War Thunder – Instant Sunshine

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Howdy folks, and welcome back World of War Thunder with… hang on a minute! Something’s not right!



  1. yano in wt you can actually kill things with a 1933 tank taken up against 1960`s. i for example used my pak puma in my german line up all the way till i was driving the 2a6. and only then i started grinding out extra backup vehicles thati could use that were better than a puma. but that 75 mm wheely boi could take out t80`s and abrooms with a solid placed shell. easy 50k money for a kill. cuz wt rewards you for it.

    also he was sitting on the cap to reload ammo. unlike WoT you can reload on cap zones for extra ammo and smoke launchers/ rockets and atgm`s repair and get a extra crew member if you lost 1.

  2. Lets be honest, if the tankette was fighting other 1943 tanks it wouldn’t be any better

  3. It’s been a year already?

  4. To be fair if I didn’t have access to free gold in War Thunder, I would keep playing my favorite tanks within battle ratings 3 to 7, where balance is somewhat fine and grind is almost unnoticeable. Only things I could still get salty about are fire extinguisher and repair kit on newly purchased tanks.
    High tier grind is another story, but honestly I couldn’t care less about camp fest which is natural for that kind of guns, scopes and stabilization.

    • Segmented Rod Penetrator

      At those BRs fire extinguishers and repair kits are not as annoying, although they start getting a bit cancerous close to 6.7-7.0 depending on the vehicle you are grinding them for.
      After about 3 years of playing I stopped pretending that I was having fun at high BRs and won’t go higher than bmp-1.

  5. Im sorry to say this Jingles, but you need to study more.
    L3 has not the same battle rating of 1960s tanks.
    The T10 didnt fire, the shot from Dave split its barrel by its own.
    The Maus didnt die to an engine fire, he die due to lack of crew.
    Yes, thats true, the Grind and gaigin are both bullshit.
    Only BMP-1 has the low velocity gan, the BMP-2 who destroyed dave has an autocanon.
    No, Dave is flying low probably becouse the enemy will have radar AA, that thing will scrap you if you fly higer than 100m.
    And last, War Thunder is always right. If the round didn’t pen, the round couldn’t pen. (Sometimes pen calculations are awfull)

  6. World of Tanks escalated the whole thing with Gold Ammo ages ago.
    War Thunder so: “Hold my Vodka, boy.” =) Now we have the “Instant Sunshine” skill.

    What next? Trigger a Supernova?

  7. Don’t feel bad jingles the marder is one of the most annoying vehicles in the game, it brings great pleasure to see them die

  8. Dave’s a real Marder Harmer there, isn’t he?

  9. Wait, Jingles aren’t you British? HXIII is clearly Henry the Eighth right? xD

  10. I know everyone else has commented about it, but anyway. Warthunder BR only allows a potential match up within 1 BR bracket. So a tank with a battle rating of 5.0 could fight tanks at 4.0 or 6.0. However, the match maker will take the highest vehicles br in your lineup and put you in the match with that br. Chances our l3/33c friend has a tank or plane at the a much higher BR to drag it up for the memes. The match maker is bad, but it won’t put a 1.0 tank in a battle with 8.0

  11. I can smell it, time for sun protection factor 40k !!

  12. Gosh this game has always had such good content but always been a bad bad game and I can see that over the many years its gotten so much worse…

  13. I know you don’t play War Thunder, Jingles, but good Lord…

    The amount of mistakes you made almost made the video unwatchable

  14. Were those Republic of China roundels on the Type 59’s turret? If so, I think that would be an appropriate use of the word “based”.

  15. Jingles… In WT machmaking takes the highest battle raiting (tier) of all the tanks in your lineup and maches players using it and the mach can be +1.0 br and -1.0 br. There is absolutely nothing stoping you from putting together in lineup a 11.0 br tank and a 1.0 br tank. It is up to player to decide. The L3/33 is clearly there just for the lols.

  16. about the l3 33, theres nothing wrong with war thunder´s matchmaking well there are some things wrong but this is not one of them. for those who dont play it. you can mix whatever you want in a lineup. maybe this guy forgot to take it out, or is memeing with it.

  17. I laughed way too hard when the L3 rammed a truck, got stuck, then got rear ended so hard he flew across the road.

  18. The Object 120 is playable in WoT Console albeit in Cold War mode.

  19. The second mous had a “Did You angle today?” on it… meaning there is slight chance that could have been Betty…

  20. Jingles the battle rating did not match you with the l3 you in war thunder you could have a top their line up but have a vehicle from a lower battle rating as well and be able to play said match with it as well it’s called artificial up tearing the player put himself 8n that spot the matchmaker saw he had tanks of this battle rating and mat he’d him with them he thought first choice should be the l3

  21. Now, that guy must be trolling.. But the balance IS awful.. The BR system and the MM is just awful, AWFUL – terrible.
    And yes, War Thunder is waaay too grindy. And run by arseholes.

  22. When your team is losing so you have to take the nuclear option, literally hahaha

  23. Yaaay! Love your non wot or wows content. Especially your other game videos. Like horizon new dawn or communist uprising simulator. Especially loved your Microsoft flight sim life service stories. Having said that, just love your content and the knowledge you bring to them.

  24. Someone purposely took that Tankette.. probably trying to farm “rank doesn’t matter” for some achievement or battle pass mission.. or they wanted to make content for YouTube

  25. Man war thunder replays are amazing
    We need more of it

  26. Daves back yay

  27. Thank you future Jingles, delivering videos from 2030 if this keeps up we reach 2050 by July 😀

  28. I’d love for the L3 to wreak havoc there 🙂

  29. You can take a low tier tank if you either squad with someone with a higher tier tank or take out one of your own high tier planes or tanks aswell as a low tier.

  30. Bring on the ground when someone does a nuke run is scary as sirens go off on each capture point

  31. Jingles it always makes my day when you do a war thunder video. I’d like to see you do a naval one. It’s much more exciting than world of warships in my opinion.

  32. How did you not comment on the maus decal???? “Did you angel today?” Cmon you’re getting old. ;P

  33. Didn’t expect to want mushrooms going into today and yet here we are

  34. No no Jingles, we love when i play in BT-7 against Abrams and than proceed to kill 2 of them and than get bombed by a A-7D with 6000 bombs because i just killed him in a BT-7, and than i get 2S6 just to make him rage more.

  35. Every time Jingles posts a WT video it becomes increasingly clear that he hasn’t played WT in years and has no idea how the game works anymore.

  36. 2:53 Actually jingles, it’s a Strv 81 😀

  37. Jingles, I love you and your content, but if you want to give WT shit about ONE THING the entire video, maybe you should check if you got this one thing right xD

  38. how stoped playing warthunder because of the grind and horrible in-game economy

  39. That was a short year

  40. Okay, any consideration i might have ever had for WarThunder is now fully dead. They just went fully ridiculous bullshit. WG may put fantasy vehicles in their games but nukes are a damn and total no go.

  41. “Spirited discussions” cracked me up.
    Just don’t mention the confidential Challenger tank documents that got leaked in an argument by the community haha!

  42. I see someone was going for godmode

  43. Dammit!! I was expecting aerial battles not sodding tanks!

  44. While the L3 is a fail BR meme that guy might be purposely running, or could be he accidentally brought a jet without even thinking of it. That said, if you want to see something actually stupid, the king tiger heavy tanks can face in a worst case scenario the SU152 with BMP and Heli support on its side.

  45. Well, that escalated quickly. The ultimate “screw you guys, I’m going home and taking the ball” lol.

  46. You should probably have a clue as to how the BR system and lineups work before you cry about them.

  47. The glow! The wonderful glow! Can you not see it, General?!

  48. Actually Jingles the reason the L3/33 CC has a 20mm anti-tank rifle is that is it a Tank Destroyer variant of the L3/33 built during the war that had the anti-tank rifle replace the machine guns.

  49. Dave has displayed in this video how to get away with Marder

  50. Still a better game than World of Tanks. You can say World of tanks is better, but I do not get the same enjoyment out of it as I do in Warthunder.

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