War Thunder – GERMAN KV-2 DERP TANK (War Thunder New TANKS HYPE)

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  1. Oh gee Im so late, FIRST?

  2. heh heh

  3. hey phly r u able 2 build the batman tumbler on crossout

  4. Love your vidioes

  5. yeah!

  6. Matt Damon

  7. Didrik Steen Berg

    3 I AM THE 3

  8. Sick video man

  9. seth_popcorn chicken


  10. Holy crap!

  11. Soon will get this 1940 Kv – 2 And Comet “Iron Duke” :3

  12. Arnór Franz Erlendsson

    Why not just put the STIG ? or brumbar?

  13. Robert matzenauer


  14. Skyler Christiansen


  15. Tiger Tank Gaming

    It would blast its turret ring off

  16. wellllllllll were fucked

  17. whoooo new vid! nice phly!! making my day:)

  18. Why? This doesn’t add anything to the game, you know what I want, a patch
    with no new vehicles, just expand the BR system and fix flight models. That
    would be the best patch of 2016.

  19. This video hits me right in the honey nut feelios.

  20. Baaaaaaa now does everyone agree with me?

  21. Че он говорит не чего не понятно!!!

  22. 355e I just have the kv2

  23. This channel got everything I love =D

  24. I’m more exited about the KV-2 with the ZIS-6

  25. kv2 is russian…….


  27. omg i just had an orgasm.
    finaly something to put with my tiger and panther D lineup

  28. And I heard they’re all premium which kind of sucks if I’m honest.

  29. Can you guess the downsides?

  30. The Rebellious Clone

    zoom in on Sat kv2 ass

  31. 32TH

  32. Thijs van der Sluis


    cash grap?

  33. it would be really cool if they added the kv-5

  34. Melle Hensums YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE IT

    it’s cool, but do you think it is really needed?

  35. Kv2 now has friends u may shit ur pants now

  36. yay 3 f ING premiums

  37. ohhhh ohhhh. the mighty Kv2, im touching myself tonight

  38. Yeah they would be fun :D

  39. NEW KV2S YEAAAH oh they are premium….

  40. Royal ninja priest

    Cool vid, Keep it up! I like your camouflage on the KV-2??

  41. understandingaspoon

    Of course…. All premium items….

  42. Ahhhhh…. .yes more KV-2″S !!!!!!!

  43. phly. you get exited by his ass. dont ya ?

  44. I'm A Fackin Panda

    basically to sum up this video: pay to win tanks

  45. I like the cat that decided to say hi, my cat does that to me when I make
    vids all the time lol

  46. Pimp My Reich: Kv-2

  47. Off topic question. I’ve gotten to the first Tiger and the first Panther on
    the German tree but I get placed with Tiger 2s, high tier Panthers and shit
    like IS-2s. I’m not a fan of getting one shot before I get my first round
    off. How to fix?

  48. So 3 “new” KV2s and all of them are premium… not fooling me into spending
    7000ish eagles… im sorry gaijin

  49. eww 3 premium

  50. Robert matzenauer

    I think this is not very good news for german tanks :(

  51. just what we need more KV series tanks :P

  52. just when I finished my own lego kv2!

  53. ramming car part 2 plz

  54. Wait so I don’t have a premium account does that mean I don’t have every
    tank and plane

  55. Shave your booosh :D

  56. why they can’t put the brummbar in the game? if they want a big/cannon
    german tank, put it

  57. great…. premium… haha

  58. when those thanks will be added

  59. early ~~~

  60. panzerkampfwagen,
    i love how you pronounce that xD

  61. 6:25 Dat Ass ! :D

  62. 1.59 already? Yay.

  63. 6:21 that ass!

  64. I Don't Understand Math

    There can be ONLY one

  65. yes!!!!!!! get fucked u soviet kunts

    care. as long as they can swim in rubles it doesnt matter

  67. The Standard Gamer

    Enough penetration to pen a Tiger 1 from the front and let me guess it’s
    tier/BR… 6.0? But the Panther? Maybe? The mantle is poor if you know
    where to shoot. It will be interesting (Kv-2 with Zis gun)

  68. the “Kommandantenkugel” looks cool on a kv-2 .

  69. Play Tiger H1 and Do335B2

  70. What is with all the premium vehicles lately? And why are they given
    significant advantages?

  71. Personally, I have no problems with the last two KV-2 versions being
    premium (The ZIS and German captured), but I think that the mod. 1940
    should be in the normal soviet tree.

  72. Now they just need to add the KV-5.

  73. I am excited now

  74. I already get murdered 400x buy the KV 2, now there’s more, make that four

  75. Yet in game that thing a monster.. not to mention the gun wasn’t that

  76. Hallo deutscher Freund der deutsche Wörter gut aussprechen kann

  77. More premiums more money grab, even kv zis6…..


  79. great 3 preniums… i didn’t spent enough money in this game so far…

  80. Has a 152mm mortar, puts mg for defense againts infantry .( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  81. Mr. Grenade (Pan Granat)


  82. Rank 3 ? Cyka bleat idi na chuj why u no pay for rank 1……………

  83. Oh great now Russia cant be OP anymore

  84. Well… as a World of tanks fanatic if always enjoyed watching war thunder
    video’s it is just that I’m too lazy to start a whole new account. But I
    personally think that war thunder has too many premium vehicles

  85. War thunder milking as much money as possibale before it’s end… So sad

  86. so commrad the germans has learn the ruusian derp secrt give us some ideas

  87. 6:20
    look at the KV-2 Ass!!

  88. 6:22 That KV-2 butt ;)

  89. if you are a tiger 1 and you come across a kv-2 where would the best place
    to shoot it?

  90. Every day at work I am waiting for you to upload a new video! Can’t stand
    the day without my daily dosis of Phly Daily

  91. KV2 was built for Operation Grosa, the planned Soviet invasion of Europe in
    late summer 1941. It was not intended to be used as a defensive tank
    against the German blitzkrieg.

  92. Yes great but why no premium German T-34???

  93. Still waiting for a germanized t34 tho

  94. 107! YES!

  95. Oh man jetzt bekommen die Deutschen endlich den Scharfschützen ;)

  96. they need to fix the damn game instead of adding new shit that no one

  97. One thing WOT has over War Thunder. New tanks just get added in the tech
    tree to unlock, and use. War Thunder it’s like every new thing they add you
    need to pay for.

  98. War thunder is copying world of tanks

  99. p 51 next?

  100. just what we fucking needed…………..

  101. Kommandantenkuppel :D

  102. gulgul “sgdöplhkdfrhjfhj” homohomo

    Warthunder losing palyers because of broken BR system “just add premium
    vehicles to make profit”. FUCK YOU WARTHUNDER

  103. The Kv-1B(75) in the German tree is amazing and what helped me reach into
    the 5.7 bracket. I may or may not pick one of these three tanks depending
    on the price/GE or what BR.

  104. Fuck.my.life

  105. G8 germans m8

  106. i want to collect them all!

  107. Still no TOG II*, sigh…

  108. Lol the people complaining about premium… Get a job.

  109. why does Russia get tanks it does not even need

  110. FOUR KV2s and no B1 bis? Please tell me this means that there will be a
    French tank tree someday 9_9

  111. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    6:20 yes,yes,yeeeees XD

  112. Question,how long does it take to upload?

  113. This game doesnt interest me anymore because developers cant or wont fix
    real problems of the game.

  114. So I guess now there’ll be german bias now

  115. I’ve noticed that even with the highest BR in my lineup being 3.3, I still
    see KV-2s for some reason. However they don’t have like any armor, so not
    that hard to pin.

  116. wait what? more then 1 kv-2??? DERP HEAVEN HAS ARRIVED

  117. How is KV2 less effective??? Because you are playing war thunder not red

  118. I stopped playing months ago, seeing this guarantees that I’ll never play

  119. fuck gaijin- couldn’t they just make special editions(1st brigade, E, etc.)
    and leave the other in the normal tech tree

  120. ClickBaitDaily here back at it again with the clickbait <3

  121. Russian bias confirmed

  122. And yesterday i bought a nother tank …

  123. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    kv-2s in realife were bad anks, they could only fire their gun if they
    parked their tanks at a certain angle and had to point their turret at one
    corner of their tanks to fire it, some kv2s that shot without taking this
    into account would have the turret ring destroyed and some kv2s would have
    their turrets knocked out of place with turret rings jammed

  124. #UgliestLookingTankOfTheYear

  125. i wish that they can add a t34 chasie w/ a 88 mm canon , sorry for my
    english , its not my main language . Hi from Croatia

  126. they fucking Germans should have every fucking tank because they captured
    every fucking tanks LOL. i want all my shermans t34s t3485s is is2 fireflys

  127. Is it just me or has that gameplay fottage been showed by phly before??

  128. noooooo you changed the intro

  129. Guilherme Velhote

    It would not have ammo, i asked them and they said no

  130. A side note: The M-10 cannon found on the KV-2 is actually the most
    accurate cannon in WT.

  131. Can’t wait to research these! PSYCH they’re probably all premium :/

    Correction: they ARE all premium… fucking hell gaijin -_-

  132. But wait, I noticed something. We have an KV2 with an short nose, and now
    we get more Longnoses than short noses. poor KV2

  133. When will the Americans get some wt love

  134. Hate how over-developed this tank is. IRL, damn thing couldn’t even get the
    turret to traverse on anything but completely level ground because of the
    weight of the turret.

  135. Stahp Tha Hype!

  136. as always, americans get no shit…

  137. go to iron armenians channel and watch his latest video…m

  138. Ya a t150

  139. coolman's Kappa army

    pimp my reich , more like

  140. gonna buy it… phly i love u

  141. op tank like everything russian in wt

  142. I just creamed myself with joy

  143. We don’t need more KV-2s, we need BR fix

  144. 1:15 *”non-penetration”*

    still gets the kill

    okay gaijin.

  145. KV-2 spam incoming once this goes live! Calling it now!

  146. Do you think they will ever add in the Studybacker Katyusha?

  147. Fucking awesome a German KV-2

  148. FINALLY more War Thunder! Ugh, I’m getting really sick of Crossout

  149. I really like these KV-2’s, mainly the german one!

  150. 5:58 where is this going

  151. Hearing about the Germans capturing tanks gave me an idea. What if you
    could kill the crew and capture the tank to get extra lions or xp depending
    on the condition.

  152. combined video show them Russians power t-54 and yak5

  153. Zoomin in on dat KV2 Ass

  154. that moment when you hype for new tanks but gajin makes them premium

  155. SHUU!! I’m making video.

  156. +phlydaily combined video show them Russians power yak5 and t54

  157. I hate the new intro

  158. I’m diggin stalin’s afro!

  159. Whoa fuck gaijin! I dont want that crap i want fucking german 150mm guns!
    why dont they add tanks like the Brummbär or such! I don’t want any russian
    premium crap!!!

  160. Old intro is best intro :D

  161. oh look, more russian heavy tanks….

  162. yay, premium tanks.

  163. KV-2 is such a crap, if it shoots it takes so much time to reload that you
    can drive around it an set that motherfucker on fire!

  164. 6:10
    *zoom intensifies*

  165. phly I wanna know if they will add the outer ammo rack for the German kv2
    and if so id carry less ammo

  166. knowledgeable gator

    do a zis-30 anti aircraft gun

  167. hey how many gold eagles will it cost like how much do you think?

  168. Phly can u use the American M-47 & the F2H PLZ

  169. So Im going to buy the Fw 190 D-13 this weekend and im having trouble
    deciding between the Premium Tiger II and the IS-2 “Revenge” can someone
    tell me which one is better?


  171. yet another op Russian tank.

  172. xxNoobTubezz (xxNoobTubezz)

    Yes yes the KV-2 is nice and all. BUT WHERE IS MY BLOODY CHAR B1!!!

  173. Zis 6 has 167 pen in wot

  174. Zis 6 has 167 pen in wot

  175. and i thought im gonna get the kv 2 1940 with the zis 6 cannon.
    you motherfkers……

  176. This company is going to kill itself on poor decisions. I’m still not
    convinced to go back to war thunder.

  177. Phly the 107mm gun is also on the T-150 in WoT. Wonder what’ll be like in

  178. Hey Phly. Curious to know if you would want tanks like the T29, T30 and the
    T34. Thing they will bring them in?

  179. Captain Dreadnought

    so they took the most op tank in the game and made it more powerful? no
    russian bias my arse

  180. So why is this necessary?

  181. That’s war thunder.. Hyping vehicles and then making them premium

  182. that zis 107mm is the T-150 gun from WoT.

  183. I think you have been mistaken the kv2 with the anti infantry mg is on the
    rear of the tank

  184. They need to stop making Russian prems and fix the damn game

  185. 6:29 This is why I am subbed to Phly.

  186. Go back to the old intro

  187. So many fucking premiums. I mean sure, they could be OP in the right hands.
    But it seems like Gaijin is just milking out the money now. Not even
    worried about the state of the game or even the community.

  188. I’m so getting that KV 2 with the 107 mm cannon!! :0

  189. (Community) “Gaijin, please fix the game. There are sooooo many issues such
    as: blah blah, etc, etc.”
    (Gaijin) “We no speak English, I think they asked for moar premium KV-2
    stronk tenks.”

  190. finely more KV-2 Joseph Stalin would be so proud

  191. more copy paste p2w

  192. I thought they already put the KV2 in the game or did they take it out and
    now putting it back in

  193. yes finally the Germans get a KV-2 now ze Germans can have a derp gun
    I can add this to the collection with the KV-1B and Churchill III
    as for the new KV-2s not really to worried about them that slab of armor
    under the gun mantlet looks like a promising weak spot

  194. all the awesome the kv-2 can be in Wt is just a lie in real life, that
    mighty 152mm gun become useless when you have to aim it at tanks in real
    life, remember that inside the tank even with the German copula is really
    hard to spot enemy’s, even worst to track them and shot them, it was just a
    pain in the ass

  195. Smeagol The wizard

    Nice google translate

  196. Thank you for getting me into war thunder #I’mHooked

  197. Hey Phly, one tank design, which was the KV-5, uses that ZiS-6 107mm gun.
    It had a way taller turret than that KV-2, though the chassis it uses is
    expanded from the KV-1. I think that should answer why they don’t simply
    modify one KV-1 to use a ZiS-6 107mm gun right away. Hopefully they will
    add the KV-5 into the game, though it will be a powerful, but weak monster.

  198. too heavy and too slow…therefore it goes just as fast as shermans

  199. t-150 of wt pretty much?

  200. theoveraveragegamer


  201. Breach was too big for the kv1 or kv1s

  202. When you realize the camera has been zooming in on the KV-2’s ass for over
    a minute…

  203. I’m ok with new perm vehicles gaijin need to make money some how, but
    please stop with the captured shit…

  204. “lol hey bro what should we add to warthunder”

    “Well we should probably work no fixing the major issues pointed out by the
    community, such as historical inaccuracies, unbalance, etc.”

    “sounds cool bro lets add more kv-2s haha”

  205. that was one nice German pronunciation, gg wp phly Kappa

  206. New, and worse, T-35-100

  207. Frederik Claeyssens

    3 premiums… Y’all forrealz Gaijin ?

  208. great more Russians to get shat on by

  209. All premium pissed me off. At least make the siz 6 not premium.

  210. Slippery™ Sandals™

    I was so happy about this but then when you said they were premium I became

  211. New KV-2s?

    *reads devblog*

    Oh. Not new, and premium of course. ZiS-6 looks cool tho

  212. can’t wait, in world of tanks the kv2 are weird.

  213. premium, ok nvm

  214. Can’t Wait to get a German KV2!! :D


  216. world of warships please haha

  217. War Thunder is getting Stronker…

  218. Help I can’t play war thunder when I open the launcher it keeps downloading
    but it does not progress I have tried it to let it download 3 days did not
    work please help

  219. Do a world of warship video

  220. Community: fix the BR
    Gaijin: more stronk stalinium tonks
    Community: fix the fucking BR
    Gaijin: oh look, more kv-2s

  221. I can’t wait for the 107mm kv-2. That (hopefully) will have shorter reload
    and better pen values than the 152mm howitzer.

  222. WAIT WTF?

  223. Those matches are going to result in a mess

  224. OH ffs

  225. The KV-2 also had a tendency to jam the turret when it fired the gun, so it
    had to shoot at certain angles.

  226. James Kleinfelder

    YAY. now i dont have to keep switching from Germany to Russia to play kv-2
    with my friends

  227. Damn Kv family, you scary!

  228. No american Kv’s… so sad…

  229. The way you speak.. its odd. You say gigantic “guygantic” and you say
    variety “varitty”..

  230. I was trying to decide if I wanted to go for Russia for the KV2 or Germany
    for the Tiger E… Problem solved :)

  231. Too much lag bro.

  232. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Another package shits

  233. Can’t wait for these KV-2s to get into the game, I love tank battles so I’m
    aiming at getting one ASAP

  234. I just got my first speeding ticket today, pray for me <3

  235. Is there higher tier KV tanks in war thunder? Such as the KV-3 or KV-4 ?
    Thanks Phly u da bomb

  236. bmanthehitman's Gaming channel

    R.I.P TigerH1…… Because it hasn’t been through enough bullshit yet

  237. any one can donate 2 me a grapic card 2 play wt all the year ?

  238. This game has just become a massive disappointment

  239. Phly, what kind of computer are you using? I want to get a new computer
    because by Mac Book Air just won’t keep up with War Thunder anymore. What
    are the specs on yours, and what would you recommend?

  240. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Pleas do a world of warships video on the Omaha come on guys let’s make
    this happen!!!

  241. Phly, the penetration stats you read off were from the M60 divisional gun
    where as the zis 6 has a bit more punch. At 1000m (30 deg. slope) it can
    pen 115mm armor.

  242. pay-to-win :/

  243. Maybe try to do a Yamato or a motor bike from Star Wars ^^

  244. The KV-2 ZiS reminds me of the KV-3

  245. Despite the problems with getting to the battlefield, it’s apparent why the
    KV-2 would be ineffective in combat as well. In actual warfare, you don’t
    point and click, so try hand cranking a turret that big and heavy and have
    accurate shots with such a howitzer. Too big, too heavy. German tanks would
    be more effective in delivering accurate shots to the beast more quickly.

  246. You need to play Panzermadels Phly. It’s a tank dating simulator.

  247. Herrman the German 1


  248. play war thunder

  249. that kv tank fucking destroy me in five fuqing games

  250. Dat ass 6:20

  251. Going to have trouble with panther? nah, everyone knows shoot the gun and
    gg, or at the least with 400g of filler it will still explode on upper
    glacius and fatally damage gun.

  252. 2.7 br xaxaxa ))))

  253. Kv with the 107 should be called a t150, it almost looks like it but also
    war thunder is still missing out on a lot of tanks and maybe should add
    more tanks that aren’t basically pay to win

  254. The 107mm zis 6 is the same gun the t-150 gets in wot

  255. Wow PLHY are you getting horny zooming in on that KV-2 ass :)

  256. Phly daily i give you a challange :try to land on the enemy airfield 🙂
    good luck m8;)

  257. Hey Phly! You should take out the Cromwell V and the Spitfire Mk. Vb/trop.
    You must protect the tea and crumpets. God save the queen!

  258. Here comes the derps to war thunder. Awesome

  259. Hehe I read that the KV-2 could not traverse turret when not on flat
    ground, due to it being to heavy;)

  260. #TANKHYPE

  261. Can’t wait for the german to get that derp gun to do some derp battles with
    the russian XD 

  262. hey phly you should do a video on the pz.IV F2 and ho back to low teir
    german tanks.

  263. Sergej Predojevic

    KV2 is not German!


    Most of the time is Germany and Russia vs USA and UK, so Shermans will melt
    Fuck Gay-in and fuck all of you using that.

  266. Awesome

  267. German KV-2?!

  268. oh great more premiums

  269. more kv2s? time to uninstall

  270. “Why are we man handling the team in their spawn area?” -PhlyDaily 2016

  271. german KV2 and Dicker Max on same B.R. will be glorious o

  272. phyl how do you get doubloons for world of warships please tell

  273. You have forsaken your war thunder brethren for that skunk we can’t touch
    yet, Crossout!

  274. And why would someone dislike a good video like this. I guess i have to
    like it so even it out

  275. I went to watch the first 20 seconds of another video just to get the hype
    of the intro that I didn’t get here

  276. more crap to buy with real money. the ONLY good thing from this video was
    learning you can get one from the events.

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