War Thunder – FUNNY & STUPID Moments (WE DID IT!)

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Source: OneAndOnly016

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Yes, we’re playing War Thunder. Crazy huh? You’ve been asking it for a long while now huh? Here you goooooooo!
Obviously there’s alot of fails not many wins but oh well, we’re trying 🙁 (kind of)…

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  1. Hey guys get War Thunder for FREE on PC, PS®5 and Xbox Series X|S:
    See you in battle ;)!

    Yes I know, it’s quite a shock seeing an actual proper WT video on this channel huh? 😀
    Tell me if you enjoyed it, can make more!
    Cheeeers! <3

  2. Nism prčakvou da si Slovenc.

  3. OneAndOnly016 arrived in WT dammmm

  4. Dan-Alexandru Bucur

    7:47 Im laughing my ass off dude :))))

  5. Ta slovenc je nazaj

  6. Snaggletooth 1010


  7. Guys you sounds like Cro/Srb.. but PIZDA ? seems like Poland word xD and NAJS xD is slavic international xD

  8. Gabriel Johansson

    playing for a few weeks, already lvl 100.. bruuh

  9. how nice to see my favorite youtuber to play and complie about currently favorite game as before i also played WoT and now War thunder.

  10. I honestly forgot you existed for a few year

  11. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    Welcome to War Thunder, we have-
    -Ace Combat
    -Balans))) xaxaxaxa
    -Time travel
    -More unshowered sweat rings than there are funyun rings in the galaxy
    -Soviet staff
    -Big Gaijin Hell’s
    -10 year old game breaking bugs
    -The most toxic player base and climbing
    -American Economy
    -Chat ban
    And so much more!

  12. RedArmoredBear M_E_K

    Cool guys!!! I have play some hours. But I stopped it cuz I had noone to play with. Are you up to play together?

  13. I’ve been playing War Thunder for a long time. I’ve impulse buy alot of things. probably spent $600+ in this game.

  14. You had me the second I heard those boots marching.

  15. i cant play warthunder cuz of my potatoe laptop 🙁

  16. Red Alert 3. I like it.

  17. 5:52 is the best moment

  18. Nice, playing french :3

  19. Nice you finally played WT

  20. I need more of this

  21. Do an enlisted video

  22. Welcome to WT. Keep up the good work . I love your videos. Always a fun way to pass the day 🙂

  23. Wow havnt played this at all…in so long….looks epic now!!!

  24. The return of the king

  25. this game is trash

  26. What do you think? Do you think you can be an average player at war thunder when youve played wot pc for 3 years?

  27. I saw you in my match I believe

  28. Ur finally back

  29. Haha, hit a locust scare in the face with my ferdi, and guess what? It went *POOF*

  30. My fav youtuber playing a ape game that we’re addicted to it.

  31. Lol that Pat & Mat music when you tried to help that KV-2 😀

  32. How did u get the green tracers for ships?

  33. It’s okay One, I also thought that was a KV2 that killed the ship 😂

  34. Why did I stop playing war thunder lol after 5 years

    But ngl I find it stupid after 5 years I still have no jet but meanwhile these guys get it all

  35. You Want to Play togehter ?

  36. are you from slovenija ???

  37. Tumor atuh 😭😭😭😂😂

  38. LASM Gaming Blitz

    make a new series for wt, so there will be each weakly upload of 1 wt video and 1 wot video

  39. But who does not get PTST from KV-2’s???

  40. Welcome to hell 🙂

  41. I like that in the first minute and a half I am already dying laughing. Thank you for the wonderful videos.

  42. welcome to realism, no health bars here, oh, and your driver is not gonna eat a 152mm HE shell like its nothing

  43. I actually love it ” the drunken sailor” music during the naval gameplay XD

  44. when in-game decal

  45. This proves WoT is dying

  46. Christopher BB100

    Damn I hope i will run into you on warthunder

  47. Fun? In war Thunder? There is no such thing!

  48. this is pretty pog

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