War Thunder goes open beta… with salt!

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System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. faptastic_panda

    no comments yet, cool

  2. Mods used: xvm 😀 i dont think wt has xvm :P

  3. WOT you have to pay real money to add camouflage to your tanks plus change
    complex equipment as well, i guess they have to find whys to screw real
    money out of you.

    Correct me if I am wrong

    • I don’t want to sell a tank, I want to keep ALL MY TANKS.

    • well then you have to pay or do missions dont you, but you can still play
      he full game non the less.

    • It’s not full if you have to pay money to play it properly, it’s incomplete.

    • Paul you dont have to pay for wot if you spend the time you can do exactly
      the same as a player who spend money on the game Im not discussing this
      any further its futile

    • I don’t have the time, only play maybe an hour a day if I am lucky, most of
      the time less, so your point is in valid for me.

      Well valid if you mean it would take me 300% longer to get what some one
      who has unlimited time to play the game has.

  4. the other main issue i have found in this game is that some douche bags
    have found ways of denying people kills already because holding J when an
    enemy tank out plays you denys them the kill and blows up your tank giving
    no more rp to the person who out played you. this is a major issue and i
    have seen this abused by about 11 people so far but once people realise
    they can do this it can guarantee it will be done by everybody just to say
    screw you to the person who was going to kill them.

    • that is a freaking bug that they dont have fixed yet and yes it is anoying
      as fuck cause it deny’s you a kill and encourages douchebaggery a lot
      for instance get shot mess your tank a bit press j bail out back into a
      fresh tank and keep shooting

    • If I’m nearly death, and I press J, it says that the kill will be granted
      to “player”.

    • well i have set a pz 4 on fire 3 times in a row he J’d out and denied me
      the kill. i have also did this to a zis-30 and a t-26 i was denied a kill
      by all of them.

    • I think this is a bug rather than intended, you can do the same in planes
      and it awards a kill to someone when you do it there. The fact that it says
      that the kill will be awarded to someone implies that the system simply
      isn’t working properly. Yet another example of why the game wasn’t ready
      for open beta yet.

  5. A second video? Omg I’m being spoiled.

  6. Yeah the Arty perk should be for Light tanks only, and the cool down needs
    to be longer

  7. I understand it’s different but as a tank game this doesn’t contend with

  8. i really agree with this. IMHO they should make artyview work with cooldown
    and disable spotting while you use it. That way it would only be used for

  9. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    karelia is actually so much fun you just get to spawn 1 and camp the whole
    game just like tds in wot

  10. Bruno Tomljenović

    Hey foch if you like realistic warfare games and arma is not realistic
    enough try out project reality.

  11. couldnt agree more on your point Foch
    the obt thing is being overrushed it seems that Gaijin was feeling
    overconfindent about there product and has many distictive issues which are
    very noticable and can be mind bogoling and fraustrating quite a bit

  12. Wouldn’t that remove the thirdperson abuse if the artillery strike was
    ordered via minimap?

  13. Wouldn’t that remove the thirdperson abuse if the artillery strike was
    ordered via minimap?

  14. Just finished playing this map using the KV2. 🙂 

  15. Another thing to note is if you turn off flora in the settings, you can
    pretty much see the other tanks who think their in a good spot when they
    play on high..

    Its a simulation, you should be playing on the highest fidelity without
    issue O.o

    • Yea so retarded that, its such an old issue from so many games a solution
      really should have been developed for the game.

  16. I am sure they will fix the issues. When I first started warthunder more
    than a year ago it was very different from what it is today. The
    modification menu was very different and difficult to use and there were no
    bases for bombers to destroy so I didn’t really get into it, it has since
    been refine. 

  17. Hey Foch!
    Question: Am i right that you use Shadowplay for recording? If so, how do i
    change Bitrate for the recording? I cant change the slider…

  18. Ragnar Halvorsen

    Haha, that guy who designed the eastern spawns on Karelia is freaking

  19. To be honest I don’t think War Thunder is pay to win, on low tiers the
    crewskills don’t make that much of a difference. and by the time you get to
    high tiers your crew will be skilled. Other than that in War Thunder there
    is no bulshit like Sixth Sense or “Deadeye”, so yeah crewskills are
    definitly better than in World of Tanks.

    Other than that, in world of tanks you CAN accelerate your crew with gold,
    just purchase premium account and there you go, 50% extra.

    The arty thing is still bullshit in war thunder completely agree with that,
    but im sure they are working on that

  20. Love this, was freaking hilarious xD I also think the graphics settings are
    bullshit but it’s a weird situation because not everyone can run with grass
    settings on. I think they should try what Arma does and sink units into the
    ground to accommodate for the lack of grass at range.

  21. Could you do a “Thoughts on Komarin… with salt” video?

  22. Fair points.

    But the biggest thing is that you can almost disable all the foliage, lower
    the smoke quality/quantity in the options, and that gives you a huuuge
    amount of advantage over the player who plays with everything enabled – in
    Simulator mode -. That’s a game breaker in “Sim” so I don’t mind to use or
    abuse the arty mode to counter an even dirtier way to get advantage over

    I just had enough of me sitting in the tall grass, and shot into pieces by
    someone whom I couldn’t even see because of the grass, but since he had it
    turned off, he had no problem to see me.

    That should be the first thing that they fix.

    Yeah you can argue that then how can people with lower spec PCs play Sim?
    I don’t know, but let them straight up cheating is not a good solution

    Should I turn all the eye candy off? Hell no! I’d rather die in a gorgeous
    lush environment then on the dusty Moon! 

    • At least WT has a developer forums which we can post our feedback. For WOT
      we have to be luck if they know our feedback even exist.

    • Loweing particle settings actually makes it worse, smoke stays and it’s
      harder to see through than on high graphics and it takes longer for you to
      be able to see anything again after shots. Right now game is complete BS if
      it comes to low end specs optimization and on low setting you have problems
      distinguishing bush from a tank at 100 m range without scope so you still
      have better visibility than people playing on low. Guys who have high end
      machines and turn off grass are the ones causing problems. It has been
      abused in every competitive game however and I don’t see Gaijin fixing it.
      That would make a lot of people with slower pc leave the game as they would
      not be able to play with foliage on anymore and they are potential
      customers so you either have to get used to dying in you gorgeous eye candy
      enviorment or turn off grass yourself.

    • They just need to add more permanent flora to the maps, that cannot be
      turned off.

  23. no you dont need to shoot for change ammo
    just press 1 or 2 or 3 

  24. Great criticism Foch! I agree so much. This p2w is since planes and players
    still defend the gamem, that you can train crew over time so it’s not p2w,
    which is BS. Keep up the good work.

  25. Derp MC Derpington

    I don’t know why but Youtube unsubed me from you !!!! WTH is going on ? I
    never hit the Unsub button for at least 2 years ! 

  26. I think WoT is better. How you enter in arty mode in War Thunder???

    • +Albert Wesker But i didn’t say that all arcadish games are for kids, don’t
      give me credit on stuff i didn’t say.

    • +at9670 It’s a reasonable inference. What if I were to say “As a general
      aspect, Americans are pretty loud, rude, and stupid.” How would that come

    • As general americans are loud,rude and stupid, but there are other
      attitudes, as perverts, racists… not only loud,rude,stupid or normal.

    • +at9670 And I just play games for fun. Fuck me yeah! If you want realism,
      go to fucking Afghanistan.

    • +Lazic B. God damn it… You are wrong on that… Seriously? If you want
      realistic games you don’t play Arma but join the Military? You seem way to

  27. There is only one thing about it that I dislike that they probably won’t
    fix, and that’s needed 6 tanks of the prior tier to get to the next one.
    Nobody should have to get 6 tier 4 tanks before even being allowed to get
    to tier 5.

  28. Simple fix to the arty view problem; make it so you can only call arty on
    targets you have direct line of sight to. Perhaps it’s not as realistic in
    regards to how artillery was used historically (“I’m pinned, please shell
    the enemy positions in front of me”) but it would also reduce the amount of
    times you’ll be fighting an enemy tank and he’ll fall back and simply try
    and win the engagement by pressing 5 at you from behind a big rock, which
    is cheap as fuck.

  29. Easy solution to arty-spotting: hide enemy tanks from the player when
    switching to arty targetting mode.

  30. Well, GF is quite the disappointment for me, but at least grinding through
    the GF event made me fall in love with the airplanes. Kinda ironic, I
    remember being unhappy with WT back when I got into WoWP beta (or alpha?)
    which was a pile of shit. God, I had such high hopes for that one.

  31. This game is very RNG or whatever WT uses. I just shot a lousy Stug III in
    the ass 5 times from 10m What happens? He casually turns around and one
    shots me. WTF?

    • This game is more module damage than HP you just need to shoot at the area
      where his engine should be and you should disable him or set him on fire.

  32. +sirfoch
    What minimum spec hardware do you recommend for gaming

  33. blablabla

  34. Foch, you can also turn off the flora settings, which gives you a HUGE
    advantage i Simulator-mode. Jingles talked about the fact that this is
    broken a f*ck in one of his latest videos….

    • this is bullshit, there is no adventage if you can turn it off also,
      somebody just cant play with it turned on, becouse it takes so many fps.
      With it game looks MUCH better, but cmon, just turn it off if you re going
      to play simulator and dont cry like a child becouse of something that
      doesnt matter at all in a long way. Still you will see more then people
      with worse pc’s as @afgncap said.

    • Have you even played simulator? the grass (and such) is annoying as fuck
      when you shoot over ridges. You cant see the tank with the grass, so you
      have to move further up. turned off grass also helps you spot the enemy.
      BTW we are discussing mechanics which are making the game easier, even
      though they shouldn’t. this is one of them. The PC and fps is totally

  35. Man why did they put that broken piece of shit into open beta, was it to
    test how must shit people would put up with and still pay?

  36. TheSilver Chord

    Longneck commander

  37. Even though I love this game I feel like the mechanics are just too
    inconsistent for it to be released as open beta. If they don’t crack down
    on the issues within due time I can see it getting tiresome, quickly.

  38. open beta means its open for everyone, it has nothing to do with bugs. be
    useful and go report your bugs on oficial forum, lazy noob

    • with that name you look like a complete idiot…. but whatever just another
      WT fan boy… forgot to mention that dumb fucks like you are another
      problem with WT.

    • +TheFochYou
      you mean WOT in my nickname? in your opinion i cant play both games or i
      will be “complete idiot”? 😀 but whatever, keep insulting other people,
      make your channel and TGN good name 😉 and “dumb fucks” like me are trying
      to help this game by reporting bugs on official forum.. maybe your video is
      much more helpful for devs lol

    • +ZoltarWOT Yes wte100 5 hours reload time paper turret armor slow as shit
      is op while t54 with armored turret mobility accurate gun with good impulse
      excellent peek a boo abilities and so on is not op.Well sir if you cannot
      face wte100 and nail it then face a rammus with thornmail pls

    • +G30rg31415 lol how did LOL have to be in here XD

    • oh well do you know rammus’s abili

  39. Yup, the arty mode really is a problem, i mean i just drive around in my
    t50 getting missed by everything, powerslide circle the fuck out of enemies
    and if i meet an heavy i just arty it and run away from it. Got a 13 kill
    streak using that tactic

  40. well in wot you can buy 100% crew ONLY with GOLD AND PREMIUM STUFF

    • RiteIn TheGabber

      Hum what? And? I have 10 million expendable exp in war thunder and??? You
      can only use it with money. Doesn’t change the game.

    • +Warlock war It does change the game retard,in war thunder you get free XP
      like crazy in a very retarded way…….

    • RiteIn TheGabber

      And..? It does not change the game if you cant do anything with it mr world
      of tanks lover.

    • +Warlock war I am not WoT fanboy,we are talking about the players that do
      or can put money in the game…….I only played around 100 games in WT and
      already have around 600k free exp which is retarded and already bought my
      way to the IS4m which is stupid as hell.You cant do shit like that in Wot

    • RiteIn TheGabber

      Thats your decision m8, spend money to use the free exp or play it free. I
      got all top tier planes in the game and i played for free. Your choice.

  41. Damn you for lying Foch, Garage slots are also gold only! :P

    • Most of the garage slots are credits for WT otherwise the tanks would be in
      storage and they are for specific countries so you can always buy more
      garage slots for credits than gold. For WOT all of their garage slots are
      sold for gold and you need to get the slots if you want to keep you old

    • A tip for you. If you play only realistic/sim, use only one slot. This way
      all the crew skill points goes to the one crew you use on all tanks, which
      makes the crew grinding much faster. And in those game modes you only use
      one tank/plane at the time anyway.

  42. hmm thats weird, i’ve been playing about 11 hrs and i’ve only had one minor
    bug that when you fire rarely you dont see or hear your shot fire you just
    get an indication of damage done

  43. Pretty much everything you said was on point, I don’t understand why they
    put a map in at all for simulator, or at least have a map with just the cap
    points and your position.

    • i vote the later! becasue alot of the time they start me off facing some
      weird direction and if i didnt have the map id drive straight in the wrong

    • Brent “Honez” Jones

      In an actual tank (especially pre-computer era) there will be a physical
      map with both the commander and the radio operator and a couple of grease
      pencils to mark locations that have been noted by them and other friendly
      tanks. I believe this is what WTGF was trying to replicate. I do not
      agree with removing the map but I do think that SirFoch had the right idea
      to make it an actual button function. You see an enemy tank, you hit a
      button and that info is then relayed to your team and is then posted to
      their maps. This makes it a more interactive process and helps develop
      teamwork while at the same time tries to keep it as realistic as possible.

  44. You forgot how gold shells were sold for gold only and premium consumables
    for gold only too a couple patches ago.

  45. At 1:50 does he say wot in in beta XD

  46. At 1:50 does he say wot in in beta XD

  47. some people are just too dumb for simple beta testing :)))
    i know, Foch of WT-E100 gameplay is much easier

  48. Arma 3 rules!!! :)

  49. Lets face it, you need a job at some point to play the games.

  50. Main problem with WT is the game mechanics. It’s nice for the… 1%? gaming
    community who wants absolute simulation in “Games”, but even arcade mode in
    WT is super messed up. 

  51. megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért

    superior german optics :^)


  53. But Foch, in WOT you can get prem tanks by grinding. (missions)

  54. Damn Foch don’t hold back or anything…..LMAO.

  55. lol ! great vid again ,been playing WT and its ok … mainly invisible
    tanks is a prob for me .

  56. Ok so youve reviewed simulater battles, when can we expect the other two
    thirds of the game review on arcade or realistic? 

  57. I don’t care. I play game just for fun. You have a great idea. 

  58. Crew skills are bugged, if you max for example repair skill it works the
    other way, it makes repair time longer

  59. just remove spotting entirely from simmulator battles ,problem solved

  60. hater, wot fan boy

  61. your wot is a peace of shit mister…

  62. you are right about the beta crap, I’ve seen games in beta for YEARS, seems
    like an excuse to release a game and take money while there are still bugs

  63. I agree on some points, but i guess they’ll never make it so realistic even
    in simulator battles. In Sim. mode i would like to be inside the tanks, not
    sitting on top of the turret :/

    Meanwhile in wot 9.1: Premium TDs keep their camo value while shooting,
    thats pretty p2w for me.

  64. nice review, with good points! thumbs up!

  65. Stop stealing all my kills Foch 😉 don’t forget your favorite map Karelia
    where the game map doesn’t show the most important flank very well :P

  66. I like how this review is about realism bashing, yet you compare it to arma
    series, which is as realistic as it gets in terms of battlefield
    simulation… If you dont want minimap markers and autospotting and 3rd
    person view, dont play at tardicaca lake resort hosted servers (these are
    all server-side options which you can just disable to make it realistic)…
    There are Arma 2 mods with more realistic tank simulation than this one and
    that game is infantry focused…

  67. So arty view, that is what make me so f angry playing sim battles…
    really? Like they can’t f change it for sim mode to be more realistic and
    as simple as I don’t now maybe going into f tactical map mode where you can
    mark a spot on the map for arty to fire? Is it that f hard to make most
    simple way of requesting arty support on targets if they are been already
    marked anyway on the minimap? And whole this option to pay for acces to
    better things like you don’t have to even play this game I saw Jingles was
    once talking about in his video. WT:GF should stay in closed beta for some
    more time.

  68. By the way you can zoom in arty mode and even see to where their turrets
    are rotated and cheat even more :D

  69. Patrick Schuster

    I’ve played both games now and I think Wot is a better game because War
    Thunder is neither a real arcade game nor a real simulator. The balancing
    is quite bad (and don’t gimme dat “it’s a beta” shit, it’s f2p and open
    beta, it’s basicaly released). Arcade is a big cluster f*** and the other
    two games modes are pretty much the same only with different view
    positions. Also the grafics are not sufficient to justify the chosen
    spotting mechanic because especialy at long range tanks and vegetation
    merge into a big blop of green and the weird movement of trees etc. don’t
    help you either. Imo WT is easy. I was just loling around one shoting
    people. I’ll stick to WoT

  70. changing ammo is huge problem hahaha, dude wtf is that, you got the game
    which is more realistic than wot and respect that and it’s beta… yea it’s
    huge problem to press button on your mouse and change your ammo… I know
    what you want to say that wot is better than wt, it’s not..

  71. WoT4Fun with MagicalBadger

    There are many WWII / Cold War Era tanks which cannot unload the shell that
    easily, crew actually need to dismount and get a ramrod to push the
    projectile out of the rifling. But then again, guns such as german ones
    which used single piece ammunition had a breech mechanism to unload the

  72. R.I.P this comments section. This flamewar is unbelievable.

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