War Thunder – I Wanna Go Fast!!! Soviet Race Car Tanks

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War Thunder Tanks – BT-7, BT-5 Race Car Tanks!
War Thunder 60fps series!

Thanks for watching!


  1. first comment

  2. YES IAM FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What tank should I play next?
    Check out the LEGO Tank video: https://youtu.be/wXC_xq-2f44

  4. su 100y

  5. Hey baron I have a question, why does my mother always slam my head into
    the keysbfhjsdkdmxm!2$3837$ $28/”$jklslx..zSeS

  6. baron von ggggggggggggggggggggggggggg………..

  7. +BaronVonGamez When will Tirpitz Winners announced?

  8. *be announced

  9. Peanut butter and egg sandwich? Didn’t realize Baron was pregnant.

  10. T-32 or GUANTANAMO!!!!

  11. play bismarck =)))))))))))))))))))

  12. The t-34 series for mother Russia!

  13. SU-58

  14. take out the JAGTIGER pls

  15. Fw-200

  16. The m60 or the m41 bulldog oh yeahhhhhh

  17. shake and bake

  18. Me go fast

  19. YOu must be pregnant.

  20. The king of cobra

  21. OsamaBinWeavel The3rd

    Does anyone know if there’s a game where I can play the Vulcan bomber? (The
    HOs sugar daddy)

  22. i’ve always wanted to get those lego tanks and ww2 figures but they are so
    fucking expensive. i mean 350 bucks for like 500 pieces and 3 or 4 figures.
    the figures alone are $25 bucks each

  23. Play some realistic battle

  24. Fuck yeah!! BT-7 FTW

  25. Next tank has to be the mighty Torpedus !!!

    Deez Nuts !!!

  26. pz IV f2 :)

  27. thats very funny, please play the t60 .


    play t 10 please


    play t 10 please

  30. Screw the tanks we want you to eat silly sandwiches more! I suggest pate
    and raspberry jam next lol

  31. Derpus Maximus, the one and only, KV-2!

  32. Jagdpanzer

  33. doom turtle please t95

  34. Drive the M3 Stuart, the mini mini Hellcat!!!

  35. BaronVonGamez, I watch you’re videos all the time and it helps me alot with
    learning where to shot and helps me know what to do when using/facing them
    whenever i get to play. Im currently a Solider in the US Army and I would
    love to see you play the M4A3E2. It doesn’t shoot shells. It shoots


  37. do the t 44
    P.S this is my sixth comment on the same tank

  38. play the forest again

  39. How can you earn golden eagles without purchasing them?

  40. I had more then 60 likes on my last suggestion, but here we go again, drive
    the KV-1E finnish camo if you got it! if not the russian one. :DD

  41. peanut butter and GERMAN FLAK TRUCK sandwich

  42. Gonzalo Arrazola González

    I have custom graphics, medium-high, and i have the shadows activated and
    self-reflections too, but my tank hasnt that and also it looks so dark.
    Pelase help

  43. barron pls play the t44

  44. so early

  45. Pz. III J1!!!!!

  46. Su152

  47. t-60 tier 1 pls xD

  48. every time i use the bt7 i just look for jumps lol

  49. nbice pronoucntititanons

  50. 105 Sherman

  51. im number 160 to comment and like this video amazing

  52. “I tried something new and tits mate, titty tits in my face.” So either you
    tried sex or motor boating for the first time. I’m happy that your sex life
    is moving forward but perhaps a YouTube video isn’t the best place to tell
    us about it.

  53. KV-2 plzz

  54. T-34 plz

  55. Take the m5a1 Stuart out please

  56. Baron could you plzzz! play more games and make your videos long, not 30
    minutes or 20, just two games with the voted tank so we can see it on
    multiple maps and just alittle longer vids! Thank you soo much for your
    videos every day! I watch all of them! I wait all day for you, phly and
    slickbee! I love you guys and hope someday we can fight alongside each
    other! (I don’t have a gaming computer so I can’t play war thunder.). ?

  57. baron play typhoon with 4x20mm or spitfire mk 5 trop or play 109 g-2 or f-4

  58. Do the stop motion!

  59. Play the super hellcat

  60. I vote for the all-american M60!! And I challenge you to use squash head
    rounds at least once! If you can use with the M60, I don’t know. (You can
    only complete the challenge by successfully using the squash head round)

  61. My Liege, My Grandfather used to fight in British tanks during WWII, could
    you PLEASE make a build video of any British tank, and release it on the
    6th Oct as he’ll be 95 on that day ?. I know it’s a lot to ask, but we’d be
    eternally grateful. His name is Alf by the way 🙂 Thanks Sir ,(Don’t worry
    if you can’t lol)

  62. KV-1E Baron, bring out Stailn Steel Wall.
    Edit: KV-2 has derp me.

  63. Panzer III M PLEASE!!!!????

  64. What happend to men of war Mondays ?

  65. Excellent. That’s a fast little sum B!

  66. TigerH1-E?

  67. T34 American tank

  68. SU-100 or T-34-85

  69. Russian tanks take forever to burn up, you could’ve shot once or twice
    before using your extinguishers

  70. Baron I challenge you to take 1 of each type of tank in the USSR tree and
    it has to be tier 1

  71. I am mad about your sandvitch, Baron…

    …needs vodka.

  72. kV 2 the tank that should not work but it does

  73. T34 1940

  74. I think it would be cool to see the char 2c in war thunder eventually,
    because it is just so huge!

  75. Please drive out the ZIS-30! This thing can destroy tier 5 machines!

  76. baron use kv-2 or kv-3a

  77. baron use IS 4

  78. i mean kv-3

  79. m36

  80. the m22 is a better racecar tank.

  81. AWESOME I use the BT-7 /5 all the time I just don’t get the kills you
    do. You amaze me how well you aim and shoot. Keep the videos coming :)

  82. M3 Stuart!

  83. T-34 or pz 2

  84. are we ever gunna get more forest gameplay????????????

  85. the m3 lee!!!!!!!!! ?

  86. 4th time, can we see the Jagdpanther?

  87. Baron you must play the KV-2 with very, very, high tech bullets made of
    Vodka ad Stalinium! Or GULAG FOR YOU!!!

  88. take out t10M


  90. Do the lego

  91. jagdtiger

  92. m10 plz!

  93. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    I know Phly and Baron are different people, but I feel like since Baron
    does arcade a lot he has a more casual attitude. Phly is more serious and
    into it because he does sim and realistic a lot. Thats what I like about
    them. They’re different and that makes them a cool group.

  94. Wirbelwind Blaze it with the 4 20s

  95. FT-17 DO IT

  96. the german kv-1!

  97. They should add Bt-7a to warthunder like if u agree

  98. Just drive out any of the flak panzers I will laugh so hard if you get a

  99. Take the M22 Locust for a spin.

  100. Play world of tanks

  101. The Tiger Patton

  102. +baronvongamez kv2 king of the derps plzzzzz

  103. you can make Lego porn???

  104. do the tbf 1c avenger

  105. Super hellcat speed race #2

  106. KV-2 plz!!! :)

  107. KV-1E :3

  108. M22 Locust.. If you need speed, get on locust and fly dude!!

  109. T-34 PLEASE

  110. T-10m for the mother russia

  111. go Kv1-or Kv2 the stalin frige:)

  112. that is the greatest thumbnail ever

  113. vhere ist zee forest baron von gamezzzzz?

  114. Hey baron I have a circle around my crosshair when I do aircraft and I
    cant pull up in time when I’m goin straight at a mountain. How can I get
    rid of it?

  115. soviet AA truck with maximo guns next plz

  116. Play in the Callipoe (Sherman with Rockets! :D)

  117. can you drive the M18 hellcat

  118. i have not played war thunder in so
    long this was fun to watch

  119. JOSEPH!

  120. Baronvongamez please for the first time. Can you do IS-2and IS3 please

  121. Thanks

  122. Play one of the fast firing ones like the t-60 of the m2a2

  123. can u play the M5 Starte

  124. bukkake-sharknado best gamertag evar

  125. baron play the m4a1 (76) w or prepare fore more full anal democarcy!

  126. Tiger 2

  127. you should play from the depths

  128. Su-122-54 pls

  129. is 3 plllz!!!!

  130. I Want more MAUS Videos Pls

  131. play whit stug III g

  132. Anybody lose their shit when he gags in the beginning?

  133. American M6

  134. Tiger II Henschel only with Heat rounds.

  135. Nikos Zaharioudakis

    superhellcat ftw

  136. m4a1 plz

  137. SU-122!!!! Baby derp

  138. do the Panzer IV F.1 for the lolz

  139. Superhellcat!!

  140. play die sturmgeshutz!!!

  141. Drive the T34

  142. Play ZSU-57-2 next the russian rapidfire cannon .

  143. Baron, Would you wanna play the m2 stuart?

  144. The m4a3 with the 105 requested it many times.

  145. T-50 or T-34


  147. do please the t-34 1942

  148. German KV-1 please.

  149. I want to see the Sherman 105 again :c

  150. Baron the battle of Sedan wasn’t a tank battle, it was one of the most
    important battle in the Franco-Prussian War on 1th Sep. 1870, where the
    Prussians won…. so no tanks in sign there. only large amounts of arty,
    cav. and inf….

  151. Alex “Draco223” SV


  152. ░░░░░░░░▄▄▄▄▄

  153. Neubaufahrzeug ze german beast

  154. Do the panzer 3 l or panzer 3 m

  155. baronvongamez : is3 or kv 1 pllz

  156. The duty calls you, Baron! Drive M6A1 out, for freedom and honour!’Murica!

  157. next you wanna go slow =)… T-95

  158. Flakpanzer I

  159. The Derp King KV2

  160. Where is ur face-cam?

  161. HenryRobertErricker

    Baron you said Renault right! 😉 awesome vids and I like the idea of the
    new series! Keep it up :)

  162. Big mama maus ?

  163. KV-2 !!!

  164. su -78m plz

  165. su-78m plz

  166. su-78mplz

  167. Su-78m

  168. MAUS my friend

  169. M4A3 105!!! For my birthday tomorrow baron, come on. I’ve been asking for 5
    months now! Thanks!

  170. Do the paz lll. j

  171. KV-2 or KV-1 L11

  172. the m60 hot knife trough russian butter tanks!

  173. Day 4: Sherman 105 or Alcatraz!!

  174. the kv-2 baron

  175. can you shoot down plane using KV-2? Greetings from Malaysia.

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