War Thunder – IS-2 “That is Danger!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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I have been wanting do an IS-2 video for ages! I decided it’s time to role heavy with Soviet Steel!

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. Let’s show Stickboy some love! Also, he may kill me for this but…. he is on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/c/stickboy24

  2. It’s my birthday today!

  3. Stickboy you did good today.

    Bo, stop bullying Stick

  4. 13:19 that was low key movie terrifying. Bear on fire coming towards Bo

  5. “You didn’t even try to catch me!”

  6. Michael McCulloch

    at 0:25 I thought he was about to say he’s wasn’t loaded I was not disappointed

  7. Francisco Velaco

    How can I mark the enemy realistic combat?

  8. Reasons to play with IS-2: you want to destroy everything in one bullet then IS-2 is for you

  9. ApplePapelProductions

    4:20 anyone notice that the shell didn’t pen? Overpressure knocked him out lmfao

    Tip: you can pen a Panther’s front plate out to around 3000 meters in an IS-2. Don’t aim for the turret.


  11. Michael Anderson

    Fun fact: A group of baboons is called a congress.

  12. Dominick Mccurdy

    One thing I like about Bo is that there’s no intro or anything fancy like that, it’s straight to the action

  13. I got the sandals reference lol

  14. Did the panther got overpredsured

  15. That M16 was absolutely hilarious

  16. ULTRAwarrior07 Gaming

    5:04 that was a VERY sneaky bush tank you can barely see its track to the right of the burning body.

  17. For something I have such a hard time killing the IS-2 sure does seem soft. They constantly just absorb my 90mm rounds, what is this sorcery that things go through your front?!

  18. Jet Frost Gaming

    Bo I hope you know how much we love watching you, seriously, you make my day so much better everytime you make a video.

  19. 19:41 Did you go home with the Prom Queen?

  20. killing panthers is always so satisfying I’m not sure why

  21. Bo please play zero hour again. there’s been a huge update

  22. Bo i was yesterday in the same battle: Kuban you died once. What happend?

  23. 11:10 Tigers driver view port eating 122mm shell

    R E A L I S M

  24. 4:17 Did Bo just overpressure a panther with APHE?

  25. sorry all of MN is still going crazy

  26. I hate facing these things, it’s so unfair as a Sherman facing is2 and tiger 2 the only joy I get is when the poke out and you shoot them in that massive cheek and Instantly wipe that smile off their face but tiger 2’s are impossible kill pretty much, just gotta get to their side and that ain’t easy

  27. How did this man survive a Tiny Tim to the face

  28. 19:21 Watching Bo panic at the sight of an M16 was like watching a guy panic at the sight of an ant.

    *Comrade, you must show courage!*

  29. Would love to play with you ngl at some point

  30. Nyet comrade for you do not see the way. Ass first is only way to push stronk IS2.

  31. Panther pov:
    *Oo, im in danger*

  32. Amazing videos as always Bo.
    Request- Please make a video on Leopard 2K.

  33. You can overpressure kill with aphe?

  34. these optics eating shells for breakfast is real bullshit

  35. mr. white gibus

    you ask thw wrong question in the beginning you should’ve said who lives in OUR factory

  36. they tell such good jokes lol

  37. (2:27) The fact that you went through a jumbo’s Front plate with 122mm is unbelievable to me. that thing is also very angled against you.

  38. 11:35 How did that work

  39. 13:22 “You didn’t even try to catch me” lol

  40. bo can i pls be apart of your war thunder squadron pls


  42. Chomroeun Chanrithy

    Everyone who know how to scout like in this video yellow scout!!

  43. 4:17 Did..Did you just Overpressure a Panther with APBC..?

  44. ahahah, it’s so funny, english people on russian tanks =)

  45. By the end of every War Thunder video, BO GETS HIS FACE RIPPED OFF! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. BEAR: It’s been a pleasure!
    BO: Oh my goodness!


  48. StanSearchesLife

    How do you mark like that?

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