War Thunder – How to Defeat a Panzer

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Today’s lesson in the defeating of Panzers.

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  1. I serve the squidonian empire!

  2. I serve the SQUIDONIAN EMPIRE

    If it still exists.

  3. my birth day is on your channel anniversary

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  5. I serve the SQUIDONIAN EMPIRE Vote Squire, for another glorious decade of colonization. I also pledge to make sure the glorious leader has an unlimited supply of Earl Grey Tea.

  6. Wicked12Z-UnitedGermanMapping

    Use a t 34 85 to destroy them

  7. Oliver Goodridge

    At first i thought squire had had caught a bad case going frog side and being to lazy to upload and was getting more interested in sleeping rather than working (those bloody french are evil bastards), so I a deligent member of the Squidonian secret service launched a full english breakfast squad to invesitage his disapperance. Fortuantly they maneged to reach him before he stared eating long pointy bread and speaking in a silly accent, and we can safely say that with the application of a hearty does of english breakfast and earl grey tea he is on the road to recovery although we did have to shoot one of the rescue team after they starded weaing silly hats and stopped beathing.

  8. HEY SQIRE please play venus patrol go download it in itch io

  9. dam this was real helpful t(‘-‘t)

  10. So by my calculations u need 6tanks 12 guns 6 machine guns a atack plane and a bomber plus the cover of night to kill a tiger….

  11. you are wrong the irish did kick a little behind

  12. MCmasterMiner_ 7777

    Can u do how to destroy a KV-2

  13. I serve the squidonian empire!

  14. please, sir what is that music? I would like to follow the rules but without music it seems that I can’t follow rule 6!

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    I thus have Subbed immediately, you, sir, are a top quality amusement~ maker.

  16. when SHTF, shoot the gun barrel

  17. 3 tanks for the price of 1 tank kill

  18. Swagerino Albino

    You should really play Hearts of Iron 4

  19. Alexander Ushakov

    Russian tanks are the best

  20. What upload schedule

  21. Rule 11: Bloody kill Hitler

  22. i dont think this will work

  23. TrueDestroyer 321

    I serve the RAF.

  24. this indeed is rather a fine english video

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    so stupid but funny lol

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    Well between upload i tend to have many cups of tea and biscuits.
    Your videos are uploaded faster than the A39 Tortoise…

  30. I serve the Squiredonian Empire! Awesome tutorial! Now we can defeat the Hun with confidence. Tally Ho!

  31. jizzanthapuss maammarata

    How to defeat A tiger in War thunder, 1 shoot it with a T-34/85 2. Sherman 76w. and then you win.

  32. I serve the SQUIDONIAN EMPIRE, your upload squedule speed is just like a race of the German MAUS, American T28 and the British Tortoise in the sahara desert

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  34. John Aimrie Santibanez

    I want Golden Eagles

  35. Play like a Frenchman hmmm…. Gaston, où est mon drapeau blanc?

  36. Rule number 1) You don’t.

  37. Keti Bibineishvili

    that was a Soviet tank wtf

  38. For thise use transliter (english , bosnian) : Zasto se rugas americkim tenkovima i avionima , ja volim tvoje vide ali nerugaj se amerikancima

  39. Squire’s upload schedule is about as reliable as a Robin Reliant. That being said I really love his videos

  40. 08:50 OMFG this this guy is so funny

  41. I serve the Squidonian empire

  42. I’m too lazy to write it, but i saw it, I swear

  43. Günter Bortfeld

    epic squire, epic! keep up the good work

  44. No One In Particular

    im a wot player not wt

  45. lol the tiger weakness is at the feul tanks lol

  46. Horsey horse? more like Squire’s Upload rate is slower then by which a Jerry can produce, maintain, and operate an armored vehicle given the presets that,
    A- You and or allies have more than 3 fronts open and/or are rapidly losing all of them.
    B- is fighting a enemy that literally will destroy its own land in order to draw the aggressor into a winter attrition war.
    C- The highly skilled Veteran Generals cannot control their own army because your leader thinks he is right.
    D – Their is a Jew, homosexual, gypsy, or Russian within a 10000Km radius

  47. -GRS- sniperstg2

    … why don’t you put a 240mm on a ELC bis and drive it next to a tiger 1

  48. Jolly Good Show…Those British were such clever tacticians weren’t they!! Oh and the power of their tanks!! Unparalleled.

  49. upload.schedule.what schedule

  50. Ahh! Shermans! We only need Cromwells and a Churchill… or a comet… or the very new and pretty looking Centurion. Wait, no, the MK2 looks nicer.

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