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Thunder Infantry vs Tanks, User Mission
War Thunder Tanks Gameplay 1.55 – T-34-76 vs Soldiers

User Mission by HerrFockeWulf: http://.warthunder.com/post/306685/en/

Thanks for watching!


  1. get off me nuts!

  2. hai

  3. Fak Yeh BOYZZZZZ


  5. Oh man imagine if this was implemented into the game… Panzerfaust squads
    running around the buildings. That’d be fucking wicked and maybe I’d
    reinstall War Thunder!

  6. I never usually watch the tanks

  7. Were you a t88

  8. nice to have a new video to make me smile in a bad day

  9. happy new years guyss in malaysia its already 1 jan 2016~

  10. Should infantry be added to the game? How would you implement them?

  11. Happy New Years everybody!

  12. i think at the end it will be like somewhat battlefield games but very

  13. War thunder should be restricted to russian players

  14. if the put Playable soldiers I would download

  15. Happy New Year baron Iam a Filipino guy and we lighted a fireworks

  16. Imagine, anti-tank squads going around Berlin or other urban maps that DO
    damage (Not a lot but over time could cause problems)… I would love that,
    it would make SB and RB all the more enjoyable… Only problem is that it
    would make the game 18+ instead of 13+, not that people listen to these
    things in the first place. Oh well

  17. I was all excited until you said “user mission”. :(

  18. ╔╦╗*……

  19. 2:17 l-lewd

  20. they said no inf cause they want to keep a low game rating

  21. LOL Marder double penitration

  22. If only the game was like that…damn it gaijin u make stuff boring with
    every update!

  23. Loco “Mrloco” Stark

    So how did he make it ? are the models in the game ? soo maybe there
    actualy will be infantry? if not playable at least as AI ????

  24. ,,THEY ARE DYING” -BaronVonGamez 2015

  25. Happy new year baron!

  26. Yutyrannus Dinosaur

    Soviet camouflage, best camouflage 5:57

  27. I want infantry in the game but I don’t want War Thunder to change its
    rating to Mature because in some places teens wouldn’t even be able to play
    it… I think WT is fine without infantry because it just adds another
    nuisance when your playing tanks. Having a player run up when your driver
    is shot and killing you with a panzerfaust…

  28. I think it should be Submarines AND Infantry. That’d be awesome XD

    Happy New Years Baron!

  29. THAT was a kübelwagen a schwimm wagen looks KINDA different from in

  30. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    I thought this was real and not a custom battle for a second I was like gg
    war thunder, gg

  31. I think people are asking to much they still have not finished British
    Tanks and they need to improve other things and infantry is little bit too
    much for a tank/plane game

  32. yes!! please!! i would LOVE infantry to be added! gaijin! please!!!!!

  33. hay baron. imagin if one could honk at the infantry and make them replace
    some of your dead crew. ofc they will not be as good at what they are doing
    as the original crew but they would be better then dead crew

  34. jurrasic Slime VLOGZ


  35. If war thunder were to add infantry , then this game would be very similar
    to Heros & Generals !

  36. Play with Panzer iii N or Panzer iii M.
    Happy new year.
    You are best.

  37. I think they said they wouldn’t put infantry in, despite being able to,
    because then the game would move up on the age rating.

  38. Happy Baron is Happy.

  39. I wonder what they’ll add first. Infantry or navy

  40. i want infantry in the game too so than i can go do some trench running

  41. Happy new year Baron :D

  42. Good morning Baron

  43. don’t forget the challenge I gave for u to do on my birthday

  44. which is January

  45. the 3

  46. Hey I’ve always wanted to ask how long does it normally tank you to make a

  47. happy new year and infantry?

  48. why don’t u get Shermanator to join u in one of these video

  49. yo this game is taking me 5 hours to download -.-

  50. if they added a more better hitbox infantry than this, and AT stuff for
    infantry i would sacrifice maybe like 9.0 g.b of WT for that.

  51. As he explained what the Schwimmwagen is, o thought: Why is he explaining
    Than i realised that not everbody can speak german and no what swim means

  52. Wow a tank I actually have, most missions use higher tier :'(

  53. IT was a giant blue dildo

  54. Doesn’t Kursk have ai artillery units along both ridges? Implementing more
    of that would be cool. I think it would be great if Gijain created a new RB
    mode with fewer player vehicles and more AI with some sort of mission
    objective. That way we could have a match maker that actually accounts for
    the historical timeline (i.e. german tanks fighting actual WWII Russian
    tanks, not this post war mm crap we have to deal with)

  55. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    make 100 Inf vs 1 M4,just like a movie

  56. Well I think they should be added to every map and you just kill them and
    they like gurd the bridges

  57. they should make a game mode where it’s one tank V.S. a whole bunch of
    infantry that are player controlled and have anti tank guns, and or a game
    mode where its infantry V.S. infantry but both sides get 1-2 tanks to help
    them that would be cool

  58. Baron = Panther 2, Jumbo Sherman, and M8 light tank

    Phly = Maus, Jagdtiger, and T35 Land Battleship

    Devildog = Bulldog, T44,
    German Churchill

  59. Hey Baron! Thanks for featuring my mission!!! This is the unfinished
    project without any objectives but I’ll soon continue work on it :)

  60. Guys, Gaijin said that NO INFANTRY will come to the Game, because it would
    be 18+ and they have no intrest in Infantry

  61. Will the game be rated t for teens if it’s added in

  62. What is finaly the blue thing?

  63. hasnt gajin said no AI infantry ever because itll raise the rating of the
    game to teen or something like that and they want tiny baby kids to be able
    to play their game……….

  64. happy new year to everybody and infantry to the game?yes

  65. 2:00
    yes baron, when you shoot a person they die

  66. T-34 burrowing? Soviet OP confirmed

  67. I know how I would like them implemented, in an RTS squad based sort of
    way, top down or otherwise

  68. speaking of the Pt-76 allow troop carriers and armored cars of some types
    to deploy infantry squads with anti-tank capabilities on capture points.

  69. haha gaijin actually listening to their fans? that’s a joke

  70. Hey Baron just a little bit of info here these effects have been in the
    game for a while now, you can find a few infantry near the pearl harbor
    airstrip (I think) if you go into a test flight with a bomber that has
    gunners you can just sit on the runway and kill the few infantry that are

  71. i dont wont the infantry 🙁 and i dont knoe why

  72. U know dat infantry have been in the gaem for months right?

  73. 2:42 wow i saw it you crushed that guy then resurected XD. zombie nazis!!!

  74. Aivaras Petravicius

    BaronVonGamez Happy new year :)

  75. mp 40s where a uncommon gun not that many troops had then mostly officers
    and higher enlisted soldiers

  76. Airbrusher Games and art

    Hope the New Year for you is even better Baron.

  77. There is a guy with a rifle k98

  78. you to baron

  79. infantry hype!!!!!!! I WANT INFANTRY NOW.

  80. Hey this is pretty cool! AI seems pretty retarded though.

  81. German infantry during ww2 did have kar98s also mp40’s and stg-44’s (or the
    vampire) and panzershreks and panzerfausts

  82. There should be AI infantry not player. Because if there where, player
    camps in bush with AT gun killing tanks. Tanks wont see them. Tank drivers
    will have no fun. The player infantry won’t support the tanks eather.

  83. Baron is like omg they are dying and I am like what else are they doing

  84. How do you do missions with infantry? I see people play them all the time
    but I don’t know how?

  85. So, they have addressed having infantry in the game and their lame ass
    excuse is that they don’t want their T rating to go up. Its a fucking lame
    ass excuse, for an amazing game element. And if they are scared of how to
    implement inf, they could do tiers of weapons, body armor, helmets, medical
    kits, ext. But that’s highly unlikely, they just want their T rating.

  86. What button do you press to shot the machine gun on a tank?


  88. I hope infantry happens soon. but like only in the urban maps where you get
    close combat and buildings, than again they would have to redo ALOT of maps
    and buildings.

  89. You made ​​a video of how to install pls

  90. upsguydownthestreet

    Pull a nintendo and make the infantry’s blood green. That will keep the T

  91. Fully immersive all arms battles? What’s not to like? : )

  92. Keep the infantry AI, I’m not ready to get insta-killed by a player with an
    panzerfaust 100. I have had enough of those in Forgotten hope 2

  93. is this a custom game

  94. Why not take it a step further? Player controlled squads in the game. They
    have their own unlock trees and modifiers. Tier 1 is like Partisans and
    resistance fighters/general Army, high tiers are UK special service
    commandos/ US OSS Rangers/ Japan Imperial Guard/ Germany SS forces You
    don’t control them on an individual level, but rather on the squad or
    battalion level, Issuing movement attacking and entrenchment commands. They
    fight in RB/AB Tank Battles capturing points

  95. TheOldStock_ Canadian

    What would it be like if they made specific game modes for infantry only

  96. disney bought their game

  97. play with the ishizuchi in world of warships

  98. Infantry is already in the game, I remember in a realistic battle I was
    ground strafing, and I saw little dots running around a dug down position,
    when I went in closer it noticed it was infantry, that I mowed down with
    cannon rounds. :)

  99. happy new year BaronVonGamez :-)

  100. We need this in regumar battles.

  101. Zerocookiecake [Karnipex]

    Click bait, Baron sort your life out please

  102. Jacob Hardy (JacobHardy64)

    Baron: once, I was in a domination mission (A point only) and it was this
    map. Hopped into my PT-76, swam down the river, came out of the water
    behind the enemies, and killed 7 from behind:D it was epic

  103. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    The only thing I’d be worried about is the UNBELIEVABLE PING if you had
    that many players running around as infantry, and tanks would be so OP
    compared to infantry on the open maps. And weapons like the MP40 and
    PPSH-41, and all other small arms would be useless if everybody was running
    around with tanks.

  104. happy new year

  105. they should add them but they should be non playable

  106. do the Lowë super German tank next!!!

  107. Lobster Entertainment

    I can’t wait for the day where you can have a person in war thunder where u
    can customize a load out, and say like, your in a tank, and it gets
    disabled completely, so you jump out with a rocket launcher and just start
    shooting for your life. Or for the day that you can parachute out of a
    plane and become a infantry man

  108. I think infantry would be a way for dead players to still take part in the
    battle in a very limited way. For instance if you have no more spawn points
    you can come back as infantry and just run around an get slaughtered and
    shoot at other dead players who came back as infantry.

  109. happeh new yearh m80s of the baron comments…. hope you enjoy 2016…….

  110. Where can I join that?

  111. still no ships though

  112. better version of heroes and generals confirmed

  113. happy new year

  114. they need ships first i think

  115. That acting tho

  116. I would love infantry that would run at your tank and board it you would
    then have to select a new tank and your old one would become ai for the
    enemy but could be recaptured or the could do infantry like they currently
    have artillery

  117. EVERYONE!! Barons name is Robert, I know this, just check out DiplexHeateds

  118. They should add it in as is! its adds so much life and movement to a static
    game. Small arms fire atm is fine, rather than do player damage they make
    for a great marker if they are shooting at enemy vehicles and planes. Hell
    add civillians in there too, huddled in buildings and ruins or zipping
    through the streets. neg effect to lions if you kill em. Just, movement,
    life. amazing how little things like that can enhance the immersion. Who
    cares if they are not playable or super responsive, just basic is more than
    fine its awesome.

  119. Hope you have a prosperous and happy new year Baron!!

  120. baron, making a game this complex is far more than a few lines of code, try
    about a few million or more

  121. I’d want ships more than infra try

  122. They were added right?

  123. Infantry could work like Carrier in World of Warships where you can be
    infantry commander tree and customize the type of infantry you own like
    Rocket launcher squad , sniper , regular infantry. He would command them
    from top view and garrison building if he want. Like he would own troop
    transport of something like that to spawn squad with a limited amount of
    soldiers. Also infantry could capture anti tank cannons position and use
    them or AA cannon. Maybe they could lay anti tank mines also or such

  124. It is the Russian stealth baron, it goes under ground

  125. Play the hitler rescue mission baron

  126. Syed Ataullah Hossain

    Adding infantry to warthunder will ruin its originality and its war machine
    based gameplay.

    If they actually do this will be a dodgy version of steel generals

  127. Infantry? Sue them to death for 12 y.o. age restriction ! IT SHOULD BE 16!
    Im Fuirous! My son is spoiled for life because of you Gaijin! See you in

  128. Happy New Years Baron

  129. Hey I want u to get Phly, Devildog and do a video with these tanks

  130. This was in game for some time now. If you went into the Japanese test
    flight map, you could see some this infantry on the left and you can shoot
    them too.

  131. “Everything is blowerupible” baron 2015-16

  132. just think of the possibilities for recreation of historic battles.
    infantry dug in with bazooka and at guns, you supporting your infantry in
    the attack. so many possibilities

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