War Thunder Funny and EPIC Moments 26

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War thunder memes, funny moments and epic plays. A funny compilation of the best War Thunder Highlights and Twitch clips from the month of May. In this episode – bombers, plot twists,

You are welcome to submit clips on our discord server: https://discord.gg/Pqs8HFX



  1. I capped

  2. War Thunder - Best of Twitch

    @Stick Human Same

  3. worth the wait 🙂

  4. Firestarter OnYouTube

    Haha Jaguara finding the tree was amazing

  5. Like lacrimosa

  6. 8:26 am I the only person that finds this disgusting and disturbing?

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      Oxy obviously finds it disturbing. 😀 It’s cringe humor. It IS pretty disturbing, yes.


  8. War Thunder - Best of Twitch

    It was a funny clip 😛

  9. Brapp be Gaming

    @War Thunder – Best of Twitch thanks bro! Keep up the great work I love these episodes

  10. What else can we Americans butcher? hmmmm

  11. I can’t believe im actually in the video, kind of exciting to be honest XD

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      You sent some sweet clips. 🙂 My advice would be, however – remove that ugly green bar from your broadcast. 😀 The cleaner your screen, the better the viewer experience 🙂 If you stream long enough, people will notice you and start following regardless of the goal thingy. 😛

    • @War Thunder – Best of Twitch Thanks for the advice! 😀

  12. Nice scissors on that P47 in the FW!!

  13. War Thunder - Best of Twitch

    Thanks Jag! Means a lot <3

  14. Marcos Iniesto Fernández

    I love this tipe of videos

  15. This channel is like the dream of a war thunder player to be in,lol

  16. War Thunder - Best of Twitch

    Jean, sorry, you know you are our favorite. 😀 The script was really old, so we had to butcher it a bit, hehe. You will be in the next one Mr.Memelord.

  17. cable_pog amazing video as always

  18. *CAS is balanced*

  19. Alexander Dorsett

    thanks to Brain and team for their provided expertise as always

  20. Very nice >:3

  21. 9:33 6 kills. This dude’s awesome.

  22. XD i started watching this and i then went back to ep 15 XD

  23. Hi ho…Kermit theeee frog here.

  24. almost evry clip is from playing with russia, doesn’t that say enough? #russianbias

  25. Lenin Vladimir Ilich

    Un crack el Aaron_54

  26. “Darf der kevin spielen kommen” what a legendary name

  27. Yes I agree trees are your worst enemy in this game

  28. Thanks for featuring me 😀

  29. how do i turn on emojis for desktop?

  30. what music on 9:12?

  31. Roman 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

  32. Hi! Please, check your email, wrote you with sponsorship offer about War Thunder game 🙂

  33. you are the best


  35. played a match with bad boi today…

  36. Razer DeathAdder V2

    What’s the music playing at around 1:30

  37. Watermonitor Gamer

    6:45 he is still in my heart. He bought me don sub for 1 month around year ago.

  38. the thing i hate about these types of videos is the fact that half of these arent really epic or funny they are just them either getting really lucky or just casually getting a kill that isnt really fancy at all,im sure it isnt easy trying to find actual content from twitch streamers but i honestly dont know how someone would rather watch very average gameplay with someone screaming over and over at nothing then just play the game themselves

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      I understand where you’re coming from mate. We do our best to include the most entertaining material possible and it’s a matter of taste from there on. 🙂 The format has its limitations, but I personally enjoy the reaction aspect of these clips as much as the actual gags.

  39. Robert Nitor Jr.

    Cyanide doing his best not to look at Usain Bolt’s – what now?

  40. Its cool that they are throwing sim monents in too.

  41. nice to see my mans cable in here now!

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