War Thunder – G6 Rhino “Praise The Sun!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The G6 Rhino is a monster! This 6×6 SPG is carrying a 155mm Cannon that can fire HE and Proximity . This thing was a blast to play and I hope you enjoy the video!

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  2. Zeacross Stormblade

    The G6 looks straight out of a sci-fi movie

  3. 8:40 OMG Ham you about made me break a rib from laughing. Thank you all so much for the laughs. Bo Great video sir. 07 and <3

  4. Praise the sun! [-]/

  5. Nathaniel Simshauser

    Praise Todd.

  6. The Marksman turret was never fitted to the G6, but in theory could, only a small model of the G6 Marksman was made.

  7. That A10 at the end was like the grim reaper calling out your name before the end XD

  8. 3:00 bruh got hit by arty and survived..

  9. Sometimes I wonder if youtubers pay off the enemy team so that can make a good video.

  10. Its literally the Alien APC on steroids

  11. This one was a riot, love the content folk. XD

  12. My dad worked on the G6 rhino during the Angolan border war

  13. The name for this episode should really have been “Synchronized Truck Dancing”

  14. I saw this thing for the first time today in game and my reaction was “the fuck is that? who designed this thing? it looks so weird” and I play *Japanese tanks*

  15. what an amazing looking vehicle. now imagine war thunder had an artilery view or these things as AIs following you and giving you fire support

  16. These videos always make me want to play WT. But y’all make it look so much more fun than it ever actually is for me. I’ll just watch y’all play instead.

  17. This thing looks cool ngl

  18. Ghost of Razgriz

    That thing made a Jadgtiger look small. WTF

  19. The spectaro 2020

    The frickin chaica the best close air support you can have.


  21. How to make a spitfire into a navy plane.
    step 1. get a G6 Rino
    step 2. load the VT shell
    step 3. fire shell at spitfire
    step 4. watch as wings fold upwards thus increasing the amount of space available in the hanger.
    results may vary depending on aircraft conversion, altitude, speed, and accuracy.

  22. stormworks gamer

    What happened to bear and lolidragon

  23. 16:30 dang Bo has a lot of crew replenishment

  24. Ham: “Ya, what if a space station attacked.”
    Me: In From the Depths that can happen.

  25. I will forever and always know this vehicle as the NOD Artillery vehicle from C&C Renegade, and nothing else. I wasn’t even aware it *was* a real vehicle lmao

  26. alvaro gonzalez corbella

    i have a question. In other videos like this one you can ping to your squad with a yellow mark. How you do that? i didnt see the option in controls

  27. Rylee Kotze Kotze

    Proud to have another vehicle from my country to be in the game

  28. Is that compound bow the Rambo armor piercing bow? Anti-helicopter bow?

  29. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    excuse me, mr Bo Time Gaming?
    i have a Message to you from a Mr “Jag D. Tiger.” he says “i am still alive.”

  30. I wish I was a s good as you guys are at this game

  31. It has a blade at the front for choosing through small trees at high speed.

  32. Awesome job on the video, really enjoy watching you guys. Keep up the good work.

  33. is it just me or the rhino looks like a maus in the little scan thingy in the bottom left corner

  34. *everyone looks at the vehicle, saying how funny it is*

    Me: “why does bo have 7483647 backup crew” [Reference 10:50 ]

  35. The G6 is self propelled artillery

  36. I tested it and the G6 is actually bigger than the Maus.

  37. How do you get a test drive of this vehicle?

  38. Imagine the asskickery of a I-153 redesigned with all the modern advances. Carbon-fiber airframe, turboprop engine, synthetic vision, air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, and of course, the battery of 7.62mm MGs. Those are the real threat.

  39. Praise the Bo! Praise the Bo!

  40. Everyone: what a cool SPAA!

    Me: *happy dark souls noises*

  41. 10:51 Why do you have 2 billions crew replacements ?

  42. this thing is a howitzer,why do you play like a MBT?

  43. 7:18 because you drove over it, with ur big semi build, u efffectivly were the soldier that jumped on the grenade to save ur squad, you saved him

  44. anyone else notice his crew replenishment and how it says 2147483647

  45. Ham in the chaika was hilarious

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