WAR THUNDER HAS LOST IT’S | BMP-2M Utter Destruction

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Source: PhlyDaily

WAR THUNDER HAS LOST 'S | BMP-2M Utter Destruction


  1. Day 349: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  2. Day 343: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  3. Vladimir Putin played too much War Thunder.

  4. I use this thing alot and seriously it doesn’t need this upgrade.

  5. Did they ever have an mind?

  6. Maximilian John

    I really hope this goes up to 10.3 (11.0 would be ok without stock grind) and Gaijin gives us the BMP-3 variant with this turret on top.
    Have reverse speed and more depression would make it a perfect 11.0 IFV.

  7. in the hands of a good player every vehicle is god tier, stop saying soo much bullshit, already enough people try to justify every god damned russian vehicle “being OP” based only your videos, and the same people still belive your bullshit “no armor best armor”
    i like your videos phly, but dont mislead stupid players with your bullshit

  8. im Convinced someone on the Gaijin HQ found the secret Cocain Stash.
    cant explain otherwise why the BMP-2M is now even more broken.

  9. you should do a video over the f4u-4b and its 14k lion repair cost. I just had a quad bomb set up but lagged at the last second so the bombs didnt drop and I drifted into the ground.

  10. Welcome to the Russian bias

  11. I was watching the intro, then I noticed the whole APFSDS thingy mabobber, well I’m glad I had it before it was cool.

  12. Day 386: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  13. I-16 type 10 please. Attempting since Sept 2018

  14. DutchGuy's Gaming

    I legit play this with a KA-50 and a Su22-m3, BMP-2m gives you so much sp its nuts!

  15. Gaijin might as well just add a protective dome over the BMP-2M to make their bias towards Russian vehicles more obvious.

  16. Since late 2013 i been watchin you Phly, and I’m amazed and humbled at how you have developed over the Years, I mean when the Powerhaus went Bust, it was hit and miss whether i stayed watching your (Baron Slick are the other 2) three channels, or went to another content creator. But!…. there was somthin about You.
    And now, Your Married and a Father and a Wonderful husband, and im just glad i stayed watchin You.
    Keep up the laughter and Nonsence forever!

  17. Rune kristensen

    how do u get that target sight on the ground, when u see the plane from the outside

  18. BMP-2M takes forever to get, I doubt ill ever have it. PUMA on the other its wrecking everyone and anyone can get it.

  19. 3:46 1200 meters lol I hope not

  20. And they continue to nerf 40mm apfsds, aka cv 90s with 26 rounds waaay slower reload/firerate no missiles worse mobility. And that’s 10.0

  21. Emiljano Nexhip

    Respect for you man but stop saying this When I bought it this Bmp2m it was 8.3 so now this It is not interest to be 11.0 Respect.

  22. Nah man, your _”I gotta say”_ phrase is just as iconic as _”War Thunder, it’s almost fun”_ and/or _”Bunjamin Betton”._

    Always gives me a chuckle whenever I encounter the phrase in normal, everyday life but hearing it in your voice instead (+ you getting annoyed at yourself is the cherry on top; truly relatable)

    So, as usual: thank you, Phly!

  23. Vincent Poursan

    Another super OP russian vehicle
    so surprising coming from the snail

  24. Warthunders copium is real with these modern russian AFVs

  25. man war thunder is keep ruing the game play a lot of premiums and now you can squadron vehicles even if you level 0 🙁

  26. How is it that you have a chat working and we are blocked (politically)

  27. EEE Point Defender

    BMP-2M in a squad with a PUMA: Ultimate destruction

  28. Antisocial Engineering

    It’s just Gaijin doing Gaijin things, sometimes justifying itself with “tH3 Spr3adSh33T does not lie”. Personally, the amount and power of CAS is worse.

  29. Dias Seitkaliyev

    Cancer machine > 10.7 br

  30. Michael Burgess

    Could it be they’re overcompensating?

  31. I won’t play this Russian crap till the war is finished. I think gamers who support Gaijin are hypocrites. Russia is the reason I can’t afford food or to put fuel in my car to get to work. Un-subbing till it’s over.

  32. no you were right phly black and white are not colours themselvs 🙂 more and absense of it

  33. I have never heard this amount of disappointment in Phlys’ voice. The disdain of what Gajin did is quit obvious.

  34. Phly can we see vid about bmd-4?

  35. ImSoBadAtThis77

    3:45 ….1200 meter is 1.2 kilometers Phly … slow down a lil bit 😀

  36. Mikhael Andrew Pidor

    Phydaily can u watch this xd

  37. like how garand thumb said: u can get the world best weapon, but without tarining its worth noting.
    so get out there and train!

  38. and it can even swim

  39. Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer

    Well now I know why I was seeing BMP-2Ms on the other team all night tonight at 11.0, it was dominating. When will the US get better toys?! 😀

    • US has had better toys for nearly every br, and each of your planes brings 3x as much bombs and rockets as any soviet or german plane

  40. Suffer ameritards, suffer for my pleasure and amusement =D

  41. never actualy used it at it’s br. Just take it to 11 to bring helis or else

  42. “Trash Game has lost it’s” that’s not a sentence bro

  43. HampterOfficial

    I love Gajin and their ability to balance things properly (Sarcasm Intensifies)
    No but seriously… it had 1200-mm Kornshits ATGMS under 9.0????????????????????????

  44. ATGM should take longer to reload, and the tank should be stationary since the tank crew would need to exit the vehicle to reload the weapon.

  45. The fact that it can control 4 missiles at the same time

  46. Could you imagine an ATGM with 1200 METERS of penetration?

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