War Thunder is NOT Fun… So, Why Do MILLIONS Play it?

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Source: Wubb333

If you play War Thunder, you know that it's frustrating sometimes. Well — most of the time. Maybe you've wondered why you still play it, or why others play it despite their complaints. Well, after polling 100 members of my Discord server ( shameless plug: https://discord.gg/wubb ), I can finally present the answer.

1. Yes, this was only done with 100 players. There are only about 900 members in my server. I wish this could have been done with way more people, but I am restricted as a small YouTuber. Therefore, instead of leaving a comment about how I could have done this better, join and help create more impactful videos in the future.

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📊 Spreadsheet: [ https://we.tl/t-q2PO05VW3j ]

🎵 Music by Jippy (in order):
– ‘In the Lab'
– ‘Best Friend'
(Check him out here: https://soundcloud.com/jippy_dude)

🎵 Vsauce Song:
– ‘Moon Men' by Jake Chudnow

🎥 Timestamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:54 – Background
01:31 – Data Analysis
04:42 – The BIG Answer
05:47 – My Final Thoughts


  1. Stockholm simulator the game

  2. This videos a bit late. They got a whiff of the community and started fixing the game.

  3. Because it is fun. I love this game. Some people just gotta cope ig 🤷🏼‍♂️

  4. 11 Years into playing WT, still having fun.

  5. i play because my pc has deteriorated so badly war thunder seems to be the only game it can run. I am at the same time extremely annoyed by it simply because i do very poorly even with good vehicles

  6. I think the important factor most people miss is that you have to remember one thing “It’s only a game.” Why would you get angry or frustrated about a stupid little game with tanks and planes ? I have over 1000 hours and I don’t remember ever not having fun, maybe because I play in smaller doses.

  7. Rizal Fadhilah Gustaf

    Im lvl 100 for like few years now and i have enjoy it since 2016 its just has different experience from other games . playing with squadron its more interesting and can give you more experience playing with other ppl

  8. For me playing with friends is more frustrating, while it allows for more teamwork and some niffty tactics interacting with them however is also taking away focus from the game. Therefor more deaths occur with less kills.

  9. 6:06 that is just a poor shot, impact was done by a side of the shell, not the tip

  10. I mostly like the graphics and the freedom in how you want to play the game, but I really hate slow vehicles

  11. mf have you seen escape from tarkov?

  12. Personally, I play for about a month at a time, slowly getting more and more annoyed at the game until I stop playing for a month or 2.

    Manly I get annoyed because I’m just bad at the game but I can’t stop trying to play it because I’m just hoping to get that one good game where I get more than 1 or 2 kills lol

  13. It would be great if it wasn’t full of turds with their downloaded skills, ruin the game

  14. Are you serouis? The biggest problem is grinding? Name one game it takes 3 years to get top tier in 😂

  15. The best start possible for a video

  16. I’m level 56 I have 800hrs recently got my first top tier jet I’ve always played by myself Never once played with anyone

  17. Been playing on and off solo since 2017, over 1600 hours, haven’t spent a single cent, and only recently hit lvl 87. Biggest complaints are the horrendous grind, bad teammates, bias, and CAS spam ruining every GRB match within 30 seconds. Lots of Premiums are blatantly OP and never get re-balanced. Almost exclusively play GRB, but haven’t completed a single tech tree since top tier tank gameplay sucks. Usually stop at around BR 9.7. Stopped playing for 2 years until Gaijin was review bombed so hard they actually started fixing the game. I still play for a few key reasons: WT runs natively on Linux, recent updates are mostly positive, content updates keep gameplay fresh, despite playing from Australia with 250-500 ping it’s still _playable_ and I still manage to get 1-4 on the leaderboard most of the time.

  18. I play War Thunder on a teeible bad pc the game is set on ultra low graphics and i still habe problems to drive truogh narrow spaces like a citys i also cant realy aim becuse its so laggy but i still play the game and have fun most of the time bc i love tanks the sound alone is enoug to play the game an if you get one kill after multiple rounds it makes you realy proud

  19. i like it because it sucks, winning is in failure, until you succeed then succeeding until you again fail
    only then must you relearn to fail again i am only lvl 28 tho ahahhaha

  20. alexander ragnarsson

    As a long long long player of warthunder i can personally say that warthunder is a really really good game. BUT as you mentioned the events are way too grindy. You cant do anything else than sit on your ass and grind for 10hours a day if you wanna scratch anything close too an rare vehicle. Wich suck big balls. And the lootboxes never give anything you want. Gaijin doesnt reward anyone for playing or being good. Sure new update is somewhat better but still. It’s really awfull rewardsystem.

  21. Wt feels fun to me only thanks to gup music and voice mods. Wouldn’t play it otherwise

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