War Thunder Hans & Fritz w/ Slickbee in the Panzer II H

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Ltraktor

  2. MrJohnycomelately21

    +BaronVonGamez forget Nazi raptors! Check out Iron Skies! MOON NAZIS!!

  3. M48/M60 Patton or M26 Pershing

  4. Take out the tier one German ass. Kfz. 140/1! That would be an interesting
    tank to watch!

  5. The good ol classic KV-2!!! It is thE KING OF DERP!!

  6. No need to be rude

  7. +Mark Wilson just shut up no one cares

  8. +Beach Ball Not unless he manages to get a new one before the current one
    kicks the bucket. But I of course can not comment on his financial

  9. +Antonio Angelino baron needs to replace it, but we might not get videos
    for a while if his gpu dies

  10. +IrfanSharil if it’s outdated, probably

  11. +badfitz66 So, if I update the graphic driver, will it fix the problem?

  12. +BaronVonGamez R.I.P. GPU

    Whatever – 2015

  13. the obvious American

    its ok we all make mistakes +iTz RassaK

  14. +the obvious American yeah, my fault

  15. the obvious American

    see i told i wrote it correctly +iTz RassaK

  16. +the obvious American ohh ok, i mean … yeah you wrote that correctly. i
    saw that wrong .

  17. cornellius cornwall

    So you guys here cuss u want the PZ IV Ausf. H orrrr what?

  18. +. Damn u everywhere

  19. Awesome

  20. For those of you who may not know, I’ve heard that there is going to be a
    sequel to Iron Sky (basically Nazis in space). This sequel is supposed to
    take place in the center of the earth and in the trailer, there is a nazi
    riding a T-Rex. Also the T-Rex attempts to do a nazi salute . . . So yeah.
    Who knows? There might be other dinosaurs as well.

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