War Thunder – Get off Me Nuts, Mates! BaronVonTigerTerror

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks Ó Tiger H1 SlaughterFest
War Thunder Tank Request series!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Shit, first one here. Better say something funny.


  2. no love for m10 gmc 🙁 Baron why why !!!

  3. Hi I’m Ali from Syria can you give me some. Gold coins. Because. I can’t
    buy the gold. Plz

  4. Get ON my nuts.

  5. If you can help me. Contact me in. Youtube

  6. Drive the KV-1E armoured monster next! 😀 (if you can play the one with the
    finnish camo)

  7. LMAO 88mm DICK!

  8. i wanna see the 105 or m10

  9. Drive the KV-1E

  10. get ze stuglife g!

  11. drive a tank, For Tankland!!

  12. Play the jagdpanther baron please

  13. Under 301 Club…..never thought it would happen.

  14. I’m a monkey and I can fly baron

  15. the panther tank is the best AA gun ever

  16. What tank should I drive out next? Let me know!
    We hit over 10,000 twitter followers yesterday and over 1,000 viewers on
    Twitch! HYPEEEE

  17. T 34-100 Mo Chara

  18. drive something merican

  19. The t-35 for Stalin, his favourite land battleship in world of warships and
    warthunder! 3rd try for this tank

  20. SU-122-54, Stalin will be proud of you !!

  21. How about T-60 ? :D

  22. m4A3E2 (76) please

  23. Wow… How much did you guys have to drink for this video???

  24. are you going to upload more the forest vids? i really like watching those

  25. The KV-1E

  26. panzer 2 h

  27. Ride T-50 and become Stalin’s rider !

  28. plsy t 60

  29. stop taking so many ammo :(

  30. Omg , this gameplay was amazing bro.
    greetings from México!!!

  31. SlickBee……shut the fuck up. Honestly.

  32. do the centurion

  33. Tiger II only with Heat ammo :D

  34. im getting sick of the research time and how long it takes but u don’t have
    to grind and that makes me salty.

  35. u know wot m8 I wanna see some t34 85 gameplay .

  36. You should play the SU-100

  37. slick, I love you, but you’re trying to hard to be funny. chill out.

  38. 14:00 even baron is losing patience with slick. maybe he needs to limit his
    sugar intake.

  39. Baron?
    T10M or Gulag!
    – Stalin

  40. Panzer 3 j1

  41. baron is looking for weak spots to kill a panzer IV…..(sorry for my

  42. T-34 85 (D5-T) please

  43. yeee more tank videos~ love it!

  44. baron take the m22 lokust


  46. How many drugs have you two consumed for this video?

  47. T-34

  48. Geometry Dash DarkZoneTV

    hey baron , i wanted to ask if you can pull out the isu i just love that
    derp machine :)

  49. Alex “Draco223” SV

    KV85 or T34-85

  50. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    Anyone got tips unlocking new tanks? it took me soo long to unlock the is-2
    and the is-2 mod is taking even longer

  51. Quad 50 halftrack plz *<|:P

  52. Matt “TheWizardNamedMatt” S

    I will in fact request the Pz IV H Shurzenhausen again. :)

  53. I swear there drunk


  55. for stalin is 4!!!

  56. pinepple trees wtf pinepples grow on the ground u dumass

  57. The turtle modler “Turtle”

    Super hellcat baron

  58. love the vid mate play the t10 m

  59. Pt 76 hyppppe

  60. pls realistic mode next time :/

  61. Baron what happened to your old intro

  62. I just watched herz aus stahl and now this and i think man how hard must it
    have been in real live too shoot and aim :O

  63. Jagtpanther pls

  64. Play the Tiger Patton

  65. Francisco Ontiveros

    good reason not to play battleship and play war thunder more than the other

  66. bt50… sanic speed

  67. T-50, Russian Drift King.

  68. Overwatch unsubbed… 14:07

  69. The Tiger 1 is a master piece :D

  70. baron what type of computer do u have

  71. yes LE TIGRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Is2 or gulag

  73. Drive the german Sherman!

  74. OH OH SU-122-54 FOR STALIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. I started the Deez nuts thing on the last live video… Why am I just
    complete blank….

  76. BaronVonGamez please drive KV-2 The King of Derp


  78. 105 Sherman!!! ‘merica!

  79. just realized ur playing it i feel dumb

  80. “good shot baron !!” NEIN HE USES THE F*CKING COLORED CROSS

  81. Better yet after you shoot a tank go( in the high voice) hee hee hee-oops

  82. t32 or GUANTANOMO!!!???

  83. I don’t know why but Slick’s voice reminds me of Cry (another youtuber) :p

  84. t50 plzzzz

  85. Please play without Slickbee. It’s agony listening to him.

  86. Take out the droid tank from star wars episode 1

  87. How high is Slick, jee

  88. +BaronVonGamez Leopard

  89. Play the A-26

  90. I like how people complain about slicks voice and about him playing arcade.
    Hey guys guess what! If you dont like it you can go watch something else.

  91. KV -1E

  92. how do u unlock all viechles without grinding?

  93. can u plz play the M8A1 tank destroyer or the kv E Russian fury

  94. Baron look on your map :D

  95. Can you try out the Panther D

  96. Day 3: Sherman 105 or Alcatraz!!

  97. AWESOME!!! TigerH1 and PantherD So cool!!!

  98. erm am i the only one that caught Baron confessing to having an 88mm D**k.
    might wanna be carefull owning up to that :P

  99. Ey Baron better Look damn minnimap

  100. su 85 for stalin

  101. one day baron there will be flamethrower tanks and u can burn all the trees
    in the world

  102. m5 stuart 2 fast 4 you

  103. Take out the tiger 2 plz ty

  104. As soon as I saw the title I knew there’d be shitty British accents

  105. how to play different tiers? when i go to battle with a tier 3 and a tier 4
    in my garage i always get the matchmaking of the higher tier. whats the way
    to play the tier i want only?

  106. Su 85

  107. m2a4 the mini soccer van


  109. im the 4200th viewer


  111. I got an 88mm dick. LOL

  112. valter “Valle” nordkvist


  113. T-50 or…… Russia will troll u in ur next battle

  114. Baron the Leopard.

  115. Hey baron play the Panther. It is the best tank.

  116. On a scale of one to Cheech and Chong, how baked are you guys when you

    Next tank: M18 ze Hellcat!

  117. Play the m24 chaffee please

  118. MAUS!!!!!

  119. M18 tank destroyer please

  120. Russian Tanks Baron

  121. T 32 please

  122. You shud play tanki onlin

  123. The Soviet bear”IS 3″ or go to gulag!

  124. shhhhhhh slick.

  125. Jagdpanther or Rommel will surprise butt seks u

  126. Das ferdinand please

  127. t-10 :-)

  128. t-10m :-)

  129. m4 hvs 105mm t2 American durp!

  130. KV-1E, bring out Stalin Steel Wall.

  131. bring out the ferdinand

  132. Sry baron. Slick make my ears hurt…..

  133. panzer IV H for Romal

  134. do The kv-1e or gulag!!!!

  135. T44 for Stalin

  136. yesterday, i was in a hetzer, then i ran into a rock and my whole crew
    how derpy is that?


  138. man i can’t wait to get to the tigers! they look cool and have a very good
    cannon from what i have heard.

  139. baron, you need to pay attention to your radar more. at least in arcade

  140. Do you guys HEAR the shit you talk sometimes?! does it register?! I love
    you guys.

  141. I vote early Shermans (75s), in a city, with a quad squad. Drive down the
    road in a line, and be badass (and probably get destroyed by T-34s).

  142. They should include a Russian soldier on a bicycle with a slingshot…..the
    way most matches go, he could take out most German and US tanks with one

  143. YEA BOAE!

  144. Try something unique: ZSU 57 to kill tanks!

  145. Im so drunk right now but play the T34 (1942) at least.

  146. Tiger with spaced armor! No webcam

  147. play the m6a1

  148. NEVER go full retard!!!

  149. Baron please look at your minimap once in a while, i watched you literally
    drive right by a half dozen tanks.

  150. +BaronVonGamez play the m4a1 (76) w or prepare for full anal democracy!

  151. An 88mm dick isn’t that long… that’s just under 9cm

  152. is 3 pll stalin

  153. Dats A Toilet (Tempest Ace)

    Sorry dude but your 88 mm Dick is pretty small

  154. pls drive the Isu-152 🙂
    Nice Videos just do like you do

  155. Play the M3 Grant premium

  156. drive the panther II the little tiger II 

  157. IS 3, or deported to sibirie

  158. Poor Tiger can’t compete because of it’s BR…


  160. Something that matches your style – speed and maneuverability. BT-7 or
    panzer II. My favorite vids were the ones with you and a pack of friends
    tearing it up (and being ridiculous), in speedy light tanks.

  161. t 34 1941 and 1942

  162. most incomprehensible game ever on barons channel

  163. ‫רועי אגם‬‎

    russian TOG- t-35

  164. Love your vids Baron! Two things…………more Baron and gaming, and a
    whole lot less Slickbee. He can be too much. Keep up the great vids. Also
    if you haven’t already check out Rocket League!!! Insane, fun, action!
    Would love to see you guys play this!

  165. SMK or premium IS 2

  166. play with the Panzer M

  167. drive M22 Baron

  168. omg, it was so fun to just listen to you guys ^^ haha! Cheers!

  169. kV2 ze’ derp king!!

  170. german kv-1

  171. TIGER H1 german machine

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