War Thunder IT-1 ATGM Launcher Video (War Thunder 1.59 Info)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. 1st

  2. Gaston Rodriguez

    wtf…. is there a may fools day?

  3. Welp….ATGMs confirmed. Seems like they’re coming in to Patch 1.59.
    Missile hype? Not sure still.

    So we’ve got more info about the upcoming 1.59 update…what are you most
    excited for, and what are you most worried about?

  4. RUSSIA COMRADE , best tenk in gaem…

  5. Nice AA gameplay lol. No rockets still?

  6. Epic vid

  7. Yey more russian bias…..

  8. Counterplay?

  9. We will see 360 degree trickshot videos I guess. :D

  10. Are they gonna add more top tier aa in 1.59?

  11. Each round will cost like 1 million silver lions loool

  12. AAH! CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE!! xaxaxaX DA BLIN! )))))))

  13. platinum Squirrel

    Wait, T-62? They’re really fucking doing this?

  14. What next? Depleted uranium and composite armor for tanks, and
    air-to-surface missile?

  15. Otto Von Schnapps

    loving that panther skin

  16. I would love for them to go further into the more modern era for tanks, but
    planes wouldn’t be possible with the current map sizes.

  17. don’t know it looks cool thou

  18. NotWorldWarthunder

    m2 Bradley 😀 ahahah

  19. Can’t wait for the F-22 Raptor to be introduced as the first USA Tier 6
    Vehicle in Patch 1.59!
    Edit: I am still waiting for the Me 262 HG III

  20. Slick saved your butt with that SPG.

  21. Yeah… said 3 years ago “we will add italy techtree”… now they do
    bullshit like this.

  22. Guess the game was actually balanced for once, can’t have that, got to
    introduce something which will give the Reds the edge. Good ol’ Gaijin,
    still thinking we don’t know what they’re doing.

  23. Der Nudelexpress


  24. Make Last man standing a light tank exclusive, makes it balanced, and light
    tanks more playable against one hit aphe

  25. “skill basted” hmmm right

  26. Baron, with all due respect, i think you underestimate the difficulty &
    skill required to hit an airplane with a wire guided rocket. If you ever
    played Battlefield, just think about how hard it is to hit a helicopter
    with one. The slower a projectile travels, the more difficult it is to hit
    the target. It’ll be alright buddy :)

  27. Indonesia Ball (Smangitung)

    Panzer IVs are screwed.

  28. Baron! Baron! What is your opinion on functioning headlamps and tail lights
    for the tanks that had them? Perhaps being able to switch them on and off?

  29. “Ricochet”

  30. Vicente Del Río

    o ma

  31. omg other nations dead op russia

  32. Savage Sniper Gaming

    Sturmtiger incoming?

  33. Hopefully they will add the F4 phantom and other similar planes

  34. +BaronVonGamez do you know what Spaa had the 75mm gun?

  35. well i hope the tank will have terribad armor then

    also it has 15 rounds so thats not that op

  36. Killerbill54 Gaming

    now no tank is safe from soviet technology

  37. Poundra Witarsq

    is it like tow missile because you need to guide the missile

  38. JokuRandomSpuge

    So are m1 and leopard2 coming in patch 1.61 then

  39. Who else wants a sturmtiger. The ultra derp tank

  40. Because ATGM is something the fucking Russians clearly needed.

  41. I sore a picture on Facebook a month ago with a b57 shooting air to ground
    missiles on warthunder FB page

  42. Dat intro tho

  43. I’m worried about that fUckin Russian bias

  44. mistakes have been made

  45. Calm down, it’s not fire and forget.

  46. I don’t think it’s going to be OP. I mean you would initially think that it
    is.. But if you see somebody out in the open its just as easy if not easier
    to hit them with a shell. People who are in partial cover will be a lot
    harder to hit with a missile. It’s not auto lock-on.


  48. I wonder how it’ll work exactly

  49. Dmitri Patronov

    Unnecessary tank, just why?

  50. Guilherme Velhote

    Adding the T-62 wouldn’t be that bad…

  51. Opposite Catfish

    Its a new anti-plane weapon

  52. Joe Ayres: Musician

    Keep last man standing in the game. Just J out if you cba with messing
    about with one guy left.

  53. fuck this shit im out

  54. 4 Tonnes of Fury

    This better be 9.0 or i am going to be pissed.

  55. Patrick Johnson

    I’ve always seen patches and additions of new vehicles to war thunder as a
    positive and moving forward. With the addition of a vehicle equipped with
    ATGMs I’m very worried about top tier play and the balance issues it will
    cause. Although, I still believe that WWII vehicles should receive WWII
    exclusive battles while Cold War vehicles are restricted to their own
    respective battles.

  56. if they got atgms the Americans better get the xm1a3

  57. I don’t see a huge reason to be worried given the performance of missiles
    already in warthunder. The guide system seems a little clumsy and not very
    effective if you’re already under fire and the penetration probably isn’t
    going to be that much better than existing shells in game. Honestly, I see
    these tanks becoming marginalized since they can’t engage in close very
    easily and have all the advantages at long range and require protection
    from more traditional tanks to keep from getting knocked out early on.
    These are more like artillery than anything else.

  58. m48?

  59. the snooping man

    Japanese ground forces 0_0

  60. we need some rank III IV american tanks SPG AAs, the shermans are not doing

  61. OH MY GOSH that will break the game

  62. Brotherhood of NOD panther tank!

  63. Gaijin are just a bunch of kids who get excited to develop and introduce
    stuff without a thought about the impact it will have. High tiers are a
    disaster, that’s why people don’t play it and there is a huge compression.
    Great job. This thing will fire at King Tigers, Jagdtigers and vehicles
    like that.

  64. 250mm at 60° so 500mm at 0°? xD

  65. I’m expecting an M60A1 or A3 with Explosive Reactive armor,Because why not?

  66. the 76mm gun is probably going to be the otomatic, or its newer version the

  67. Uhm…why are you shooting 20mm APCR at planes?…You do know that you can
    takedifferent magazines with the Wirbelwind, right?

  68. Why this a thing

  69. littleJoePatton

    the firefly with two tulip rockets

  70. They should add T-22 medium and IS-7 into the russian tree

  71. Q: will the atgms have hit-boxes for machine guns? Mid-flight.

  72. As if the Russians needed more OP fuckin tanks, my god will they not be
    content until higher tiers are flooded with russian Cold War OP tanks that
    go against WWII German tanks?

  73. but they won’t add mig 19 and saber 100 day fuck

  74. Do you think War Thunder will put modern vehicles

  75. Nicklas Stebner

    Its like the Swingfire

  76. Poor fucking Germany

  77. Speedy Commando

    I like this type of content where you give us updates on game! keep it up

  78. Gaijin… why, just why

  79. Russian bias at its best right there… They get a tank with anti tank
    missiles thats way after the cutoff…

  80. Renegade phantom

    this in my opinion is gonna kill War Thunder
    they need to stop putting in tanks we don’t need especially Guided Missile
    platforms that’s guaranteed to see WWII tanks because War Thunder logic and
    more importantly they need to stop putting more Russian tanks on they have
    how many of them????
    they need to give Germany more Cold War tanks if they’re doing the Cold War
    they only have two of them out of a lot they had not to mention the British
    tanks just arrived they still have a lot more to go they also have to at
    least try doing Japanese tanks
    Warships is what could potentially save the game unless they somehow screw
    that up

  81. The Kanonenjagdpanzer manly used guided missiles so it HAS to get them.

  82. I’m done!

  83. You probably already know, but someone just translated a QA from the tank
    dev BVV and posted it on reddit. Has some pretty interesting into.

  84. 5 missles per minute?? a little bit op isn´t it???

  85. Field_-_Marshal_-_Flintlock

    I think it would be amazing if they changes the objectives in the game,
    meaning that there should be a more realistic objectives than just moving
    your tank into a circle on a map. I think they should be developing maps
    based on realistic battles that took place, and they can also base their
    objectives of that. Looking forward to War thunder modern, also they should
    add infantry as well both as FPS and squads.

  86. Russian bias conformed

  87. If the Russians get that shit than I want the leopard 2 A6-7

  88. If Germany gets the RakettenJagdpanzer I’m going to be fine with this

  89. so… will they be like the calliope and the panzerwerfer? Pay 2 have an
    exclusive vehicle that can outmatch most of the regular tanks due its
    special playstyle? (aka p2w?)

  90. Russian bias went a whole new stage.

  91. ATGM’s? WTF, Gaijin???


  92. Did u realised that Gaijin doesn’t give a shit about not Russian players?A
    normal company would first do everything in English and then in russian,but
    gaijin only talks to/with Russians.

  93. baron the is in your nose everytime you breathe in it sounds like you are

  94. Missle Ha all I see is a Glass Cannon Tank once fire you can hear the
    missle and follow the smoke trail by it so all eyes be lock on that area

  95. MonarchTherapsids Inostran

    i still think the game should have stopped with the battle rating with 1945.
    meanwhile in 1.59 tiger II’s still fighting these IT-1’s, and m1 abrams.

  96. Russian Bias Confirmed

  97. 15 rockets. 15 kills so only 1 guy of enemy team survived.

  98. need to add sturntiger

  99. Tristan Thibodeaux

    why are you all bitching atgms are only gonna be good on big maps plus
    knowing gaigin it’ll be broken and not work right for 5 months, I just
    can’t stand the bitching it’ll just be another russian su12254 type tank no
    one will use cause of the t10 and t54s. I guarantee you heat spamming leo
    drivers will have a goon time one shooting this soo dangerous atgm

  100. ok, now we need the sturmtiger.

  101. 76mm……otomactic?no way

  102. If the russians get this, then gaijin should add THE MIGHTY CHAR B1 WITH

  103. AirProduction AirB

    missiles age are coming….

  104. Kayra Karaoğlu

    add sheridan and swingfire

  105. im so hyped I think Im more hyped for this than battlefield

  106. I was so fucking happy to hear Japanese ground forces

  107. WOHOO yey more russian bias

  108. I’m so hyped that War thunder ships will come. I don’t like WoWs that much,
    they add new Chrash buggs to every major update. I recently had a bugg
    where there were missing textures on the Ships. Like Lifeboats,Cranes,
    Engines, ship srews and that on most of the ships on my Team. After i went
    into a new battle, the game chrashed as i wanted to spawn in. WoW’s is a
    fun Game, but i don’t enjoy it chrashing and having major buggs.

  109. Well… to be honest I really don’t want ATGMs in the game… when I found
    out this wasn’t a joke I punched my wall.Edit: Japanese tanks!! hell ya lol
    most of them were compete shit but I’m for it haha

  110. Baron when will this patch come out??

  111. I’m fine with atgm’s as long as it’s not lock on

  112. Left to play dcs

  113. Do you Need skill For that ?
    No ! Everyone can Play IT 🙂
    Is IT OP ?
    No Its just RUSSIAN bias ^^
    But War Thunder Hot many RUSSIAN bias Tanks!
    YEAH and?
    Thats unfair!
    … We dont Care… RUSSIAN For WIN

  114. OFC the Russians get the first guided rocket. #MakeRussiaBiasSomeMore

  115. So, how are those bomber cockpits coming?

  116. As you can see here. This is pure Russian bias.

  117. If you can chieftain III then you can T-62

  118. Japanese confirmed

  119. The people at Gaijin are complete delusional. If they add this then bring
    on the F4 Phantom and other Cold War machinery. They suffocate the German
    Tech Tree yet continue to add to the already insanely beastly and unfairly
    OP Russian Tech Tree. Being Russian and creating a game does not make it
    right to be biased when history proves different. Where are the E-Series
    tanks? E25/E50/E75? And make the E100 accessible FOR ALL. And before any
    idiot tells me those tanks didn’t exist, look at Germany’s future plans.
    They were paper tanks yes but they were about to go into production until
    the Allies won the war so fuck off with your bullshit excuses for those
    tanks not to be added.

    German players are way more skilled because we have to learn how to
    outsmart the Russians with SLOWER tanks with LESS armour and INFERIOR

    Putting Cold War tanks against WW2 tanks is as bad as putting WW2 tanks
    against WW1 tanks or Cold War tanks against Modern day tanks. WHY?

    They just cater to Russians. Personally, if I were a Russian player, I’d
    feel cheated knowing that the game was already stacked in my favour.

  120. srleraja Srleraja

    Wow,wow hold on.ATGMs are coming!?Man if it is premium and too expensive i
    wont buy it.Lets just hope i has weak armor.:(

  121. Sooo , Am i the only one who thinks this isnt fair at all?
    T-62 body!….. Soooo Does Germany Get the Leopard 2A7 now?
    Plz Gajin

  122. Classy Churchill

    Screw that

  123. and now war thunder will be dead ATGM’s will take no skill to use……well
    done gaijin you have proved that you have no clue as to what you are

  124. Last man standing never worked for me… I’d have one crew man left and it
    considered me destroyed…

  125. Hahaha #russianbias
    Now sure it is :((((

  126. WTF guided missiles !!!!

  127. Well there was 1 question today where somebody asked the developers if
    ships are gonna be in closed beta in this year. The developer said that it
    will most likely be in early 2017 🙁 🙁 ;(

  128. Monostripe Zebra

    missles? not thanks!.. what about SAMs? I mean those where even there
    before ATGMs?

  129. and now war thunder will be dead ATGM’s will take no skill to use……well
    done gaijin you have proved that you have no clue as to what you are

  130. Can they have it so post war tanks and WWII tanks have different battles
    please it’s already crazy as it is now. With this fuck gg to WWII tanks at
    high br

  131. War thunder ruined

  132. I want the Elefant modification,The Luchs,and a Stug IV ? mabye ? pls ?

  133. They confirmed the ASU-57!!!!!

  134. Víctor Matía Rodríguez (vitimiti)

    This is fucking bullshit.

  135. hey baron for missile hype play the panzerwerfer also i think we need more
    russian tank destroyers like the object 704 or the object 268

  136. British tanks have been the new OP and Gaijin can’t allow this

  137. I lost my pc just before tanks came out so I haven’t been able to play with
    them, but hopefully I’ll have a new one by the time the ships are fully
    added… I’ve always said that if WT got warships I’d be like, “GAIJIN,
    thing WT will be missing is infantry, which would be cool to see, but no
    big deal if it never happens

  138. will be a lot of fun being killed by guided rockets in my king tiger but
    still less unfair than fighting with 7.0br German tanks now

  139. joseph sanz Black Dracko

    last man standing should be activated only when you don’t have more spawns,
    or spawn points, as your last chance to stay in the game, and get some epic

  140. The not so Mighty FL_3

    So many new and improved things, apart from Br and historical mode for EC.
    Doesn’t look like I’ll be coming back to War Thunder just yet . .

  141. Dylan Grizzly Fischer

    What tier will the ATGM bee??

  142. lets just hope 1.59 waits like 2 weeks, i still have some replays i need to
    pull from WT

  143. Harley McArthur

    what!!! that is AWESOME!!!!


  145. Gamer Saurus Rex

    thats gonna be op as fuck

  146. i want the fucing sterm tiger!!!!

  147. Christian Leuschner

    omfg yes please

  148. i already got a challenge for that!
    shoot down a plane with that

  149. they’re probably going to nerf if the missiles against tracks and space

  150. they’re probably going to nerf if the missiles against tracks and space

  151. So let me get this straight…. T-62A hull, 15 missiles, 250mm penetration,
    lower projectile velocity than tank cannon… That is… Shit. I’d rather
    drive a damn T-54 1951.

  152. Илья Канюк


  153. Sturer Emil,Heuschrecke 10, Waffenträger are coming for sure, all open top

  154. they are not really adding this piece of russian shit do they i mean its a
    fckng world war 2 based game and not late 1960´s and 1970 this is
    ridicoulus they should add more histircal und usal things that this pile of
    nonsense like sturmtiger i mean thats a common tank but not this(i think it
    will be unblanced) garbage thrower

  155. So, the countries of the world can’t have air to air or air to surface
    guided missiles, but the Russians get their ATGMs, totaly not biased at

  156. I wonder who thought it was a good idea to get ATGM’s in before working on

  157. Hey,can you play as T-34/85?I don’t know did you played with that tank
    yet,’cause I’m new here :P

  158. Baron, I do hope it will be a non-premium, or it would be too unfair for
    the other non-paying players. Plus, wire-guided ATGMs aren’t for planes.
    Their for tanks, hence Anti-Tank Guided Missile.

  159. This game is becoming better than WOTs. YES FINALLY!

  160. Natanael de Visser

    ooohhhh sh**. War Thunder Just became horny………. uhuhhh

  161. This looks amazing

  162. blackopsmaster34

    The hope for the sturmtiger is still alive boys!

  163. Thomas Marquardt

    What in the literal fuck… Why dose this thing exist

  164. how about waiting for it to come out before you make 10 videos on it…

  165. but are they going to fix the broken match making

  166. As if high tier HEAT rounds havent already made this game boring, now they
    will add instant kill guided rockets. RIP Warthunder

  167. Gaijin
    >doesn’t want to add SPG like Hummel
    >add ATGM

  168. You know, I’m really looking forward to the Ships in WT, but
    this…….Even when all other nations get one (Which they have to do), the
    last thing this games needs is more stuff that oneshots everyone from every
    distance. Please, Gaijin, make it face Post-War only. Otherwise things like
    the Maus or the T-95 will just become complet useless, because their armor
    can’t protect them and they’re not fast enough to dodge the missile.

  169. i dont give a fuck for me that is enugh facing a fucking tear 5 tanks in a
    tiger h1 and all my maches its @ 8.0 in the tiger 2h if thay didnt fix the
    fucking mach macking i will uninstall the game

  170. baron they said no japanese ground forces anytime soon

  171. Christian Shemak

    So it will fly at around 200m/s. Also the German Kwk 43 and Pak 43 do not
    have a regular AP round. It is the Pzgr. 39/43 APCBC-HE.

  172. There should be a custom battle of biplanes vs. guided middle tanks

  173. Pinecone Pinetree

    I hope they add the m48 patton

  174. I think war thunder needs to break tanks down into two sections, World War
    Two vehicles and post wae

  175. Exploding Baconeer

    Stronk video komrade, though not enough post Cold war planes and tanks 3/10

  176. Puma hype!!!

  177. Auron Linx Lokvir

    ATGM……. going to bet that is premium, same as rocket tanks

  178. not too happy about the atgm thing.why not spend the time on italian
    tree,japanese tanks and french tree?

  179. Why don’t they just add the t62 wtf I don’t want a stupid atgm tank

  180. I don’t like this

  181. u should use IT-1 when ever I comes out on war thunder

  182. So I was thinking if they add this more alive cap circles maybe one or more
    caps on a map you could replace crew members but only if you had one man
    left in your tank. So you would fallback
    To this cap circle or another area dedicated to this function to get new
    crew members. Tell me what you guys think!

  183. well. its all over now…

  184. I love this community, Complaining about shit thats not even there yet.

  185. Joshua Davidson

    Great….. Of course it’s russian

  186. not gonna lie. LMS has grown on me. But there was a glitch i got yesterday.
    I was in my m41a1 (3 crew in the turret, 1 in the hull) i was shot in the
    turret and all three crew did, but the only crew member was stuck in my
    commanders spot. It was a clutch game for my team and I was screwed over.
    It didnt even allow me to use my 50 cal

  187. They should have called it the ATGD for Anti tank guided dildo because we
    all know we’re getting penetrated. :.( rip but-hole. ?

  188. would they go in the SPG tree?

  189. How about the M60A2 Starship? And the armor countermeasures to the ATGMs is
    spaced armor like the armor panels on the Pz. III N and the chicken wire
    nets on the T-34-85 whatever the model. lol :)

  190. Am I the only one who thinks that this will ruin war thunder

  191. Mr Smiley gaming

    sturm tiger

  192. General Ushijima

    GOOD MOOORRNNIN VIETNAAAM. Get it because the tank was made in the 60’s.

  193. Fucking nightmare ;-;

  194. well if they are adding atgms…. just make a tier 6 for post ww2 tanks,
    and push planes maybe to the beginning of nam….

  195. Amnesiagrunt2356

    all i hear is whining from German drivers, i played up to tier 5 in
    Germany, it’s not that bad…

  196. Amnesiagrunt2356

    I hope War thunder adds 1970’s tanks I really want my T-72M1 =3 and m60a1
    or leo 1a4

  197. RUSSIAN BIAS!!!!!!

  198. smoke Launchers would be a good addition as a defensive measure against
    atgm, but that’s my opinion on it…

  199. update patch 2.01:
    -Added T-72, Su-27, MiG-29 to russian reserves
    -moved p51 to br 5.7

  200. I think the 76 spaa we’ll be the YaG 10 truck.

  201. Ace Michael Wittmann

    US picked a side pretty early in the ww2 conflict. In addition of giving an
    aid to the Britain and Soviet Union, they themselves provoked Japan by
    embargoing them. Issuing an embargo is almost as declaring war on another
    country, so proud country of Japan reacted as they must have had expected –
    with an attack.

  202. “No sturmtiger”
    “No german derp tank”
    “No american derp tank”
    “No guided missiles”
    “Ok lets add missiles but to Russia”

  203. ….of course…. because why not….

  204. Duncan De hulst

    I want a fucking t-62 tank, what do i get? A rocket shitting chassis…

  205. so its gonna have a super short range on night maps and not work at all on
    bad weather maps ?

  206. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    yush, Japanese tanks confirmed!

  207. Oh Look, another Failed tank. What’s new.

  208. Apparently War Thunder thinks that the Russians aren’t OP enough .-.

  209. why not another war thunder

  210. Takumi Fujiwara

    RIP matchmaking

  211. they need Vietnam tanks :D

  212. Sturmtiger ples

  213. Well I guess there’s going to be SAM players in the new patch… yay?

    Kinda scary to think that there’s going to be missiles flying around
    everywhere tho
    well I’m not even in tier 5 yet

  214. I dont understand how a 76mm spaa vehicle would even be useful. Would it
    have some sort of auto cannon or loader for the 76. I just dont know how
    that would work. The spaa update would be cool though because of how cool
    spaa looks and is in general.

  215. yay another pay to win tank -_-

  216. players: can we get a Hummel? or a brummbar?
    Gaijan: no >:(

    months later…..
    Gaijan: we are proud to release the IT-1 ATGM guided missile tank and yes,
    it’s russian. For all your russian bias needs

  217. LeaderofChickens

    destroyers could launch landing craft to cap things

  218. Rafael Bernardi

    no words for this shit

  219. my worst fears have come true.

  220. russian ww2 76mm gun is a YaG-10 AA

  221. Gaijin need to do it KISS(Keep It SImple Stupid)

  222. Who needs ULQ when ATGMS can seek the enemy for you?
    Seriously, why would anyone take Gaijin seriously these days?

  223. is there any movie like The Aviator? but about tanks instead?

  224. Every patch keeps giving more and more, but makes me want to play less and
    less I like that other nations are getting something at the very least, but
    when the USSR gets the main bulk(not in amount but in strength) of things
    and the vehicle requirements wrap around their vehicles on their time line
    it just doesn’t seem fun to me.

  225. At least now we can ask for the Starship to be after the M103 :D

  226. Wavelength RenegadeReef

    If ATGMs are Russia-specific, then Gaijin won’t even be able to pretend

  227. “PLOT TWIST”

  228. link for the skin?

  229. Giampiero Serra

    Wit the current research requirements for higher tiers, there will never be
    enough players in those tiers to alleviate BR compression. Very few people
    make it to tier 5, most people say screw this by tier 3 and new players
    take their place. This game is constantly dying and Gaijin keeps shooting

  230. sonicthe piehog

    “OH COME ON!!! D:<"- All German players

  231. Timothy Goodwin

    so are they going to add more ATGM tanks along with the Soviet one?

  232. If they are going to be basing in on the T62 chassis then they should go
    ahead and have a tier 6-7 for 1963 and newer tanks, if they just push these
    things into 8.0 they will still be facing many, many WWII era tanks. Gaijin
    needs to take post 1947 and make it harder for them to get into WWII era
    matches. Once people make it to that tier and start facing those things
    they are just going to give up and leave. All Gaijin is doing is slowly
    shooting their own foot out…

  233. they really need to start expanding the BR to 9.0-10.0 so WW2 tanks stop
    facing Cold War tanks

    and LMS removed! Yes! That feature is cancer in RB for any tanks that are
    not Russian firing mini-nukes.

  234. Timeless Toaster

    Patches 1.59 and 1.61 are going to be full of interesting things! I can’t


  236. Imagine if war thunder added the M1 Abrams for
    Iike 2 weeks!?! Just think about it…..

  237. zsu23-4pez game

  238. Does this mean missiles for higher tier air combat too in the future? Hmmm,
    I wounder…

  239. Research?TIME 2 GRIND

  240. oh god, it’s like Ravens from Planetside 2 xD just add an extremely
    annoying noise to the launch


  242. Dimitri Molovik

    The Sturmtiger

  243. picture hackers with this tank…. oh god.

  244. the 76mm AA is a Russian AA and its called the SU 1-12 SPG

  245. From my experience from playing American and German tanks. I do not feel
    there is a Russian bias as they have alot of disadvantages that are easily
    exploited…I end up one shoting most Russians tanks

  246. The American channel

    >not putting in Raketenjagdpanzer 1 or earlier form of ATGM based tanks.

  247. Mid 1960’s tank in a ww2 game. Good job Gaijin.

  248. That ATGM guidance is bullshit. The early Russian ATGM”s weren’t a put the
    crosshairs on the target system, the gunner had to fly the missile onto the

  249. ok now we need modern tank M1 Abrams for the win.Aint nothing going to stop
    a ATGM

  250. so dose this mean that there could be guided missiles for late era plains

  251. In war thunder wiki, they tell we can shot down rocket firing from plane or
    tank by machine gun. That mean we can use M163 VAD to shot down missile
    from this, right?

  252. Ace Trainer Tullius

    I’m glad I can read Russian haha

  253. Sounds like there’s more hate than like about ATGMs, mostly because there’s
    only one for Russia.

  254. But that ATGM is very slow just get behind a house or follow the huge
    fucking trail of smoke and shoot the guy controlling it, you cant backup or
    move anywhere when you are controlling one of those things and if you kill
    the guy guiding the ATGM you can just move a bit and it will fly past you

  255. But that ATGM is very slow just get behind a house or follow the huge
    fucking trail of smoke and shoot the guy controlling it, you cant backup or
    move anywhere when you are controlling one of those things and if you kill
    the guy guiding the ATGM you can just move a bit and it will fly past
    you(oh this thing is radio guided not wire guided, you can move while
    controlling it i guess)

  256. when do you think there going to add the cockpits for some of the bombers
    in the game. for me that would be a very nice thing to have.

  257. S.A.M sites confermed?

  258. Stallin was like put guide missile on t 54 Tonk or t 62 Tonk yup

  259. Bùi Việt Dũng Trần

    New RUssian SPAA L S-75

  260. Of course the Russians get a guided missile, 20mm Vulcan AA anyone?

  261. I think if you were on last man standing and if you go to capture a zone
    you should get one free crew member to get out of last man 

  262. for your own benefit baron the are referred to as ATGM’s (ANTI TANK GUIDED
    MISSILES) they can either be heat seeking, wire guided or fire and forget
    variants but for the era of war thunder I would bet they are only going to
    be wire guided. and yes they are aimed with a wire that trails out the back
    of the missile and the gunner/operator guides the missile onto a target by
    aiming a crosshair using a joystick. or the main gun control depending on
    the vehicle/configuration. they are considered to be the most lethal man
    portable or non kinetic energy weapon a tank can encounter and even with
    composite/reactive armor or chobhum armor vehicles they are very lethal

  263. Why are your graphics set to medium settings?


  265. Sturm Tiger Hype!

  266. Hey baron if Gaijin gives you the chance can you showcase the IT-1 in a
    test drive. I want to see if your able to control it going up then down
    ontop of the tank like a javalin

  267. warthunder would have more players if it would be on Xbox also not ps4

  268. Next after the M551 I bet we’ll get the M150 the tow version of the M113

  269. ★Gold92Assassin★

    Germany should get the wt auf e100 with the auto load

  270. Next AA after the M163 will probably be the MIM-72

  271. It would be fun to have the M58 wolf to counter this monster

  272. “if the player base were to expand we could past WW2 vehicles”.
    Only 1 problem with that, the player base is shrinking, Gaijin are making
    changes the players do not want.

  273. do other players see your custom camo?

  274. Japanese tank love!! <3

  275. Megawatt Muffin

    That’s gonna be hard to use

  276. So will the next tier of us bomber be the B-52? Because this thing was made
    in the 60’s while the B-52 was fielded in the 50’s.

  277. we have enough tank shit


  278. 6:00 waffle tractor

  279. I’m still waiting for the day when I see Break mode removed…that mode is
    just god awful for most of the maps its on.

  280. Well if they are going that far, why dont they ad in Vietnam era jets with
    A2A and A2G missiles, cluster bombs and mark 82s. they push far with tanks,
    but not with jets. i know people will bitch and cry about A2a missiles, but
    they were awful in the early days

  281. Caping points is stupid system anyway, no strategic importance just cap it
    and you win. Mozdok is best example, i was always pushing NW ridge, THAT is
    strategic point for both sides, whoever controls it usually wins.
    Still want to see smoke screen more than missiles.

  282. Agent Bill Wilson

    M1 abrams hype

  283. ATGMs would be interesting if Gaijin implemented them realistically, which
    we know they won’t. They’ve already shown that minimum arming range isn’t a

  284. last man standing should be fore vehicles with only 2 crew, that would make
    gameplay better for everything

  285. mahadisal ahadani

    this is ………………………………supa awesome~!

  286. Oh no…

  287. I think the first western wire guided ATGM, the Malkara, would be
    interesting, especially considering it had HESH warheads as opposed to HEAT

  288. 7thRoyalPirateAssassin

    War Thunder is evolving. Slowly but surely. But missile guided? I thought
    those were developed late in WWII? :o

  289. As always …. Fuck you Gaijin !!!!

  290. well this is bullshit

  291. They need to add the B-36 peacemaker

  292. Just give us AT-1 Assault Walker…

  293. Did German also have ATGM tank? And also I’m still curious if they gonna
    add the Brummbar or the Mighty SturmTiger!!

  294. Noooo!!! If they remove last man standing they’re gonna lose one good
    paying and playing player!

  295. oh yea and they are coming up with the mig 36 in warthunder

  296. m551 Sheridan when

  297. So ATGM’s but no air-to-air missiles?

  298. Alexander Vynogradov

    I like “last man standing”! It is more realistic this way.

  299. White house gaming

    If the soviets gets the first atgms the germans must get the first Night
    Vision system on the last panther in the german line. Let Baron see this!!

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