War Thunder // “Here Comes The Ammorack”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

I know, ’s been a while since I played this, so I’ll just jump right into some it’ll allll be fine, right? …Right?


War is a free , online air & ground combat game you can try it out for yourself at: http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=userinvite_2900230


  1. Hahaha that ” “I’ll play RBs, I’m a tough guy!” *gets rekt 2 or 3 times*
    “Well okay, I’ll go back to ABs then…” ” feeling happens to me way too
    often xD

  2. 127th!!!

  3. So, we’ve learned that individuals make mistakes. And it is up to other
    individuals to make sarcastic captions pointing this out?

    • Let me tell you a secret, Caption guy is The Stigs second job in case Top
      Gear failed….. Who knew? 😉

    • +Makara Baduk you’re new around here you aren’t you? The only reason to
      watch Jedi’s videos is Caption Guy’s comments….. hang on, hey you weird
      caption guy get out of my you tube account and back to Jedi where you
      belong, honestly that Caption Guy, I’m sure is plan is to take over the

  4. Jedi i do think both wot and war thunder do attract the same
    audience-people who like WW2 vehicles. I personally prefer war thunder due
    to the fact you feel like you actually progress without spending money.
    Meanwhile wot is more or a grind. I do think that the do still compete with
    each other despite the gameplay being very different because they attract
    people interested is ww2 vehicles.

  5. At the lower tiers, your .50cal machine gun on your sherman can be very
    useful for the aircraft and thin armoured tanks like the Pz II’s

  6. Why did you take full ammo load in a sherman? With 75mm cannons around 35
    shells is enough

  7. Honestly, I haven’t seen a lot of complaints about the Super Hellcat,
    probably because it is in a higher BR than the regular Hellcat, and people
    have already figured out how to counter them.

  8. ‘huh, bad AMD drivers? never heard of that happening before’

  9. Any significance behind the “66”? Are you a Mario Lemieux fan? :p

  10. When you say WGs gonna do a HE rework, will this apply to just scumbags, or
    all tanks?

  11. No, YOU could squeeze yourself into the M22 easily, most people couldn’t

  12. Dat 66 though. Clearly an homage to Highway 66, the old backbone of
    America. 😉

    Seriously, though, this makes me want to download the new patch and give
    War Thunder another try. I can’t do anything in the aircraft, but the tanks
    are fun.

    Bad drivers? I wonder if that’s the problem I’m having. Then again, I have
    an nVidia card, so I dunno.

    Anyway, good vid, Jed. Keep up the good work!

  13. Nicholas Margery

    Hey jedi, I’ve just installed war thunder (on ps4) but I was wondering what
    to do, never played the game before so do you have a heads up for me on how
    the game works? From my limited understanding it’s very different from
    world of tanks but that’s all I know (also I will probably only play ground

  14. Jedi next time use the AMD CleanUninstall Utility (it’s official). This
    wipes every remaining bit of AMD software off your system and puts you back
    to the standard Microsoft graphics drivers. After that you should be able
    to install the driver again without any problems.

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