War Thunder – H8K3 “The Big Green One”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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Sturming, Loli Dragon, in Bo take to the skies to attempt to fill their honor meter. Sturmling Torps Loli Dragon and Bo blows himself up. Honor meter may be suffering a bit.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


  1. Soaked in gasoline

  2. The _Hunger_James_Trilogy

    You should just make a video of nothing else except Loli’s screams

  3. Bo’s Ekranoplan! 7:37 The Japanese Caspian Sea Monster lives!

  4. Bomber dogfighting a fighter? Only in War Thunder

  5. you cant call those planes Big!

    They are + sized.

  6. “excellent”

  7. As always, dodge the tracers and give the Sturmling

  8. At 8:43, that was a very nicely executed split. Lovely to watch

  9. Me: I really want to play with BO and the gang
    Also me: it’s probably never ever going to happen

  10. I feel like that could be a viable strat for winning these naval battles. Take 4 players in a bomber with 2 torpedos, then use the altitude from the bomber spawn to build up speed to go around the main battle area, then strike at the carriers (One plane for each carrier). I think this would count as taking out their airbase, giving you the win.

  11. In your video of p1y1 is “What a guy”

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  13. The thumbnail is awesome, looks like an official War Thunder advertisement!

  14. Can you fly the H6k4 next time?

  15. nice first ad

  16. This plane (the H8K3) reminds me of the B’Rell Klingon Bird of Prey when seen from the front.

  17. Can you make a video about Ki-61-I otsu ?
    This one is really interesting to play with.

  18. Jussi Raitoniemi

    “a limited damage and casualties crash”

  19. 2:03 I didn’t think it was possible to torp a plane. Did the explosion get loli, or did sturmling drop a torp on top of him?

  20. Bo I love you, but please don’t make fun of my baby. the B5N2 is a plane close to my heart

  21. Royal254Ryan123

    Others be like: THAT’S A T H I C C BOI.

  22. Karthik Balasubramanian

    H8K3!!! This should be fun

  23. 18:21 Rippers anyone?

  24. Just great play!
    And that landing, awesome!

  25. I hate Steve!!!!

  26. that emergency landing had me at the edge of my seat, not gonna lie

  27. You’re flying due east Bo…. let’s call it a sunrise 😉

  28. H6k4 is shit. It burns after one 7mm shot😂😂

  29. You can make bombers useful in RB mode. Very honorabu!

  30. girly juggernaut

    You have angered the p-38 hornets nest

  31. Can yall do some naval forces battles please? Plenty of opportunity for shenanigans in that mode 😉

  32. Sturmling at his best XD

  33. “Flextape is a hell of a drug”
    Bo -2K19

  34. We need to see some videos of Bo animated

  35. ya’ll need to try the obj 268 and the su-122-54

  36. I love your bomber shenanigans, you should use the b24 or b25 bombers as they are fun in my opinion

  37. The opening with Sturmling bringing a Kate had me laughing, him teamkilling Loli 2:00 had me cackling. Great stuff as always Bo.

  38. great vid you guys

  39. F6fhellcatace groomes

    how did stermling kill tblf?

  40. Bo you are one heck of a pilot props my man props

  41. 6:55 everything is fine *plane starts crashing*

  42. The mighty Tirpitz


  43. Very happy with Loli being back more often than recently. We love you Loli.

  44. Epic emergency landing skills and awesome dogfighting. Great episode.

  45. this is the quality content i subscribe for. *sips coffee*

  46. they come in pairs XDDDDD that was good

  47. 7:45 Loli – I’m going so fast, my speedo is tearing off. 😂 I was like , what the hell did Loli just say? Lol. Mah man. ☝😂

  48. verreh honorabru!

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