas de vidéos ni rien mais j’ai juste envie
    d’écrire en français pour que tous ces américains essaient de le traduire,
    ce long message ! Dédicace à ceux qui ont compris

  37. Drake Dragoo (Lego Man)


  38. Battlefield 1 HYPE!! #RIPCOD

  39. WWI tanks eventually? That would be different.

  40. brendan crummey

    I’m just asking this but gaigin should hire some of the mod builders from
    the community

  41. the snooping man

    first of all: Type 2605 heavy


  43. Your accent is jolly good, frenchmen do sound like that, to be more
    convincing say sacree bleugh, and talk about cheese more. I am English I
    know the french menace.

  44. Les deux fana d'histoire: Lupercal&Grey

    Ho putainnn!!!!!! Un char français!!!!!! Enfinnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. need the t-28p turreted TD for the Americans

  46. Aaron vredenburg

    Misleading title :(

  47. Im not really an expert but im not sure if France had enough planes and
    Tanks to fill all 5 tiers. I mean Japan has no Tanks as well.

  48. In world of tanks you can only use the 47mm on the Char B1

  49. To all the people that are upset.
    For what it’s worth, France will be getting it’s own GF tech tree.

  50. Swedish Armed Forces:

    Centurion Mk 10 (Stridsvagn 102/104)
    The de Havilland DH 100 Vampire.

    Both of these vehicles were introduced to the Swedish Army in the
    Make sure to use that 105mm to full affect against the Communist Soviet
    Union’s tanks! And those x4 20mm Hispano-Suiza cannons to eliminate the
    Soviet jet aircraft!
    Please use the Swedish Air Force Roundel on both the Centurion (European
    camo and roundel on the Centurion) and the Vampire! hope you enjoy this
    combo!! love from Sweden! ;)

  51. mothers day was like 2 month ago you silly american

  52. Baron you should build the M1 Abrams and out it up against all the tiers

  53. Somua S35 !!! ;)

  54. Trés bien!!!

  55. German tanks better the panther and the tiger

  56. Nice. Looking forward to seeing other French tanks in the future.

    But I’ll quibble about the French having the best tanks. Their ergonomics
    sucked. Even in the Char there you could see how the cow members could be
    overworked. And, so far as I know, they rarely had radios and none had
    intercoms. So there was no real command and control between tanks and
    amongst crew members.

    But that’s not the sort of thing that War Thunder can simulate. At least ,
    not very well.

    One thing, make sure the radiator on the left side is vulnerable on the
    Char. German tankers quickly found this was a weak spot. Badly armoured and
    once hit, the engine started to cook.

  57. Megawatt Muffin

    Could you try and make the original british tank? The mk series or whatever
    they are called

  58. The tank is driving in the wrong direction.The battlefield is a non non.

  59. This is awesome. Really. thanks you very much for doing this tank, it shall
    be ingame.

    Also, could I ask for the penetration of the shells ? I’ve helped a bit for
    the French Tech Tree project recently, so if I could help you for that…

  60. I want stronk duck tank

  61. Il y a un baguette

  62. For Mother’s Day I got a job at a deli I feel like slickbee now :)

  63. The leopard 2A4 – A7?

  64. OMG that tank is um… special

  65. Catcat71 Gaming

    Please make a French Renault FT17

  66. Vive la France !

  67. lucien Ekkendonk

    it has no sound



  70. click bait

  71. Model the MBT 70 experimental tank!!!

  72. we need amx elc bis

  73. The French used Panther tanks after WW2.

  74. Sturmtiger :P

  75. plz make the first tank the one in the battlefield 1 trailer

  76. I would like to see the italian P26/40.

  77. Somua S35 is what you need now.

  78. BlueBeast Gaming

    I love French tanks. Now just Italian tanks are needed.

  79. Ezequiel Carllos Mesquita Sousa

    hey baron this is valid for out of US ???

  80. BrawlingGrizzlyBearProductions

    and if they didnt have hole in their border defense france wouldnt been
    invaded due to their mastery in artillery

  81. Alexis Balcerzak

    “Char” means “tank” in french ^^
    Be carefully at the aeration grid, it could be it’s weak spot
    I hope they will add the 2C tank :3 

  82. 1 thing I don’t like is how the crew is so cramped together in it, one AP
    round from the front and the entire crew is gone from the shrapnel.

  83. Nicolier Alexandre

    haaa nous français, on savait faire des bon chars!!!

  84. E-75 is the tank I’d like to see in WarThunder, we got E-100 so why not

  85. Im french , i wait for ” white flag jokes “


    There is a german tank sign in minute 13:16

  87. Panzer Optional

    Make a KV-VI

  88. frenach amry was cowards when they see our tiger tank have they fought
    :,,RETREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” but the AMX tanks are nice and
    cool tanks

  89. Looks like I’m not gonna be in the top 5 for this one because there’s only
    like 1 funny part in the video so rip me

  90. Where do they keep the reglamentary white flag all french tanks must have?

  91. excellent stuff… I can’t wait for the Char 2C ?

  92. I like it.

  93. i would just use world of tanks pz b2 or the french b1 model then add my
    own physics and scripts

  94. All I want is an ELC AMX

  95. Question, can people outside of the US participate in your competition?

  96. Fancy

  97. I forgot completely about Mother’s Day , I was thinking about VE Day xD

  98. m’y country is finaly un thé games ??

  99. WW1 tanks would be cool.

  100. Problem if they add this tank into warthunder what BR rating would it be?
    Because you said your self that the Germans had to use the 88mm in them so
    that would mean it’d have to be with tigers or above but it’s gums aren’t
    good enough to go against them so what BR?

  101. leths build amx-13 90 if we are in french tanks it will be awesome

  102. Devilpunchbowl Channel

    does anyone want the Tog II in war thunder????

  103. WTF this shit is so ugly…why not make like a Leclerc.

  104. MS -1

  105. Make the m1 Abrams and the waffentrager e-100

  106. Alex “Draco223” SV

    i will like to see a Mareșal Tank Destroyer

  107. I feel like it’s really a Lee with some extra bits tacked on

  108. I would like to see m1a1 abrams

  109. EliteGaming1023



  110. TOG 1 or Landkruezer P1000

  111. French tanks are perhaps the most underrated of World War 2

  112. No Monty Python and the Holy Grail quotes. Am of disappoint.

  113. I’d like to see the ARL-44 but that’s just me

  114. MonarchTherapsids Inostran

    you should show us the box tank. xD make it a serious project and texture

  115. Slippery™ Sandals™

    The click bait have me a heart attack

  116. It’s funny how everyone still laughs about how France surrendered but then
    nobody remembers all the other nations which were also occupied as they
    couldn’t stand up against the new never before seen tactics of the German

  117. Clang Of Tanks Gaming

    Just for shits in giggles, What about modern user-made tanks? xD

  118. make a big box with tracks,500 mm of armor everywhere, 10 turrets with 152
    mm guns,20 12.7 mm for planes and “for stalin” on both sides of turret and
    body of tani

  119. I’d like to see that one AMX that looks like a duck. You know, that one
    with the curved armor.

  120. the char b1 had no radio to communicate with other tanks the germans were
    the first ones to do that thats why they just ran through france

  121. This is the reason why Baron’s only getting 10-15% viewer retention- for
    bullshit like this. Clickbaity shit that sucks ass, which anybody can do.

  122. italian tanks please.

  123. jeffrey schreuder

    baron you should do tank reviews in warthunder ur a good player and have
    acces to every tank with your pressaccount

  124. Baron, what about Ze French Super Heavy tank “Char 2C”?

    Is it possible to model that tank?

  125. Would love to see the ARL 44 in this game, the first true French tank after
    World War 2? Hell yeah!

  126. I would love to see a few japanese tanks. I know they have some int he game
    as NPC assets, but a playable Type 95 being a quick scout tank, would be
    nice or a Shinhoto Ch Ha for a surprise ambush.


    Nice!!! Next Mark IV tank?? ( Because Battlefield 1 xD )

  128. Victor Oliveira

    Imagine how many white flags that tank can carry…

  129. Nicholas Bryant

    Impressive! Japanese and Italian tanks too?


  131. TOG 2 AND P1000 RATTE

  132. british mark 4 that would be sick

  133. Put p1000 in war thunder

  134. I’d like to see an M1 Abrams


  136. so the char B1 is pretty similar to the Churchill mk1.

  137. you should put the p1000 ratte in there lols :P

  138. It’s just “Renault FT”, there is no number after it :p

  139. omg this is such a historic vid!

  140. sir izan the great

    yes I like do more plz of this and u should customize the tiger2 plz

  141. I got my mom a bunch of onion plants.

  142. Leopard 2A7! Just for fun.

  143. french had the “best” tanks.. good one.

  144. TMANIAC207- Gaming Insanity

    They should have a b1 in war thunder, I mean they have one in world of
    tanks, Why not war thunder?

  145. M8 Greyhound would be nice.

  146. They should put in m1 abrams

  147. I made a error earlier and I must correct my self! in the first six weeks
    of ww1 france sufferd 80,000 killed during shleiffen plan (sry on spelling
    u know what I mean) and during first six weeks of blitzkreig (the whole of
    the french campaign) france lost 100,000, so my statement does stand with
    corrected numbers!

  148. Hey Baron, what PC do u use? I’m looking to get a good gaming PC but I
    don’t know where to start. Do u know of any cheap gaming PC’s?

  149. Brian Weatherall

    I would’t count this as click bate, he did do what he said.

  150. Tog II any one

  151. Sturmtiger…Do it

  152. The brummbär please, it would be amazing to see a german derp gun in game!
    Great work on this Char, your little team must be very talented and i thank
    you guys for doing this stuff!

  153. Are you a commie?


  155. should do I war war 1 tank, British

  156. Thepowerfulkiller

    I seriously hope gaijin will put French tank in a update,not forgetting
    Japanese tanks too.

  157. Wow, man. Great job!

  158. baron,the char isn’t pronounced like Charbroiled, it’s pronounced Shar

  159. guy who does stuff

    this would probably never work, but you should try building the P. 1000

  160. Should go crazy will your Char B1 by adding additional turret to each side
    of the tank (Like WW1 allied tanks)

  161. Do the Yak-9P, or be sent to gulag!

  162. Put jg.pz.e100 in war thunder

  163. build the sdkfz 234

  164. baron the Gerry’s took out the bis by shooting that radiator vent on the
    left side they could pin that with the little 50mm

  165. hey baron l would love to see a new russian tank destroyer the object 268
    from WoT

  166. Don’t give gaidumb ideas I’d rather not give them any money just to play
    the only french tank.

  167. try building the british Mk series tanks (I would prefer the Mk 2 tho),
    german A7V “Box of Doom”, Whippet light tank, FT17 and stuff! DO IT IN THE

    Do this or the No Man’s Land

  168. I accept this to be a British tank since there is no French tree or they
    will add the French tree


  170. Classy Churchill

    *runs away frenchly*

  171. Kristoffer Laursen

    you never made “the best tier 5 tank” video? how about making one?

  172. Awesomes! Cool Model :)

  173. Sanjuro Hanamizuki

    Panzer 4 Hydrostat .. will likely need to grab the code from the pt-76 that
    lets it float .. but , yeah that would be awesome

  174. Vive la France! !!!!

  175. In world of tank i use the Pz.kpfw.B2 against the Char B1 and I kill the
    First Char B1then another Char B1 kill me it shot my side and I dead I was
    like lol gg

  176. godblessasiangirls

    I think in armored warfare they should make jets for planes just like
    Gaijin has planes here in war thunder.

  177. holy shit. thats awesome

  178. It wood be cool to bring in the japanese medium tank Chi-Ri or maybe the
    light tank Chi-he

  179. the sturmtiger would be seriously awesome o.O

  180. “Hola!” – No Frenchman ever

    Oh and please never add french tanks. There will only be slow tier 1 WW1
    designs, those from the 50’s and lots of prototypes.

  181. Original Replika

    Baron, could you try to make the Grille15? :D

  182. I wish they’d put an entire french tank line in this is amazing.

  183. I thought the top turret couldn’t move

  184. the french tanks are not good for war thunder because most of them have 2
    or 3 crew in them and they have thin armor with small firepower

  185. It was because nobody ever listened to De Gaulle, it happend in WW1 too, he
    said the French needed dedicated tank battle groups and more of those
    revolutionary Renault tanks but all the old big moustached General’s said
    they didn’t, they had horse’s aka cavalry and it would do just fine the
    rest would be solved by artillery and hard points like the machinóline, De
    Gaulle not yet a General at that time got overruled, he also stated that
    these outdated General’s counted on the machinóline way to mutch and the
    Germans were going to break through the Ardenne, they laughed at him and
    again he was dismissed.

    Right before the WW2 he again was dismissed and all his idea’s put aside by
    General’s and French politicians that just didn’t like him very mutch,
    hence the disarray, but remember it wasn’t just the French running but the
    Brits were running too, only they called it “a tactical retreat”?.

    After the War it was General De Gaulle who refused to let France join Nato
    as a full member,…in the end he was right again, but dismissed by current
    French politicians.⬅it’s top down decisions that win or loose the day, the
    French have a bad habit of not listening to people like De Gaulle.

  186. the Semovente 90/53 would be awesome!

  187. les charq français avait la particularité d’avoir une seule personne dans
    la tourelle pour tourner la tourelle, viser et tirer, ce qui rendait la
    tâche plutôt hardu et rendait les char inadéquat au debut de la seconde
    guerre mondiale, malgré cela grâce a leur blindage, les chars allemands
    peinait à les percé, la france aurait pu gagné si leurs troupes n’était pas
    si désordonné, ce fut la débâcle et en quelque semaine la france fut prise

  188. Its a fucking mod? :D

  189. Alec VanLandingham

    I might actually plat warthunder again if they add in the French.

  190. battlefield 1 tanks look si beautiful

  191. Pls make churchill avre with the flying dustbin launcher

  192. Fallout3ProHunter

    Fucking shitty game with fucking shitty bias

  193. Jagdpanzer e100 ,
    Fv215b 183
    Type 5 heavy
    Elc amx
    Pz 1 c
    Obj 268
    Wt auf e100 with both 128 and 150 mm guns
    Pz 2 j
    Bat chat 25 t
    Amx 50 B
    Tvp t50/51
    Qnd lots of more tanks

  194. You certainly do enjoy the sound of your own prattle.

  195. I’d love to see the french AMX 13, this tank looks amazing

  196. Also are you getting battlefield 1

  197. Put in the John cena tank

  198. scotty “muzzar123” .M



  200. Turret resembles T-34 1942’s with a cupola

  201. A Piece Of Bread

    As a French tank I assume it backs up well

  202. u basterd eat mah gun

  203. Love to see a KV2-2-2 xD

  204. “Attention! Les chars!” Is “Actung! Panzer!” I believe LoL

  205. Redneck Libertarian

    K2 black panther

  206. finally the mallard is here!

  207. So, no credit whatsoever on who helped making this tank model?

  208. click bait!

  209. The Romanian Reaver

    Giving away a GTX 970 just in time to see it fall under the R9 390/R9 290
    in performance XD.

  210. looks pretty good

  211. PublicTransportationBelgium

    The fucking clickbait

  212. Chrysler TV-8
    British Mark V
    p-1000 ratte (never will happen)
    these are some tanks that users should make

  213. YES! Been long awaiting the Char B1 for War Thunder! Yay!

    edit: Oh, its not official. Come on Gaijin! French tanks please!

  214. baronvongamez game studios?

  215. GitchyGitchy 123

    lol french tank under the Russian tanks, ok?

  216. Maybe the ELC AMX air-dropped tank destroyer? Or perhaps the Super Sherman?
    Wait, wait, I know! The TOG II!!!!

  217. This guy sounds like Jim from the Office.

  218. the GTX 970 is good… it can high/custom this game at 60fps. I just got
    the superclocked 980 ti, and now i can just under war movie this game at
    60fps. I love it. the 970 is honestly worth the money. the only games
    you’ll have trouble with is Arma, company of Heroes 2, Red Orchestra 2 (it
    stays around 60fps, but it depends).

  219. Really?… Click bait now? *Sigh*

  220. heck with happy mothers day, yesterday was VE-Day (at least in America),
    so, though yesterday/2 days ago (almost mid night), take a moment to
    remember the struggle and all those who gave there lives on both sides.
    What happened then, though truly horrific, helped to shape the world… but
    it isn’t give half as much recognition as it should. The war in Europe was
    over… what lay behind was not only rubble, but also hope for a new
    beginning… a few months later, Japan would surrender, and one of the
    greatest tragedies in the book of history would come to a close…but of
    course some fool had to keep on turning the pages.

  221. SOMUA!!

  222. French retreat from Poland lol ))

  223. any of the T series American heavy tanks

  224. yea because its sooo hard to take a model out of world of tanks and but it
    in here (you guys are a joke)

  225. strumtiger

  226. Antonio Paladin

    Char B1 is a quit good tank looks nice too *Nice video*

  227. Did it come with white flags installed.

  228. I think the French tanks should be part of the British army like Italian
    planes are part of the German airforce as the char b1 was basically the
    most advanced ww2 mass produced French tank. Can’t really compare the tanks
    used at the start of the war to those used at the end and a full French
    tree would require numerous prototypes and foreign made tanks around
    2.7-6.0 br

  229. thelitecommando

    ELC Bis! and a TV-8! and an Objecy 297!

  230. I guess is super fast going backwards…

  231. The Renault Ft17 was not the best tank by far…the S35 was the best medium
    tank in the world at the time of the blitzkrieg.

  232. a steam workshop for war thunder and still be able to play multiplayer with
    the mods would be awesome

  233. protestifications

    Will it have both guns usable? That 75mm howitzer was lethal stuff

  234. anyway gonna make the P-1000? :P

  235. they should make a french panther.

  236. I just wish it was an official tank preview…

  237. baron pls make some modern tanks ie m1a1

  238. THE FRENCH ARE COMING THe french are running… Oh.

  239. accumbularate DoP

    Way to not put that it’s a custom battle in the title of the video. Good
    work on the clickbait.

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