War Thunder HATES this tank…so do some players (War Thunder Tank Destroyer Gameplay)

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War Thunder HATES this tank…so do some players (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. At its tier, it’s fine to play against… but when I’m in a m4a3 76 on Kursk and get matched with it…

  2. M22 is my favorite cheeky breeky tank. Love taking it out in high tiers

  3. *That locust boi had some mad driving skillz*

  4. The german engineering is the best in the world….They said…..for fatherland…They Said…..

  5. WTF fuck Phly?!?! 13:10

  6. This thing eats a lot of British APDS shells……
    I’d rather play Nashorn

  7. Rune Van Overwaele

    I play as the germans and I hate it, it’s so slow.


  9. Гблкикоколелнл Ьеь гав ор

    I just hate price of repair for Ferd

  10. Not to be that guy.. but this isn’t an Elefant.. The Elefant was a ferdi post minor modifications

  11. Phly, mind if you would accept a challenge : kill a cruiser with the G5 sometime? That would be awesome and I’m pretty sure it might work. G5 reserve or Pr. 123 bis at 1.7, to see the big boats screaming to death. 😉

  12. Soviets tanks, not Russians but not everyone who playing Soviets is a Russian, no.
    But you’re stupid and you don’t understand that so… That’s isn’t my problem.

  13. Дмитрий Михайлов


  14. Lol really? Just nothing after that shot on the plane? I guessYoure just soooo good now huh?

  15. ru251 is cancer pay 2 win Phly. Easy tank.

  16. errotfighter2270 / kokonyang

    M22 locust : the cavalry have arrive
    Phly : NOOOOOOO

  17. Fast ass mother fucker

  18. Chalange play ru 251 and never stop

  19. Mr.phly this is my First video in a long time that I actually watched all the way just cause of the old monsters punching holes into other players well done

  20. Hi Phly,i am Louis,can you play Panzer IV H on BR8.0 to take 5 kill
    Attempt #46

  21. Challenge: Theres no going back (1st attempt)
    You can play any tank, but you have to hold W [move forward], cant go reverse, cant stop to shoot.

  22. tip- weak spots are left and right slope armor in front 😉

  23. 4:04 i got that reference xd

  24. I like how you’re just like “the plane has to go” *no reaction*

  25. Challenge: 1 day arcade mode only

  26. the gun is great……. but its so slow

  27. All i get when playing with 6,3 or 6,7 is 7,7 matches

  28. The Legendary “Shitty Tiger I” FERDINAND!

  29. All this shiny new apfsds
    Show players what true power is
    Take out the Challenger 1 as stock using stock apds

  30. Yes, i hate it!

  31. “Oh keep doing that, keep doing that. Oh yes!” XD That sound so wrong. 15:12

  32. I love how he just nonchalantly shoots a fuckin plane out of the sky with a main cannon shot

  33. 8:38 Cool under pressure.

  34. #INSANE Productions

    That Plane shot 🙂

  35. ayyyy cabroon 18:52

  36. did he even look at the ASU-85 with the 300mm HEATFS round…

  37. I prefer the JagdPanther, so much better

  38. Ru and m22 guys have any channel?

  39. Request for new video , Play your best Russian tank or plane but only speak Russian the hole video . Love your work man keep it up

  40. i used to hate this tank but now i play it very often. it has helluva gun

  41. *TOOT* *TOOT* 🐘

  42. Tuckypoontapper 97

    Bruh that shot at 13:12 tho.. and you he just acted so casual about it 😂 awesome video phly.

  43. M22 spotted out 😀

  44. That’s driving tanks is to much see girl und panzer

  45. Russians complain about Ferdinand.
    Ha – they fire Stalinium rounds & still find time to bitch.
    German guns fire full strength Sausage with Saurkraut.

  46. The americans and russians are crying and then there’s me with the japanese….

  47. I dont understand the repair costs on some tanks. Makes 0 sense other than an odd attempt to balance the game. I’ve also found the Germans in tank RB at 5.7 to 6.3 a joke. Constantly get uptiered and honestly cannot compete with the other nations.

    I personally got sick of playing the Americans and Soviets so I started to grind for the Panthers and Tiger IIs, but now that I have them its just frustrating to play them. Togeather with the 50-100 games needed to research basic requirements (FPE, parts etc) and the rampant spawn camping is really putting me off the game

  48. I stopped watching you for like 2-3 weeks vecause of school work and i started watching yoy again and you videos got WAY more entertaining(esspecialy the top moment in the first part of the videos)


  49. Obersturmführer Petra Ral

    professional ferdinand user here, despite popular belief the ferdinand is actually a great tank destroyer

    here are some tactics
    use range and hull down positions as your playstyle. At long range that 200mm is very very effective especially when combined with a hull down position because it further angles the casemate, and angling while Hull down will hide the weak 80mm sides near the UFP

    • Obersturmführer Petra Ral

      side note: the ferdinand has an excellent crew of 6 people so one shotting it is quite hard if ammo is not hit. And keep im mind that it has 2 loaders so its actually faster in reloading compared to other tanks with the long 88

  50. pffft I killed two ferdis in my 3.3 Cronwell in RB match the other week.

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