War Thunder – Jagdpanther “Sleeping With The Fishes!”

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I thought it was time for some Casemate goodness! Hope you enjoy the highs and lows of these rounds.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. How about Germany 6.3-6.7 ground sim battles

  2. Could we get a playlist or complication of bear shooting down planes

  3. love the end with planes being hit

  4. Your video help me a lot. When ever I’m sad or depressed I watch your videos and they usually cheer me up

  5. Wouldn’t that HAVE to be the next Bo challenge? In ground RB, cap a zone with an aircraft! Go Bo!

  6. 22:10 just chuck the bomb out the machine gun turret and into the wing why don’t you?

  7. I don’t see why people even play on US servers anymore, the hamster is barely alive.

  8. I was going to have a valentine for the first time then she broke up with me during the last week of January, but we’re best friends still but I’m sad

  9. great opening i must say.

  10. One heck of a shot on that IS 2

  11. Hambone needs to add some patience to his driving it seems. jumped the gun and drowned in an SPG in a river

  12. When u crashed into the roundabout. Holy crap, I was roaring XD

  13. You and the rest of the team are so much fun to listen and watch in your videos. Thank you guys so much for making awesome and funny war thunder videos. Keep up with the great work and keep the team together because it’s truly an enjoyable time watching.
    If any of you happen to play lower tier games I would love to join you guys.

  14. Aluminium Mechanics

    Literally *CHAOS*
    Bo: This is fine

  15. how did you get that camo on your panther?

  16. M22 next pls

  17. Yo love Ur vids

  18. you are not a good friend

  19. The fast and the führerious

  20. Bo, when you dropped your bomb, you dived a little, so the bomb was higher than your plane, so it dropped and took out your prop, bear just put some holes into your opposite wing

  21. good ole danger rhombus gameplay.

  22. Bo, I don’t think your “who’s on third?” got the laughter it deserved 🙂

  23. フロストxアーク

    You know it’s bad when the Aussies are here

  24. If Bear said he was a Tank Commander in the past I would not be surprised

  25. Spinny thing no go spinny no more! And no respect for the dead!

  26. Hey what game mode do y’all play? Realistic or arcade?
    Just wondering.

  27. Video suggestion, make a video on the Sturmer Emil 🙂

  28. I love the comedy this group create makes any bad day a good one

  29. It was your own bomb that jumped out of your roof, and broke your propeller 😂


    Bo time you should make an intro

  31. Why is no one talking about stickboy at @15:00 “Hi…” Yes, such a cute little ASU…
    ASU: “I am death, FEAR ME!” BAM
    Stickboy: He’s mine!

  32. you hit you’r own propeller with your own bomb and broke it. impressive!

  33. Oh look, another 24 minutes of highlights from The Book of How Not to Code Games and Other Poor Life Choices by Gaijin Entertainment.

  34. i was iin yo vid the kv1

  35. Bo please play the Chieftain Mk.3

  36. Bo. What habe I told you about killing an innocent Super Pershing? Shame on you, young man!

  37. Hey how do you drop markers. I can only find info on map pings but not live pings. Someone help

  38. I sorta just wanna see TBLF Arma clips, I know there’s streams but a semi-succesful op without 40 people asking Bo and only Bo how to play…

  39. Can you play the f2g super corsair

  40. Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum

    Love the Black Hawk Down reference lol

  41. bear: where did you get your license
    also bear: drives full speed into a shop front 2 minutes later

  42. Your Thunder Gaming

    22:07 The best ever call out

  43. “Bigger boom always wins”
    M22 exists

  44. Nice video!

  45. Jagdpanter is the sexiest ww2 land machine

  46. 1 in a phillion E.P.

    Sorry i left for so long guys. I discovered…. The. Shashlik. King. BORIS

  47. Like the Best Squad Badge as the flames erupt at 24:05

  48. GloriousBear is Phlydaily ??

  49. Love watching your videos Bo

  50. that shot

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