War Thunder – Hail To The Chief

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Chieftain? CHIEFTAIN? Jingles you silly git, they have the Challenger and in War Thunder now! Patience, children, that’s all coming, just cool your jets and relax for now with a British classic.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. not making this a history video! well when then? its due too! 1 tank, ship & plane please, pretty please lol.

  2. Doing some voice acting for squire where we? Typical ramming shenanigans

  3. Cheers Jingles for using my game, definitely one of my better ones 🙂

  4. Wot has waaaayy better tanks war thunder can’t even hold a tea light to it

  5. Max Harnden-Castillo

    Man it’s been a while

  6. Jingles I love ur voice acting in the Squire WOWs movie

  7. Warthundr still lacking and fun gameplay

  8. Looking forward to saying hi on Tiger Day!!! only 18 days left.

  9. Well the name of the p47 player is madrussian

  10. A Chieftain and the M-1 Abrams. Finally tanks to counter the T34……..no Russian bias here.

  11. This game is about as exciting as watching snails fuq.

  12. Amazing, another video to bring out the keyboard warriors arguing about whether WT of WoT is better.
    Sad thing is, nobody ever realizes that it’s just a different game type. One is arcade, the other is realistic. If you bash on other people for liking something different, that’s just sad.
    That being said, I play WoT because I don’t have a very good computer and WoT is on console. I would probably try out WT if I had a better computer, but at the moment, I can’t play it without lag being even more deadly than being a noob at the game.

  13. Kind of underselling the Chieftain a little on the engine. The engine reliability was very much improved with the Totem Pole Stage Z program reworking the engines and gearboxes, almost all the reliability reports are from Mk2’s and Mk3’s prior to this upgrade. From certain Mk5’s onwards, it was vastly less of a problem, and Kuwait using such things operated Chieftains in the Middle East with notable success against tanks a generation newer than them. Heck, post upgrade, it could out-accelerate a Leopard 1 on off-road conditions. (Not by much, and with a lower ultimate top speed, but still.) Source on that being https://tankandafvnews.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/chieftain-mbt-for-70s-page-3.jpg

    It’s a bit like the M16 or L85. Because the originals sucked for reliability, people keep saying it always does, despite upgrades having solved the issue since. Reputations are hard to shake.

  14. fell asleep zzz

  15. true that layland l60 is unreliable but are not most chieftains sold to middle east countries? for example, Jordan, Iran?

  16. You where a very impressive rear admiral on the British Destroyer sent to sink the Tirpitz, whilst kill stealing Sir Squire….Yessssss….

  17. lol why make videos about a game you clearly dont care about or even play yourself? nobody wants to listen to you if you dont even have footage of yourself playing lmao. such a mug

  18. I think it’s so funny that War Thunder no longer looks so good after WoT 1.0.

  19. Can you make more armored warfare videos to get more players on the game please! I want to play it again!

  20. I think it would be nice to see at most a weekly war thunder video and at least a monthly video. I understand why you don’t like the game, or at least the devs because of what happened but still it would be nice. Anyway have a good day my sir!

  21. Tears of the Desert? Making me do a real big thincc here

  22. If WT introduced regenerative steering into the game, tanks that had the tech would perform better, not much, but better.

  23. Jingles with a War Thunder video?
    *what sort of loopy land have we* *entered?*

  24. Chieftain is the only reason why I still playing WOT…….. oh wait ?

  25. Finally he knows about the challenger

  26. ohhhh, its that other tank grinding game

    ….you too can have a Chieftain!…well….after 6 months of DAILY grinding! lol

    WT!, certainly NOT the game for casual players (or those with a life or jobs or kids or…)

  27. You need a new War Thunder Intro

  28. NKVD Comrade Orion

    It’s not balanced blyat!

  29. Well, got my annual war thunder video, I guess it’s time to go back to work in the salt mines.

  30. Nice video i enjoyed it like always.
    Rant below if anyone cares.

    Just off topic i hate the clan leaders of tawb. I had to take 3 month break from war thunder i had to get test done i wasn’t sure if i was dying or not, so i gave them noticed and said i’ll let you know what happening 3 month later i get on to give them the good news and the have kicked me from the clan. This was like 2 or 3 years ago but it left a sour taste in my mouth. The players are cool and super supportive.

  31. What happened to farcry 5?!?

  32. Wait a minute, the tracks of this thing don’t move in reverse!

  33. how do you tell apart you’r allies from you’r enemis in wt?

  34. Simulating mechanical reliability:

    “Couldn’t connect to game, your engine shit the bed.”

  35. TemporaryINTER135

    WT and WG should have mechanical readability, with using reckless full power or using guns or whatever too fast, could damage or disable your vehicle

  36. Reverend scumlord

    I’m going to track this jingles prick and slit its throat

  37. Rise and repeat

  38. i don’t know why but when i try to think of any engine that the British made that is actually any good i think of aircraft. anything that is on tracks, water or wheels is almost always broken if its anywhere other than Britain. xD

  39. why do you do videos on this game??? its an arcade game at best

  40. Ugly graphics.

  41. Oh my god, War Thunder still as bad as I remember. How dull was that and that was a video worth showing? And as for the one or two shot kills, what fun and interesting gameplay, I imagine a random bomb landing on your head being likewise. Very surprised this game still going to be honest.

  42. Area of defecation just showed us the amount of camping in this game Watching the paint dry is a lot more interesting than playing this game.

  43. Gary van der Merwe

    Have you ever played Arma Jingles? The newly released tank DLC looks awesome. I know you suck at FPS, but this has the combined arms stuff. If you want to see what it’s about check this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cprUHOj9R4

  44. Worth mentioning that just about the only effective Kuwaiti resistance to Saddam’s invasion in 1990 was a few Chieftains who held off Iraqis long enough to run out of ammo before withdrawing

  45. lol jingles and squire are a genius combination

  46. oh boi here comes the annual gaijin fanbois into the comment section 😀

  47. HrothgarHeavenlight

    Jingles , you did not made tank overwiev in long time. Also dont word bout french battleships.

  48. Finally jingles, more war thunder, much better then world of tanks ?

  49. When I first see the video of WT I think, hmm grapics look nice, cool Cheiftan tank, maybe I should try it, then I see the tiny enemys hes trying to kill, and the more I watch I say ,, uhhh No not interested!!

  50. So spawn camping is a mark of good play in War Thunder?

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