War Thunder – Ho-Ri Prototype “That’s The Biggest Bomb!”

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War Thunder - Ho-Ri Prototype "That's The Biggest Bomb!"">

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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Catching Bombs and Artillery like it is going out of style! Besides the ghost shells in today’s matches, I still love this beast of a premium. Armor, speed, and firepower!

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  1. Sorry for the slow release of videos this week! Still love you guys!

  2. If Bo’s allowed to take a hundred guesses at Stick’s safeword, then Bo can be called kitten goddammit

  3. I like “That’s the biggest bomb again.” 🤣

  4. I don’t think comrade Molotov would appreciate you slandering his clear humanitarian effort of ensuring that your tank crew doesn’t go hungry

  5. I got into a game with y’all and I almost shit my pants…

  6. 11:46 bomb as big as the tank

  7. BO: I didn’t really have much of a choice, the russians came back and they were very unhappy!

  8. The russians have spoken FROYNLAVEN!

  9. why does Bo not use skins

  10. I wouldnt attack a jumbo and another tank in a spg thats on a higher ground.

  11. I love how the conversations always go South quickly

  12. 15:18 – 15:19 did anyone see the big green circle?

  13. Listening to Stick’s rant around the 3ish minute mark.

    Heard him say, “You’re gonna leave me to die.”

    You see in the kill feed a P-47 dropped a bomb on him.

    Poor Stick

  14. How do you yellow ping locations like they do

  15. 11:49 when it appeared on screen I was like, “oh rip”

  16. ok it is COMPLETE bullshit bombs just IGNORE cover now

    be on the otherside of a physical rock for cover, the bomb just ignores it completly

    Bo you still got that 1sylt cpass ticket to Moscow? Its about time you cash that in

  17. The word you were looking for was “Larch”. Good video! o7

  18. Jeez “The biggest bomb 2.0” was brutal…

  19. mm i wonder why u didn’t use the ho ri production, its pretty good and stronger (yet I’m guessing the repair cost)

  20. Love how you make every bad situation in war thunder make it funny 😂

  21. Jiddbeon Mauricioang

    Does the legend replies!?

  22. why does the name “Ho-Ri” reminds me of Hori-san from Horimiya(Hori-san to Miyamura-kun)

  23. Low tier planebon a high BR realistic battles

  24. “Getting shot in the face is love, what!?”
    Bo, it’s called a kiss.

  25. That’s a pretty impressive number of trees you know. I actually have no idea what all the types of trees I know are because I’ve never had to list them

  26. “He can smell my brokenness” LMAO

  27. Comrade From The Southeast Asia

    0:35 i really laugh at that

  28. Do a Lancaster video (good luck mentally)

  29. “Getting shot in the face is Love?” It is in bed!

  30. stick spent the most on this video.

  31. Isnt Stick already Woody?

  32. 0:42 Why am I shaking my head

  33. What is getting shot in the face if not love persevering?

  34. No one actually focusing on Stick saying “If we don’t know what we’re doing, they don’t know what we’re doing” at 6:32 is literally killing me… another amazing video Bo, keep up the excellent work”

  35. 1:39

    Does ur type of love have a safe word

  36. 4:32 *wish i made that sort of profit but then again my highest BR tank is a origami with a high velocity 76 mm*

  37. TheMightyWookie351c

    Great video! Missed you Bo. Glad your back.

  38. Sorry but at 11:45 it’s a total reverse couple moment🤣

  39. That bomb landing right in front of you cracked me up lol

  40. I hopw there is a way to lock the hatch in the multifunction menu

  41. Thank you for making my dream come true at 8:00 when you killed me. Thanks for inspiring me and getting me through rough times.

  42. Fun vid. Thanks

  43. Tank crewman: errr command, our tank commander took a tank round to the face, he isn’t functioning anymore, can we get a new one please.

  44. That ebr really suck

  45. Bo’s got a question and so do i, what is love


    me:stares intently at Bush

    also me: nah there’s nothing there


  47. guys u are amazing.

  48. Charlesj HemphillIII

    No prob.
    This ended too soon.
    I really like seeing you guys use Japanese equipment. 🙂
    Have you ever used the small 2 seater tanks?
    I don’t know their designation.

  49. Stick boy a masochist?? 👀👀👀

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