War Thunder – I Love You Guys…Go to the Gulag!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Gameplay 1. Ó IS-3 Tank Request Series – Gulag!

Thanks for watching!



  2. Drive out the M-46 tiger!

  3. Third. hey baron


  4. fourth

  5. 95th :P

  6. seventh!

  7. Next tank: (Mickey) Maus!

  8. What tank should I play next? Let me know your requests…and feel free to
    like someone else’s comment if you agree with their choice! Also, follow me
    on the twitter…big things coming in August!!!!

  9. T80 in tier 5. DEW IT

  10. Baron can you play more men of war assault squad 2.

  11. under 301 views club!

  12. Baron the Bismark is gonna be added in the next WOWS patch for testing!

  13. To all those attention seeking people who are spamming theyr place in the
    comments: We can care less, friends.

  14. Is-4m

  15. M18 SuperHellcat plz

  16. Gz xI AveNge Ix Max

    Jadgtiger pls

  17. SMK attempt 17

  18. “Eat me machine gun you little tits!”- Baron 2015

  19. Bring back men of war Mondays!!!

    • +doug sawyer agreed, man of war was my reason to sub him, back in the days

    • I believe Sherman and Baron had a falling out. Or I’ve been so told.

    • +pedro ferreira I assume you have heard google plus and youtube are
      breaking up.

    • +Josh Wetzel I don’t want to stir shit up…lol…yes I do…but a derp
      bridge to far might be the best Men Of War video they put out…and
      Shermans artillery late actually lost the game…lol…Baron put up mines
      on top of mines and it worked …and Sherman blew the dead tanks out of the
      epic fail …was so fun to watch

    • Play with Sherman

  20. Unless one of your announcement is Brit Tanks then I don’t care! >:|

  21. Play with the su 152 DERP BROTHER next Baron.

  22. The t10 is an is8 the is7 has a 130mm gun

  23. Why is its ass looks different? It had fuel tanks on the sides am I right?


  25. Why not using HE shells? Thats the best shells you can use with that 122mm.
    They are so underrated. One shot to the is3 is4 t10 roof and bam dead. 

  26. T95 in AB plz baron

  27. trolilol

  28. Is this as bad as WoT? or better? looks cool but i don’t either wanna grind
    24/7 for tier 5

  29. would you do a mg42 heroes and generals video for me please?

  30. Use what tank you feel is best at TOP TIER!

  31. It is my dying wish to drive that tank ❤️❤️

  32. Hey Baron, do you play WOT? don’t see any on your YouTube.

    • +Tyler Brooke-Thomas no, not at all (ok well a bit), more russian bias than
      you just need more time if you dont want to pay extra money, all premium
      ammunition and consumables can be bought for ingame money, obtained by just
      playing the game
      edit: heroes and generals is the worst pay to win ever, btw

    • Tyler Brooke-Thomas

      You don’t see any WoT because WoT is P2W garbage

  33. Ruthenius Kastavii

    IS-4M plz, maximum HE plz. Or some T-54 1951 plz to show ze power of the

  34. PotatoMasher Productions

    Baron plz respond. Have you played world of tanks blitz before

  35. “Baron is pregnant” – CONFIRMED!

  36. Yay august baron is giving us a back to school surprise. I hope its pencils

  37. Now play the is-3 and not the t10m

  38. Panzer VI Tiger I H


  39. Keep up the good work

  40. m103 plz

  41. m6 heavy!!!

  42. IS-3

    “Giant and Slow”

    Oh Warthunder. You’re so retarded.

  43. Play the IS3 because this video was more t10m than IS3

  44. SU-122-54

  45. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    Try the premium t26e armored mini tank

  46. Tristin Bontrager

    T95 doom turtle pls

  47. M4A1 sherman

  48. Anyone else notice he was an ace with assists?

  49. Stop playing these weak tanks and play the most op of all…M2A2 the pew
    pew tank

  50. Walkerbulldog!!!! Please!

  51. doom turtle

  52. DuderMcBroBlaster

    Play Panther 2 pls?

  53. FINALLY! Kugablitz next?

  54. Hey baron I would love to see the Super Hellcat or the M60

  55. Hi :D

  56. Aww you’re killing me smalls….. Lol at least I have Aug to look forward
    to now lol. 

  57. anyone else feel like the is-3 sucks i get one shotted all threw the front

    • but your tank need to turn fast it can work on tanks like MAUS but less good

    • thanks ill be sure to use this in battle

    • when the enemy is on front of you press (QWERTY) A and D to turn just a
      little (ex : you have a Tiger 2 in front of you and he aim you so you turn
      just a little to the right and you turn to the left if you dobit well he
      wont be able to aim your weakspots ) or press Q and D if you have a AZERTY

    • what do you mean by right to left

    • IS-3 have 3 weakspots : – the driver’s view port
      – the lower plate
      – the little plate on the top of the turret … 30 mm
      so if you want to survive try to move your tank right to left

  58. Baron when you flanked that block of the city turned into a death box!!! XD

  59. I request FREAKING 60FPS.
    Damn Baron, we are living in the future

    • +Team Enchanted – Become an Enchanter! No kidding. 219k youtube subs and
      the quality still isn’t there yet.
      We can tell the difference from his older videos (6 months ago or so), the
      quality has improved quite a bit but I guess we always want more.

    • Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

      +Kim Thisdale Yeah good point. If you plan on doing YOuUTbe as a hobby and
      enjoy it, you might as well make it enjoyable visually with 60 FPS.

    • +RedAssassin274 Everyone whose job is to entertain people with video games
      SHOULD have a good computer, just saying.

    • +aggressivli nah, not everyone has a good pc.

    • +Buggy The Viking 5 year slang…

  60. Play with the TIGGER 2222

  61. Play the easy 8 sherman tank

  62. Gets arrested by Baron’s police( Slickbee & Phly) NOOOOOOOO I STILL LIKE

  63. M103 American tankzz 

  64. Tiger 2

  65. The turtle modler “Turtle”

    M4a1 with 76 plz

  66. M2A2 sports car tank!!

  67. Baron drive the M103 FOR MURICA!!!!

  68. Baron I wanna see more Heroes and Generals.

  69. Hey baron you should play more unturned! Its changed a lot.

  70. While I am happy to see you making big plans for your channel, from my
    point of view I don’t liek the idea of multiple channels, when making play
    lists I think would be a better option. Well that is my opinion for what
    it’s worth.

  71. Heavy tank destroyer with lots of armor against tier 1 horde

  72. Drive the T32 THE TURRET THO

  73. USS North Carolina!!!!

  74. you should play as Sherman the German, the captured M4 748 (a)

  75. Kristoffer Laursen

    AP is much better than heat in t-10

  76. Play the Maus!!!!!

  77. Kristoffer Laursen

    Play is-3 not t-10 in a is-3 video;-)

  78. ProductiveGamesYT

    #SuperHellcat Please Baron!

  79. wouldn’t it be cool if the katyusha was in this game

  80. Sigh, of course when baron plays the is3 he doesn’t die by a fin heat right
    through the pike to fully understand how outclassed that tank is. The is3
    is a huge let down, and to those saying its op, wait until you get the fin
    heat. One round through the pike one shot kill. Thanks gj for screwing a
    good tank.

    • +Ben S Lol it WAS op until the heat fin, damn near unkillable unless RNGsus
      allowed a lucky shot through the turret ring.

  81. Robert Sørensen

    I often start following a Youtube gaming channel based on the game the
    youtuber is specializing/playing, often to learn how to play, get to see
    some gameplay before a purchase, etc, etc.

    The Youtubers I often tend to *keep* following and watching is based on
    their personality, not so much the game anymore. +PhlyDaily and +
    BaronVonGamez is the perfect example of that!

    Thank you for hours of good entertainment +BaronVonGamez (my wife probably
    hates you 😛 )

  82. T-54 in the house

  83. How about some Gepard action? I’m tired of those high tier game plays. 

  84. go play the M3 Lee or we send you to McDonalds!

  85. garrett thompson

    Request: Pls actually play te IS-3 now :/

  86. Buggy The Viking

    more men of war!

  87. Elegant Elliot Offen

    Baron you Diabetic, dehydrated, kikexic, epileptic victim!

  88. Jagdtiger and ho 229!

  89. Logan Brandenburg

    M4 Sherman with 76 mm gun. Or CIA will eliminate the domestic threat


  91. i have a suggestion Rb events like D-day shermans vs tiger 1 or battle of
    britian lancaster spitfires vs stukas meshismits

  92. gaijin was controlled by developer named joseph stalin a while ago, now
    they controlled by freedom 🙁 🙁 🙁 need my stalin back!


  94. Brayden Griffiths

    M103 pls 

  95. I don’t want to be loved enough to go to gulag though. I want to be loved
    enough to kill you with giant tank then be sent to gulag.

  96. Stuart 

  97. in august I will be on vacation 🙁 fuck

  98. dafuq m3lee?

  99. do giveaways for us less fortunet

  100. M3 Grant 1 =)

  101. Friedrich “Wüstenfuchs” Christian

    heroes and generals!!!!!

  102. Louis Van Der Westhuizen

    Drive jagdtiger 128 plz!!

  103. bernardobiritiki

    Comrade Baron do you see this Hammer and Sickle?
    Do you know what it means?
    It means play the IS-1 or vacation in Siberia for you

  104. M22 M=MURICA!

  105. Locust M22

  106. does anyone know if there are war thunder clones out there or coming soon?
    The world of tank type games are not for me because I dislike the hit
    point/heath bar systems. I wish there was a war thunder type game made by
    someone else. In my opinion some of the war thunder people seem like pricks

  107. Do a Maus against all tier one vehicles

  108. Please Panther D

  109. Pz IV C

  110. KING TIGER for the fuher

  111. Arcade play is so boring. Please more RB and SB. 

  112. Play men of war baron

  113. Hetzer gotta Hetz BARON!!!

  114. Thanks baron you to

  115. garrett beckwith

    i could imagine an Abrams vs a js3 the js3 would get sloterd

  116. My birthday is i august

  117. Tiger or m103

  118. the obvious American

    baron i asked last video but could you play the ferdinand?

  119. No Gulag Plez :/

  120. M103 pls

  121. Proudtobecroat21

    m 41 walker bulldog for third time

  122. Der Nudelexpress

    pz II C pew pew for führer merkel, we must invade greece!
    (or go to gulasch [the german more efficient version])

  123. Leopard 

  124. You handsome hunk, you Stalin

  125. play with favourite tank!!

  126. Plz do maus and leopard 1

  127. B.G.B Reptile ITA

    The way how the M46’s turret instantly turned made me think about an horror
    movie xD

  128. when playing is3 dont angle your tank for the added protection you think it
    gives you. The whole idea of the pike armor is that it pre angles it for
    you so all you have to do is face them and it gives you the best armor
    values. When you angle yourself you negate what the pike armor is doing so
    it lowers the effectiveness than if you were to just face the tank head on

  129. Tristen Toulouse

    Ferdinand plz

  130. Don’t stream when we’re all at school in August.

  131. I really want war thunder to add ground forces missions

  132. Soldat Fragile FR

    Go to the oven 

  133. I’m pretty sure is stands for Iosef stalin

  134. Didn’t the IS-3 used to have fuel tanks on the side? It looks so naked now

  135. *M41 Walker Bulldog*
    You’re not allowed to stop driving. Like someone wise once said; DO IT!!!!

  136. Panther II or Konzentrationslager

  137. IShallRuleTheGuitar1

    Baron are you hyped for METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN

  138. It’s the Is-10 baron

  139. Baron has a canon that can kill any tank by AP but still uses HEAT ammo….

  140. MuffinToast1 -Gaming and more!

    M2A2 for Uncle Sam!

    Or else the Wellington X which is gulag


    # barongamez can you !make a costeom battle ho229 agintes b 25 

  142. I like seeing the low tier tanks played. How about taking out the T60

  143. How about a M60 or Leopard vs. bombers custom battle? That L7 gun could
    give them a run for their money. Would be fun to watch.

  144. M103 MERICA!!!



  146. play the M103 :D

  147. That was me in the M3

  148. +BaronVonGamez
    I know this is different from wt but u should play more unturned those
    videos were funny as hell

  149. CrocodileTearsbro

    Stream house with Phly HYYYYYPPPPPPPEEEEE!!!!!!

  150. T-34/85? No? Ok…

  151. Panzer II H. Because it’s cute.

  152. Toothbrush Shank

    stream world of warships:D

  153. Drive the T-28! American tank destroyer

  154. Toothbrush Shank

    when do you stream?

  155. Leopard

  156. Pz V. panther F

  157. How u have so much golden eagles

  158. My birthday is on August 1

  159. frank korthouwer


  160. B-29 would be awesome 

  161. Baron dont you know entak? I expected you two playing with each other 

  162. IS 3 means islof stalin 3

  163. Stop playing arcade 

  164. Baron, What would you do if an IS-3 Broke trough your livingroom wall and
    the commander offered you some vodka and biscuits? Also, Plox play the
    SU-152 Derp gun! or else you! are the one who goes to Gulag my friend ;)

  165. Super Hellcat FOR AMURICA!

  166. stop using heat rounds, it hurts me to watch you play sometimes

  167. Tiger 2 p or H
    Hitlers spacetank

  168. T54 or Gulag

  169. ro2/rising storm?

  170. play Phoenix or Yamato or Montana


  172. 60fps videos would be cool.

  173. joseph racioppi (creepmon11)

    Tiger 1 e or Gestapo at your door 

  174. Hey baron,
    Been watching you for ages. You u should get into some navyfield 2. No
    Youtubers play it and there still is a large community.. I would love to
    see it. 

  175. shut up & play smarter. youve become an infomercial of yourself.

  176. Тот «Холодный» Ветер

    How would one pen a IS-3 from the front?

  177. Men o war mondays or gulag

  178. August 2nd is my bday ;]

  179. Marker MakeUsWhole

    This has been said before but the Gulag isnt a fun joke,its like joking
    about the concentration camps.

  180. M103 or Gitmo

  181. Play the is-2

  182. Play the M6A1 heavy tank

  183. hey Baron, u should play Tom Clancy Rainbow 6 Siege when it cums out!!!!!

  184. I really want to see you play the M103. Because it’s really not a lot of
    gameplay out there in the most recent patches. And since the last one
    everyone says it sucks.

    And I happened to get it just in time for the 1.51 Cold Steel so.

    Also. Weren’t you suppose to come to Sweden this summer?

    You are probably lucky not to anyways. Cause the weather sucks. Like BIG
    time. Think of a typical British summer. That’s how it is here now.


  185. exteremeJUGGERNAUT

    ISU-152 with it’s new and lower BR

  186. Solid Shepard (ScareCrow9)

    Really looking forward to and exited for what’s to come Baron. :)

  187. Do the T-32 American heavy tank plz. 

  188. Will you be uploading on your main channel and your upcoming new channel at
    the same time?

  189. Do the M3 in honor of the fallen tank.

  190. Please play as the next tank the Panther II or the Jagdtiger 

  191. I know this is off topic but can you please make more heroes and generals

  192. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    4:35 Baron you just described call of duty LMAO

  193. Baron, 3 words, Fernando the Ferdinand

  194. more warships streams

  195. Baron..the votes are in…Men of war Mondays or Gulag

  196. hey Baron you should like,form a platoon with tanks from the same country
    like US tank plat,RU plat and Axis plat.
    any vehicle classes to when in the plats

  197. Baron u drove the m103 the tiger Patton the M47 Patton the T32 and the m26
    pershing but u never drove the M26e1 pershing also bring back Men of War
    assult Squad 2 with THE SHERMONATER he good youtuber 

  198. T28

  199. Play with a viewer
    Once a month or, week

  200. Ze mighty Tiger H1

  201. Russian tanks = Easy mode
    The rest = dark souls hardest difficulty.

  202. Braiden Robson (BEJR2000)

    Baron drive the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte next and make Stalin piss in his

  203. So I might be a bit excited for August now Baron….

  204. Helena Sundström

    Try plize Ferdinand 

  205. Hey Baron, use the M2A2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  206. Play the KV2 and you will be awarded the king of derp

  207. can you try hetzer plz :)

  208. will there be any new content on BaronsAdventures?

  209. Do the american heavies m103 or go to alcatraz

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