War Thunder FRENCH TANK Gameplay – Char B1 Heavy Tank

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Char B1 Download: http://live.warthunder.com/post/2166/en/
Big thanks to Beckett, Flame, Simplewolf & the team!

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  1. French is only good at dominating small countries or countries that can not
    fight back. When they see other big nations they would be like “Crap! Wrong
    country! Wrong country! Retreat!!!!”

  2. Zerocookiecake [Karnipex]

    Not quite an E-75 though is it…

  3. Mr.hedgehogington hi

    Make a Mark V

  4. Make the Tovarisch IS-7. Just for me

  5. do a tug boat! lol

  6. PiotruchainGames 2011WoT

    Bismarck and enemy Sword fish

  7. No French maps? Normandy is in France the last time I checked lol :P

  8. Alexandre Le Roux

    remember the french free forces (FFL)

  9. planes

  10. TuxedoedErmine Naswall

    battle stations Pacific, has everything besides tanks I suggest you play it
    or maybe you have and I don’t remember

  11. Walnut BrosProductions


  12. Derp tortoise Productions

    Should be called the bitch one because it hurts like a bitch slapping you

  13. I’m new in war thunder. Can anybody tell me how to use a machine gun?

  14. Somua

  15. char b1 similar to churchill mk1. not sure if they were a collaboration but
    tracks are similar design and armament.

  16. The American Dodo

    1:46 – France did fight back. See the Battle of Stonne, where the Char B
    decimated German Panzers. Guderian got a little over his head and got his
    nose bloodied pretty badly. Also check out how badly the Me-109 fared
    against American P-36 Hawks.

  17. Demain Donovan Smith

    Porsche tiger

  18. AMX ELC? or AMX 13 90

  19. Das Puma!

  20. I’d love to see more armoured cars in war thunder. I really think the
    german SdKfz 234 (probably the variant 234/1 or 234/2) would be a cool low
    tier addition :)

  21. ThePenatrator 9000

    what is a PT boat?

  22. ThePenatrator 9000

    the renault ft 17!, and i want some donuts and nuts and sum deez nutz

  23. ThePenatrator 9000

    and japanese tanks

  24. Is there an american Cheffee in that game?
    I damn well love that tank would love to see it.

  25. Qui est francais ici et est abonner à une dès mail leur chaine WT de
    YouTube ; )

  26. so cool i love it!

  27. crocodile18nic100

    harambe died for our sins

  28. Model mighty UFO tank, the Object 279. For the motherland !

  29. Hektor Meow (Bro)

    “Kicking ass and taking names” nice Payday 2 reference lol

  30. u should make Japanese tanks

  31. Muhamad Harith Akmal Abu Bakar

    Not to be rude.. But Norway held out longer than France during Operation
    Weserübung.. This says something.

  32. Muhamad Harith Akmal Abu Bakar

    Not to be rude.. But Norway held out longer than France during Operation
    Weserübung.. This says something.

  33. SOPWITH CAMEL……… pleaseeeeeeeeee i really wanna see one in game XD

  34. platinum Squirrel

    I wish French tanks were in WT along with Japanese tanks

  35. Here’s an idea I missed out on the april fools battle with the walkers and
    been hating that ever since, I think that would be fantastic idea for a
    custom battle I would play that just to wind down from the daily struggles
    of war thunder

  36. we need french and italian tank and air tech tree and japanese tanks

  37. m13/40 medium tank?

  38. nxe video

  39. Make piaggio P.108 a plane with 102 mm gun

  40. SniffyJiffy Gaming

    Baron make the ARL-44 awesome french heavy tank!

  41. Kveldulf the War Ostrich

    I thought the B1 and most french WW2 tank had 47mm and a 75mm howitzer much
    like the M3 Grant/Lee? You are right that the B1 was much like the KV tank
    and was the heaviest tank in the world until the KV. The problem with
    French tanks is the speed and lack of good radios plus French doctrine just
    wasn’t up to par. When French tanks, mostly for those who read this as I’m
    sure you know, did fight against Pz II, III, IV they stomped them,
    especially the B1 which on multiple times took on dozens of German tanks on
    their own

  42. B1’s were a beast vs the Germans when they first did encounter them. But it
    did not take long before they realized that even basic infantry anti tank
    weapons could take them out going for the huge air port in the side.

  43. he should make the bt-42 derp tank

  44. I could have found the perfect tank for the next proect : the Renault R35
    or the Somua S35. These two are well armored frensh infantry/calvary tanks
    of the frensh

    P.S sorry for my bad english it’s not my native language

  45. I would like to see the AMX 50 Foch :)

  46. Sidakagru Sidakagru

    Qui est français

  47. oups… listen Guy. How do you make it so easy? You know, spending a couple
    of hours a day playing this gorgeous game and never faced so far this
    turkey shoot game… any trick you are holding beneath your hat???

  48. BTW, I am French… Sorry about that :-(

  49. wait this viedeo is not new

  50. can you make a ship

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