War Thunder Is Dying

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Source: Sako Sniper

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  1. i try to play free and stick to ww2 tanks and planes an maybe a few cold war stuff but i suffer every game when i play a 6.3-6.7-7.7 tank i see heatfs, apds, atgm’s, sometimes even apfsds when i play the maus and i feel there is no balance whatsoever and am losing the feeling to play this game because i never get my br and the rep cost is just killing me because asoon as i get into a game its a full uptier and full of cold war tanks while am just a maus ad when i die because of heatfs or apfsds i get punished for playing “badly”

  2. next up:gaijin ads a su-57 at 2.0

  3. If the snail remove the repair cost this game would life forever

    • And their income will suffer causing less development to occur and maybe even shut down the game due to lack of funding

  4. Br decompression is literally a must at this point. The powercreep is real. The inbalance is crazy, leopard 2a6 is broken while the challenger and m1a2 are not as strong as they should be. Overpowered premiums yada yada games a pain

  5. I kind of enjoy night battles but only i lf i have thermals lol

  6. my opinion is that war thunder is becoming more and more non new player friendly. It most likely gets rid of its new players while the old ones are just addicted to the grind system. Some of them get tired and just leave or others would try to complete the whole grind system which would take years. This game might not die this year but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible

  7. The only way I would ever get into naval is if they have combined arms battles. That seems like a little fun.

    85%+ up-tiers due to the compression is a nightmare. Sounds like your frustrated, I wish it would help. Nearly every YT’er has put a list of how to save WT to video, but it changes nothing.

    The whale dollar is too powerful for any change in the business model. Perhaps when the whales are beached, they might look at changing, but its probably too late then, servers will start to fail, they will do massive money grabs…. stop listening to the community……oh wait………..

    I will never play enlisted, they will fall into the same business model and try to run it to they have another game for the whales to splash around in. I will finally put the time into IL2 or DCS then or something else that might doubtfully come along.

  8. I too, play faf funfer

  9. Can we talk about the fact that everyone is playing Puma with the same camouflage

  10. Noah’s awesome vids

    No war thunder is not dying it at over 63 k players and 20k players an hour or 24 hours

  11. As for me there is too many grind
    I have over 100h hours and i have just researched tiger E playing ONLY germans,
    In world of tanks in 100 hours you can research like 2-3 tier 10 vehicles.
    Id have much more fun if i could play more than one nations and see some progres in all of the nations i play not only one

  12. Response to your proposed ideas:

    1. *A time based ban on aircraft spawns will **_NOT_** help in the way you are expecting it to.* A lot of games are already decided within the first five minutes due to how claustrophobic maps are. With the general speed of ticket bleed and those maps getting campier and campier as engagement ranges increase with BR, all you ensure is that there is no effective way to dig someone out of an unflankable map-commanding spot. Placing junk objects at those spots only causes said people to find new commanding locations to control the whole map with. *CAS is a far bigger problem than you suggest, and simple solutions will NOT work anymore, the problem has festered too long.* But, a “Tank-Only Mode” existing like _certain stubborn folk_ cry out for would not help either, as it would only be a band-aid to then ignore the problems with how CAS is implemented instead of actually dealing with them once & for all.

    2. Agree with adding Sim maps to RB rotation

    3. Same problem as #1, though Sim’s Spawn System is generally _FAR_ superior to RB’s in so many ways it’s not even funny.

    4. Sim lineup tweak for mid-level MBT tier makes sense, honestly.

    5. Cruisers should indeed not spawn in the same area as Battlecruisers & Battleships, it’s downright lazy game mode design.

  13. “War Thunder Is Dying”..ye it is dying since its release…bla bla bla

  14. I agree on almost everything except the new content, free games NEED new content , if they don’t put new content they die. But of course the “rush” Gaijin has to add new stuff is related to the lack of new game modes or fixing game mechanics.

  15. Always has been

  16. I personally stopped playing the game like 3 months ago. It’s kinda dissapointing because the game has so much potential.


  18. Actually, WT died for me completely. I’m flying DCS and I’m stacking up my hardware for it, it’s a great new game, of course with it’s own problems: the teamkilling players. But the game: Awesome! And tanks: don’t know, I feel better in Squad or Post Scriptum in Teamwork these days, don’t know.

  19. me too bro im bored 8 years playing the same modes with unbalance

  20. Keep larger maps to the top tiers for tanks rb as a German main it is fucking painful to spawn 1.7 km away from the objectives

  21. *cries in ps4 cant get enlisted so im stuck with war thunder*

  22. I suffer in Air RB, suffer in GRB, suffer in menu, suffer suffer suffer

  23. Jee I wonder why…(cough Gaijin greedy assholes cough)

  24. Suggestions:
    – Bigger maps
    – Better servers that support 50 vs 50 matches
    – Separate WW2 and Modern Tanks and Planes
    – Fix BR balancing
    – Make tanks,ships and planes fight on the same big map!

  25. i think that gaijin need to balance top tier tanks because the as a British are so bad the the germans are over powered instead of adding new vehicles. to fix air RB the need to add new maps just for top tier jets. lastly they need to add limited time mods every week like the Battle of Britain, the battle of the bulge, or operation desert storm.

  26. No it’s not

  27. I used to play both War Thunder and World of Tanks but ever since Wargaming killed their game on console, I only play War Thunder now. Personally I think the best solution to keep this game alive would be to add a more casual and pure fun gamemode that you can still progress in. I enjoy Realistic and arcade battles but it does get very stressful sometimes. Mainly because of how quickly you get punished if you mess up. That was part of the reason I enjoyed World of Tanks more because you had a chance to learn from your mistakes.

  28. They remove panther2 That’s why i dont Play The Game anymore

  29. Me who litterly just installed enlisted

  30. viirus Pter1dactle

    Please gaijij don’t let your game die :*(

  31. Prefer you not to read your commentary

  32. Sphessmareheen 18

    Dying because of biased unbalanced gameplay.
    That’s at least the key meme everyone says about it; truthfully I think it’s because they are getting a burn out like Fortnite is: too many unbalanced things, too many add-ons and updates, too much player toxicity.
    Based on the words of a friend who plays Warthunder…
    Aside from the extremely poor balance which triggers the Russian Bias meme quite a lot, there is also the major fact that unlike world of tanks who focus on tanks between 1940-1970 which helps ease balance and keeps tanks relatively in the same technical ballpark, Warthunder added modern warfare to a WW2 and cold war battle where the tech is prehistoric by comparison. Once someone unlocks modern weapons the game is pretty much dominated by the modern players. Or how enraging it is to be playing and keep getting armor bounces and failed penetration because of poor weapon balance. How does a Tiger bounce a T-34; the tank the Tiger used to make snacks out of in real life?
    The Russian tiers were killing the german tiers and made matches unbearable.

  33. Adding high tier isnt good bc 99% of new players arent gonna come thete

  34. this game is cancer, ive been playing since like 2018/17 and its just pure pain and cancer. they are cum hungry money whores, they only care about money. this is extremely noticeable by seeing how they sell a armata series tank instead of grinding it…

  35. The worst thing in war Thunder are for sure the tank maps for me. Playing maps that are designed for lower tier, you get killed into your spawn 30 seconds into the game.

  36. i was hoping that would happen

  37. I love playing as a level 30 vs level 100 on the entire enemy time

  38. A year before they added the Abrams, I joking said they’d add an Abrams. At this rate they’ll have Star Destroyers in a couple years.

  39. be me.
    gets matched into night battle
    fuck nah bruh

  40. New maps, optimize, bug fix will surely make the game last long.

  41. Im very new to war thunder and it has already gotten boring and grindy after 80 hours. I couldnt begin to imagine how boring it is for long term players like you.

  42. You Japanese?

  43. Air RB is in a very sorry state. It’s just a glorified TDM. It needs a serious revamp.

  44. It’s got a lot healthier community than many other games. Not dying. Surviving but not thriving

  45. I just started playing D:

  46. Decompression, more diverse gamemodes, and add a community map creator just like far cry 3. This would create a free labour force to make awesome maps. Then add a player voting tier system, I swear im about to buy warthunder from gaijin so I can do a better job with it.

  47. Here we go again we Games dying bullshit

  48. I’m keep getting use stutters to 90fps which is super annoying. Game use to run great but past year it’s been shit

  49. This game is at its death bed, gajin don’t absolutely care about this shitfest… they have their Enlisted and WT will die out soon.

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