War Thunder Is Looking Better Than Ever!

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  1. Eyyy finally some big time exposure for War Thunder! Its not without its faults but its a great game. The game can be off-putting to newcomers as everyone is stuck with slow & crappy tanks/planes and mostly play Arcade, but once you start getting into the juicy vehicles and play SIm/Realistic mode, the game really has a lot to give.

    • like instant death ;3

    • What assholes. Somebody had to spend money and expend energy and time to make those god damn fences! Then look at that burned out destroyed factory. Can you build something like that on your own? How much wealth was destroyed for nothing there? Idiots, riding around in a tank pretending they are doing something. What are those guys doing? Imagine there is a pile of goods in the world. What do they add to that pile? What do they take away?

    • Acey one critic i have of this video is that in realistic, you still get 3rd person. But in simulator, you can only have first person.

    • I’m getting tired of this

      Platinum_Tyrant777 are you playing on ps4 or xbox?

    • Bitcoin is Great!

  2. Fu cking tired of this

    You uh
    You don’t play warthunder much, do you

  3. In real life it has the strongest armor in the world..

  4. War thunder best game love blasting nazis in my asu 57)))))))))))))))

  5. The community on this game is disgusting, the elitism that players have towards modes, I love the game, +2200 hours, but I have to say, I really enjoy how the game is dying thanks to elitist players. And for the guys that claim that the game is not dying, people joining back to try an update and then leaving again at the third day post-update is not an stable playerbase^^.

    • Stofker N/A all the people who are rb elitists who bash anyone who plays ab , I have 2.5k hours with 3 maxed texh trees but the community is really aids sometimes

  6. bet he didnt earn a single thing and Gaijin gave him everything because he’s a popular youtuber.

  7. Hey even if it wasn’t because of me, glad to see a video of WT after your video of WOT.

  8. Ya need to do some RB

  9. GhostOfRhurValley

    Didn’t even know you played THUNDER

  10. A modern day tank vs old WW2 tanks.


  11. Also…The leopard is a superior tank to the Abrams. Most modern tanks are modeled after the leopard.

  12. of course looking better but only for tanks,, planes? nah still shit

  13. Glad to too see more big channels giving us exposure (still waiting for gaijin to sponsor shroud to play it)

  14. too bad that virtually nobody who comes into the game because of this will actually get to play the abrams

  15. Thank you! War thunder has been needing some attention from a bigger community!

  16. I saw the Abrams and was like. “Okay I have to play this now”

  17. Ahh Level im cringing watching you play but im glad you have fun playing this game .

  18. eyes_in_the_sky _and_space

    *sponserd by Gaijin entertainment*

  19. of course they play the top tier, cuz you won’t get raped by higher tier and it’s basically a point click adventure

  20. To people who think they can open up war thunder and instantly get the Abrams, its a very big grind. However, it is quite easy to get to tier 3 which is very fun.

  21. Wow you did good with Abrams, your so good hahaha

  22. wot is the best!!

  23. sayin warthunder is a light sim game or even a sim game at all is a joke…

  24. he has been payed to say all of this

  25. Wow “better than ever” if you want the top tier tanks, spend 3 years of your life playing the game every day or spend $$$$$$$

  26. Arcade battles REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE not to mention this was probably his first battle in the game and he starts with rank VI tanks and rank V planes 🙂 not a good start.

  27. No shit he gonna used the op p47 plus in RB it has and airspawn

  28. *fires HESH into a m1 abrams turret REEEEEE

  29. Sadly, you’ll grind your way up to tier four in complete suffering, and once you get there, you’ll be totally dissapointed.

  30. A popular YouTuber that plays warthunder is PhlyDaily. He uploads like 2-3 times a week and goes live pretty often. memes+cocaine= PhlyDaily
    Check him out

  31. wrong . there are 3 stages of sim . arcade, realistic and pure sim

  32. All these buthurt WT fans because ur playing teamdeath match , so who gives a fuck .

  33. NO !
    WT encounter his biggest crisis since ever ! Repair costs are mental, grind is near infinite..
    But as long you spend tons of money… it’s ok !

  34. M1 fight against Maus lol

  35. Those RB Elitist LOL…

  36. Try to squad up with Matimio or jack it would be fun and try RB

  37. I actually like the game, but haven’t played it for a while, because they’ve patched the grind to be so god damn slow, it’s just not worth my time anymore. It’s too bad really.


  39. Ahhh my War Thunder what a love Hate relationship. Got over 800 hours on this game xD i should really consider re-downloading the game

  40. Try out realistic battles in terms of gamplay/skill its much better.

  41. Shadman Chowdhury

    This game is brilliant but don’t expect to reach the modern tanks straight away. Enjoy every tier and what they offer. I still go back to tier 1 Germans to play with the 20mm autocannon on the Panzer II. That thing melts.

  42. wow so they actually added the m1. it used to be an april fools

  43. Yeah how was the grind? Oh wait… you’ve got a press account

  44. Whenever a big Youtuber shows WarThunder gameplay it is arcade and never realistic..

  45. I really wish this would come to Xbox. World of tanks is trash

  46. Arcade? BE GONE THOT

  47. More war thunder!

  48. Very cool, I’m glad they’re making progress. But, given Gaijins track record of fucking shit up, give them a little time to do so. This is how it works, company does well, the demand for their supply has increased. Now they need content to pump out in order for their now acquired and growing audience. So, now they’re A. Forced into pumping out shitty content to please the community, or, B. Pumping out shitty content to fill the demand until they can release a quality content again.

    For clarification, I dont dislike Gaijin or Warthunder, in fact, quite the opposite. But, when one of your favorite gaming companies have a track record of bending their community over like a slut, and the community doesnt even challange it, I see no future for this game or shall I say, not a very bright one.

  49. lmao that abram tank is fucking beast. too modern lmaooo

  50. Disappointed grandmother

    Only the weak play ground arcade battles be a man and play realistic

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