War Thunder hates american gamers (slash s) (War Thunder)

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War Thunder hates american gamers (slash s) (War Thunder)


1 https://www.epidemicsound.com/albums/album/7/
2 – https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/9CGjiwb2Zf
3 – https://www.epidemicsound.com/albums/album/1682/


  1. *Sorry about the late upload! Had phun with the editing o7o7o7*

    • i love your myspace!

    • Looks like you utilized the Dollarplay technique in this vid phly lol

    • “War Thunder Hates American Gamers” -> For Real??

      Let’s talk about the French then:
      Many Tank from Tier 3 to 6 are at higher Cost of repair than what you can do in a single game.
      And tank that are too high on BR to do anything such as AMX-30B and B2 Brennus.

      Many Aircrafts are placed into higher BR than it should (this start to be “fixed”) -> MD450’s, MD452 IIA (who only go to 8.0, 2 days ago), VB-10, VG33, SMB2

      All French Made Jets are full of bugs, missing a lot of systems, and with Placeholder FlightModel, such as:
      -> SMB2 (on all bugs reported & accepted -> 10% lefts today)
      -> ETENDARD IVM -> Bomb AN-M62 instead of Mk82’s, RADAR and CCIP Missing, Flight Model is completely a “Placeholder”

      Development ways:
      MIRAGE III -> one of the Most Feared Aircraft of this Period, but not in the game actually (2Years since France is introduced in the game) while Sweden (introduced 3 months earlier), got the J-35D-1 (using the same kind of Control System) -> the Excuse made to explain why the mirage isn’t in the game -> ” Because the Technology is to Early to make it”

      So American players are hated? pls boy,… watch around.

    • You should add in more reaction faces! They’re hilarious!

    • Was it co axial gun on the face of the jumbo that it pinned?

  2. I was fighting one of these damn things in a hetzer and I was shooting barrels and tracks and I couldn’t do shit

  3. Erich Von Manstein

    Gaijin really hates the American players.İn my opinion M26 should be 6.0,M18 should be 5.3 and M4A3 76W should be 5.3.And that’s really foolish to change 75 Jumbo’s BR as 5.3.

  4. bruh at the intro

  5. Ah dollars style! I like it.

  6. Planes: Have their own game mode
    Ships: Have their own game mode
    Helis: Have their own game mode
    Tanks: ….

  7. Panther D one shots the Jumbo through the turret c;

  8. Have you ever seen a guy online named SMOKEYY, that’s me. You are a lot less vulgar then me but on point 😛

  9. Phly! The sweeds need you to phly the pyoremmyrsky ! Attempt 12

  10. Phly TRY the german g91 r3 with those big ass rockets
    They are absolute joy

  11. The BR match making is SO FUCKING BROKEN!!!!!! WHY AM I IN A XM1(GM) FACING A FUCKING T80U

  12. __ogien_z_nosa__

    2:30 confused pig noises

  13. finally they moved it up, it was just so much OP and almost impenetrable

  14. Over the years, your video editing skills have gotten outstanding, this content is a joy to watch.

    However, you’re still a goophball. Love you Phly.

  15. Try the 76 mm too

  16. Play ze Leopard A1A1 L/44, show those little bastards our wonderweapon ja?

    Zeigt keine Gnade. (Show no mercy) Attempt#15

  17. A terrible idea popped in my head after watching this. I want to see Phly pop out the Jumbo with the 76 because why not.

  18. you can use m49A missile

  19. As a noobish player, I’ve found anything with M4 in the name sucks more than a Hoover. That gun….its…so…shit

  20. This vid smelled like DollarPlays

  21. jumbo moves to 5.3 but kv1b is still bellow the 5.0 wow

  22. The 5.3 makes no difference cuz you play anyway against 6.3

  23. Everytime you should take some APCR, you can pierce tiger trough the front armor with them. I know that APCR sucks, but there are moments when they’re very handy.

  24. Loved that
    ‘It’s a Bush!’ … George W. xD

  25. Yasss! A new Dollarplays video….wait a second….

  26. that why german call it ronson


  28. Parker Psillides

    That intro had me cracking up 😆

  29. ur copying dollars type of vibe, stop.

  30. the British comet went up as well

  31. *jumbo moved up to 5.3*
    5.7Panthers: *eyes goes red as loads the 75mm what pens jumbo s hull front and turret mask*

  32. request, attempt #11
    b18b with the m/49a and the m/40 setup because i think its nuts and any tank, maybe the mad max truck WITNESS MEEE

  33. I hope it wont be moved in AB this would literally kill this tank, i can already see me fighting aganist more is2s, super pershings, tig2 and jagpanthers, even panther can lol pen jumbos turret at almost any range and front hull at close same any British 76mm.

  34. Traveling music and epic moment music perfectly placed.

  35. Gajin just hate armor meta they want us to be able to pen any tank at any range and buy premiums.

  36. 7:33
    * 3 times non-penetration
    Also Phly: Hey, that was a good shot too.

  37. Hey! Two tanks in, am I finally getting good?

    No I’m not…
    Story of my life.

  38. To put the Jumbo at 6.3 is a joke it has no chance…it’s ridiculous

  39. 8:20 _Never seen bephore phootage for phury 2_

  40. Loving the unloved~
    Play the retarded tumour-cupola baguette-launcher device, the SAU-40.
    Oui oui monsieur.

  41. DOLLARphlays?

  42. Have my baby Phly!

  43. YOu have to try out the Delat Torn its an absolute beast at its br

  44. Cryies when it was 4.7 T_T Oh the lions we made… the rage quits we achieved!! T___T

  45. Firestorm Gaming

    I’m like, wait is this a DollarPlays video?
    At 2:50.

  46. Does not change a thing. Soviet 85mm BR365-A rounds still eat through the jumbos armour a below 500 meters.

  47. f**k gaijin

    And I notice British Ground getting worse every updates

  48. Challenge:
    Try and cap a point….. by landing a plane on it.

  49. TheAnnihilator 91

    i feel a lot of DollarPlays-References in this video..:! 😉

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