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Phellas In Vid!


  1. *Benny, Odd and I checking out the PVE modes and kinda of insane. enjoy!* 🙂

  2. Day 37: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  3. Alternate title: phly and friends commit multiple warcrimes in the name of stalin & oil.

  4. XD “i was promised hawaii and here we are” LOL will be remembered 😉


  6. Wow. This is cool

  7. yo Phly play the Tempest Mk V (Vickers P), the last time was in 2016

  8. You sound like tom hanks lol

  9. I hate pve misiion with that Patton i was doing that mission 30 Times bcuz my team was dying

  10. How can I message war Funda

  11. How do I message war War thunder

  12. Please night?

  13. Day 2: fly with a biplane in hightier battles to cap objectives

  14. What’s the key binding for that squad ping?

  15. How are you?…

  16. How do I play the same game mode as this one

  17. New challenge:play the TV, the Russian panther and play it in simulator battles it will be very confusing for both teams

  18. Now THIS would make WT worth playing.

    Now give it the same rewarding as normal RB and WT will be good

  19. Iveta Jiříková

    Hejt tu fuck

  20. Oh the T-28s are gonna be fun with their shrapnel shells and machine guns

  21. Muhammad Rafifalahiman

    what’s the name of the game mode?

  22. “I was promised Hawaii… and here we are”

    *(Famous last words ever recorded)*

  23. That building at 07:00 is in MOHAA, exactly same.

  24. Man, Phly is becoming just as annoying as Baron. Really dont like how he’s changing. Honestly cant wait for his kid to be born so he will stop screaming for no reason.

  25. Day 107: can you play the 75/34 M43?

  26. Use thr su-17m2

  27. another mode that gaijin will ignore 🙁

  28. “I was Promised Hawaii, yet here we are.” USMC in a nutshell

  29. Hey how do you play that mode with anti tank guns? Where can i find it

  30. I recomend playing the Bwiisch FV something in toptier. The armor doenst do anything to it. It is veeerry fun. You should try out.

  31. imagine us laughing around during a rl tank battle

  32. Do your get SL or GE from PVE?


  34. This reminds me of a very old tank game: Tiger vs T-34

  35. This is oot but anyway do gaijin hate heavytank so bad? I was just getting back playing and i forgot why I stopped playing back then. But after a few matches I remember that I only have heavy tanks and they’re very-very painful to play. They cost so much to repair, and move like old grandma, that would still be worth the pain if only that the armor meta worked, and armor is a long gone in this game. Leaving me only to lose silvers and not even having a good time anymore. I hope gaijin would do something like lowering repair costs such that I still can grind to buy a medium tank or MBT. But yeah it’s just my opinion and it doesn’t matter.

  36. Day 8 play the F3D-1 it has been two years

  37. Hey Phly! Could you make a tutorial on how to drop bombs in realistic battles? I think it would be very usefull for new players like me!

  38. Check out the damage from the mk108 30mm high explosive grenade at 1000m and the 7.62mm and shoot at a person in the protection analysis. Both would kill with ease at that range. But barely hurts the people even out in the open. Explains why german cannons and other countries using low fps with high explosive cannons are getting flogged and not getting kills.

  39. Enemy are on the Third Reich on the left.

  40. What gameplay is this?

  41. Has War Thunder become like GTA v?

  42. I was wondering just why didnt bring HE Shell to fight human without armor

  43. The only addition to this game is when you take a capture point everyone who died respawns as ‘reenforcements’ that’d be awesome.

  44. 19:28 it’s actually not gallows. This is a kind of a crane that was used to get water from wells, if anyone was curious or whatever

  45. I think it’s only a matter of time before they add deployable bot infantry to the game. Think of all the APCs and halftracks we could get. They dont have anything else to add.

  46. Lol loved the “yeah, you didn’t pay your mortgage?…booooom” there goes your house!!!! Hahah haha lolol 😂😂😂🤣😉😘

  47. Play the t60a2

  48. how u can play this mod?

  49. T25 is so fast 55 kmph and reverse also man i love that tank in 1 day i got like 5 lakh silver lions

  50. Cant wait to see Phly use the Might Bob Semper

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