War Thunder – Hitlers Baby Nazi Tank!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. first

  2. View 1!

  3. Tiger(P) PLEZ
    Tiger Porsche
    Realistic Battle

  4. Comment 2…

  5. No views club 2016!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 4th!

  7. baron he wouldn’t be older he would be younger because the 35t came first.

  8. But it’s NOT nazi tank!!! 😀 It’s not even Czech… It’s Czechoslovakian

  9. I want the st1 back!!!!

  10. Under 301.

  11. under 301 views 🙂 keep it up baron i love your videos.

  12. Adrian Staniszewski

    Lol its a czech tank

  13. HERRO!

  14. Lukas-LP Česká videa

    This is a czech tank 

  15. Gave it a thumbs up just for that kickass thumbnail! Lol, now its time to
    watch the video. ~Cheers

  16. Sebastiano Branca

    Im level 100 with more than 800 hours in WT… most fun i’ve ever had?
    Arcade battles with panzer II loaded with hvap lol

  17. This is czech tank….

  18. Baron, play a lineup with the isu152, kv2, and su152. It’s actually quite


  20. I always wanted to Czech out this tank

  21. Under 1000 club

  22. Tiger II (P) Best against bt-5 and t-26

  23. Mikolav Skalavenchko

    I bet even this thing will pack more punch than the Japanese tanks when
    they come out.

  24. Hitler did Nazi that he was gonna have a baby….

  25. SMK? Please?

  26. Baron could you please play the pz 2 h next? It would make me so happy ;-;

  27. the best part is that in realistic, it just looks like an unassuming NPC
    tank thats just not knocked out if you don’t move the turret

  28. More low-tier love, please.

  29. Baron you need to play the M10 wolverine
    It’s the rice paper tank


  31. Good video 

  32. that thumnail


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      videos without having to watch annoying commercials. Get off your high
      horse, we’re all supporters, adblock user or not. Without us, you wouldn’t
      be at this position right now, right? Instead of caring about your money,
      you should be caring about you audience. We’re not your income, but your
      fans. Show some love back, bro.

    • ty for ur feedback

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    • Steve the Bandit

      +john george
      >Not using Adblock

  34. Lol its not even german

  35. The pz1 was only 5.5tones 

  36. Try this at realistic is pretty awesome with apcb ammo 

  37. I did nazi that coming.
    Did Jew?

  38. Well actually it was a Czech tank that the Germans used after capturing the
    country and the factory. They used it because it was a superior tank to the
    Pz-II (and some argue the Pz-III even).

  39. The Pz 35t is a light tank not a medium.

  40. I like this tank, its small gun can do some seriious work at tier 1

  41. Favorite reserve tier is probably t-26 or bt-5. I also like the Panzer 2

  42. Porsche Tiger! Tiger (P)!

  43. Favourite Reserve tank? Most definitely the BT5… It has the same gun as
    the T26 btw, and about the same survivability, so… 2nd place the M2A4
    (amazing gun), then the M2A2 (not because of the guns, but because of the
    speed, it feels like you are playing WT on fast forward, really fun) 

  44. 420 likes

  45. He he. FIRE IN JA WOHL

  46. The T-60 is pretty darn fun :)

  47. T-26 is best

  48. Matthew Westhoven

    Hey Barron can you please explain in one of your next videos how to choose
    which plane you will fly when you call in a fighter, bomber, or fighter
    bomber. Thanks

  49. Pim Uijt de Haag

    Hey man, Pz 35 is really great in RB so that’s my favorite reserve for sure
    😀 you should try it sometime!

  50. Please Tiger(P)

  51. the m2a2 us pretty fun to derp around in

  52. t 54

  53. Baron the pz 35 (t), originally LT 35, was a light tank, not a medium one,
    and it was made from year 1935. It was purely czech tank, but as Nazis
    captured Czech republic (czechoslovakian, but slovaks joined Nazis), we
    were forced to give those tanks to germans and even make new tanks for
    them. Due to imperfections in suspension, the LT 38 (pz 38) was developed,
    which was very reliable and it was considered best light tank in the world
    of the beginning of the 2. WW, although it wa pre-ww2 (as the number
    suggests, it was developed in 1938). This tank was mented for
    czechoslovakian army, but first tanks were never delivered as germans took
    them right in the factory. Important rebuilding of this tank are for
    example Gepard (AA), Hetzer, Marder III and Grille.

  54. Pz 38 (t) an also is it a medium tank too

  55. Lol Chris Paul jk

  56. Just wondering, but did you buy those eagles yourself or were they
    sponsored by the warthunder team?

    • He has a press account. He shows off the game, and gets the account to do
      so via everything being unlocked and purchased (I think everything is
      purchased, but either way you could buy everything with eagles.)

  57. Baron next could u play m18 hellcat on sim battle like if u agree

  58. Christopher Plesniarski

    Baron you should play the T 25 AT

  59. 10,5 cm Tiger II pls (bigger is better)

  60. pleh the sherman derp

  61. Its not german tank its tank from my country, Czech Republik

  62. My opinion of the reserve tanks:
    T-26: Utter garbage, decent gun, everything else is terrible
    BT-5: Great, good overall, decent gun, not bad armour, fast
    M2A2: Ok, can be good, but can sometimes be garbage
    M4A2: Pretty good, fast, not bad gun, not bad armour
    Pz II C: Mixed bag, gun can be great or terrible depending on the
    situation, same for armour, not very fast but not sluggish
    Pz 35 (t): Pretty good, good gun, armour is decent, a little slow though


  64. Dude tier 1 tank games are insanity in a cube.

  65. Do the M-15 CGMC.

  66. Baby Hitler makes ze sports. Makes ze party.

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  68. cod zombies is my fav

    what was the indicator on the top right that shows the damage done to an
    enemy tank ???

  69. Budweiser commercials so annoying

  70. Baron you have 2 options.
    1. You can take blue pill and you drive the Super hellcat and wake up
    tomorrow morning with 72 virgins. (female of course)
    2. Or you can take the red pill and die trying to get 72 virgins in your
    It’s your choice. Either virgins or death.

  71. mt favorit reserve tank is….. YOUR MOM

  72. I once held off 20 tanks at a crucial path with a 105 Sherman and an allied
    PZ4 while my team captured the zones. Sparta lives again

  73. would you ever maybe play Company of Heroes with Phly? would love to see it

  74. Panther G plz!!!

  75. still not as cute as the 38(t)

  76. thaddiuscornhole

    Baron smells

  77. BT-5 stalins race car!! :)

  78. VK 16.02 and Luchs are much cuter. o-o

  79. HAHAHAHA the picture of the video is so funny i cant stop laughing!

  80. Snapshot? I don’t think Progressive covers tanks lol.

  81. I loved that tank. 

  82. PZ-2 Baron. Do it for sh!ts and giggles! Pz-2 please.

  83. T20 America 

  84. Those BT-5’s are cheeky little bastards,

  85. Baron can you fly the bf109g2 with gun pods or fw190d9

  86. Panzer 2 c

  87. Yay! … A Tank video,after a long time! ..

  88. Dude +BaronVonGamez are you Jim Halpert, because you sound like fuckin Jim

  89. Pz 2 c American tanks are to cramped and 1 hit and its disabled dam
    shermans also that 50 cal is good on it but 1 clip at most it’s dead

  90. We need the 40M Turan tank as a Premium.

  91. Alexander Johnson

    Firebrand TF Mk IV PLS!!!

  92. the tiger p.the reverse race car.my favorite reserve is the Stuart 

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