War Thunder Funny and EPIC Moments 27

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Source: War Thunder – Best of Twitch

War thunder memes and funny moments. A funny compilation of best War Thunder Highlights and Twitch clips.

You are welcome to submit clips on our discord server: https://discord./Pqs8HFX



  1. War Thunder - Best of Twitch

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    And naturally a special thanks to Free GE for sponsoring this video. 🙂

  2. Eyyyy! Thanks for including me again guys ❤️❤️❤️

  3. That’s cool but the app is a scam I’ve used it before and you get nothing for doing stuff that takes forever. Really not worth it

  4. 0:46 *BOLZGA GUROM*

  5. You look cool

  6. I just said to poli in his live and he was so happy

  7. Alexander Dorsett

    thankyou to brain and his various teams for all of the work you guys put into every channel

  8. I have never heard bo time cuss it’s weird lmao.

  9. People who use anime characters as their face cam are dead to me

  10. 9:18 *BOLZGA GUROM V2*

  11. Thank you very much for including me in your highlight o7 awesome vid and have a beautifull day 🙂

  12. 4:39 never thought I’d hear Bo curse.

  13. 9:30 ULQ with over 200 FPS, what a fucking shitter lmao.

  14. Why tf does he look like mr beast

  15. Oh shit Robbaz

  16. Idk how but these vids really make my isolation fun

  17. Does that free ge app actually work…

  18. darf der kevin spielen kommen


  19. I am honestly surprised to see KreniX here. I met him in game while we were both streaming at the end of last year he might be small but he is enjoyable to watch.

  20. I will hit you dislike after dislike if you keep saying that FREE GE is free golden eagles and that whit simple task is even worse … Is not free will eat you a loot of time for a few GE and the task are not even close simple ..most of the time if you want to complete the task in given amount of time you will have to pay .. I don t wonder that they work directly whit Gaijin :))))))))))))LOLOLOLOl

  21. In the nicest way possible, he looks like mr. beast

  22. 4:50 first time ive ever heard botime curse

  23. I still have 0 clue on how the hell I survived that with the harrier 😂

  24. Those videos are better than any other War Thunder Wins n’ Fails

  25. Damn, that Yeffy guy seriously plays on ULQ? What an ass..



    Bismarck confirmed

  28. Black Thunder Gaming


  29. TyrannoJoris Rex

    “Yes my editors are AB noobs” lmao

  30. holy fuck the ironic timing at 7:04 is too fucking good

  31. I am sure YEFFY needs to play with ULQ settings because he can only play WT on a 2001 Compac laptop with a pentium 1 CPU.

  32. The Hangman Channel

    10:30 is that boris singing in the background?
    Edit: yes it is, that song it’s called generation hardbass

  33. Kasper Wiegersma

    2:06 i once killed myself in that thing against a tree D:

  34. 8:01 Korean say “Heyckmyeomg O(5)ton”

  35. :0 ITS MEEEEE 2ND TIMEEEE 7:34

  36. very very nice video though xD

  37. 6:14 I thought it was a Locust

  38. Nein, Kevin ist kein guter Umgang für dich.

  39. Thanks for the inclusion; broke my kill record that game and only got around 80k SL

  40. 9:28 ULQ with 250 FPS

    Classy 🤡

  41. AYO
    Robbaz is in this comp
    *hell yes*
    The true King of Sweden.

  42. 9:25 lvl up

  43. Hello! :>

  44. 6:14 now imagine if proximity voice chat was in the game and he had it on

  45. free ge is basically a joke


  47. how do you guys make custom kill alerts? like the “KILLED ENEMY SPYPLANE” and also the name above the squad chevron markers??

  48. The french saying “sneak 100”. Ngl that killed me xD need it for a soundboard

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