War Thunder is about to change for the worse

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If you ask me, War Thunders events have always been something cool; just by playing the game you could unlock up to four exclusive vehicles. Granted, some of these events where very grindy, so much so that getting all four vehicles at once was something only the hardcore grinders could achieve.

Gaijin just announced that from now on, these events will never be the same again; instead of having massive seasonal marathons, there will now be a vehicle to grind throughout most weeks of the year. Is this a good change? Maybe… But it seems a lot like there is more to the story.


  1. Yeah I’m fine with the other changes, but the change to 750K is excessive.

    • i have a life bro no way im getting that trade coupon

    • Yo7 are so correct for this Mr Lee

    • I;m in a pretty similar boat, I do think that 45k is a bit much for two days especially when you take into account the modifiers for what tier vehicles you play. The change to 750k for the coupon is completely insane and most people probably won’t be able to reach that unless they no life WT. Overall I do like the concept of more smaller events and one big one as long as the vehicles are full copy paste, or a “unique” vehicle that get’s add to a tech tree than the country of orgin later for free (I’m looking at you M8 Greyhound.)

    • Yepp spitting facts

    • @christiandragonfly5922

      yeah same. its understandable and agreeable but 750k is a little much

  2. There were 4 vehies, you couldn’t unlock them all

  3. Romanian MiG. my man!

  4. @nicolaspeigne1429

    Grind or pay, that’s the model, that’s already kind of the case but now it’s quite clear

  5. 20K per days is 2000 in one game x 10 it can be done in 2 hours, for good players with top tier line up

  6. @graveyardstudio3503


  7. I see it as a good thing, meanwhile the event might not be good, it’s still good to see gaijin changing and experimenting with the game.

  8. the most funny part of it is that there was like literally only one object ever made and there is no proof it was actually made and working as a tank and not just wooden model on tracks but ofc its russian so they can add it

  9. @djolemihojlic8946

    They are starting to be more like wargaming and world of tanks day by day

  10. Assuming you can trust the devs who commented, they stated directly the grind will vary based on the tier of vehicle, as its a top tier vehicle, tis grind is insane. Not sure how to feel, frankly I hope this is true as one of the biggest problems is ‘a relatively easy grind’ as you described is incredibly painful to most players, and literally unachievable by newer players, which is discouraging.

  11. As someone who’s doing college classes are mostly through zoom rn I see this as an absolute win

  12. War thunder is trying to sell the the Golden eagles

  13. @stephenkolostyak4087

    eh. haven’t touched the game since August 2022.

  14. The 292 at 10.0 is either pure bias, stupidity, or a perfect mix.

  15. To be honest, it is Gaijin we’re talking about. Changing the game for the better isn’t really a speciality of theirs to begin with.

    Remember that we quite literally had to unionize and go to war with them before they started implementing positive change to the game. It does make sense that they would inevitably start to change the game for the worse again. That’s always been Gaijin’s modus operandi to monetize the pain-points of the game.

  16. WT is always changing for the worse…

  17. @ThatOneDudeNextDoor

    Yeah. I wasn’t able to finish some of the recent events I tried to participate in (Japanese WW2 guided missile one for example) because I have a life now, I am married, I have a job, I am not a no-life-teenager anymore like I was when I ground out the IS-7. I kinda want war Thunder to keep being a part of my life but war Thunder’s events definitely aren’t going to be anymore

  18. I didn’t know it could already get worse

  19. As a russian main still can’t believe the fact that NATO tanks can’t have APFSDS what can defeat russian ERA

  20. Thay and they refuse to fix bomber gameplay

  21. Why are people still playing? Every second month i get videos in recommended about gaijin changes smthng for the worse, i am starting to believe yt wt creators and their audience are nailed to the game cause of how much money they sunk into it.
    You all are domesticated livestock, the blame is on the capitalist urge to turn everything into highest possible profit but the guys generating traffic for them or players who complain like its a core gameplay experience need to take some responsibility and have some discipline.

  22. Any person who actually has a life (me included) could never even hope to do gaijin’s events. The grind is beyond unreasonable and ridiculous. Nothing will really change after these updates

  23. Even the 22.5K points per day only for the vehicle itself is excessive. They turn the game into a job, so you have to be as efficient as possible. Every time one of these events happens half the community starts employing the rattiest tactics known to man and turns entire BRs into straight up cancer.

    I loathe to give 343 anything, i hate that company, but even their incompetent asses do better events than gaijin. Hell, halo infinite battle passes are a dream compared to the shit gaijin keeps feeding its community.

  24. I absolutely hate that there is going to constantly be grind events on. This is when the game is at it’s worst to play, every other motherfucker is a selfish PoS, everyone is a sweaty little bitch and its just impossible to have any fun. Fuck this game. I can’t wait for a good alternative to release.

  25. I’m so glad I stopped playing War Thunder.

  26. So you’re not upset about the whole change at all *EXCEPT* for needing 750k points for a coupon?

    • I’m indifferent to most changes; I don’t really see the point but I guess they don’t really hurt anybody either.

      The issue is that 750.000 points for a tradable coupon is a HUGE change in the wrong direction.

    • @@WalvisYT I never really cared for selling vehicles, except for QN506 which is just so bad that I rather sell the coupon. But yeah, 500k should be max. although the whole every 2 weeks or so a new event is also too much Imo.

  27. @TacticalJediHunter

    i really don’t like that it’s continuous, it’s bad for casual F2p’s who actually have a life.


  29. gaijin being a dogshit company. whats new

  30. I just want the vihicle to goof around with friends in a custom, so i will just grind for that

  31. They’re probably counting on getting more money from people buying stars .with this change.

  32. @capitainsheep1137

    A bmp-2M IS 400K exp and they nearly double it for less advance vehicule, thats rough

  33. @davidsaringer3873

    “AND IN MY OPION THESE CHANGES ARE GARBAGE” welcome to the club my guy.. gajin sucks… its been 10 years and some how i havent quit but we get closer every day lol

  34. They are preventing F2P players from selling event vehicles with the coupon, yeah probably it will sell for more but how many people will buy it? Will it be better to just pay for the marks of distinction or buying it from the market?

  35. I never participated in events, i dont understand how they work at all, and at this point im too afraid to ask.

  36. They should definitely stop letting people have event vehicles and sell them on market. Most of the tank battles are full of players with one premium vehicle. They just get destroyed and leave the game. It wasn’t important before on which tier you play. You could have research all tech tree playing low ranked vehicles, but now game forces you to pay and buy premium vehicles. I’ve been playing this game since 2015 and it is all about grinding in last few years. In my opinion they should stop adding event vehicles so frequently and improve game mechanics. There’re so many advantages and disadvantages between nations, rank system and matching teams. For example, I play ten games and just one of them is win, sometimes I get more than ten kills. Tank rb’s are full of premium, they just runs and get destroyed. There are so many things that I want to write, but you all know the problem

    • Keep adding event vehicles or premium vehicles causes one thing and it is disadvantaged battle ratings between nations. Check 10.0 ussr vehicles. They have the best options on this br or 11.0 Japanese vehicles, 11.7 Swedish vehicles. And just play 11.3 Italian vehicles to suffer. I understand it is kinda process for a game to add new things, but they should stop for a while.

  37. @galacticmarshin4510

    how many points do you get a match?

  38. @engineermerasmus2810

    They just gonna be adding a shit ton of copy and paste, Crafting events at least had really good vehicles like the Obj 279 and the BI

  39. @fulgrimventris8506

    War thunder changing for the worse? Say it ain’t so!

  40. Since its become really easy to get a vehicle i don’t think it’s gonna cost any money on market, since most of the players who really want to get this tank most likely will get it

    • Please consider watching the whole video

    • Does iphone 5s become more expensive after its out of production? No because everyone who was interested in it already bought it , same as here if big amount of players will get this tank there won’t be a lot of people who wanna buy it on market so that’s why he can’t be expensive on market no matter how many points you need to grind every day/week/months , so yes Gaijin made it harder for people who not paying for the game and no i don’t think 292 will be expensive on market (unless somehow this tank gonna become too OP so even people who not interested in it will wanna get it ) and isn’t you said that if I’m disagree with your opinion let you know in comment? Isn’t it what i did earlier?

  41. i moved on from war thunder recently its the same thing every event or its a buy it or spend all day grinding for a event vehicle 😒😴😴

  42. What most of these games designers end up forgetting, is the majority of players are free players. Sure, the premium players support it monetarily, but they play in a sea of free players. the game is VERY boring when those players leave because they feel gated. Classic example of this is Foxhole. I get monetisation, I don’t like it, but I get it… but never forget your game lives and breathes on volume of players. Don’t forget your free players.

  43. Yeah 45k points is obscene. Especially for people who only have t3 tanks or god forbid like arcade mode. Get penalized TWICE on getting credit for your points.

  44. bro, its 2 days to get the 45k points, unless you are absolutely trash at the game (then you should’nt even want event vehicles) you can get around 25k in 1 day without wasting the entire day, the problem with people nowadays is just that they want to hop ingame 1 hour a day, play 2 matches in which they dont even want to do a good match, and get free vehicles… multiplayer online games always required a certain amount of work to get the exclusive things, its not like gaijin is the first company to ever use this, the crying is just too loud

  45. I have a family, friends, and a full time job. I don’t have time for this. I’m glad I quit this game.

  46. Yup the game sucks now the Germany tanks now suck been having bad match 247 lat the usa oen this game

  47. They should just make it so you have to get a flat 30k points for 1 star each star doesn’t end till the event is over maybe even just have it so you can only grind one at a time if you have more than 1 available and have it so the star counts for every category I never grind ships because naval battles suck and it would take forever to get 45k same with air battles they are super boring

  48. Also something else to mention. I frequently get aces in the mig23ml. But the f4s, barely any games with more than 2 kills. Honestly the IR missiles are what makes the 23ml good but they carry it further than any aspect of the f4s and it’s making new America players suffer

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