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War Thunder IT-1 DRAGON – GUIDED MISSILES (War Thunder HYPE)

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  1. again Russian bias

  2. たなかたろう


  3. nice, more rockets!

  4. Great, another russian vehicle. This was such a big need in our game…

  5. 11th :D

  6. Ο Ελληνας John cenna

    would you like this tank to be in the game
    because there are already rocket launching tanks

  7. Who wants the Halifax and all the night fighters?!

  8. Alexander Carruth

    But why though…

  9. no way gaijin would add this

  10. I would like some new American tanks and planes!!! Like the F-100 super
    sabre and M60A1 !!!

  11. Atgm also stands for air to ground missile

  12. Phly vcan u do a WoWs video/review of the new tier 5 premium battleship USS
    Texas please

  13. premium

  14. What do you guys think? All I want to do with this is shoot down airplanes
    and be first SAM in game.

  15. Kayra Karaoğlu

    Add M551 Sheridan

  16. Christoph Rantscher

    Gonna be 7.0 (cus sekrit documents) facing tiger 1 E’s
    Balance: Gaijin style

  17. which video of yours has that little AA truck charge out of nowhere,
    playing the Russian national anthem?

  18. We could see M1A2 TUSK II in near future, gaijin, nicely done

  19. Surprise surprise, russian bullshit because sekrit documents.

  20. Also a video of this in action, didn’t put it in the video because of maybe
    NDA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSkfkBOGomU

  21. Welcome to AW :D

  22. Lol and the video shows it hitting a PZ3, I can see that happening….

    Nice video and info phly.

  23. Please! Go full modern!

  24. They add this and I’m done.

  25. marcelo joel Paolin

    another punch in the face for poor players

  26. Hope it won’t be premium ;)

  27. how much you want to bet it’s going to be a premium vehicle?

  28. smells premium

  29. I’ve had a 2.8km shot in my Jagdpanther, so this with a guided missile
    would be easy mode

  30. Ok Phly look you play crossout, you know how are the missle guiged
    bullshit? Well in WT theres no way you cant repel that! In crossout you
    can use that cheap trick with the center mass but with that? NOTHING! I
    only hope you can shoot that missle with a MG to blow it up atleast but
    still i dont want this in the game.

  31. 1970s? gg gaijjin more post War stuff pls help the 6.7

  32. sry for spam guys

  33. of course its russian

  34. javelin is not a surface to air missle its a anti tank missle

  35. If we are getting 1970s stuff we need the Swedish bofors strv 103,
    developed in the late 50s come on WT
    15 rpm beast made for sneak attacks

  36. wow

  37. BlueRosse Gaming

    who no wt my add tier VI with tanks after wwII … that wel by cool

  38. ATMGs yeah modern jets are coming

  39. Kv2 with ATGM’s XD

  40. Dmitri Patronov

    Unnecessary tank.

  41. I want more Russian bias..

  42. aries paddayuman

    …again russian bias when will the americans will get bias

  43. they have to at a katyusha

  44. apparently there are not enough Russian premium and OP tanks and planes (I
    mean, 40% of the tanks and planes are Russian premiums) so they will add it
    as a premium… because this haw u balance gem comrade

  45. So they’ll give Russia guided missiles but not give us the Avro Vulcan…
    Detecting RUSSIA BIAS

  46. Les deux fana d'histoire: Lupercal&Grey

    And shitt, Russian are fuckin bias now…

  47. Before the Jaguar 1 and 2 there was the Raketenjagdpanzer 2, which was
    armed with the SS 11 rocket. First prototypes were built in 1963,
    production started in 1967 and ended next year. About 370 of them were
    built, until 316 were upgraded to Jaguar 1s.

  48. Some Random Guy On The Internet

    Next War Thunder update: T-62, T-64, T-72 and T-80.

  49. I can smell trickshot montages. :D

  50. Yeah, fucking great, might as well start adding a fucking T-14 at battle
    rating 3.0.

  51. The Jaguar II is the Upgraded version of the Raketenjagdpanzer II(literally
    a Jpz. with the gun removed and appereantly(?)two Launchers ontop) wich was
    used by 1967.

  52. well if USSR is getting this we Germans better get the sturmtiger

  53. Phuk that shit. I don’t want that in the game.

  54. I want my AMX 13/90 Harpoon (with SS 11 ATGM )

  55. Jean Marc Tacorda

    If this and those tanks ever come out, Here’s the challenge, Shoot down a
    fighter plane. Good Luck!

  56. MBT-70 was US prototype with 152mm gun which can fire ATGM and .50 MG on
    the top,German version was KPz 70 with 120mm gun(no ATGM) and 20mm
    autocannon on the top.

  57. White house gaming

    Of course it is russian. Of course it is. The first amphibeous tank=
    Russian. The first atgm tank= russian. It seems like They have a certain

  58. So no T-62, T64-115 in war thunder, but ATGMs are ok?

  59. Speedy Commando

    Taaalking about bf4 tow missle kills i just got an epic one across the map!
    check check it on my profile:D

  60. .3. the m551 better becoming then

  61. Well Germany also built the Raketenjagdpanzer 1 which entered service in

  62. Why Gajin why? Do you really want to ruin this game? The low tier stuff is
    kinda protected from the BR compresion but the jets and high BR tanks are
    soo affected by this, it’s like a desease.
    P.S: If read this message just spread the word and I am not kidding just
    spread the word and let Gaijin know about this. If they don’t fix the BR
    compresion the game will die slowly but surelya and so will the fun.

  63. How about we add all of these bias rocket launching campers at the back of
    the map -_-

  64. Belgianblue 1988

    Germany is beating Russian Tanks in longrange fights, Gajjin’s respons is
    to give their comrades a weapon that can reach out and fuck the jerrys at
    even longer ranges.

    When will this shit stop?
    They have so much OP shit already!
    The amount of OHK guns in a Russian team from Br 5.7 and up is just
    Sure they can be killed if you aim at the weakspots, but they can snapshot
    through my diamond angeled front armor (Tiger II) and 9/10 times go
    straight through, and one pen is all they need cause there is a fucking
    nuke hidden in the shell!

  65. Melle Hensums YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE IT

    Su-25 frogfoot incoming: bombs equal 20000 punds of TNT DAVAAIIIII COMRADE

  66. Is that a Panzer 3 at 4:42 ? I think it is.

  67. another tank to russia?!!!

  68. “I have no idea what the cutoff date is now.”
    I think with the introduction of the Leopard 1, from 1965, all of that shit
    went out of the window .

  69. Custom battles are gonna be so much fun XDDD

  70. Joaquin Hernandez

    M551 sheridan hype hopefully! XD also no need to bring that stupid ass shit
    cod is dead here

  71. Raketenjagdpanzer for germany

  72. Zoltán Takács

    Good… More russian rocketer… Add Leopard 2 and it’ll be fine

  73. rip warthunder


  75. please no. we don’t need this in game lol imao

  76. Looks like fucking bullshit i dont like it. Rockets can suck my long and
    hard tank cannon.

  77. i wana see people using the atgm to fly around hard cover and digging
    people out. like swing it wide, and kinda try to guess it on target.

  78. So when does America get the M1 Abrams and F-14 Tomcat?

  79. simon de meulemeester

    i see this game becoming more modern

  80. Im not playing germany anymore.


  82. Missles in WT!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for nearly 3 years!!!

  83. Knonenjagdpanzer actually used guided missiles more than the 90mm

  84. i so want this in the game… fuck all who say “uhhaaeee this will be op
    af” especially the SAM idea xD i mean it’s still man controlles so no OP
    lock on…!

  85. Slippery™ Sandals™

    How about they just not add the tank in the game because it’s fucking

  86. Fucking retards working at Gaijin, purest fucking retards.

  87. Sarodore The Dragon

    Here come the phantoms and their guided missiles

  88. guillem grau freixas

    Gaijin, thats to much russian bias

  89. anyone hype for the second cold war thats starting in ukraine rigth know

  90. First the Chieftain, and now this? Why doesnt War thunder just make a
    higher br that goes up to 10 or something for tanks, and the br 10 tanks
    can be modern day tanks, like the Abrams.

  91. why not a modern war thunder

  92. Beakwood a.k.a Adregallus

    We already have frkking spaa to kill planes, this guided stupidity is an
    anti-tank cash-grabber/game play ruined that will add absolutely nothing to
    the game! You people want to balance it by giving every nation tank guided-
    armed missiles that can 1 shot Anything?!
    Good luck playing that game. Cause with the way balancing works in this
    game you’ll be safer playing WWI tanks/planes a.k.a BF1. Rip Cod? If Gaijin
    mess this up is Rip WT as well.
    They said countless times they wouldn’t add guided missiles, yet here we
    go, the game has no fucking stable possibility of adding that stuff without
    breaking everything apart, a step too far in the wrong way.
    There’s no turning back now.

  93. M60A2 Starship?????

  94. CommanderBradAS

    you mixed up tow and javelin. Javs are fire and forget while tow is wire

  95. Jakob Fichtinger

    Germany had the Raketenjagdpanzer which used SS11 missiles i think

  96. And people will still say it isn’t Russian bias

  97. I like it. I personally love modern technology that said I do hope Gaijin
    makes it so that vehicles of this type don’t ever meet anything from the
    WW2 era.

  98. so yet another top tier tank for russia AND… A new jet for russian even
    though they said no more jets for a good while…

  99. so much for no guided missiles in WT

  100. Neurofied Yamato

    So where is the guided bombs used by the USN and Luftwaffe?

  101. If these see WWII tanks, there is going to be the biggest shit-storm
    heading Gaijin’s way.

  102. I want a jeep with a MGM-32A

  103. Seriously… Fuck Gaijin if they do this. They already said they would
    NEVER implement guided weapons because that was not what the game’s combat
    was centered around. Leave the shitty “beep* *beep* *beeep* PRESS BUTTON
    shit out please!.

  104. Kommissar Phly, The T-34-100 needs a commander to lead the Red Army into
    Battle. Give The Americans a taste of the USSR


  106. well bye bye warthunder

  107. When WT first came out they said they were never going to add missiles….

    sorry, I’m just so fucking mad that this is premium (probably)


  110. ATGM is air to ground missile. Not launched from a tank…

  111. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    WOAH WOAH WOAH! dont forget ATGMs during the 60s rendered tanks with steel
    armor obsolete….so they made compersite, ERA and chobbam armor to counter
    the ATGMs, if war thundder adds these in we gunah need ATGM armor
    protection systems,
    i think they should add ERA to certain tanks like chieftain and leopard as
    researchable packs

  112. These missiles make me upset, i ain’t gonna lie

  113. I think with the specifications and how these seem to work, this could be
    balanced as long as other nations get their own vehicles as well.

  114. I hate warthunder, adding bullshit like this before japanese tanks….

  115. Michael Waldmeier

    ya bf4 or bf1

  116. Dick butt Nick butt

    it looks like war thunder is going to become modern day as well PL-01 HYPE

  117. Warmongers Inc.

    Yey more gay premium crap..

  118. Russian bias thats all

  119. i don’t feel like this tank/missile system is appropriate for the
    game…… wrong era of vehicles………and there is no real counter just
    like in crosscut there is no counter for the homing missiles

  120. Of course its Russian


  122. Mark Jayson Miranda

    #RIP COD!

  123. Cue the Soviet national anthem…

  124. I thought war thunder only went up to 1953?

  125. M1 ABRAMS HIPE!!!!

  126. Classy Churchill

    I thought the MBT-70 was a Russian tank

  127. Sheridan and m60a2 starship confirmed

  128. xXFreeride DavidXx

    Hey +PhlyDaily, what is about the German Sturmtiger? ;)

  129. Yes because Tier 5 isn’t boring enough. Getting popped after 30 seconds in
    game without even being able to see enemy will be fun.

  130. Yes! More later era tanks! :D

  131. So we get 1960 tanks with AT missiles before the E-Series German tanks that
    were due to enter prductions in the late 1940’s. Okay Russian bias. Ok

  132. Omg Phly I’m scared I’m scared man, my tanks and planes won’t live any

  133. David “madindie” Dew

    Before long it’s going to be an open slather on all era of tanks. You’ll be
    clicking on an era tab such as “Cold War” or “Gulf War” and so forth and
    play those vehicles to the extent of their time period. Thoughts?

  134. And of course russia gets ANOTHER op thing (ie: Mig-17) :/

  135. This thing can kill any tank from the top. Get this this hang on with me
    here. I see an enemy tank with 400mm thick armor right. He facing me but
    don’t see me. The missile only has 250mm of pen right. So what I do is
    shoot the missile in the air let it fly for a moment directly up in the air
    , than target the tank facing me. It would hit the top of the tank where
    the armor is weakest.

  136. PsychoSubSandwich

    The gates have opened. F-4 Phantoms WHEN.

  137. im glad to see that war thunder is slowly starting to add cold war mods.

  138. Muhammad Aqsath Faza

    the ultimate Russian bias..

  139. PsychoSubSandwich

    I’ve been playing WT for years and I could honestly say I’d be a little
    hyped for any kind of missile system to show up in War Thunder. As long as
    they give everything appropriate BR’s then there shouldn’t be much of an
    issue. An ATGM flying at a Maus would be unacceptable. An ATGM flying at an
    M60 is perfectly fine.

  140. The KPz 70 was equipped with a 120mm main gun and a coaxial 20mm. It was
    the American MBT 70 that had the 152mm

  141. The TOW system is a shaped charge warhead too. As far as on board missiles
    go, none of the SPATGM platforms carry a large amount of reloads. This was
    (is) made up for by the fact that they aren’t deployed solo. For example,
    in the Armoured Cav regiments I served in during the 80’s/90’s, before the
    Bradley became the go to missile platform, each platoon had 2 M901 ITV’s
    which had the TOW/TOW2 missile in a retractable hammerhead launcher mounted
    on a modified M113 chassis. Our regular M113’s all had ground mount
    TOW/TOW2 launchers as well, which gave a troop a fairly hefty ATGM

  142. Awesome video Phly, could be interesting, ways to balance it could
    potentially have slow handling missiles which would take more skill to
    guide on to moving targets, also bring up the use of smoke grenade
    dischargers on tanks to cover there position and be able to move without
    the missile operator seeing them.

  143. Sir Stefan Channel!

    I’m not too sure how I feel about this :/
    Also, supposedly we’re going to get Fleet this year too! 😀
    I’m kinda interested to see how it’ll pan out.
    But if they just add ONE ATGM tank and it’s only for the Russians, I’m
    going to be pissed.

  144. Fuck yeah M113 and Jeep with ATGMS or BRDMS and BMD/BMPs OMG YES PLEASE

  145. Yay, more russian bias. I wish I would’ve started with the Russian tree
    when I started playing.

  146. there is 2 possible outcome 1- its gonna be well balance and fun (if they
    implement it correctly) 2 – its gonna be the worst mistake Gaijin is gonna
    make other then BR system (just like the Alberta fire

  147. DarkSideSixOfficial

    Waiting for counter measures.

    inb4 Premium

  148. $150 PREMIUM !!!!, RIP Wallet :(

  149. I wish i could grow a mustache like that german tanker’s 🙁 feels bad man

  150. Of course it’s Russian, the first goodies always go to the Russians…


    they need to add M60A2 Starship now

  152. they could have done so many other things to improve the game, but ATGMs?
    Well, tanks like the Chieftain and Conqueror, Centurion, etc. should get
    their armor packs as a module now, and NOT FOR GOLD.

    and hype for spawn camping with ATGMs…from your own spawn!

  153. M551 Sheridan or Sturm Tiger confirmed then?

  154. Hyacinth “Spixy” 12

    Why can’t they just make a modern war thunder?

  155. It seems the first remote controlled rocket was made by the Germans in the
    40’s, then the Americans and British in the Late war 1945, and then
    Russians in the 1957.

    So why do they release the Russian guided missile tank first?

  156. when we gonna have this op tank???

  157. Well let me be honest.
    Less chance to get top tier tanks and even smaller chance that i will ever
    play them

  158. Welp, I now hope that we get the Gloster Javelin now… since this tank
    uses the guided rocket.

  159. Prepare to pay more money Free2payers

  160. The only way there are gonna be able to balance this (and it won’t happen
    because lets get real its Gaijin we’re talking about) is the tank only gets
    2 missiles and no ability to replenish ammo.

    Imagine you’re on an open map like Kursk: one of these fuckers can
    literally sit in the cap point and pick off anybody who comes close,
    constantly replenishing missiles. the game is meant to be WWII/Korea: not
    cold war. if I want that I play Armored Warfare.

    if it weren’t for the fact I’ve got actual money invested in the game I’d
    have stopped playing long ago.

  161. R.I.P. High tier gameplay

  162. Akib “Ak destroyer16” Lodhi

    they better put the M60A2 Starship

  163. Your shitting me right? The soviets get more stronk?

  164. Phly you should do more of the top 5 plays you used to do. They were really

  165. Oh more Russian bias. Can’t wait to play it. Oh wait I don’t play Russian

  166. The MBT-70 i believe is a German AND American tank so, what tech tree will
    it be in?

  167. Jonathan like a boss

    Ummm that already have seeking missiles in war thunder tho!!!!!!!

  168. I smell a A10 coming soon

  169. Driggs Kritanata


  170. RIP ww2 enthusiast

  171. I’m super excited, I’ve played warthunder for about two years and every new
    addition to the game just expands the combat and makes it so much more fun.
    While there is some bias, I think warthunder is unique in the fact that if
    I place my tank in potion for success, I will almost always come out on
    top. Strategy, skill, and a little luck with the addition of some of my
    favorite historical vehicles has always made warthunder a blast. I’m more
    than fine with the dateline moving foward, and I can’t wait to see where
    the game gets two or three years down the road.

  172. they could add the M60A2 “Starship” for the Americans

  173. Wow and Gaijn still puting to Russian tanks too OP, and to americans more
    suckers armor, FUCK THIS SHIT OF GAME.

  174. PhlyDaily aren’t you going to do more of World of Warships ? :(

  175. The real Prenos

    russian bias confirmed !!!

  176. Phly the TOW does not have a top down capability its wire guided. a
    helicopter uses a hell fire missile over the TOW some do most dont. the
    Javelin is not wire guided it semi active heat and lazier guided missile
    the Javelin is a “fire and forget missile”. most if not all early missile’s
    where wire guided i.e. (MBB Cobra, Bofors Bill, Swingfire, TOW, AT-4
    spigot, and AT-1 Snapper) just to name a few. i am not trying to be a troll
    so please dont take this wrong way. when i was in the ARMY i used a TOW and
    also the US AT4 unguided anti tank missile. if you use wiki and it says
    “command-guided” its more of less the same a saying “wire guided” i hope
    this helps and keep up the awesome work!



  178. explosive reactive armor confirmed…

  179. I’d rather see the iconic German RaketenJagdpanzer with the SS.11 rocket
    system, less armor, more speed, 600mm of pen but only 10 rockets ( not to
    mention the duel rocket setup on the top.) also they could put in the
    Raketenjadgpanzer 2 in aswell. they where both made between 1961 and 1969 (
    warthunders max time frame)

  180. It would be cool to see the M551 added and also if WT is getting into
    advanced technology I wonder if they’ll add night vision/ infrared systems
    like on the panther and M60

  181. Want ze sturmtiger

  182. 2:56 actually Phly, the top-attack feature is relatively new among ATGM’s;
    most ground-based ATGM systems (including most models of the the BGM-71 TOW
    you mention) up until the FGM-148 Javelin used only the side-attack mode.

  183. Like the game wasn’t broken enough.

  184. Create new tier for cold war era tanks; T-54 1951, M-60, M-103, Chieftain,
    …etc. WWII vehicles should not fight these machines.


  186. Sekrit Documents

    Please Gajin, just make 9.0 br for tanks and put this there

  187. Screezilla (Screezilla)

    must be getting Vietnam war stuff then, only way this makes sense.

  188. They will probably be as annoying as in Armored Warfare

  189. Trust it to be Russian

  190. please tell me they better bring in Vietnam planes and missiles. *waits for
    the crying of adding in A2a missiles *

  191. What will be the next? Sabres with Sidewinders??

  192. great vid phly but u need to do ur home work only the latest tow 2b has a
    top down fire mode the older tows do not have a top down fire mode and even
    missiles that do like the javelin/tow2b and kornet they still have shaped
    charge warheads because they still have to be able to shoot in a straight
    trajectory like normal ALMOST ALL atgms use shaped charge warheads with
    only a few exceptions

  193. man i wish they added a BMP or something, that would be very cool, being
    able too fire heat rounds AND fire ATGMs

  194. Fucking ridiculous.

  195. Calm Koala Nightcore™ (CalmKoalaArmy)

    what about the “Sturmtiger” Phly

  196. Pfffffff so much things are going wrong in this game (maps,match making
    ,damage model) but you know what gaijin is doing to resolve this ?? ? They
    add more shit man what did you expect ? Wich of those problems ATGM is
    going to resolce if not adding more problems ?

    Completely lost the faith on this game !!!!!

  197. the Editing skillz of dis thumbnail is not from this world.. did you use
    paint? :D

  198. First premium tier 5??? I think so

  199. What? B-17? B-29? This should be vs B-52s or B-57Gs…

  200. Yay! My Tiger II is now SUPER Obsolete.

  201. Just to put things into perspective, the Su-27 (Flanker) flew for the first
    time in 1977. The Tomcat flew in 1970. If we get these ground units, I want
    these jets as well.

  202. Dangerousbuzz934

    +PhlyDaily Germany has the Raketenjagdpanzer 1, which was in service by
    1961. And the cut-off for tanks is current vague, but its around the
    1969-1970 area

  203. If we face these tank destroyer. We must have accompanies with M163 VAD for
    shot down missile coming, like Phalanx do.

  204. 1 HIT to the rocket R.I.P

  205. Hi phly!Can you do more sim battles on war thunder? Much love from greece

  206. I didn’t watched all the video (i’m not very interested) but T54 chassis :
    tier V , they won’t add a tank with T54’s chassis as a prenium cuz tier V.


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