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Source: PhlyDaily

Thumbnail – https://live.warthunder.com/post/888862/en/



  1. *lolll yall are nuts blowing up this vid! Hope you enjoy the editing o7*

    • Go see the 4014 Big boy locomotive largest steam engine I think

    • @PhlyDaily don’t know if you didn’t notice it but here is a little tipp for you, on the edge of your screen are little red indicators if an enemy is visible from your position but not in your view and they disappear when he gets into your view 😉 so you can locate enemy planes or tanks very easily. You may can make a video about it?

    • Phly spells phinaly with an F.

    • Me: “Wait, you’re in the military?”

      Phly: “S O C I A L D I S T A N C I N G ! ! 1 !”

      Me: “Oh yeah, he’s definitely military”

    • Please phly attempt this with the amx10 RC (meme thunder)

  2. One thing is true
    Sweden tanks is like coronavirus
    At the beggining nobody was affraid of it now evrebody is

  3. they didn’t expect a battle ship on the map


  5. phly you should take the flak 88 and kill helicopters at to teir attempt 2#

  6. Now that is true PhlyDaily: creating effective sneaky-breeki tactics while doing incredibly stupid stuff just for fun)

  7. As someone who is new to the game (hope to see u phlop), I’m glad this has been brought to our attention.

  8. CHALLENGE: Sail your little self-propelled bento box into a group of enemy ships, signal “do you see torpedo boats?” and see how many Russians wig out. Attempt the First.

  9. Raleigh?! Phly lives near me!

  10. I remember starting on War Thunder I wanted to play as the Japanese and I tried to swim with the Ka-Mi, it didn’t work.

  11. The game is broke and you can go in the enemy spawn without penalty and you chose to make a vid on this…

  12. Can i buy your profile for 20 dollars?

  13. @PhlyDaily what is the name of the music at the start of the video?

  14. Every time phly said ka-mi I thought he was saying commie

  15. What? Ka-Mi can float wihout ……. that things it needs


  17. Cục Cứt Biết Đi

    me when my mom put some thing can eat in my fridge 2:51

  18. Gigel LadăDePrune

    Do u know why i cant reseaech sweedesh tanks?

  19. Jamesbond2000 really carried you this episode phly

  20. When you where talking about new players getting turned away by panzer 2s I didn’t relate because I started as Germany. And since I’m trying Britain now I don’t see the panzer 2 problem but gorsh dorn SAVs doe

  21. Ah phly my favorite fellow North Carolinian

  22. They should add the amphibious Sherman’s from dday

  23. A moment of silence for nipple fish….

  24. guess you could call it a war-ter park

  25. Oh god the intro is all you need to see

  26. I friggin love trains

  27. I love those pics of you smiling at the train station!

  28. Only you should do this but with the amx10 RC imagine the memes


  30. Nipplefish

  31. Hahaha, that nipplefish situation was funny af =)

  32. Comrade Moist Nugget #0101


  33. How fast is the tank going?

    A good 5 knots

  34. Love your vid. dude.. and thanks for helping inneed!! 😀 you legend 😉

  35. Hey Phly , Stay safe and healthy man…

  36. it’s literally ironic when there’s World Of Tanks ads in a Warthunder video

  37. So Phly, do you think we need a map with armoured trains? or maybe even the 80cm Dora as a set piece or capture point?

  38. Gotta say Phly, you look smashing in those train photos
    I dare say you might look better then the trains themselves

  39. The Devil Never Asks Twice

    I am a train driver from eastern europe looking for adoption from someone in the west. AM I EGLIBLE???

  40. This. This is hilarious. I like.

  41. And…when War Thunder for AGE.
    I hate when i play with WW2 tanks at the same time with modern tanks.

  42. ふーんエッチじゃん


  43. “War Thunder is finally playable!”

    Me, who just spent 2 hours waiting on it to load only for it to crash the instant I hit play:
    “Am I a joke to you?”

  44. Great funny Video,I tried that tank when it was not yet navigable

  45. when you say Ka-Mi i hear commie

  46. Ka-Mi of the rock what is your wisdom?

  47. Pretty sure kami is god in japanese.

  48. When the aquatic tanks finally start floating
    *Suprised pikachu meme*

  49. Max De Chastelain

    Still not what I would call 100% playable

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