War Thunder – IS-3 “Is The Beast Back?”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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I have been wanting to play and upload a IS a while now. Luckily the IS-3 just went down in battle to 7.0! How does it fair?

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  1. I hate the IS3 such a grind and gets one shotted yet its ammo can only do damage from the side. In my book

  2. Anyone got any tips for someone starting out with the Tiger II(P) and the Jagdpanther? Would it be a bad idea to transition to RB from AB if my first time doing it is in the 6.3+ BR range? I’ve been scared to do RB because I suck but I feel I could use German Bias to to mildly better in RB

    • Yes, 6.3 with those two is very forgiving. RB is all about positioning and you’ll get that with practice.

    • So I tried doing some RB. I managed to bounce 1 singular shell. Only one. And it was with my Fat Max. My 4.7 paper thin tank destroyer. Like, how does that work? My Tiger II(P) and Jagdpanther didnt bounce anything, but my Dicker Max did. Also I vaporized an ASU-57 with my Max, tell Sturmling I’m sorry.

    • @Cyanide Euphoria Well what shot you. In RB there is uptiers and down tiers. In a down tier all the vehicles have a lower battle rating and in a uptier all the vehicles are a higher battle rating this means they are more likely able to kill you, but even in a downtier you are not immune. The tiger 2 p turret is the weakest part easily penned by 76’s and 85’s so you have to wiggle it right before they shoot. The jagdpanther has the same armour as a panthers hull, and so that means in a downtier as long as tanks see your front you are very hard to kill, but in a uptier its good practice not to get shot at all. Hope this helps you’ll get better with practice RB has a way higher skill ceiling.

    • I was mostly being shot by Panthers, Tigers, American late war Heavies, and I think some scary Soviet stuff. Y’know, the usual 6.3 and 6.7 matchups

  3. I always loved how you guys have fun, you make the game seem actually fun, I wish I had any people to play with me

  4. DEHAKA Primal Zerg

    That Jagdpanther was so rude, all you guys wanted was to play with them, and they tried to run away and smite you

  5. You got what all bullies deserve!

  6. Loved the video, you guys should do another locust at high teir video, their super funny, full of nonsense, they are really good

  7. “Its all good nothing can go worse here”
    joke of the year XD

  8. All hail the mighty jnafzig! The ultimate trickster!

  9. Y’all are my heroes. It’s so obvious that the level of enjoyment you get from playing together is off the charts. I can’t help but laugh along.

    Any chance we might see a Fw 190A-5 or A-8 group video sometime soon?

  10. UnableSmile The gamer

    Wow I see what you did there

  11. Hi Bo, thanks for the smiles and laughs !!
    I have a question : I recently flew the Ki-44 II, the one at 2.7 I think. I found the flight model completely scrap, but I may not be that good a player so…if you happen to play japanese fighters soon…..I’d be glad to know/see the result ! Take care !

  12. IS3 is my favorite tank

  13. Everyone let me know in the comments is it just me or is Bo the most underrated gamer on YouTube Bo is the best of the best he needs to be sitting on top in that golden chair 💪 King Bo.

  14. Can you please do is7 i like iit

  15. These always get downtiered ;-; why… ;-;

  16. do the “URA” misson if your gun is out 😀

  17. There’s no thing like TBLF taking enemy tanks prisoner and eventually having to kill them

  18. I miss Moevil

  19. Living TrashSteiner

    These guys always make me want to play this game but then I remember I have no friends to play with.

  20. Never feel sorry for tigers or panthers they don’t deserve mercy

  21. 15:34 cue the Benny hill theme

  22. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    Please play the AVRE- Lavigne tank again and sing it’s Complicated.

  23. Can you do some low level German stuff please

  24. Video on the Zsu 37-2 soon?

  25. When you landed upside down XD

  26. 17:09
    The TBLF would make terrible prison guards for the following reasons:
    +Mistreatment of inmates by means of harassing,maiming & throwing off cliffs
    +Inability to deal with prison riots
    +Shooting escaped inmates

  27. that poor Jagdpanter.

  28. How about a t44 (100 or 85) vid? Such a great tank

  29. i love the instant gameplay no intro thats so nice

  30. Yet more amusing TBLF antics and Geneva Convention breaking prisoner abuse. 😂😂

    Good stuff as always Bo and team.

  31. No Bo, it wasnt a joke 😉

  32. TBLF Bully Mode engaged!

  33. i do enjoy watching you play with your food. 🙂

  34. Can we all take a moment to appreciate the loony toons level mess at 18:29

  35. “Is 3” beast back? Bad pun but couldn’t be the only to suffer

  36. A couple of the best examples of kidnappings gone wrong in TBLF history; but that’s the way the TBLF do.

  37. What happened to you making an IS4 Video? I suggested it so long ago

  38. Is2 mod
    Play it

  39. Imagine you chilling on war thunder and comes 3 freakings Is3 coming for you

  40. Is it just me or does Bo catch alot of shells and bombs to the face?

  41. Noah’s awesome vids

    hey bo can u do an opinion on my very 1st video.p.s luv ur vids . Ur the one that made think I should start

  42. What’s funny is that the low tier Russian tanks reverse better than some low tier German tanks.

  43. Do idividual as PHlLY did.not a group and your bigtime friends as baits

  44. tandem mai gift plane?

  45. Bo can u pls press O

  46. Bo stop being cruel and kill something that is t an innocent Super Pershing

  47. i got the exactly 4000 like xD

  48. How do they do the pings? You know, the yellow things.

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