War Thunder – Hetzer Gonna Hetz! – War Thunder Tanks 1.49

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Source: BaronVonGamez

New American Tanks and Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
M2a2, 75mm M3 GMC, , , , Super , T-95 “Doom Turtle”, AD-2 Skyraider, P-51D-10, P-51A 20mm
New Tanks and Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
4M GAZ-AAA, Su-57, , Т-34-85E, Т-34E STZ, -2 Avenger, SU-76М of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corps, Yak-9M, Il-2 1943, Yak-9T and Yak-9K (new models), IL-2 (new Cockpit), IL-2M AM-38 1943
New British Planes:
FireFly F.Mk.I, FireFly F.Mk.V, Seafire Mk.XVII, Seafire FR.47, Sea Fury FB.11, Attacker FB.1, Canberra (cockpit), Sea Gladiator Mk1, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ic, Plagis’s Spitfire LF. Mk.IX, Prendergast’s Spitfire FR.MK.XIVe
New Plans and Tanks:
Ar.234 C3, Hs.129 (cockpit), Bf-109B, StuH 42G
New Planes: J2M2, Ki-21

Thanks for watching!


  1. What tank should I play next?

  2. 10 out of 10 would watch again.

  3. First

  4. Flak panzer!!!!!!!

  5. Take out the mighty panzer II!

  6. Next time play the Hetzer!

  7. Wow im early

  8. Is dis like a fedora flip video???

  9. Hey baron could a British Churchill heavy tank kill a tiger.

    • Yes it could, with Discarding Sabot rounds. Churchills killed a lot of
      Tigers in North Africa and Italy.

    • No, just from the side, I think if it was to be very vlose like 100m or so
      it maybe chould with APCR or AP pen it but in game Churchill would be like
      a KV-1 so about 4.7 or so just coz it has a lot of armour

    • +Jermaine Dean its been said that the Churchill had great armor but not
      such a great gun there was also a battle where 11 churchill’s were lost to
      jagpanthers but after that attack failed the german’s attacked again in the
      morning with tigers and were once again stopped and had to retreat

    • +Jermaine Dean i dont think so but maybe it can

  10. Destroy everything in the tiger 1 H1!!!

  11. Pz iv F2

  12. do the JPanther

  13. trolasaurusrex97

    The IS-1, just so i can see you get put with IS-2 1944’s and still try and
    get kills

  14. how bout the t28 e who dosent love spaced armor

  15. E100

  16. Actually, baron, the German army used almost nine of the panzer 38t
    chassis, as the road wheels were enlarged and much was changed

  17. Hellcat of course!

  18. Check out all of em! Nintendo specifically though.

  19. Panzer 3!!!! Try to own the whole game using that tank :D

  20. pz 4 J kill things with your gun

  21. Please play the Kugelblitz or that top tier ZSU

  22. TheGreenSabre1000


  23. Learn to use ammo types. Arcade noob.

    • +flinchfly57 Bias at it’s finest

    • +Dick Assman Shouldn’t have mattered. If this game had halfway decent
      damage modeling the 34 would have been dead regardless. 2 crew members
      knocked out, an ammo rack hit, and the other 2 peppered with shrapnel but
      the 34 is still able to function completely fine. Realism at its finest.

    • Harrison Quilter-Clarke

      +Harrison Quilter-Clarke and im saying it to Dick Anderson that noob loser

    • Harrison Quilter-Clarke

      +Dick Assman your a faggot go to hell and think nice and i think hes way
      better than you

    • +Dick Assman ARCADE NOOB!

  24. Play the M41 Walker Bulldog or the M103

  25. T-34-85

  26. Using the wrong ammo…

  27. po-2

  28. M3 Lee

  29. I see you like Arcade more than Realistic battles, or is it because it’s
    easier to show off a tank in Arcade? BTW, plss pleh T-34 STZ :P

  30. SU-100 :D

  31. IL-28 and IS-3 hype!!//

  32. tinatpasselepoivre

    Zis 30 glass canon?

  33. Why are you firing apcr im like sitting here screaming at the screen xD

  34. Christian Spencer

    Do a mix series, I think Phly does them

  35. Ostfront “Ace” 00

    T34/85 for comrade katyusha

    Anyone get the reference?

    Girls und panzer

  36. Try to make this challenge: fly with a tier 1 plane in a tier 5 battle, and
    if you don’t get a kill in the hole match you get eggs (rb or ab) :)

  37. Funny moments with baron! 

  38. Po-2, Dont think, JUST DO IT FOR MOTHAR RUSSIA!


  40. T-34-85 or Sherman with rockets 

  41. Check out AMD they are releasing new gpu’s 

  42. Baron please see if you can find anything about the Division??? <3

  43. You weren’t using the right shells against the T-34.

  44. T34 57 

  45. Chinchill

  46. Or a kv 3

  47. Baron you should use the m41 walker bulldog

  48. Maybe try out some CSGO with some friends it is realy fun 

  49. Graham Greenfield

    Is phly come ing

  50. Ze Jagdtiger like if you agree 1 like=1 schnapp

  51. Baron I wanna c ya play a err k survival evolve d

  52. BaronVonGamez you have to check Just Cause 3 at the E3

  53. Why didn’t a Stug get over a swamp…well, because if got…stug…

  54. Black Prince

  55. he actually picked the right shells

  56. T44 plz 

  57. Stuh 42 G 105 mm Derp German tank destroyer for the Nazis

  58. Can you play the Sd. Kfz. 140/1? I think it would be pretty funny!

  59. The Panzer II Luchs premium tank, with the 50mm gun!

  60. Pz IV J

  61. Xbox & Playstation HYPE !!!!

  62. You keep getting killed by russian tanks

  63. T1 heavy

  64. Thanks for using my Screenshot in the Thumbnail!

  65. You know at 4:09 when that Wirbelwind pops up It’s like that droid from
    Star Wars that peeks out and is like WUT

  66. Take the Flakpanzer I plz plz plz!

  67. How do you move the screen of the tank and not move the gun barrel 

  68. Maybe the Panzer 38t next. Like if you agree! 

  69. I want to see you teaching how to destroy a track of a tank mostly heavies
    because that will really help plz.

  70. the m42 40mm of freadom

  71. CactusGaming s.r.o


  72. T95 plz

  73. IS-1. Do it for comrade Stalin or face the wrath of the NKVD.

  74. T28 or T28e 

  75. Archibald Fooster

    You play like such a goddamn noob.

  76. the American premium T28 plz

  77. Baron, this is important. Before going to E3, make sure that you are
    vaccinated properly and bring sanitary products. Gaming cons are fun, but
    it’s also where people go to spread their germs.

  78. Panzer3 !!

  79. Play Gepard next plz

  80. I would have artillery’d the shit out of that retarded friendly at 11:21.
    3500 SL is worth it to deal with stupidity of that magnitude.

  81. The mini-Hellcat, M8A1

  82. Panzer III with the 50 mm gun and schürzen. FÜR DAS VATERLAND!!!!

  83. You should check out the new Star Wars Battlefront. I think you might enjoy

  84. Zachary Mackenzie

    Go check out just cause 3

  85. TURTLE TEAM!!!!!!

  86. You should play red orchestra 2, it’s still alot of fun 

  87. Tom “DeltaForceOPS” Dobos

    Do the 152 DERP CANNON

  88. When I drive my stug III F and pz.4 g I get in rounds with tigers, Panthers
    and is1. How the heck can baron play with pz4 h and get in rounds with
    chafees shermans old kv1 and so in?

  89. Jagdpanther

  90. BT 7

    You wot tank
    Stalin will be upset and send you to gulag 

  91. The Master of Total War

    Can you please play the M4A3E2 76?

  92. Check out the Kingdom Come booth please, support good RPG’s!

  93. after the Jagdpanzer 38(t) we need the Panzer 38(t) F!!!

  94. Baron… have you tried or considered Mech Warrior Online? Its pretty
    freakin fun but very high learning curve.

  95. ToxicRainBowGames

    M2 Poke machine

  96. battlefront

  97. Tiger H1

  98. Juega con el Po-2

  99. For a new project: raffle among the comments a user to play with for the
    next video

  100. Baron, check out Battlefront 3
    Also, play the Jagdtiger please.

  101. You need to check if there is half life 3 :3

  102. Can we get the T34E or SU100 because its Russia Day

  103. Иосиф Steelin

    Omg seriously?…. using APCR against angled armor at distance? no
    APCR are effective against non angled armor and at medium/close range.

    Top War Thunder youtuber and doesn’t know the basics of both tanks &

  104. Pz 38 na

  105. Maus!! 

  106. The glass cannon, ZiS-30!

  107. Can u play the T18. 

  108. some low tier pzkpfw 3’s would be nice. theres not so much low tier content
    as u said before

  109. playe Calliope or T-35!

  110. T54 plz

  111. Shame the hetzer in Heroes and Generals is shit

  112. The Struggle Bus M41 Walker Bulldog without using and Sabot rounds.

  113. the last comment doesnt say hetzet but pz.IV f2 XD

  114. panzer (panzu) IV/70(V)

    SO HE CAN SEE!!!

  116. 7.15 min ..really -,- ? ..

  117. You and the guys should run a Blood Bowl (Blood Bowl 2, when it’s out)

  118. not a very well known game but you try out steel beast an awesome modern
    tank game

  119. Plz the m4a1

  120. BT-5 stalins race car

  121. Kv.2 King of DERP!!!!!

  122. Fucking t34 scum I am happy it is getting a huge br nerf next patch

    • So, for recommendation….. Use PzGr 39 (APCBC – HE – T) as primary rounds,
      and use PzGr 41 ( APCR ) against heavy armored targets or long range
      targets then

    • +supermax7720 its not hard to kill, and the new Br changes they are
      implementing are going to do little to nothing to there performance
      especially considering most are only going up by .3 in the BR

    • No , is baron that don t know that ap shell are much more effective than
      apcr against sloped armour. The kwk 40 penetration was buffed with this
      patch, so against that thank ap was the best choice, good fragmentation
      amazing penetration. Apcr are for heavy target such is-1 had range over

  123. This game is no fun anymore. Bombers totally ruined the Tank battles in
    this game.

  124. Baronvongamez. Please check out 初音ミク Project Diva


  125. play the auflärungspanzer 38(t) with AP ammo only

  126. Yay i was in the video 🙂
    will you play the F2 next?

  127. hetzer doesn’t hetz with acpr :D

  128. take out the calliope

  129. Roar! Tiger E!

  130. You never use the right ammo Baron.

  131. I like your Videos man ! They are awsome ! So much fun to watch them 🙂
    And ist funny how u speak german words ^^ (I’m German) Nein ehrlich bin
    ich wirklich ! :D

  132. You should check out No mans sky


  134. Gets shot and killed by the 105mm M4A3
    Holds the stats screen for entire kill animation
    “I don’t know how that happened, actually”

  135. Tiger 1 with PHLY

  136. Hey Baron, you should check out Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor! Awesome
    single player mode that allows you to control a TIGER!

  137. Da schurzen panzer! Pz 3 M

  138. Do you have to be a paying member to play a tank? If not, how do you open
    the ability to play tanks?

    • Mister RandomlyCommentsEveryNowAndAgainForFun.

      Oh, sorry! My other comment didn’t post.

    • +CrazyYanmega In your research menu, in the upper left corner, you can
      change between planes and tanks. Tanks are available for germans, russians
      and americans

    • Okay, so I just need to figure out how to open up the tanks option. Thank

    • Mister RandomlyCommentsEveryNowAndAgainForFun.

      +CrazyYanmega In Warthunder, its completely free to play planes and tanks.
      Just sign up and play.

  139. SU-76M or PzKpfw 38t.

  140. The M36 Jackson for Mother America!

  141. Play the kv-1 L-11

  142. Pz. III L for ze vaterland!

  143. THE DIVISION im pretty hyped on that and it would be cool of you check it
    out :)>>>

  144. premium t34

  145. Panzer mk IV

  146. T34(85) 

  147. At e3 can you look at “The Division”? Please

  148. TheColClinkGamer

    I’d love to see some Red Orchestra 2 gameplay on this channel! The cool
    thing with that game is that you could get phly and all your War Thunder
    pals to crew the same tank. Would make interesting commentary haha.

  149. At E3 try to see the new Star Ward Battlefront !!!

  150. You work hard enough/do enough for your community. Go to E3 and relax do
    what you want.

  151. Josef told me to tell you to play the Russian reserve tanks.

  152. Baron pls play H&G, with your thompon bazooka a colt 45 and get ready for a
    stug takedown like in band of brothers part 3 in the outskirts of carentan

  153. Hetz no Hetz on WarT

  154. Thought the phrase “Hetzer gonna Hetz” died out.

  155. Play the T-95

  156. Using APCR against an M10 is like using a needle against a sponge XD

  157. Pls look at the E3 for MASS EFFECT 4 MEIN KOMMANDANT!!!!!

  158. T1 HEAVY!!

  159. TheGamingNinja NL-US

    Pz III M

  160. Oh no not the doom turtle!

  161. M4a3 105 hvss sherman, the small derp tank

  162. Dude why you used apcr? those are the worst shells u cant kill sht, Use
    aphe :)

  163. thx for the nice video again Baron. I love u gameplays 😉 Thx

  164. How do you do that binoculars view? 

  165. Why do you not use your other she’ll it better

  166. Rasmus Hjalmarsson

    play the M3 tank destroyer plz

  167. I think you should try Project Reality. It has stand alone now.

  168. KV-85!

  169. Hopefully you can find something out about Call to Arms at E3 – the modern
    set Men of War by the same guys.

  170. damn this game is shit

  171. The first t-34

  172. Baron, I love you, but get your shit together concerning shell-types bro!
    Use shells with explosive filler, only use APCR when you absolutely need to
    pen something from the front.

  173. Please can you use stalins fridge, the KV-2

  174. Please play the Panzer IV E. Nice little low-tier tank :)

  175. StuG III A?

  176. StuH 42 G?

  177. Panzer III L?

  178. Panzer IV C?

  179. IDK if you’re a fan, but I need someone to check out the Bioware booth and
    find out about Mass Effect 4. Please and thank you.

  180. t-44

  181. Rover Van Ooijen

    Star wars battlefund

  182. Guillermo Cuevas

    Hey Baron can you play Life Is Feudal please?

  183. Baron check ubisoft 


  185. And fall out 4

  186. Baron i have never seen your play in ground forces improve. You keep doing
    the same mistakes every game i see you play. No matter what tank you are in
    you keep doing the same retarded things over and over again.

  187. plzz updaate us on starwars battlefront durin e3

  188. Play the panzer f1

  189. Johannes Miguel Vallentin Espenhain


  190. Look at battlefront

  191. Geoffrey Tappenden

    You should play the t-95 doom turtle 

  192. Geoffrey Tappenden

    I think you should do a series like this but with planes as well

  193. t 54

  194. T-44 or gulag

  195. check out Deus Ex: Mankind Divided!

  196. T-44 or Tiger E please

  197. Harrison Quilter-Clarke

    Baron you had Apcr bullets out that’s why i guess you didn’t kill them easy

  198. Seriously. Every time. Without fail. I take out this tank, I get pen’d
    through the front armour like it’s not even there and get ammo rack’d.

    Just once… just once, I want to get a kill.

  199. Lawrence Greenfield

    Would love a cheeky Panther vidya Baron

  200. T-26 or gulag!!!!

  201. Play i/su 152

  202. t35

  203. Luke Okins (Lukethevillain)

    Panzer IV F2

  204. Sebastian Brandt

    Sherman with The 105 please!!!

  205. Iyiola Kofoabayomi


  206. T28 Mini-Doom Turtle.

  207. T-34e or T-34-85e comrade. Make Stalin proud.

  208. Mister RandomlyCommentsEveryNowAndAgainForFun.

    M3 Lee for Leedom!

    geddit? freedom=leedom? hehe? right?

  209. anything and everything Blizzard entertainment

  210. Burgergaming GBS

    Check war gaming booth to check out when wot Xbox one comes out 

  211. Surely when you were over shooting the T-34, use could of used the distance
    stated on the tank like .79kms and use the sightings on ur scope? You were
    sighting 1.2kms and trying to find the range/ pen assist thing when he was
    under .80kms. Also seemed like u were over-pen at the start by using the
    wrong ammo.

  212. Can u go on warthunder

  213. 0:10 you derped here a bit :D

  214. Check out the STAR WARS booth

  215. I really wish that in air battles, the person who does the most damage gets
    the kill.

  216. Try to play a tank without any upgrades.
    And would like to see you play SU 76M.

  217. PZ.KP.FW.IIIJ

  218. Oskari Tuomainen

    Heyyy how y doin baron? But the thing that makes me wonder what key did y
    press on right at the start like the binoculars wiew idk but what is that
    key can y plz tell me?

  219. Oskari Tuomainen

    +BaronVonGamez what is the key y pressed before 3.46 the binocular wiew plz
    tell me. But the Tank request is play the American M24 Chaffee.

  220. t-28

  221. STuH 42 G I think it’s called

  222. “Insert Shatner meme”

    Why the fuck are you firing apcr ?

    “Finish meme”

  223. M4A3 105

  224. Russia is communist, so noone cares what you think, they can even lock you
    up for your oppinion!!!
    So it will be the SU152 or shark tank in the gulag

  225. If WOT xbxo one edition is Microsofts unannounced game at E3

  226. Baron, congratulations on joining Team Turtle. (Some anime fans may

  227. StuG III F because the StuG Life choose you!

  228. Luv the vids, but why are there commetcials before the vid and during the
    vid that i cant turn off. 

  229. Baron, check out Battlefront 3

  230. T-44 or we will throw you in the hole!
    You have 0:100 to get in it and fight for Stalin!

  231. I love how u say “Stug” . It’s pronounced “Schtug”, with the “Sch” Just
    like Scheiße.

  232. T34 like if think so to

  233. GRIMREAPERwillEATyou

    WarGaming… Dude you should try the T-28 if you haven’t (RUSSIAN)

  234. Probably a dumb question, but is the hetzer main gun completely fixed. Does
    not look like it moves much.

  235. t 28

  236. JDizzleFoShizzle

    T-34-85 or Goulash!

  237. How do I rotate my camera in the hangar on Mac 

  238. M24 chaffee or m26 pershing


  239. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    fun fact, the Pz 38t has armor plating riveted to the Upper Hull, the
    Rivets were more of a weapon to the Pz 38t Crew when enemies used explosive
    rounds on the tank. Rivets would snap, and ricochet through out the cabin,
    so the 38t Chassis was then used for the use of the Hetzer, the result was
    much more positively recieved.

  240. T34 85 with its amazing ballistic cap (nuke shells)

  241. You should play agar.io

  242. I’m not all to familiar with the tanks of War Thunder, but if there is a
    Panzer 2 of some sort, use it!

  243. Pz.III j plz

  244. Do t49

  245. Arma 3 life or dayz no

  246. Matthew Articulo

    The Maus with the lads

  247. Tiger E with the Panther D and the Ostwind??? Bitte Panzerkommandant

  248. I like to watch u play in tiger ll plus there’s a game joint operations
    typhoon rising that u an ur friends should check out!!

  249. LOL my Siri picked up on the name that you kept on saying because I have it
    plugged in and I have hey Siri on

  250. Flatpanzer IV/70

  251. APCR? Overpen much?

  252. Jonathan Saunders

    Can u check out the black ops 3 spot at E3 plz

  253. Robert Beuschlein

    Marder III

  254. Kv-85 for Mother Russia!!!

  255. Ze Tiger E! FO GERMANY

  256. Got banned on Gayjin forums 2015. The sales tho. The “sales”

  257. Use the M2A2 good luck 🙂

  258. Baron: y’all should ask me to play the hetzer or something like that
    Baron in next video: you know i’m no good at tanks like this….

  259. Does world of warships still allow people to use aim assist?

  260. Play the is-1 pls

  261. Panther Ausf. G! (Maybe a custom ‘ambush’ camouflage pattern?)

  262. Play the Stug 42 G

  263. Sweet , this was my 2nd tank you chose to take out…got lucky I guess. I
    was touting the M22 for long time, then you did it…now Hetzer just FFS.

  264. Hey baron

  265. Aariz Ryan Akhtar Razul

    the tiger E please baron

  266. LOL@ You gotta love it….the mini rage about teammates…best! You just
    gotta love it. Sounds just like me talking to myself in game.

  267. U should play Red Orchestra 2. If u r looking for a WW2 game with large
    scale battles, realistic mechanics, team work, historical accuracy,
    vehicles, and intense cinematic battles. Red Orchestra is the game where
    it’s at. Please play this game. I love ur channel, and please keep making
    more content. 

  268. Baron: Suggestion for a game to feature on the channel. I think it’s in
    line with the type of games you plan and enjoy so I think it would work
    well. Check out “Wargame: Airland Battle” and/or “Wargame: Red Dragon.”

  269. I have a question is that world of tanks with a filter or a whole different
    game because I play WoT
    on my gaming PC on full high settings and it looks just like that.

  270. I still suggest the m16 quad mount for 2md week in a row

  271. Got fed up with tier 5 in all 3 nations. Went back to tier 3 and started
    unlocking all the new lower tier tanks that got introduced in the last
    patch. Loving the lower tier battles, having wayyyyyy more fun.

  272. baron, moar smk land battleship pls
    the t35 is bad, so moar smk

  273. Hey baron you should try Arma 3…It’s a realistic shooter/technically a
    Mil SIM…super fun and there is a ton of different game modes, combat
    scenarios etc that can spawn from it. You have a tactical aggressive mind
    and I think you would enjoy the game as it rewards those who think
    strategically…its mostly about positioning and strategy…and not so much
    shooting(but it helps to be accurate) hard game at first but I and many
    others (YouTube) would be willing to help if you are interested in trying
    the game. 

  274. StuH 42 or Stalag

  275. German tank ace Otto Carius began his career in Hetzer

  276. T-44 or Gulag!!!!!

  277. Czech out Red Orchestra, Baron.

  278. codey kronemeyer

    T26 or t46 :)

  279. If you’d have been using ammo type #2 from the start…so many kills.

  280. su-152 pls

  281. Dmitri Myakovsky


  282. Pixelation Studios

    Marder sniping

  283. William Gustafsson

    ark hype pls

  284. baron against that t34, you were aiming to high. When you brought the
    reticle down, the marker showed.

  285. Mitchelplaysgames

    T-95 please doom turtle

  286. The Gaming Brothers

    tiger tank

  287. Take the wirbelwind and kill some helcats :)

  288. I would like to see you play Pz. IV C, please.

  289. War thunder is-4

  290. choi william (윌얌)

    Panzer IV Ausf.J

  291. war thunder king tiger

    Take the tiger p out 

  292. stop using apcr against sloped armor aarrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!

  293. T-34 …. totally balanced …. FEEL THE RUSSIAN BALANCE !!!

  294. Try out the premium Jagdpanzer IV 70/A .. coz u’ve never tried it before

  295. John Asbjørn Kjøl

    Topp kills

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