War Thunder: Ground Forces // “Clunk-Click Every Trip”

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Some nice new stuff has come along with latest big patch to War Thunder… but sadly, a seatbelt upgrade to your tanks is not one of them. Oh well.


War Thunder free to play, online air & ground combat game you can try it out for yourself at: http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=userinvite_2900230


  1. who uses AP on a stug?!?!

  2. i wish this game didnt have so many boring open field maps , where are the
    epic city maps 🙁 

  3. Jedi, you complain about the drifting, but tanks would drift a decent
    amount anyway, the reason drifting in WoT is rare is because it has gravity
    set to 1.2 of earth’s gravity

    • Tommi “DeluxeMorso” Ridanpää

      +WaffulMann It’s arcade mode, tanks don’t handle as they should.

    • Part of the problem might be that driving the tanks in WT is different than
      WoT…you really can’t just floor the gas-pedal (petrol-petal…whatever
      lol). Especially since gravity in WoT is 0.5 of Earths gravity, and in WT
      momentum is a thing.

    • Tommi “DeluxeMorso” Ridanpää

      +Ocrilat Actually the Gs in WoT universe is 1,2 Gs.

    • +Tommi Ridanpää
      I have always seen it as like playing on the Moon…especially if you hit
      an obstacle, and the broken bits slowly float up and slowly fall to the
      ground…or maybe slow-motion? Whatever it is, it is pretty funny.

    • Tommi “DeluxeMorso” Ridanpää

      +Ocrilat Sometimes what happens to the obstacles, you hit them, when going
      50 km/h and the things fly 20m upwards.

  4. Hey Pointy you should map “Show modules status” button :3 Thanks to this
    you can check your modules ingame with Xray thing :p


    also rank doesnt matter, BR does. your Stug is 2.7BR, the 38t is only 2.3,
    so you can throw it in safely.
    as for the new ammo icons, the thicker the armor the shell is piercing, the
    more pen it has. if it has an explosive background, the shell does more
    damage when it pens.

    • Tommi “DeluxeMorso” Ridanpää

      The Hl. 38C is alot better than the Hl. 38B, due to the higher projectile
      weight and 20mm of extra penetration.

  6. I’ve been playing WT on PS4 and i can confirm that the PS4 Ground Forces
    players are still the same there as the ones on PC they just don’t shout at
    their team as much because they cant … and about the driving thing i just
    try and drive carefully because being a impatient tanker in ground forces
    tend to end up with either you or someone else upside down.Edit: i types
    this before finishing the vid.

  7. I enjoy all the videos you and Caption Guy produce, even the ones that
    pertain to games I don’t play or plan on playing…..the two of you just
    make entertaining and informative videos that are easy to watch. I played
    WT:GF for a while but eventually got so bored with it I uninstalled WT
    altogether, mainly because of it’s “been there done that” feel. I had
    really high hopes for this game but was left feeling badly let down with
    the result. If either the air or ground versions have anything over
    WoT/WoWP it’s the far superior graphics……Beyond that nothing that I can
    see. I will, however continue to follow developments via You Tube and would
    consider reinstalling the game(s) if I see any major improvements
    developing. Keep up the great work.

    • “if either the air or ground versions have anything over WoT/WoWP it’s the
      far superior graphics……Beyond that nothing that I can see.” I can
      understand with ground forces, but do you really think WoWP is better than
      War Thunder? That’s hilarious if you do.

    • Thanks for bringing my clear blunder to my attention ZuliBlade….Clearly I
      was taking a mental vacation when I wrote what I did regarding the air
      combat version of WT. I’m not very interested in flying games in general (I
      see them as militarized versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator for
      example) for a number of reasons but I must say the WT version is far
      superior in most, if not all, ways to WoWP. I am waiting to see, but not
      currently interested in playing the sea war versions from either game
      company (when they become available) because I see two things happening 1)
      they will be so “busy” confusion will reign 2) I can hear players
      complaining about the effectiveness of naval gunnery as applied to surface
      ships and when they are, as they must be, subs and torpedoes are added to
      the game(s). Just think about all the complaining you and I have heard
      about arty in WoT and to some extent WT:GF. By the way I don’t play arty OR
      complain about it….I’m not a good enough player in general to complain
      one way or the other on that subject.

  8. The reason for a squadmate, I think, is because there is a number of awards
    attainable only in a squad (like Teamwork), so now it’s not necessary to
    find a squadmate to get them.

  9. Btw, jedi, it seems that your crews have unspent skill points, I’d
    recommend assigning them after each battle.

    Also – in terms of ammo, it goes generally like this:

    AP = oversized bullet. It penetrates and does damage by bouncing around the
    insides, or fragmenting.

    APHE = Penetrates and blows up.

    HEAT = retains same penetration over any range, usually is much slower than
    normal shells, with some notable exceptions like ISU-152.

    HE = Blows up on contact. Has very little penetration, is most of the time
    pretty useless. Also makes your ammorack explosion stronger 😛

    APCR = Lighter version of AP. Usually has great velocities.

    “BC” at the end of a name means ballistic cap, it reduces the chance that a
    shell will disintegrate on impact rather than penetrating (I think). Also
    seems to have less chance to bounce.

    I’m not 100% on these though, so take it with a bag of salt.

  10. Jefafa Von Richthofen

    A couple of thoughts, hopefully will make your playing more fun….

    With the short barreled gun, the fire arc is BIG! Be sure to aim VERY high
    and lead a LOT!!
    You can also switch the “random squad” thingy off in the menu
    IMO, tanks get more fun rank 2 and more. Honestly I have fun with low rank
    planes, but tanks are more fun in the upper tiers.

    When choosing your ammo, look at TWO THINGS, what’s in the shell and the
    penetration. Don’t go for the best penetration, but don’t go full HE
    either. German round Pzgr 39 is the best option because it has good enough
    penetration but a little HE in it as well so it does damage when it
    penetrates instead of going straight through the enemy.

  11. Moisttowel Productions

    Phj is budget jingles

  12. Can someone tell me why they lock some of my rank 2 i cant go to rank 2 on
    soviet tanks and on us planes 

  13. Jedi you dont have to see the pen marker to hit, if the outline of the tank
    shows it means you are most likelly to hit 

  14. Tommi “DeluxeMorso” Ridanpää

    Jedi, I think you don’t know about the BR system in the game, which
    everyone’s hating at the moment.

    I’ve heard, that Gaijin’s going to replace the BR in future patches.

    • +Tommi Ridanpää I always forget to check that entirely, for some reason.
      And yeah, I’ve heard it’s the source of a lot of gripes.

    • +PointyHairedJedi
      They also take into account how good a player you are…so why not just
      choose to believe that it is because of your skills that you are going up
      against KV-1s? Just don’t tell Caption Guy your theory.

    • Tommi “DeluxeMorso” Ridanpää

      +Ocrilat I thought they removed that “feature”.

    • I hope not…but even so, it’s still a good explanation to ‘choose’ to
      believe lol.

  15. MM does not care about ranks, research does. MM cares abour BR…

  16. A couple of things for you.

    You now loose your reticle above 0.8km I think to make long distance shots
    harder so people do not just sit at the back and snipe.

    Secondly ammo is very important do not just stock up on ulta high pen
    otherwise you will do no damage. As if you have too much pen your shells
    will penetrate the armor on both sides of the tank doing not a lot at all

  17. Like War Thunder 1.41, patch 1.43 is causing me problems with the more
    realistic flight mode in arcade. Stopped playing it because if this (for

  18. One quick thing…if you look at the armor viewer in the garage…it gives
    you the effective armor for where you put your cursor on the tank…at the
    angle of your view. So, if you move your tank view so the vehicle is angled
    at 45 degrees in the garage, it shows the effective thickness for a shot on
    that part, at that particular angle.

    I didn’t notice that at first.

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