War Thunder Hans & Fritz w/ Slickbee in the Panzer II H

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  1. What tank should I take out next?

  2. Slickbee!!! ???

  3. Ethan “Thecrazygamer” Presley

    When saw baron uploaded I got pumped up
    Get it 

  4. Love the Vids

  5. 1st

  6. Hehehehehehehehe under 301 club.

  7. This is bestest panzer ever

  8. Love baron fancup

  9. 366nd vew, 39rd an 1th coment liek iv u agre

  10. do some more Heroes and Generals

  11. 414 view and 47 like

  12. accumbularate DoP

    Kobra King? Murican HEAVY METAL

  13. #minecraftGraphics

  14. “Their cappin my tits, I’m heading to mount tittycock over here” -Baron

  15. Oops wrong they’re

  16. NeafabarZoig!

  17. Antonio Angelino

    Your GPU is dying baron

  18. Such a cute tank XD

  19. Baron, it looks like artifacting. Better go get your GPU checked

  20. Drive the Multirole AT/AA Tank Gepard with Panzergrenate 40 only

  21. Hans and Fritz riding raptors into the sunset over broke back mountain.

  22. There camping my tits?

  23. cornellius cornwall

    Pz IV Ausf. H or ze fuher send u to aushwitz!!!

  24. Panzer VI Tiger I H

    play the PZ IV A/70 JUST DO IT ?

  25. Russian T-38 from Heroes and Generals.

  26. Oskar Andreas Berg

    T-80 for mother russia!

  27. Stephan Stockinger

    Choking from laughter at
    “Brokeback Hans’n’Fritz” :D

  28. use the fw 190 a1

  29. Baron, play some random games, like ARK Survival!

  30. baron did you now theirs a driver view

  31. cobra king!

  32. Muhamed Husic - Ibrukic

    KV1 L11 Baron plox

  33. The dread albino Nazisaurus unleashed on the subhuman hordes! This week
    only: Hans and Fritz and their trained Nazisauri at the Garden! It’s the
    4th Reich, baby!

  34. Nazi Dinosaurs? Play Dino D-Day! :D

  35. Laughed way too hard at the commentary during the bomber run around 11:00.
    Great stuff, Baron!

  36. M4 105, or my name isn’t Horace Titty-Fish!

  37. SMK attempt 20

  38. “They’r eveywhere dude,they invading ze reich”!hahah die bestishen
    kommentaren ze welt,jawohl,holy scheiße

  39. So any word if you are considering mine and many others request for the
    return of Men of War Mondays?

  40. Izenz Brownington

    less arcade more RB

  41. Fritz is an example of Onomatopoeia. Example would be the “sizzle” of the
    frying bacon. Love the vid Baron! 

  42. pleh the centurion kappa

  43. T-44 please!

  44. Rum runners 

  45. T95 plz

  46. I would pay to see Germans Killed the Dinosaurs xD

  47. Планируешь качать британцев?

  48. A commander of ze third reich I command u to take out zero churchill

  49. Nazi dinosaurs…you mean Iron Sky 2, right??

  50. ze jagdtiger or the Fürher will send you to the ovens

  51. . “ILLUMINATI”

    Your GPU have artifacting

  52. Das Jadgtiger!

  53. If that artifacting is happening everywhere your GPU is dead.

  54. Maybe about you talking about the fritz, look up the fritz-x

  55. Tristen Toulouse

    The ferdinand plz attempt………9

  56. Plz play as the SU-100Y

  57. Aleksander Nikolai Dahl

    m3 lee

  58. Did you see the baritsh tanks in war thunder news
    And I want you to play company of heroes 2

  59. A Very Seductive Cow

    oh hanz yahhhhhhhhhh

  60. Fritz is the nickname from the UK and russian soldiers, for German
    soldiers, US soldiers call them “Krauts”, French “Boche”. Origin is Fritz a
    nickname for Friedrich. Think the reason for Fritz, is the row of Kings in
    the prussian history,
    with the names Friedrich and Friedrich-Wilhelm. Friedrich-Wilhelm I, byname
    was “soldier King”, incase he reduced all budget for (suavity living???)
    and luxury, to spend the money for his army.

    Hans is the typicaly German name and running gag for the chauffeur.
    Secondwise a formerly nick for dick.


  62. E-100 piz 

  63. I demand to see your new movie, Germans killed the dinosaurs!! 

    • Awesome

    • For those of you who may not know, I’ve heard that there is going to be a
      sequel to Iron Sky (basically Nazis in space). This sequel is supposed to
      take place in the center of the earth and in the trailer, there is a nazi
      riding a T-Rex. Also the T-Rex attempts to do a nazi salute . . . So yeah.
      Who knows? There might be other dinosaurs as well.

  64. Do the movie thing

  65. Meinkraft! iz on ze Fritz Hans.


  67. Hey +BaronVonGamez , love your vids m8! Also about your comment on a movie
    portraying the Germans and/or Nazi’s defeating the dinosaurs, you should
    check out Iron Sky. Sadly the 1st movie does not have dinosaurs…BUT it
    does have Nazis on the freaking MOON. However, the second movie (for which
    the trailer is out, just search YouTube for Iron Sky 2) does feature a
    reptilian alien hybrid Hitler riding a militarized T-Rex that does the sieg
    heil salute lol I think you’ll like it!

  68. Johnathan Griffin

    moar su-152

  69. Mackenzie Braden

    Man i was hoping gameplay from a game i played with you and Phly a few days
    back. It was an air battle i forgot the name of the map but it was low
    tier planes.

  70. what your gpu is doing is called architecture tearing this is caused from
    faulty ram on the card as it gets warm it starts to fail just had one of my
    780 ti do this was lucky was still under warranty i suggest u invest in a
    new gpu very soon when it fails u will have millions of pixel dots to crate
    images , good luck to you good sir love the vids

  71. Drive the Sherman 105!

  72. My Name is Hans 

  73. #arcade nubs plox

  74. Those whacky Germans, killing ze dinosaurs and playing ze accordions whilst
    wearing their lederhosen…

  75. Fun fact, this tank can kill a IS-4M, shoot through the top of the turret,
    after a lot of shots, the crew has been knocked out, try it out :D

  76. What kinda fucking tank is that? LMAO

  77. Hey baron when will you be doing another airplane custom battle?

  78. Play the su-122-54 so stalin can be happy

  79. Actually there is a movie called iron sky 2 I don’t know if it’s finished
    but in the first trailer Hitler is riding a t-rex

  80. Plz play the M103 it has the new heat shells 

  81. Why don’t we use the Führer De Nazi express Ferdinand with Tiger Porsche

  82. pz IIIJ

  83. Henrik Larsen (TheScaryPenguin)

    German dinosaurs = confirmed. just search for dino d-day on steam, it

  84. What about the panther ausf A ? :)

  85. 72k gaz. Enemy tanks and planes prepare for ze raping

  86. 1v1 me on Heroes and Generals


  87. Play the fury baron ftw

  88. arcade is ghey as aids

  89. I cant Start the Video? ?

  90. is this arcade play?
    or realistic?

  91. Zey are invading the reich!!!!! I couldn’t stop laughing, so good thank

  92. It’s Hans and Fritz, and they’re both the shits. lol

  93. Next generation spaced armor = ai tanks lol

  94. Baron Can you play the bismarck 

  95. Even your GPU doesn’t want to play with that tool slickbee

  96. Jagtiger booyaahh

  97. don’t talk about homo sex again plz i am tired about people talk about it

  98. I found a movie call P-51 Dragon Fighter, which had similar themes to your
    ‘Nazis Killed the Dinosaurs”

  99. I’d watch “Germans killed the dinosaurs”. Especially if Hans and Fritz are

  100. The Russian T-34/76. For the motherland For Stalingrad

  101. Dave the Barbarian

    su-122-54 please

  102. mount titikaka

  103. tiger 2p or h
    hitlers trolling tank

  104. “262 should be the bomber!” hehehehe do all Austrians really sound like

  105. #MinecraftClouds

  106. Baron pls do t95 doom turtle

  107. i am offensive, and i find your talk very very german! Abbestellt!

  108. I am trying to get war thunder on my touch screen computers and it comes up
    with do you agree with this and my screen goes black and I can’t do

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