War Thunder: German ground forces Rank III- review and analysis

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Source: Oxy

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  1. Your lineups dont feature any Anti-CAS. If you want your team to win, wouldn’t the best use of air power be killing the most costly spawn point vehicles so all they can respawn is spaa? What U think?

  2. When the Tiger H1 was first added to the game, it had it’s original double headlights in addition to those s-mine launchers. For quite some time your gun would get stuck on them. Then Gaijin adjusted the gun to automatically go over them, it was still horrible, so finally they just removed them. I’ll gladly take those s-mine launchers in the way as opposed to the way the Tiger used to be. It was borderline broken, but that was years ago.


  4. Hampden kill in the Tiger was glorious

  5. I think you didn’t consider Pz.4 H anti-Sherman turret

  6. strange professional killstreak soviet fridge

    Get the tiger E 5.3 is 5.7 and 5.7 is 6.7 in gaijins eyes
    *fun facts i brought pz4 h(4.3) and get in match with panter A(5.7)

  7. I love that you use WT music in the background. Though i prefer more variations instead of main theme only.

    WoT, and WT have their pros and cons but you can’t deny War Thunder’s music are much more superior compared to WoT, WoWp, WoWs.

  8. I have said this, and i will say it again. *New players* for your sake and your team, don’t rush the tech tree using money to get Tiger I. You will be fighting against much more experienced team, and i don’t want a Level 4 on a 6.7 match with Panzer 3 Ausf. B as a backup to the Tiger I.

  9. I’d choose the Sturer over the Nashorn or Dicker every day of the week for one simple reason: It may be doing the same job… It just looks better doing it…
    Seriously man, that TD is something amazing to look at.

  10. Panzer Abwehr Kanone

    Meanwhile in a 6.7 battle
    Me: angles Tiger 1 armor perfectly
    Enemy tanks with 200mm+ penetration: Goes through and 1shots anyway…

  11. Panzer Abwehr Kanone

    Love how people say that the Panthers have “good” armor yet anything with more than 100-120mm penetration (basically EVERYTHING) can go through the turret front and kill your entire crew…

  12. Dicker max has -15 depression. how its not mentioned?

  13. I would recomend the panzer IV H it is a very good tank to bring in late game one time i was playing with idiots and they all died but i did get a cool tiger h1 gameplay it was like a movie russian couldnt do anything to me but after i died from getting bombed i took out the panzer H and made a great come back and got a double ace 4 with tiger and 6 with H so i would definitly recomend it sometimes i would even take it over the panther and also you might wont belive me but honesly the puma from 2.7 is also very good at teir 3

  14. “First off for the premiums, sadly we’re starting with a completely unobtainable one.”

    *Laughs in ownership from the original event*

  15. the Jagdpanzer IV 70 with the vertical armor is great since you can fire over obstacles that the regular Flatpanzers cant.
    on the Tier 4 wich schould come from you soon. i recomand geting the Premium Jagdpanther when its in an event its quiet regular to get and if you have it and do it again you get 35€ worth of Golden Eagles for other vehicles.

    when British CBT was introduced and where broken and OP i opened my Wallet and got the Panzerwerfer. if you have the range its absolutly Armagedon. i even managed to get an Air kill with the Rocket ones.

    also most importantly maxing out all tanks is very good for research since it doesnt get the Tier penality. back then when i maxed 1 2 and 3 Vehicles wich where a lower amount than now i basicly unlocked Jagdpanther Ferdinand King Tiger P and 60% of the Jagdtiger.

    also my biggest acomblishment in Tank CBT was on Kursk yelling Snapshot in Teamspeak and blindly Firing across Kursk with the King Tiger P accidently one-shoting an IS-3 on wooping 3.6km.

    and the German Sherman was absolutly broken when Tanks came out at BR 2.7 over 200 Kills in RB and SB just in the first few months when tanks got released.

  16. Dicker Max: Hey, i don’t have armor, but some how my shield dinks off KV-1 shells (im not lying) and a point on the gun breach is 2000mm thick. Like bruh

  17. 57:18 LOOOOLLL

  18. Nice i love it make more those videos 😉

  19. Fantastic content and insight again – thank you!

  20. Honestly I don’t think the Ta 152 C-3 is worth using in ground RB, even if you ignore the repair cost. It is the worst-turning single-engine prop in the game (some twin-engine planes outturn it at low speed), and has bad low altitude performance: Russian and american planes climb better, turn better, and are faster at ground RB altitudes. It has great guns but is defenseless without an energy advantage and struggles to gain an energy advantage at low altitudes. This is a plane that needs altitude and speed to kill enemy planes and you often can’t keep those high enough to use the Ta 152 C-3 effectively in ground RB. The Fw 109 D-9 outperforms it in every single way (except forward firepower) below 5000m and it can carry bombs too. Since you can’t escape from most planes at low altitude, you might as well take the Me 410 B6/R3: more ammo for the 30mm and defensive guns that are surprisingly good at starting engine fires.

  21. Thicc Max

  22. Very entertaining series to watch and very informative.Can’t wait for the soviet vehicles !

  23. you could do it in two parts , you would get more money 😀

  24. these videos are fantastic even if you dont play the country the video is about, its worth learning the strengths and weaknesses of all the vehicles in the game. Best war thunder content creator in my opinion, keep it up, the subscribers will start flooding in more and more as your videos get the attention they deserve.

  25. Germany is basically just a nation of glass cannons.
    But they make some of the sexiest looking vehicles, not gonna lie.

  26. in my opinion…. the german line are fun but it is severely lacking in light tanks, stabilised tank, anti-armour weapons (heat-fs, hesh, apds), their air power is relative, average at ground pounding and ground covering, you will get outmatched in everything… in short “you’re going to war with a single loading rifle against people with fully automatic weapons” it is extremely rewarding to get a kill but it is hard… honestly i’d stay away from the german line just so people don’t fall into this addiction

  27. I just CAN’T WAIT for you to come to the French tech tree. really.

    Tier 4 is basically “well this tank performs incredibly well ! average armor (or no armor at all) but it is really mobile, with an exceptional gun and a very handy autoloader ! the repair cost though makes it impossible to play unless you want to lose money… consider it or avoid it if you’re not an experienced player”

    SO FUN

    (in other news : this video was really great, as usual)

  28. Working on the first panther right now, but I think since I’ve started to play german I might have actually forgotten what it feels like to reliably bounce a shell at tier 3-4
    now when I hear that “tink” sound and I see no damage, I am immediately suspicious that my game is just lagging lol. Good thing every single hit, whether it does any damage or not, knocks out my “maxed vitality” gunner so I know for sure

  29. By sheer luck I managed to win the KV-1B yesterday and the camo boxes are not something I spend on a lot. It’s a shame I got it now since I am literally researching rank 6 German vehicles so there is not need for me to use it for grind purposes. While it can be used for events, I am seriously considering in selling since it is a worth tons of GC. I still have not decided whether I should keep it or sell it but I would really like a second opinion, would be even more great if you @Oxy can give your opinion on whether I should sell it or keep it.

  30. You should make a discord server

  31. Good video. How many games aprox do you play with a tank before doing a review

  32. I’ve found that the Tiger H1 and the Panther will always be matched above their BR (6.3-6.7) and there almost everything can pen the turret, which makes it, at best, inconsistent.

  33. Hao shremane pin tigre

  34. Very good! Thank you!

  35. oh i remember OT rolling on pz4/70 on abandoned factory. dude massacred lots of folks before i took him out by flanking. then he tried to air-revenge on fw my m12. he used low fly by using trees as cover. i survived. only after battle realized it was the author of this video. really worthy opponent. yours sub Shun_Goku_Satsu

  36. Strongly disagree on Sturer Emil and Nashorn.
    In my experience, Nashorn is virtually useless, as the gun depression doesn’t really allow for the light TD to use terrain to your advantage, thus forcing you to be more exposed – more of a target.
    Sturer, albeit with slower reloads has amazing gun depression like Dicker has, which plays right into this. I will prefer Sturer over Nashorn any day.
    For me it would be the exact opposite:
    Nashorn – Avoid
    Sturer – Get it

  37. I only watched now 7:35 long but I can already say: Great Video!
    + Good microphone quality
    + Gameplay of each vehicle you discuss in the background
    + informative

    + Visual “verdict” (/conclusion) on the screen
    The length doesn’t even matter in this case, because you discuss every German Rank III vehicle and that takes it time.
    I mean we have all Rank III German vehicles in one video! No need to wait until PhlyDaily or someone else upload an (updated) video about a tank you want to see it’s play style…
    Kind Regards

  38. 31:04 Or in WoTB case:
    Fast reload
    Good speed
    Good-ish firepower?…

    Bad gun depression
    Who replaced the turret with an ugly one and attached a very long cannon into it?

  39. Will you cover the panther 2 or the maus in your next videos? When you get to tank five?

  40. great job, keep it coming 🙂

  41. oof very informative and useful. But dang it knocked my ass the hell out.

  42. Kommandant Killcode

    I think you should do Russian rank analysis next after the Germans especially since there are a lot of fun vehicles and many similarities between Russian and German tanks.

  43. Can you please do the T114?

  44. 22:50 “Decent”? * *laughs in German Churchill/Kv1b/t-34* *

  45. 1) The Dicker Max has 5 crew members [commander, driver, gunner, *!!!2 loaders!!!] and it was able to ammo change, too. Not like in this unrealistic program! *It means the load time should be 7-8 s!
    2) The Tiger H1 is a 100% unusable vehicle in this shit program! I would like to recommend the russian dev. team to watch this video and correct their unrealistic, dream BR to this fact:
    And you Oxy dare to write it has great firepower. XD Yeah, it is true only for your kind, the pay to win players, only (I’m always in the lower BR)!
    There weren’t smoke grenade launchers on the front of this tank.
    Why has it not got AP ammo (like the Panther D)?
    The russian dev. team hate this vehicle…
    3) All the other tanks have problems in this program like wrong hitbox, (not accidentally) miscalculations and a lot of bugs what haven’t corrected!
    SADLY, all German vehicles are shit in this russian program!

  46. I wonder how the camera shoots are achieved? Btw I always enjoy your video. And I really enjoy panther d

  47. I am reloading the game because of your channel!

  48. Hi so I moved a few weeks ago from world of tanks so I maybe know a bit about where to shoot tanks. I really like your videos? it just seems so complicated when you anazyle and explain everything

  49. the kv1-b has been in the warbond shop before i believe last january and maybe one other time.

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